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PermaLeaf®'s Top Rated Landscaping Solutions for Exterior Decor

Exterior LandscapingBusiness is all about presentation, and a mesmerizing outdoor is a basic need for every business. Roaming through the city streets the first thing that comes to your notice is the outdoors of different commercial settings. You memorize some of them, and the others do not cast any mark on your mind. For making any commercial setting attractive, you must have some impressive outdoor decoration. This is the first point of contact with the onlookers, and a mesmerizing decoration can only make them customers and gain their allegiance.

While exterior decoration can be done in many ways, embellishing the outdoors with something green yields the best result. Studies show that people feel happy and relaxed when they are near nature, and that is why the business community is going green these days. But, maintaining live plants in large corporate spaces are tough, as those need serious care. Moreover, being the product of nature, these are not customizable, and also create a mess by shedding leaves. That is why the artificial plants and trees have been considered as the most realistic alternative.

Being an industry leader, PermaLeaf® manufactures a wide spectrum of artificial landscaping elements for the varied needs of the corporate sector. This writes up aims to delve into the solutions available so that you can take the most informative decision for building a vibrant commercial exterior.

PermaLeaf® has many mesmerizing landscaping products

With its wide varieties of artificial landscaping products, PermaLeaf® can turn any dull space into a chick and classy environment. Using PermaLeaf® products, you can choose from the followings:

  • Outdoor Artificial Flowers: Flowers have many things to contribute to any commercial space. With their graceful look, the PermaLeaf® fake flowers can make any dull and drab commercial outdoor bright and glam. You can get these in a wide variety of color, style, and size. They create a dramatic setting by livening up the area.
  • Boxwood Topiaries: With their traditional appealing character, the PermaLeaf® faux boxwood can adorn and define spaces in the most classical manner. You can take advantage of many shapes, sizes, and styles such as spiral, ball, and column, etc. These beautifully melt with the traditional and modern commercial spaces and add fresh aura and warmth to the commercial exterior.
  • Artificial Outdoor Plants: These are great to create a welcoming first impression. PermaLeaf®'s fake plants deliver the most realistic look and help to convey the principles and values of the organization. Available in many varieties like bushes, shrubs, grass, etc., these replicated landscaping solutions build up a loveable appearance which cannot be ignored.
  • Artificial Foliage: When you want to introduce spark and splendor in your commercial setting, the fake foliage can deliver everything. Available in many styles and shapes from fully grown to the bonsai trees, ferns, grasses; these fake landscaping items can bring in a splash of green to make the commercial exterior mesmerizing and welcoming.
  • Window Boxes: PermaLeaf® plays with the shape, size, color, and style of this age-old decorating element. Available in many forms and with different types of fake foliage, these can instantly turn a repulsive concrete structure into a vertical garden. Full of colorful blooms, these can bring in additional charm to any commercial space.
  • Privacy Screens: Made of different types of fake foliage like shrubs and hedges, these can create a private space in the commercial outdoor in a formal, yet playful manner. These add color and style to the commercial space and let the guests enjoy a cozy and comfy enclosure keeping them protected from the peeps of the others.
  • Plant Containers: While the fake plants and other landscaping elements and a dash of color and style to the commercial outdoors, the plant containers make the space stylish by highlighting the key areas of the setting. Available in wide varieties of shape, size, and style these depict the theme of the business in the most appropriate way.
  • Living Walls: If you want to make the walls vibrant with life, PermaLeaf® living wall is the right option for you. More and more commercial organizations are now adorning their exterior walls with these, for creating a nice refreshing look. Made from premium quality foliage, these make the space soothing and refreshing.
  • Hanging Baskets: Creating a lush green landscape is easy, but making it speak about your business is a tough job, and needs creativity and imagination. Available with different types of fake foliage like azaleas, bougainvilleas, ferns, etc., PermaLeaf® eye-catching hanging baskets can let you make the commercial space live and graceful.

The PermaLeaf® Difference

PermaLeaf® is synonymous with quality and durability. PermaLeaf® products are manufactured from a top class plastic material, color pigment and special UV protective chemicals are injected into the foliage to make those inert to the harsh rays of the sun. Thus, PermaLeaf® artificial landscaping products never fade and stay green in the outdoors for years together. Opting for these you get fake foliage that replicates their natural counterparts in all respects.

PermaLeaf® offers unique landscaping services.

