Make Your Office Meeting Rooms Modern With These Décor Tips

A large round table, comfy chairs, and several tech-savvy features are things that make meeting room decent. You can decorate it with A dash of greenery to give it a fresh look.

Make Your Office Meeting Rooms Modern With These Décor Tips

Make Your Office Meeting Rooms Modern With These Decor TipsSpace where new ideas meet creative outlooks, where endless discussions lead to the best ever solutions, an office meeting room is an important part of every workplace. Needless to say, a beautiful set-up is essential to keep it lively and vibrant.

Is just good furniture enough?

A large round table, comfy chairs, and several tech-savvy features are things that make for a decent meeting room. But, is that enough? Studies have shown that the décor of your workplace plays a crucial role in defining the quality of work delivered by the employees. A visually attractive surrounding is essential when people feel like breaking out of their mundane routines.

Greenery is the key!

A dash of greenery is a much-needed element of modern décor. Plants add to the liveliness of your workplace, giving it a fresh look. So, get in the grass and flowers and transform your office spaces into a relaxation hub! As ‘Feng Shui', adding decorative items to your space and amplify the ‘good' vibe.

Fake plants

While plants do add to the glamour of your spaces, it takes a whole lot of effort and time and money to maintain them in good condition. They need plenty of sunlight and ample air to flourish, which is difficult to find within the enclosed office spaces. A great solution is to have artificial plants instead of real ones, thus reducing the after-costs of maintenance, without compromising on the glamour quotient of your office décor.

Big is Better

While elegant furnishings are a quintessential aspect of a contemporary office meeting room, a couple of large fake plants can enhance the overall look of the place quite easily. Place a few artificial fiddle leaf fig trees along the pathway, or just have a fake golden cane palm silk tree in one of the corners of your conference room to add a dash of freshness to the room.
Large artificial plants like the fake versions of Cedar Bonsai, Philodendron, Sansevieria, Agave, and Peace Lily are a must add-on to the office space for a deeply sensuous look!

Faux boxwood

Petite and non-messy, faux boxwood is the ultimate answer to cherishing the love for greenery, minus the endless hard work of taking care of the plants, much unlike their real counterparts. These fake plants look as real as they could be! You can place a small one as a centerpiece for your meeting table or can have different varieties like spiral faux boxwood plants to adorn the corners of the meeting room.

Faux topiary

Artificial topiaries are the newest addition to the world of interior décor. You can instantly glam up your otherwise dull-looking office meeting room by installing neatly trimmed faux topiaries thus adding an element of class to your indoor space.

What's more? You don't need to hire a professional landscaper to maintain the artificial topiary, which is crafted expertly featuring popular trim styles to suit your taste. You can also choose from a variety of floral options too, just to add a subtle hint of color to your space. There are also a number of choices when it comes to faux topiary planters like barrels, terracotta, urns, tin, and decorative wood.

Get in the silks!

There is something about the color green that adds serenity and calmness to the atmosphere. Real or artificial, green foliage is always a soothing sight to our eyes, especially when we need a relaxing break in between our busy and hectic work schedules.

Fake plants for décor now come in vibrant silk textures that enhance their beauty and make them look unbelievably real! Silk plants and trees make for the most attractive, pocket-friendly and easy to maintain décor options of today.

You can choose from a wide variety of different artificial silk plants to suit your ambiance. Silk bonsai plants are a popular choice as they create a magical aura. The only care that these beautiful art pieces need is regularly and gently dusting them off so that they don't lose their peculiar sheen.

Silk boxwood topiary is yet another piece of perfect decorative to embellish your setting. Molded in a host of different shapes and patterns like spherical, conical, spiral and more, these artificial plants definitely bring in a fun element and also add a welcoming charm to any office space. Get in some silk bamboo plants or have a few hanging silk plants by the window sill and you have created a soothing atmosphere at the workplace!

A few evergreen classic must-haves to add to your office meeting rooms

There are ample options when you look out for artificial plants to decorate your office space. However, we have listed a few evergreen classics that would spruce up the room instantly. Popular floor plants such as Cedars, Ficuses, Areca palm, Agave, Dracaena, and the like are best used inside conference rooms and lobbies.

Exotic bamboo plants teamed with a miniature waterfall or a fountain can lend a classy and elegant look to one of the walls of the meeting room. Large artificial plants with flowers catch your attention instantly, while a cherry blossoms bonsai at the center of the table looks perfect like no other! Look out for some hydrangeas and peonies planted in beautifully sculpted ceramic pots. These are sure to get noticed and admired at the same time.

How to clean your artificial plants?

Although they need not be watered or trimmed, fake plants do have to be cleaned up at regular intervals, so as to maintain the vibrancy of their colors and prevent them from fading away. Use feather dusters and small brushes to clean the dust off the foliage.

You may gently wipe the leaves and stems using a microfiber cloth. For deep cleaning, the plants can be thoroughly washed with a hose and allowed to dry in the sun for some time. Don't forget to spray Ammonia D window cleaner before you get them back indoors, to ensure long-lasting shine.

A vibrant looking and the peaceful workplace are awaiting you! Relax and enjoy the greenery, sans the hassles, of course!