Kitchen Décor and Design Essentials for the Modern Home

These conceptual kitchen designs are applicable for all kitchens from small urban types to the farmhouse types. Following these is sure to deliver you the bright dream kitchen you dreamt off.

Kitchen Décor and Design Essentials for the Modern Home

Artificial FoliageA kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where you start the day with a cup of coffee and cook food for the family. This is why the kitchen should be so designed that everything becomes easier there. Kitchen design has passed through many evolutions, and sleek, uncluttered lines are the modern kitchen features.

Here is a compilation of modern kitchen essentials that you may browse for inspiration.

1. Ceramic tiles are the call of the day

In spite of hardwood floor is a popular flooring option, ceramic tiles have snatched the limelight. This is gaining tremendous popularity as the most modern kitchen floor. These are available in many colors and designs and can resemble woods and stones.

Ceramic tiles offer a smooth finish, and they are also easy to maintain. Thanks to the technological advancement. You can now have these tiles in any sizes.

2. Smart lighting creates a dramatic ambiance

Smart and layered lighting is essential in the modern kitchens. Kitchen lighting should include task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting, and statement lighting.

The bright focus of the task lights makes cooking easy. The ambient lights are for creating different moods in different zones. The accent lights influence the eyes to roll around the features forming the kitchen attractive. Containing a cluster of pendant lights, these define the dining space.

3. Quartz is the king of the countertops

Polished countertops are dire necessities for modern kitchens. Most of the modern kitchens have polished concrete countertops with granites. For high-end kitchens, quartz is the right countertop material.

These are available in a wide array of colors and finishes mimicking the natural stones. These are also tough and scratch resistant making them ideal options. When aesthetics are considered, quartz delivers the most attractive kitchen countertops.

4. Double ovens offer a fresh look

Modern kitchen design trend is against bending the back while cooking. Double ovens fulfill this design criterion and provide more flexibility. This lets you have the main oven for preparing meals and a secondary oven for baking and warming plates.

The stacked double oven is the most common set up. You can also use a combination of a single oven, microwave, and warming drawer. Using two single ovens in tandem are also used in some modern kitchens.

5. Coffee corner to get started in the morning

A coffee alcove is all that you need for mood lifting in the morning. Design it in one corner with a cabinet and a built-in drawer under the countertop. This will hold the coffee mugs and the condiments. The espresso machine is to be kept on the top.

Hang a board on the wall for writing menus. This will make the area look like a real coffee parlor and also greet you.

6. Copper backsplash makes it glam
Metallic backsplashes are the hottest trend in modern kitchen design. Copper backsplashes have come to the frontline of decor replacing brass and stainless steel. These create a real impact with the warm and alluring surface.

You can craft this in many ways. While the square and rectangular pieces are typical, you can also use hexagonal tiles. Copper penny styles backsplashes look great when designed with racks for accessories. Although it needs a bit of care, it makes the kitchen unique with tons of individuality.

7. Concealed cabinetry makes it stylish

Concealed kitchen cabinets and drawers brighten up the place. They also save space and hide the clutter from your views. The deep drawers and full extension drawers allow smart storage of the cooking accessories. The divided drawers are great for keeping everything separate.

8. Double dishwasher drawers make life easier

Dishwasher drawers offer a chick and classy look to the modern kitchen. These look like a regular drawer and are quite handy for cleaning dishes. It has the same capacity as standard dishwashers. Being ergonomically designed less back bending is involved, and it saves much space.

9. Computer and TV add fun and convenience

You can have a TV or computer in a nook carved out in the kitchen. It helps to stay updated by watching the current news on the TV as you cook. A computer is an excellent option for helping kids and trying new recipes online.

10. Sink makes a style statement

Although a regular feature in every kitchen, a sink is also a vital fashion element. When loaded with multifunctional faucets in chrome finish, it lifts up the kitchen ambiance. These are available in myriads of shape, size, and color. Get one that matches your décor theme.

Adding pot fillers is also a great decor idea. The faucet is mounted at a higher level on the backsplash for filling up pasta pots and soup bowls directly.

11. Faux plants add grace and color

As the modern kitchens do not have many visually appealing elements, investing in green artificial plants adds to the aesthetics. These are better than the live plants on many counts. Unlike the live plants, these do not have any maintenance demands. Moreover, the live plants are sensitive to increased temperature in the kitchen area. But, these have no such problem.

Artificial plants for kitchen cabinets are a great decorative option. These are available in plenty of varieties like artificial foliage, window boxes, hanging baskets, etc. You can have any of them that match your décor theme.

When you introduce silk boxwood in the dining area of the kitchen, it lifts up the ambiance. These have gone through many transformations and are made as mirror images of their live cousins. So, aesthetics are not compromised.

High-quality foliage and strong, colorfast pigments are used in manufacturing the quality fake plants. These make them durable, and they never fade or wilt. Since these do not have any requirements for sunlight, you can place them anywhere.


These conceptual kitchen designs are applicable for all kitchens from small urban types to the farmhouse types. These provide a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics with the minimalist modern approach. Following these is sure to deliver you the bright dream kitchen you dreamt off.