PermaLeaf® offers many landscaping services that include designing of landscapes, creating customized outdoor landscapes, providing turnkey rooftop and balconies and foliage for masking the eyesores like cell towers and other utilities. Their designers can provide the most practical solution to any landscaping requirements. If approached, they offer a draft design for visualizing how the commercial space would look like, and do everything necessary to fulfill the specific landscaping needs. They also help in installation of the fake trees.

PermaLeaf® Products are suitable for any commercial space

No matter if you are looking to decorate a massive corporate house, government building, municipal offices, Luxury hotels & restaurants, posh resorts & sauna bath, exotic bars & casinos, shopping malls, amusement parks, hospitals & healthcare facilities, airport & museum lawns, PermaLeaf® landscaping products can deliver you the best solution.

Outdoor Landscape Reinvented With Durable Faux Plants By PermaLeaf®

Faux PlantsIf you have been thinking about installing a landscape in your residential or commercial space, you probably want to invest in plants that are sturdy, durable and long-lasting. PermaLeaf® has a wide range of artificial landscaping products that will help you create a gorgeous and realistic looking landscape. These beautiful and lush green plants and trees can give any outdoor space a charming and elegant vibe. Here's everything you must to know about the landscaping products:

Can Be Maintained With Ease

If you were planning on installing real plants in your landscape, we would recommend you reconsider your plan. Real plants require a lot of keeping and care. Individuals who don't have experience in plant care can end up killing the plants installed in the outdoor landscape. Real plants need regular watering, trimming, pruning and fertilizing. In the case of the artificial plants, you won't need to worry about proving care. These faux landscaping products are pretty much maintenance free. If you find that the plants have dust settled on them, you can use a water hose to wash off the dust, and the plants will be looking new and green again.

Durable And Sturdy Plants For You

Another reason why the artificial plants from PermaLeaf® are highly recommended to people looking to install an outdoor landscape is that these plants are very long lasting. The faux plants are manufactured with top quality raw materials that guarantee durable finished products. Unlike some other trade names available in the market, the faux landscaping products will not spoil or deteriorate within a few months time. Further, when not in use these artificial plants can be stored away too as they have a long shelf life. Investing in these plants will be an excellent long-term investment, and we guarantee that you won't regret it.

Install Them In All Kinds Of Outdoor Settings

The best part about the artificial landscaping products offered by PermaLeaf® is that these plants can be installed in different types of outdoor landscape projects. Some of the projects that these plants are commonly installed in include:

  • Outdoor pool area, hotel parking lots, museum entrances, art gallery entrances, apartment building compounds, office parking areas and hospital entrances are some of the places that can be decorated with the PermaLeaf® plants.
  • Outdoor restaurants, open-air lounges and bars, outdoor banquet halls, porches, backyards, resort entrances and street side cafeterias are also spaces where the PermaLeaf® plants can be installed.
  • Public gardens, schools, colleges, private beaches and other similar places can be given a whole new vibe with the artificial landscaping products.

Cost Effective Landscaping Products For You

Just because the artificial landscaping products are durable and sturdy, that doesn't mean that they are expensive. The PermaLeaf® plant range comes at very cost effective and affordable prices. Even large sized landscapes can be filled up with these plants without the price burning a hole in your pocket. These artificial landscaping products are the perfect balance of quality products at reasonable prices, making them a hot favorite amongst people who are looking to purchase faux landscaping products.

Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant Plants

Another feature that makes the plants so durable and sturdy is the fact that these products are completely climate tolerant and weatherproof. Special UV protective chemicals are impregnated into the raw materials that guarantee climate tolerant finished products. These plants can withstand the harsh rays of the sun without losing their color or fading. The artificial landscaping products can also tolerate rainfall, humidity, snowfall, dry weather conditions and hale.

Easy Installation Process For Your Convenience

If you're wondering how you will install the plants in your landscape, you don't need to worry about it. PermaLeaf® has a team of skilled installers who will take up the installation for you. They will bring along with the proper tools and equipment to make the installation quick and hassle-free. You won't require lifting a finger to complete the outdoor landscape. Further, like in the cases of some views, you will not even need to hire a professional landscaping artist. Hiring landscaping artists can cost an arm and a leg. Getting one to complete your installation will only end up increasing your landscape budget. With the PermaLeaf® plants and trees, you can get the landscape completed at an affordable price.

