Look No Further than Artificial Boxwood Topiaries for Revamping your Office's Exterior Landscape

Last but not the least, with artificial Boxwood topiaries it is certainly a win-win situation as you will invest only once but bring everlasting beauty and splendor to the exterior landscape. Easily available online at PermaLeaf®.

Look No Further than Artificial Boxwood Topiaries for Revamping your Office's Exterior Landscape

Artificial Boxwood Topiaries for Revamping your OfficeWalking into a beautiful landscape itself ushers a feeling of positivity and creativity. Revamping any office‘s exterior landscape with beautiful Boxwood topiaries will steal the heart of anyone with their charm and freshness.  Boxwood topiaries are ages old, but their charm still makes the audience spellbound with their beauty. From the British times, Boxwood topiaries are indicative of style, elegance, and beauty. They have been used as hedges and topiaries to enhance the beauty and greenery around any premises. Artificial Boxwood topiaries provide greenery and beauty with minimal investment.

Wide variety to choose from!

Boxwood topiaries are available in wide variety of ornamental shapes and sizes to suit exterior landscaping of office premises. Be it approach road of office, garden area or entrance gate, Boxwood can be placed anywhere to bring beauty and grandeur to space. The best part about using these artificial plants in any commercial space is that they involve one-time investment and become lifetime partners of the office premises. These artificial boxwood topiaries are available in various sizes, styles, and shapes and they can also be customized to match your office décor perfectly. Placing these silk plants around the office area will evoke the feeling of freshness, will define your style and will mesmerize the visitors.

One should choose artificial Boxwood topiaries over the real plant variety?

The artificial Boxwood topiaries are highly being used to decorate exterior landscape of commercial or office space because of their unmatched utility. Here is the list of facts that will make you realize why choosing artificial plants is indeed a better decision than using the real plants:

  • Artificial plants retain their shape and size as they do no grow over time. Thus no trimming or any aftercare required.
  • Fake plants do not attract pests, insects or pets and therefore they are a safe alternative to using around office space.
  • No pest control, fertilization or water needed as artificial plants just need regular dusting to keep them lustrous.
  • Available in wide range of style, size, and shape, they can be customized to suit your office space exterior. This option is not available with the real plants.
  • Made from high-quality material, these plants are UV and fire resistant therefore completely safe to be used as exterior landscaping products.
  • Can tolerate extreme weather conditions. These silk boxwood topiaries will not fade over time even under scorching heat or heavy rains.
  • As artificial Boxwood topiaries are not soil rooted, they are portable and can be moved around office space.

Create everlasting impression!

The fact that artificial plants have been so popular over time is that they create an everlasting impression in the minds of the visitors. The unusual shape and glossy leaves bring aesthetic beauty to any premises of which they are part of. The silk plants have the ability to mesmerize the onlookers and make them appreciate your style and choice of exterior landscaping products.  The wide range of geometrical shapes, endless size options and beautiful leaf assortments will combine your requirement of sophistication, grandeur and greenery in one.

Best exterior landscaping products to charm the onlookers!

On can use silk exterior landscaping products in combination with real plant varieties or use them individually to highlight a dull corner or bring change to the current exterior setting of the exterior landscape of the office.  A healthy surrounding leads to more productivity, creativity and evokes positivity. Therefore when the employees, clients or visitors walk in the premise that is beautifully decorated with silk plants, the impression will be everlasting. As the artificial Boxwood topiaries can be customized to meet your requirements, one can use them in the garden area, at the entrance gates, around the waiting areas, etc. You can pick from spiral, box and column topiaries to brighten up your exterior landscape.  Bring them in different sizes, unusual shapes, assortments to add uniqueness to the office exteriors.

One time investment!

The artificial plants are best for exterior landscaping of office or commercial space as they involve only one-time investment. Bringing real plants in large premises can be hefty on the office budget as they involve manpower for regular pest control, trimming, watering, etc. However, with the artificial plants, no such care is needed. Artificial retain their shape and size forever. Regular dusting is enough to keep them shining. As silk variety plants are made from a high-quality material which is fire resistant as well as UV tolerant, they prove to be healthy and safe to make them a part of your exterior landscape. With artificial plants, there is no fear of water damage or damage from weather changes as fake plants remain unaffected with even extreme weather conditions.

Endlessly creativity wit Boxwood topiaries!

As these topiaries are available in the box, column or spiral shapes, one can use they magnify their creative talent. Craft them to make your company logo, brand name or a welcome note to entice visitors or use them along the approach road to provide symmetry, style, and classiness. The silk plants are best suited to revamp the exteriors of water parks, commercial buildings, hotel gardens or any other large premises to save on investment. One can create a silent private space in the garden using spiral topiaries or place round topiaries around the fountain in the garden or make them a part of canteen area to bring greenery and the playful environment around the premises.

You can also mix and match the artificial plants with your already rooted real plants to bring some drama and uniqueness in the otherwise boring exteriors. During festivities or special celebrations, you can also decorate the artificial Boxwood topiaries with bright lights. Artificial plants do not suffer any damage even if you use lights to decorate them.