Most Restaurants Make These Décor Mistakes. Do You Too?

If you are not satisfied with interior of your restaurant or lounge? Here is the solution for perfect interior. They help you to bring a unique appearance to the restaurant.

Most Restaurants Make These Décor Mistakes. Do You Too?

Rooftop GardensRestaurants are everybody’s favorite place to hang out with friends and family. We see a lot of families and friends groups in restaurants during occasions or weekends. However, during weekdays, restaurants are the hogging or discussions or meeting place. Whatever is the reason, keeping the restaurants welcoming for the customers is essential.

Restaurant or hotel management is a massive industry by themselves. To keep a restaurant running successfully it is vital to keep it competing in the field with unique ideas. Hence, in a rush to keep the restaurant unique and different from other restaurants many mistakes are committed, especially in interior and exterior decors.

Here is the discussion about such usual décor mistakes made by most of the restaurants and readily executable solutions are also suggested below:

Uninviting entrance

The entrance of restaurants plays a vital role in attracting customers. The entrance of a restaurant must be welcoming and warm. Do not keep entrance plain. Place some faux outdoor plants or tall fake plants at the entrance. If you have large space at restaurant front install outdoor artificial palm trees. Artificial palm trees are available in different varieties, like coconut palm trees, fan palm trees, date palm trees and many more.

Unrelated decors

A theme is vital for a restaurant interior as well as exterior. Mismatching décor will bring a messy look to the place. Instead of using costly decorations use affordable decors like artificial house plants or artificial topiary trees to decorate. They are trendy, and they bring rejuvenating atmosphere. This will help you attract customers and keep the employees calm.

Open kitchens

Transparency in work in appreciable but over openness will cause trouble. Dining or waiting rooms are the places for the customers to be visible. Kitchen and washrooms are the internal rooms of the restaurant. Hence, do not opt an open kitchen unless there sometime you really want to exhibit to your customers. The visible hassles of the chefs and noise of the cooking will not make the customers happy. So, it is suggestible not to have an open kitchen. So, if it is necessary to have an open kitchen then wrap up the kitchen using privacy screens. They make the interior of the restaurant impressive.

Poor space designing

Designing of the interior for the guests seating essential. When there are no proper divisions made in the dining hall, then there might be chaos among guests and servers as well. If insufficient dining space is the cause use or privacy screens living walls to divide the area. They are made of faux plants and flowers. This makes the interior beautiful, colorful and exciting. For creating clear paths to tables use artificial potted plants or artificial indoor trees. They make the customer feel warmly welcomed.

Uninteresting interior

The interior of the restaurant plays a significant role in making the guests revisit the place. Have a theme for interior design. To save your interior design from looking like an old styled place go for green interior and original exterior. Green walls, fake indoor trees, plastic plants, artificial potted plants are contemporary decors. Hanging baskets, plant containers, and silk flowers arrangement is beautiful and remarkable decors.

Untidy or congested parking lots

Planning and cleanliness in parking lots save a lot of time and energy of the staff and customers. Design parking lot is appropriately making space for all sizes of vehicles. Do not place any stinky garbage bins or bags in parking lots. It will cause disgusting feel among customers. If possible, you can design the parking lot with a theme.

Improper lightings

The lightings of a restaurant in the morning and evening differ. Morning natural light is more comforting for customers. During evening use some extra lightings to welcome guests. Lightings for signboards and pathway to the entrance is important. If you have a beautiful landscape, don’t let your efforts go vain, highlight them with lightings in the evening. It gives an enchanted look to the restaurant.

Plain rooftop

The rooftop is an interesting and attractive part of the restaurant. The open space and the natural air attracts the customers. Rooftop consisting of artificial potted plants and varieties of topiaries with various geometric shapes and sizes bring the place to life. Outdoor artificial flowers also make the area look colorful. Plastic plants are hassle-free and cost-effective. Hanging baskets and containers make more space for seating. So, create a lively and cool rooftop.

Unplanned or unutilized balconies

Use balconies for seating. They make the customers visit enjoyable. This is also a good idea for creating extra seating. The open space and fresh air bring a feel of nature. If you think your restaurant balconies are small spaces, then use hanging baskets or hanging plant containers. Living walls and privacy screens will help in the decoration of the balconies.

No menu boards

It is essential for customers to know the menu of the restaurant. Exterior menu boards are free publicity for the restaurant. Without menu board, customers might find your place unsafe and unclear. A menu gives the guests some idea about the type of the restaurant they are going to enter. If your menu does not consist of what they want and if they learn it after being seated, it will disappoint them badly. So, to avoid such situations use exterior menu boards.

Greasy tablecloths

Keep table fixtures and their clothes as clean as possible. They speak for your cleanliness and quality of the restaurant. Greasy tablecloths will stink after a while. It causes foul odor inside the restaurant. Hence, do not neglect any table during cleaning tables and tablecloths, not even one. Proper laundry of the table and chair cloths will help customers to feel the freshness of the place.


Mistakes are bound to happen when trying something new and above are those common mistakes made by most of the restaurants. If you think you have made some error, then use the ideas discussed to overcome them. They help you to bring a unique look to the restaurant.