Countless Unique Products For You To Choose From

PermaLeaf® has a wide range of plants and trees to offer its patrons. From flowers to trees, everything you could require for an outdoor landscape is available here. The range of flowers includes roses, daisies, lollies, sunflowers, petunias and various other beautiful and vibrant options. As far as the plants and trees are concerned, you can choose from boxwoods, palm trees, coconut trees, faux grass carpets, ferns, Ivy plants and various other lush green and captivating options. An outdoor landscape looks best with a combination of plants, trees, and flowers. This mix will bring a mystical and tropical vibe to the surroundings. You can even create themed landscapes with the help of these lifelike landscaping products.

Delivery Right To Your Doorstep

Another reason why PermaLeaf® plants are just what you need is that of their easy and convenient delivery facilities. The plants and trees that you order will be delivered right to your doorstep. You will not need to go and pick up the goods that you have purchased.

So the next time around you're thinking of installing a beautiful outdoor landscape in your outdoor space, PermaLeaf® is where you need to make your purchases from. These strong and durable plants will last you without spoiling for a long time. Customers who have purchased goods from PermaLeaf® have always come back to make more purchases. PermaLeaf® is a leading brand in artificial landscaping products.

Premier Quality Faux Boxwood Topiaries - PermaLeaf®'s Best Sellers

TopiaryThe boxwood greenery had its roots from the 16th century when real boxwood was considered an ornamental plant in a landscape. Boxwood hedges and topiaries were not new words in those days as well. Boxwood topiaries were the outstanding tools to create a lucrative garden around the properties. Even now, boxwood has been recognized as an excellent foliage variety that is used in wide variety of ways. Now when artificial landscaping is on the top, artificial boxwood has replaced the living boxwood while also extending the way we can use it in our landscapes.

Boxwood Topiaries - Most Creative Pieces for Any Landscape

Boxwood topiaries are among the most fascinating and stunning landscaping products that are popular in all kinds of faux boxwood products. Topiaries are a kind of artful sculptures that add a unique sense of warmth and creativity to the place. No matter whether you place them indoors or outdoors, they are amongst top attention grabbers for any settings. These are defining aspects of any yard created artfully in a wide variety of shapes. Whether you place them alone as a centerpiece or in combination with a variety of plants, flowers, and trees, these can complement all kind of your landscape settings the best way.

Artificial Boxwood Topiaries from PermaLeaf®

PermaLeaf® is one of the trademarked brands by Commercial Silk Intl, known to manufacture and supply UV and weather resistant artificial plants and trees across the USA. Among a large number of faux plants and trees, they have specialized in manufacturing highest quality boxwood topiaries in a large number of shapes. PermaLeaf® assures durable and long lasting faux topiaries that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions without losing their quality and color. Their topiaries will keep blooming your garden for years.

Timeless Beauty and Classic Shapes Combined

The professional designers and manufacturers at PermaLeaf® combine the timeless beauty and wonderful variety of shapes in artificial boxwood topiaries, thus helping you define your style statement through a stunning landscape. If you have a boring yard surrounding your commercial or residential area or need to bring some symmetry to your unorganized landscape, faux topiaries boxwood can help you uplift the way of landscaping. With PermaLeaf®, you can have different types of boxwood topiaries regarding their shape. Let's have a look at different topiary types you can have for your space.

Artificial Ball Topiaries

Every kind of shape in boxwood topiary has its significance. Faux ball topiary is one of a kind of boxwood topiary that is designed in the shape of a ball of varying size. Within ball topiaries, you can have the single ball, double ball, the triple ball as well as quadruple ball topiaries. You can have any number of balls patterned in a single topiary plant thus enhancing your space to a make heavenly place. You can place these topiaries anywhere in your area, ranging from lobbies, outdoor yard, reception desk, outdoor patio, office waiting room, entrance and more. These will bring warmth to every corner you place them.

Faux Cone Topiaries

Cones are another beautiful shapes that look stunning when created in topiary form. Artificial cone topiaries from PermaLeaf® are widely used for office as well as unique occasion decorations like holiday decorations, Christmas decorations, official events and more. You can custom define the size of the cone as per availability of area where you want to place it. It may range from a small 3 feet cone to 5-6 feel large cone topiary tree. These topiaries have the caliber to add freshness and appeal to all kinds of your indoor and outdoor settings. Also, these are completely water and weatherproof. Hence you need not worry about their health in changing the weather.

