Looking for Faux Landscaping Products? Choose PermaLeaf®

PermaLeaf® products are ideal for outdoor landscaping at commercial buildings as they are highly durable, elegant and very stylish for any commercial landscape.

Looking for Faux Landscaping Products? Choose PermaLeaf®

Exterior Landscaping ProductsLandscaping ideas have experienced a radical change in recent years with the products and ideas being renovated to suit the increasing demand of a perfect landscape. This is more visible at the offices and the commercial buildings where top class landscaping with modern items is a must. Use of plants and trees is very common in offices and commercial buildings as they give the much needed refreshing environment with some classy landscape. 

Due to some of the drawbacks of using natural plants, they are not preferred for a top class corporate landscape. The main drawbacks include regular watering and pruning to keep them in top condition. At the corporate buildings, keeping separate personnel to take regular care of the plants and trees is almost impossible. Even with regular watering and pruning, sometimes the plants and trees fail to remain in top condition and die. The leaf droppings and pests attracted by the plants are also a problem at the offices which needs a clean and healthy landscape. 

Due to such problems, the landscaping experts came up with the idea of artificial landscape with artificial plants and trees. It has a huge advantage over real plants as they don't need any maintenance and also can stay in top condition round the clock. You can also have any artificial plants and trees at your office whose real counterparts won't grow naturally. 

Artificial landscaping- the revolutionary idea in landscaping

The idea of artificial plants and trees almost brought about a radical change in landscaping as you can now have even the pants which don't grow naturally in your habitat. You can use the artificial plants the way you like and create a sparkling landscape at your building. Here are the advantages of having artificial trees for outdoors.

  • Better utility than real plants as they do stay in the same form round the year and don't shade leaves or grow randomly which is a real headache in office and commercial landscapes.
  • Zero maintenance for keeping them fresh and rejuvenating all round the clock.
  • Fit for all weather conditions as they can face strong winds, snow, rain or direct UV radiation from the sun.
  • Amazingly beautiful designs in artificial trees for outdoors as you can pick your choice from wide range of exotic landscaping items.
  • Ideal for all kinds of landscapes. The artificial trees for outdoors can enhance almost any landscape effortlessly and give them a mesmerizing look.

Different types of artificial trees for outdoors

Outdoor artificial flowers- the wide range of elegant, colorful flowers can give the essential beauty for your dream landscape. The blooming natural beauty can be used to create a backdrop at your dull corporate landscape. The dream location will not only create a rejuvenating environment but will also amaze the viewers with the blissful treat of beautiful flowers. They can be used to create a backdrop at any location or line the path leading to the entrance. 

Topiaries- topiaries are unique landscape items essential for any outdoor landscape. It will give the unique attribute to your building, and you can add some more uniqueness by creating the logo of your company or restaurant or shopping malls using it. They are available in custom shapes along with a fantastic range of round or spiral shapes. They are suitable for all climate conditions and can be placed at any outdoor locations like gardens, entrance, etc. You can create special partition or screen using it. You can also have a custom logo right at the entrance to mesmerize the viewers.

Outdoor plants and trees- outdoor plants and trees can give a new look with incredible aesthetic beauty to any commercial places, and you can pick your favorite plant irrespective of its availability in that habitat. For example, you can also use artificial tropical tree plants outside their natural habitat to enhance the landscape. The charming look will be hard to ignore and will create an instant goodwill among the viewers. 

Picking the right type of unique plants will make it a stylish place and will also boost the morale of employees. The durability of the artificial plants and trees make it suitable for outdoor use. They are also suitable for holiday resorts and hotels as the fake tropical tree plants can be used to create a tropical-themed setting.  

Green walls and screens- these are among the most artistic use of the landscaping items where you can create an innovative privacy screen in your building. The unique and elegant screen will be made using premium quality materials to last the weather conditions and will create a natural partition allowing sunlight to pass through gaps. 

Green or living walls can be created with walls covered with artificial foliage to give it a vibrant approach. It's better than dull walls at corporate sectors and makes your building unique. The vibrant display of colors will be the center of attraction in the locality. 

Customized outdoor landscape- you can also have your customized landscape at your office outdoors, it's best as each building has its story to tell and own landscape to display. You can pick your choice of bushes, flowering plants, and other plants and trees, etc. You can also choose any particular area in your offices like the balcony or rooftops and convert it using artificial landscaping items. 

There are other landscaping items like window boxes or hanging baskets containing beautiful artificial landscaping item to fill every corner of your area.

The main difference

Artificial landscaping items are made using PermaLeaf® technology which ensures their durability in all weather conditions. The special UV-protective agents are impregnated during the manufacturing process to make the items inherently UV proof. Premium quality color pigments and materials are also used in manufacture to maintain the vibrant nature. You can utilize them outdoors as they are resistant to snow, rain, UV rays and direct sun and won't fade on repeated exposure to them.