Office Décor Makeover Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive. Here’s How

With these simple steps, your office is sure to sparkle without having to exceed your budget.

Office Décor Makeover Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive. Here’s How

Artificial Indoor PlantsChange is the rule of nature and as the beings of the corporate world, if you don’t change with the time, you lose your ranking in the market. This is the reason that your office has to look season friendly, no matter how often the occasions change. If you have clients that visit frequently to your workplace, it becomes essential for you to change with the season as it would show your adaptability and flexibility to the clients. Giving a change to the mind of your employees is also essential. Imagine looking at the same wall of glass every day for 40 hours a week. Don’t you think it will impact your performance? It certainly will. This is why changing the look of your office every season is beneficial not only for your employees' well being but also for your profits. The happier your people are, the better your profits will be. We know that you understand this fact which is why we have taken care of this for you.

Relax! Sit down and transfer all your worries to us. We will tell you the surprisingly easy ways to change the entire décor of your office, keeping in mind the strict budget that you have to handle.

Our Own Space

This zone should be completely dedicated to your employees and your company. Paste some graffiti on this section of the wall. You can also pin the name and pictures of your employees to give a personal touch to your office. This will make your employees sense the feeling of belonging, ultimately giving them the urge to work better and with happiness. Placing a huge whiteboard in this section could also be one of the better ideas. Tell your employees to write one point about their life which makes them feel grateful. In this way, all of them will write one point each day and read them at the end. Nothing makes heart happier than gratitude. The results will be right in front of you at the end of the month. You will notice the exponential growth and satisfaction rate of your employees in no time. They will personally thank you for this move.


This is the most important step. Without having to change your décor, just maintaining neatness around every desk in your office is enough to create a balanced and beautiful look. Arrange for at least one drawer for each desk in your office if you don’t have it. All the required papers and files should be kept in that drawer so that the office area looks neat and organized. The cables and wires attached to every computer on the desk must be organized properly. Make a hole near each computer so that the wires and cables get a spot to arrange themselves in, beneath the visible area of the desk. There must be a little bin placed at sufficient intervals around the office so that the litter gets properly disposed of. Ensure that all the desks and tables are clean before the employees leave from their day at work.

Recreational Zone

If you want more profits for your company, this is the most important space for you. Just as you allot bundles and heaps of files to your employees to finish, you must also send them to relax their mind for some time. Your employees would definitely have the potential to work hard and complete a quantity of work within the allotted margin of time but no assurance of quality could be provided in this case. Divide their time allotted in proper margins of time so that proper time is given to recreation and work. Fifteen minutes of refreshing time is enough to work straight for two hours but make sure that your employees don’t mix work and recreational time with each other. No topic of work must be spoken over at the time of recreation and so is the case otherwise.

For this, dedicate an area of your office for recreation. Place a pool table, carom and chess board as the elements of recreation for your employees. For every 2 hours of the work that your employees do for you, give them 15 minutes of the recreational time. Your work will thank you for this.

Plants and Flowers

Recent studies have shown that even a single glimpse of nature or anything relating to it has the potential to freshen up the mind of human beings. This is why you should keep your office environment as close to nature as possible. If the outside of your entrance is made of glass and everything inside your office is visible to the passer-by, it is advisable to place an outdoor privacy screening outside your office. In addition to looking beautiful, it will respect your privacy. To make the exterior more vibrant, place outdoor plastic flowers to enhance the beauty of your entrance. These could also be placed at the lobby of your workplace. I would always insist on buying green artificial plants as they require no hassle of maintenance and provide the same benefit of beauty as the original plants. Buy silk plants and trees wholesale for decorating the entire carpet area of your office. Place them strategically at an equal distance to each other, so that your office area looks symmetric and put together.

For the area outside your office, if space is large enough, you must create a fake garden with the best artificial plants and trees. This is because most people don’t enter inside your office, but create an impression about it from the external appearance. This is the reason that your external looks must be better than the décor inside the office.

With these simple steps, your office is sure to sparkle without having to exceed your budget.