Creative Artificial Spirals

Spirals are another unique and creative form of artificial boxwood topiaries, which are most fascinating pieces of art created to add glory to any space. Wherever you place these faux spiral topiaries in your landscape, these will attract countless eyeballs and offer an inviting environment for your guests. This is a kind of ornamental shape that defines architectural features of your premises. Whether you have a boring outdoor yard or dull indoor settings, adding these spiral topiaries will add appeal to your area thus making it an inviting and lucrative space to live. Just define the size and shape of your spiral topiary to PermaLeaf® experts, and they will design a most suitable sculpture for your space.

Artificial Hedge Topiaries

Boxwood hedges are most versatile, flexible and appealing landscaping products that are widely utilized and loved by most of the commercial owners. This is because hedges give you a way to keep your landscape organized elegantly. These are not only decorative pieces to your interior or exterior space rather; these are considered an excellent way to create partitions of your view in a wide variety of ways. You can divide a larger outdoor area into two or any number of parts by placing these artificial hedges in line. Many commercial areas like restaurants, hotels, and showrooms, also utilize these indoor to create a privatized area for their customers.

Custom Designed Boxwood Artificial Topiaries

Do you have special topiary needs for your landscape beside those standard shapes? PermaLeaf® has the right solution for you. They offer you custom topiary design option with which you just need to define the shape and size that you want to incorporate into your boxwood topiary. No matter you need to get your business logo topiary, any special alphabet, animal topiary, cartoon topiary or anything, PermaLeaf® can get the required shape designed for you. Limit only lies within your imagination for getting such amazing topiaries designed. Artificial boxwood makes it easier to transform your custom topiary ideas into reality.

5 Irresistible Reasons That Make PermaLeaf®'s Artificial Landscaping Products Landscaping Classics

PlantsThinking of getting artificial landscaping done to bring the outdoor area encompassing your house to life? Do you want elegance, charm but also durability and results worth every buck spent? Then PermaLeaf® is the choice for you! For over 30 years PermaLeaf® has been continuously chasing excellence while catering to the needs of numerous organizations around the world improve their outdoor environments with their top artificial landscaping products and service. And not to mention the numerous varieties and choices PermaLeaf® presents its customers with. It provides various products, from artificial boxwood topiaries to smart artificial landscaping items, including artificial smart walls, artificial feature trees, and complete landscaping, PermaLeaf® has got it all. But it's not just these qualities that have made PermaLeaf® stand above its peers; it is so much more than that. Here are five irresistible reasons that make PermaLeaf®'s artificial landscaping products landscaping classics.

Together With You From Step 1

There comes a time when you are just fed up with the demands and expenses of maintaining your natural landscape. And when you decide to go for artificial landscaping with PermaLeaf®, they have got you covered from the very step. Whether you have a clear-cut plan of what you want to do with your landscape or not, PermaLeaf® helps you achieve your dream décor. Having worked for over 30 years now and catering to many needs including custom design projects as well as theme-based interior and exterior landscapes of various types, PermaLeaf® ensures all this experience goes into planning the best artificial landscape for your property that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional at the same time. When you first approach PermaLeaf®, your property is digitally rendered with the help of the various in-house graphic designers and landscape architects who would have beforehand inspected and studied the property. Then, you will be presented with numerous options on how you can proceed. You are given suggestions regarding the various artificial plants, artificial trees and décor designs that will help your landscape come alive in ways you couldn't have imagined before. Just pick the ones that you like the most and proceed to get the artificial landscape of your dreams.

Wide Variety To Satisfy All Your Needs

PermaLeaf® has a wide range of varieties in two of the ways that matter the most, product-wise and application-wise. First, it has numerous products of all kinds- from little artificial plants to faux trees. Whichever shape, color or size you need, PermaLeaf® will be sure to provide you with the same. And if they don't have it, they will have it custom made for you. Second, PermaLeaf® has something for everyone. Whether it's a smart screen or simple furnishing for the walls and windows, PermaLeaf® has it all. PermaLeaf® prides itself on being able to bring together supreme quality, affordability, and functionality. That is why PermaLeaf® is constantly striving to create lasting artificial landscapes within a very effective budget.

Products Capable Of Withstanding Any Weather

With the help of its 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, PermaLeaf® has created artificial plants and trees that can withstand all sorts of weather conditions. In PermaLeaf®'s facility, every product is subjected to UV rays equivalent to those found in Florida and Arizona to test it against extreme heat. And is later subjected to extreme snow, high winds and rigorous water conditions and checked for color loss. Once all these tests are passed, then and only then are the products sold to the customers. All these tests are done to make certain that the artificial plants are resistant to fading with the passage of time and appear healthy without physical damage at all times.

