Looking for a Makeover for Your Restaurant's Exterior Space? Permaleaf® Products Are the Solution

Decorate exterior landscapes of restaurants, bars, casinos, water parks, theme parks and any commercial building with faux plants, trees, and grasses from PermaLeaf® and forget the hassle of maintenance for years.

Looking for a Makeover for Your Restaurant's Exterior Space? Permaleaf® Products Are the Solution

Outdoor Artificial Landscaping BeautiesTransform your garden's exterior space with lush green faux trees, hedges, turf and plants that are guaranteed to look same all throughout the year without maintenance.  

The magic of PermaLeaf® products

Fresh green lawns are often attracting customers to relax and can instantly uplift the mood of anyone, making it a crucial part of any big restaurant. With PermaLeaf® products the same beautiful lawn can be enjoyed for years without having to mow, water, fertilize and most importantly, saving a few bucks on hiring a gardener to do all of these works. Artificial landscaping not just saves a lot of work on a daily basis but also saves a lot of water and money that goes into maintaining lush green lawns and gardens. These are very hygienic and safe for kids, pets as well as adults because they do not have any harmful materials, allergy causing pollens, fungus growth, etc. 

Building visions into reality

One of the best things about using PermaLeaf® products it that a team of professionals is always there to help the clients visualize and conceptualize their gardens, lawns or any outdoor areas that they want to decorate. These artificial landscaping beauties are fully customizable. The customers can share any abstract idea, and the expert team from PermaLeaf® will help to build their vision into reality. The client can come up with any variety of plants, trees, etc. in any size that suits their particular landscape and PermaLeaf® can deliver the exact product with every little detail to complete their vision. These products are designed with utmost care to incorporate every little detail so that the clients are satisfied any happy with how their exterior landscapes look. 

Lush green landscapes in any season

Premium quality materials are used to manufacture these artificial botanical beauties to ensure that the look natural and are indistinguishable from the original plants. These products are sure to bring the same sense of tranquility and the feeling of well-being that the greenery of natural landscapes delivers, with the added benefit of staying the same way for years without having to spend anything on maintenance. Faux landscaping products are not just maintenance free but also ensure that there is less mess to clear. Being artificial, these are pest free, and there is no hassle of consulting specialists for different plants and trees in various seasons to protect them from mealy bugs, scales, insects, fungus and everything else that are known to spoil natural plants and trees. 

Crafted with utmost care

PermaLeaf® products last very long and are fade resistant, which ensures that they look beautiful and lush green for many years. These are specially made with high-quality industrial grade materials that make them very durable even without any maintenance. These products are suited for exterior landscaping, and they are environment-friendly and can be customized to fit any environment. These artificial and yet realistic looking plants are made with advanced technology so that they can withstand harsh climatic conditions. These are fade resistant, and thus UV rays and water will not cause any detectable color loss for years. The UV stable property makes them suitable for outdoors and helps these faux beauties sustain even in very hot climatic areas. The good quality materials make these artificial landscaping products wear and tear proof for many years. 

Installation is the key

Installation plays a crucial role in making the products last long. Suppose in a windy area; these artificial plants are not installed correctly, it can make the whole setup very vulnerable to damage by the wind and can even cause plants and trees to come up with their base, which can be dangerous to the surrounding property and people. To avoid such situations, installation facilities are guided by dedicated experts from the PermaLeaf® team. Clients can also go for products that can be self-installed very easily with the help of instruction manual that comes with the product. Any problem with the installation, however small the landscape or the product might be, is taken care of by a dedicated crew of professionals. 

Products for every exterior landscape

Be it vast spreading lawns or smaller gardens in restaurants and cafés, PermaLeaf® has something to beautify every location. Moreover, the products are fully customizable, so any variety of plants, trees, hedges, etc. can be made with client specifications about the size, color, flower, baseboard preference and other every other detail, however small that might be, for absolute customer satisfaction. The advanced technology used at PermaLeaf® allows client visualizations to be depicted through computer generated images with the help of expert consultants. PermaLeaf® allows complete client involvement in the process, and every step of adding detail is consulted, to ensure that exact product required by the customer is produced. 

Some other benefits of owning faux plants:

  • Fake plants only need only the installation time which is far lesser than that of growing a natural plant.
  • Being made from synthetic elements, these do not need have any special temperature or humidity requirements which are often essential for real plants
  • These artificial botanical beauties do not propose any problem of introducing mealy bugs, pests or other harmful things in the surrounding environment as nothing organic is present in them.
  • Faux plants are a convenient way of decorating exterior landscapes as they are completely maintenance free.
  • These last for years without any care with the added benefit of being fade resistant and UV stable which ensures that their beauty remains same for years.