Make Your Own Designing Rules Via Fake Outdoor Greenery

Apply our Artificial outdoor plants in your commercial landscaping design, and add the brightness quotient in the midst of greenery.

Make Your Own Designing Rules Via Fake Outdoor Greenery

outdoor fake plantsHave you ever thought of designing your own home backyard or exterior commercial structure without a help of a landscape architect? Well, if you do have then to worry, as there aren’t many rules or guidelines one has to follow, especially when you are using artificial outdoor plants, trees, hedges and flowers to secure and beautify your vicinity. 

Arranging your outdoor landscaping with artificial plants and trees is not always necessary, considering that every home or a commercial space has its own needs and specifications. If a designer guide tells you to a keep a bunch of eight flower varieties, and not five, go for the five that you have zeroed upon. The writer of the guidelines is not sure about how much open air space you have to utilize PermaLeaf outdoor artificial plants. 

Keep in mind the most amazing buildings, bridges, palaces and outdoor spaces were designed breaking the rule, and hence proved to be a success for everybody.

Examine the Outside space

Our idea of this blog is educate our buyers and clients on how can a variety of faux greenery can actually make a standout appeal to be attracted upon, specifically to meet individual scene needs. 

Always consider examining your space before beginning the landscaping task. It will give you an exact visualization as to how many variants of artificial plants and decorative elements you would require. Keep the entire requirements for the family first on the list while designing. You don’t want your near and dear ones to feel obstructed while having a walk in your home porch area, walkway or outdoor.

Making characterized spaces are vital in achieving this target between satisfying visual connections, family needs and particular site highlights. 

Establish goals and the desired result that you want utilizing fake outdoor plants will make things easy for you when you begin the actual work.

Outdoor Privacy possible Visual Screens

The need for privacy is a must in any sort of landscaping task. Be it at the hotels, restaurants, commercial establishments, offices and home outdoors, divide spaces and covering the unwanted with fake outdoor greenery. Attach ivy wall mats to existing fences or install an entire boxwood hedge to create visual screens that brings privacy with no maintenance. For prompt protection and low upkeep, you may pick a complete green wall. Check with various designs to get the one you thing will suit your outdoor the most.

Consider the fencing material and the support required to keep it fit as a fiddle. Any wood wall will require intermittent recoloring/painting. Unprotected fencing turns dim after some time, however you can take protected measure beforehand, so as to not let your landscape ruin. Abstain from having the base of the wood wall interact with the soil, which will encourage wood decay. 

Green Walls to secure and beautify

It is often seen that landscaping experts encourage greenery with green walls and rooftops. But it is not always possible with real plants and trees since the growth of some plants will change drastically after a certain time. For this decoration also you can break the guideline and use artificial outdoor ivy wall mats to existing fences or install boxwood hedge on the rooftops of your home balcony or commercial space for a rejuvenated green look.

Colors can do all the talking

With any type of commercial landscaping design, the most striking area is the use of colors. Having a range of hues in and around your home and commercial space makes it more welcoming and fun. Businesses are prominently increasing the use of artificial flowers and plants in their vicinity as it much more feasible to maintain a fake plant over the natural counterpart. 

For a landscaping project to thrive, colors are significant for the configuration, which is why Commercial Silk International has presented a range of silk flowers and flowering plants. Our consumers and clients have benefited a lot from the various designs on hand, right from the ever charming Artificial Azalea, to artificial daily mums, and fake gardenia plant as well.

Artificial Azalea 

If you have a landscaping theme that is surrounded around large trees, then our artificial Azalea is just the perfect decorative element to complement your design. Our silk Azalea flowers will add a burst of color around an extensive tree's base, and are a present a decent ornamental touch, when put in a vast floor plant compartment. 

For example you can mix and match our Flowering Azalea with the tall Bonsai tree or make it stand in beautiful planter or Urn, as a little flower arrangement or even a table top centerpiece. Our silk Azaleas are available in a in a mixture of charming colors, from pink to white.

The Daisy Mums

For an in depth color configuration and the perfect balance of a landscaping design is thoroughly achieved included the ever gorgeous and colorful silk Daisy Mums. They are creative replication of a living Daisy Mum, made by Commercial Silk Int'l. 

Use silk Daisy Mums in your landscape design for a profound and meaningful outlook that will make and feel everyone delighted and happy to be in your vicinity. Fake Daisy Mums are best to adorn an interior landscaping and office remodeling. Also, it’s a very handy accessory to have around as you don’t have to bother about, watering, cleaning and pruning. Just some cleaning once or twice a week is enough for our artificial daisy mum to shine all along.

Artificial Gardenia Plant

Artificial Gardenia plant is a natural replication of a living Gardenia. Apply our silk Gardenias in your commercial landscaping design, and add the brightness quotient in the midst of greenery. Fake Gardenia flowering plants blossoms are perfect for interior decoration at home or the workplace.