Low Maintenance Yet Highly Efficient

PermaLeaf®'s artificial landscaping products top most advantage is that they are absolutely 100% no maintenance. PermaLeaf®'s artificial landscaping products are manufactured by ensuring top quality and efficiency. All the products are practical and at the same time add beauty and charm to your outdoors. They help achieve the impossible by helping you showcase exotic plants and trees that would have been otherwise very expensive and taxing to grow in your surroundings. PermaLeaf® eliminates all the expenses of upkeep, pruning, and cleaning that natural landscapes incur. Once invested in PermaLeaf®'s artificial landscaping products, just sit back and watch as your investment pay off in the many years to come.

As Good As The Natural Thing

PermaLeaf® has made sure that it has all the solutions for your search for life-like faux plants and trees. PermaLeaf® itself manufactures commercial grade artificial landscapes on its state-of-the-art-facility by ensuring that the faux plants and trees can withstand even the most terrible and strongest of winds. PermaLeaf® has achieved this by making sure that plants and trees are single foliage and have eliminated multiple connections wherever possible. Leaf connections have been extremely worked on by using heavy gauge steel wire as recessed channel locks, and the leaves have heavy duty arrow tips as well. These attributes help in giving the faux plants and trees a clean and strong look. PermaLeaf® also ensures that the color pigments used in its artificial landscaping products are of the highest quality to ensure better imitation of foliage and charming, colorful flowers. PermaLeaf®'s products are made sure to be fade resistant by subjecting them to color loss tests as per ASTM G155. Colour Retention is one of the guiding and basic parameter for all PermaLeaf®'s products. To ensure color retention in very hot surroundings, UV stabilizing pigments are used. These UV stabilizing pigments was carefully put together under highly trained and experienced chemists. All these factors and characters help make the faux plants and trees from PermaLeaf® as good as the natural thing.

Your Buying Guide to Understanding PermaLeaf®'s Massive Product Range

Outdoor LandscapingLandscaping is often misunderstood by many to be a general concept, and that is the biggest mistake one can make while trying something elegant. Elegant landscapes require the most modern ideas and equipment for a unique, stunning appearance. Landscaping is a dynamic concept, and it varies greatly from place to place. For example, domestic landscapes tend to be more cozy and comforting and have a welcoming approach while the commercial landscapes need perfection and professional approach to maintain the standards to the clients. Commercial landscapes tend to be classy and elegant.

Indoor and outdoor landscaping

Like the domestic and commercial landscapes, there are huge differences between indoor and outdoor landscaping. Indoor landscapes can be delicate or less tough than the exterior landscaping products because the outdoor landscaping items have to withstand lots of nature's harshness in the form of rains, storms, snowfall or even the direct UV rays from the sun. As a result, the outdoor landscaping items have to be strong and durable. Commercial outdoors, however, have some additional requirements to maintain a classy landscape and also give some unique touch to ensure the visitors have a memorable time cherishing the beauty.

Stunning commercial outdoors

Commercial spaces like offices, shopping malls, government buildings, hotels, and resorts, etc. have the common tendency to put up a dull and boring get up and it's mainly due to the workaholic environment and the monotonous business that takes place here. The best way for a stunning landscape is to inject some life into the landscape and make it sparky. Commercial landscapes need to maintain the professional approach and keep things tidy and classy. Nothing beat the sparky and cheerful nature of artificial landscapes and given the added benefits, its considered ideal for commercial landscapes by all landscaping experts.

Artificial landscapes- modern landscaping wonders

The term artificial landscape seems confusing and new, isn't it? Relax, you just came across one of the most advanced methods of landscaping that uses modern techniques and give amazing results in all commercial places. To start off, artificial landscapes, as the name suggests, consists of some man-made products that resemble the natural greenery exactly in appearance and gives some stunning commercial landscapes that can make everyone go crazy. The wide range of landscaping items can give a complete makeover and make your landscapes have a brand new glamorous look.

