It's Easy to Add an Outside Deck to Your Property - Here's How

Getting the right permissions and defining the correct need of the outside deck is the key. If you get these two right, the other factors can be varied according to budgets and time available.

It's Easy to Add an Outside Deck to Your Property - Here's How

Outdoor LandscapingIf you own a ground plus one or ground plus two-floor properties in an urban or a suburban area, you can consider yourself to be extremely lucky and not to mention, well to do! Having such a home is a dream for cherished by many.

Such homes are usually in small plot areas of 1600 square feet and above. If the architect who designs the house is smart enough, he will leave enough space in the front and in the back for some additional accessories to be put up later.

Yes, we are referring to the outside deck. It is usually 20 feet by 20 feet or a bit lesser seating area that is attached to the house but is outside. In that, it is not covered on the top or from any of the sides. Such a deck is always elevated to a height so that it comes at the same level as the floor on the ground level of the rest of the house. Before you begin thinking that such a deck will require a lot of money and professional help. The answer is No and Yes. (well almost).

Such a deck can be built in the least of budgets as well and also can be done entirely as a DIY project too. Maybe some of the tasks can be left to professional help.

Before you get all excited and look up images and designs for an outside deck for your home, we want you to read this article so that you know what you are getting into.


The most important and immediate thing that you must do is to check with your local authorities who approve of any new construction and structures around your already built house. If your home is still under construction, you should still go ahead and check on the permissions part. Maybe a representative of the approving authority will visit your property and survey the area before he or she approves the construction of such a deck attached to your house. After permission is granted, you can begin the preparations based on what we suggest.

The site of the deck

A smart architect would have left sufficient space both in the front and the back of the house. Luckily you will have an option to choose between the right site and the size too. Give your need a good thought. Ponder upon it for a couple of days. Take the right decision based on a number of things like:

  • What will you mostly do on the deck?
  • What is the view that you get if you stand at the deck railing? (the view of a valley or the setting sun by the sea)

Size of the deck

This one is tricky. As the height of the deck has to be the same or almost close to the floor of the rest of the house, it might require a significant amount of support from the ground. Having the right foundation to support the deck is necessary. The size of the deck should be designed based on the soil type, and the space that must be left around the deck after it is complete will also define the size.

The Material to be used

Most outside decks are made of wooden flooring. The foundation pillars and supporting beams can also be of wood. Usually, construction quality and all-weather seasoned wood are preferred. If your house is near the sea, the foundation has to be adequately matched to the soil texture to provide a firm base to the deck. Similarly, a mountain region soil will have a different texture and may have an utterly uneven surface on which to erect the deck.

Summer Party hang out.

An outside deck is usually the best place to hang out during summers. If you like to host parties and call guests often to your house for dinners and barbeques, the deck will become everyone’s favorite hangout place. Based on your likes and tastes, set up a place to cook up some sizzling barbeque and also have a countertop and a shelf to keep some quick access utensils like plates, glasses, and jars. If you enjoy your evening outside with a drink, install a bar counter and a shelf as well. Get comfortable recliner type chairs, and you may want to deck up the deck with some faux palms or artificial ferns as well to make it look more natural.

The railings and the stairs make an impression.

When designing the deck, make sure you get firm and proper railings to support the edges. You can go for cast iron railings or wooden ones. You may decide the material based on your budgets. A trip to your local furniture market can give you a good idea of the costs, and you may also be able to hire a professional to help you set up your deck. Design it and choose as per the rest of the house architecture. Having a deck that looks way different from the existing house theme will make it an odd one out unless you deliberately planned on doing so.

Boost the resale value

An outside deck constructed with care and proper planning can last for many years. The material used does determine the overall life, but any professional will suggest using an all-weather wood that is seasoned and can easily face the elements all the year round. Additionally, sea air can be a factor to make the wood deteriorate faster. Making sure the varnish and polish is done well. Investing in these small things can raise the value of the house by a few thousand immediately. If you decide to go for a bigger house anytime later, this investment of having an outside deck will surely earn you more than the invested amount by raising the overall value of the property.

Getting the right permissions and defining the correct need of the outside deck is the key. If you get these two right, the other factors can be varied according to budgets and time available.