Here are the main reasons why people are going crazy over the new method of landscaping:

  • Easy to use- unlike real plants, it doesn't need sunlight or other adequate conditions for growth. You can place it anywhere; harsh weather conditions won't be a factor as it is tough enough to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Long-term benefits- who want short-term benefits when you can go for long one within budget? Without any fixed lifespan, they can give permanent beautification at your commercial outdoors.
  • Zero hassle- commercial outdoors need to be classy and simple. Too much landscaping items will spoil the look. Silk greenery gives the best landscaping sans the hassle and mess ups created by old landscaping tools.
  • Zero maintenance- having fresh greenery without any maintenance is awesome, isn't it? Get ready for an awe-inspiring green landscape at your commercial outdoors.
  • Unmatched elegance- if you are looking for the perfect landscaping tool to inject life and joy into your landscape, this is the ideal one. Faux landscaping tools can convert any dull landscape into a stunning beauty.

So these are the main advantages of using the faux greenery in commercial places. Not only bring in the divine natural beauty and lighten up your space, but they give the rejuvenating greenery in any concrete forest. It depicts more of what you are and gives an impression about your company or commercial organization to your visitors, and stunning landscapes will give an instant good impression. You must be excited to know about the wide range of silk landscaping items. Let's take a look at them in details.

Artificial landscaping tools

Outdoor artificial flowers

Outdoor artificial flowers are the best way to give any commercial outdoors a colorful and alluring makeover. It will create a live and vibrant atmosphere with the refreshing feel to greet your visitors.

Faux boxwood topiaries

They are the most versatile landscaping tools and can go with almost all landscapes. These are ideal for creating stunning and extraordinary landscaping features like green walls, fences, screens or giving any dull surface a new living transformation. The creative applications like topiaries and special structures like logos and letters create an extraordinary setup.

Outdoor plants

Artificial plants give a natural look essential for all commercial spaces to freshen up the moods of everyone, including the employees too, as natural refreshment will automatically boost the performance of the employees. A green plant naturally brings in fresh vibes and refreshing atmosphere.

Window boxes and hanging baskets

Hanging baskets can bring in the beautiful nature to any place and make it a delightful setup. Commercial landscapes like hotels and restaurants can design creative landscapes with the faux landscaping items like window boxes and hanging baskets. They give the necessary chic appeal.

Artificial trees

Artificial trees are ideal for having an impact in the landscape. Any boring landscape can be given a complete makeover with the faux trees. It's the best way to introduce some exciting features in the skyline which is usually filled with boring cell towers and various utility boxes.

The PermaLeaf® difference

Do you know the most crucial factor in any outdoor landscaping tool? It's the ability to survive in adverse weather conditions like rain, winds, snow, and mostly the UV rays from the sun due to which most colors fade off. The faux landscaping items are made of the best quality materials and colors to ensure the long durability and freshness of the silk greenery. Special care is also taken by botanical experts to ensure they resemble the real plants exactly.

The Safest and Most Durable Landscaping Products Provider – PermaLeaf®

LandscapeDecorating outdoor with excellent landscaping products is the very important aspect of every business. PermaLeaf® comes with wide range of landscaping products which are of outstanding quality, highly resilient and eco-friendly.

Overview of PermaLeaf® products

Adorning landscape with plants and trees helps in providing a pleasurable look to the exterior. PermaLeaf® has more than thirty years of skill in designing landscape products. They have an excellent reputation of fabricating products for a variety of businesses that are spread across the globe. These products are produced with extreme care and detail to bring enchanting atmosphere to the outdoor landscape. PermaLeaf® Products are exceedingly stylish and maintenance free as well. They provide an expert team to design one's exterior landscaping, and they come with ready to use a package as well. These packaged products are highly durable and easy to install too.

Benefits of PermaLeaf® products

Some of the benefits of PermaLeaf® products are –

  • Artificial topiaries, plants, and flowers are created using materials of high quality, and they look like realistic foliage.
  • They are flexible enough to produce any design, shape or color to suit the needs of the customers.
  • These products are dispensed with ultraviolet shielding materials to protect from color desertion.
  • They are extremely safe as they are manufactured using fire-retardant materials and do not produce any allergies either.
  • They can be used innovatively by incorporating corporate logo to produce outstanding view.

Why PermaLeaf® Products are best in the Market

PermaLeaf® products are manufactured with best quality materials to make them mimic real plants, trees, and flowers. They stand out from the competitors regarding resilience and long-lasting capabilities. They are built with fade resistant materials such that they can withstand blazing sun rays and copious rains. They always look fresh and robust even after several years of installation too, thereby providing satisfaction to the buyer regarding investment on these products as well. They are quite simple to maintain, and with minimum manpower, one can look after them with ease.

How PermaLeaf® achieved Durability and Safety for their Products

During the comparison of PermaLeaf® products with that of the competitors, it is found that the products are exceptionally sturdy. This quality is achieved because of infusion of UV protective materials at the manufacturing stage, and the surfaces are finished with the great smoothness to avoid accumulation of dust particles. PermaLeaf® uses the highest grade of color pigments to guard against fading. PermaLeaf® products are tested thoroughly in laboratories and fields to ensure that they are resilient and lively under extreme conditions too. PermaLeaf® has valuable and experienced chemists to ensure the quality of the products. They have a huge state-of-art facility to manufacture faux trees and plants.

Overview of PermaLeaf®'s Quality Assurance Process

PermaLeaf® strictly follows certain principles and guidelines to ensure that each every customer is satisfied regarding quality and longevity.

  • Highest grade color pigments are used to obtain paramount foliage and flower shades.
  • Chemists  periodically ensure that the products can withstand exposure to extreme weather
  • The Ultraviolet stabilization process helps in providing sustainability for the plants and trees.
  • To ensure foliage durability, heavy-duty leaf connections and recessed channel locks are utilized along with best grade steel wire.
  • They make sure that the products are manufactured with single foliage and without secondary leaf connections.

PermaLeaf®'s Variety of Landscape Products

PermaLeaf® produces large types of artificial outdoor products which include fake bushes, artificial shrubs, faux grass and many more. One can use landscape accessories like faux private screens to uplift the outdoor look and ensure safety through innovation. These private screens are masterpiece products which are ideal to replace with the existing steel or concrete fences. For any landscapes like a tropical theme, desert or playground, PermaLeaf® has a perfect solution for providing suitable products. PermaLeaf®'s synthetic flowers are sparkling in color and can produce delightful ambiance to the corporate outdoor. PermaLeaf®'s team of architects ensures that landscape design is done in right manner.

Overview of PermaLeaf®'s Services to Install Durable Landscaping Products

PermaLeaf® landscaping products can create a tremendous impression on the visitors and greatly impact their minds as well. PermaLeaf® provides case studies and prototypes to its customers to make their outdoor landscape a memorable one. They are extensively suitable for lawns, malls, parks and many more. PermaLeaf® service includes flexible designing, tailor-made manufacturing of landscape products as well as perfect installation in the customer place. They also offer renovation of existing landscaping by providing creative ideas. They can provide realistic landscaping solutions at very nominal costs. The combined efforts of architects, project controllers, designers, and chemists are sure to bring the remarkable visual appeal.

PermaLeaf®'s Landscaping Products Applications

Some of the PermaLeaf®'s landscaping product applications are –

  • Artificial flowers which are available in various sizes and extensive range of colors are the ideal for any outdoor decorations.
  • Boxwood topiaries which come in different shapes like balls, cones or columns are extremely useful for creating business logos.
  • Fake exterior trees and plants which mimic real vegetation are sure to present much relaxation to the valuable visitors to the business premises.
  • Hanging baskets like fake bougainvilleas and azaleas are capable of giving an exotic touch.
  • Window boxes provide unique landscaping accessories which are fire-retardant as well as UV protective.

PermaLeaf®'s Premier Landscaping Features

One can bank on PermaLeaf® for guidance to have a premier landscaping in their business establishments. PermaLeaf® expertise team helps in blending various factors and present prototype for any business landscaping area. They provide powerful visualization and are capable of producing delightful designing ideas for any commercial outdoor space. They can provide dazzling topiaries which can be utilized at the entrances, hotel lawns, passages and other outdoor spaces to make them charming. Fake tropical plants and trees make a lifelike ambiance to the exterior landscaping. Enlightening these products with lights during festive seasons can make the space fascinating.

Experiment with Unique Outdoor Landscapes using PermaLeaf® Products

Outdoor LandscapeDid you ever imagine stunning features like living walls or an entire tropical landscape just outside your commercial space? Well, if not, it's time to start getting used to some splendid unusual views outside your commercial space. The main reason for such striking views is the modern and advanced landscaping ideas which led to brilliant décor to give some amazing landscapes you have never seen before.

The big idea

Well, the big idea of landscaping is pretty simple, and it emphasizes on creating the best look out of the simplest things and gives some of the best jaw-dropping landscapes. For example, having a refreshing tropical landscape outside your office won't be possible normally. So, it's created using the best quality materials to give more alluring beauty in landscapes. It can convert any dull concrete jungle into a lively environment filled with exciting landscape features. The amazing product is known as faux greenery, and it will cover some of the unique transformations.

Detailed look into faux greenery

Faux greenery or silk greenery includes the silk versions of almost every plant, tree, foliage, etc. used in landscaping and you can greet your visitors with all those plants and trees which don't grow naturally at the location. Though artificial, the look and amazing features make them better than real plants and trees in landscaping, and that's why it's used all over in commercial landscapes widely.

It can create some of the amazing landscaping features you never thought before, and as it's suitable for outdoor use, they are unaffected by the harsh natural conditions like bad weather (rain, storm or snow) and direct exposure to sunlight (UV ray).

Places you can transform using faux greenery

Faux greenery is widely used in these locations:

  • Resorts and hotels.
  • Government offices public buildings.
  • Hospitals.
  • Restaurants and casinos.
  • Amusement parks.

These are among the top locations that get a huge turnout on a daily basis. Apart from these locations, you can look for an amazing transformation in your commercial space. It will not only beautify the place, creating a good impact on the minds of the visitors but also increase the visitors.

Why people prefer it?

There are loads of reasons why it's rated as the top landscaping décor at commercial places and used so widely. Firstly, it creates some unique landscape features like green lively walls, tropical landscape anywhere, ornamental topiary in the shape and size you want, etc. which are impossible otherwise. Being designed with PermaLeaf® technology, you need not worry about them fading away or losing the brightness of being exposed to harsh weather conditions as they are made from premium quality material and colors.

Being artificial, it has a series of advantages like it doesn't need watering like normal plants and trees and can give the amazing freshness round the clock with maintenance. It also keeps the location free of unwanted pests and insects which would be impossible with real plants. They also make a lifetime landscaping décor as they are non-perishable. These factors make them ideal for commercial locations.

Jaw dropping landscaping features

Here are some jaw-dropping features you may add to your landscape

  • Fully green lively walls with the faux wall mats of the desired foliage to add the liveliness and energy to any concrete forest.
  • Hanging baskets with your favorite ferns and other silk plants to make the environment more friendly and relaxing. It helps reduce the typical stress and workaholic nature of any corporate office.
  • Customized rooftops and balconies with the desired faux colorful flowers and greenery to greet your special guests. You'll be amazed at the transformation.
  • Faux large trees because cell towers and other boring poles aren't the only large things in your landscape. It's ideal for an impact in the landscape.
  • Silk topiaries of the exact shape and size to advertise your company logo or name or any other structure in the most amazing way possible.

These may look impossible, but you can have these features right outside your landscape. It will not only create a lively atmosphere but also greet the visitors in the most creative way possible. Let's take a glance at some of the locations you may look to transform into some unbelievably alluring scenery. 

A grand entrance

Is the space leading your commercial zone dull and lifeless? You can have a stunning conversion to alluring greenery almost effortlessly. The walls can get rid of any imperfections or dull surfaces with your favorite faux mats and embrace the liveliness. You can add some colorful faux flowering plants at the place creating an adorable garden. One or two large trees or special landscaping items like hanging baskets can be host to delicate green ferns and plants, and it will create a superb transformation.

Glittering balconies

Your balconies may look less important, but it has got lots to do with the look of the building. You will be surprised to look at the impact it has on the overall appearance and the impression of the visitors. A wide range of small faux plants, garlands, sprays, ferns will give the dazzle and glow of an ideal landscape.

Dreamy rooftops

In case you need a space for a formal get together, the rooftop is the ideal location and decorating with the alluring faux greenery will create dreamy rooftops ideal for hosting parties or get together.

Flaunting off in style

You can also flaunt off using your landscape. Customizable faux topiaries help create any logo, writing or any other structure that will help tell your story to the visitors. It will not only create adorable landscape but also helps to have a good impression.

The PermaLeaf® technology

The faux landscaping materials are ideal for any outdoor landscapes and therefore, are designed using special durable colors and long lasting material which won't fade away on exposure to rough weather or UV rays from the sun. You can let your creativity run open and design the landscape you want.

Inexpensive, Unique, and Durable - That's PermaLeaf®'s Faux Plants for You

Faux PlantsOne has to blow his mind out with impressive landscaping of a commercial complex. With the present trend of going green for revamping the commercial outdoors, landscape architects are using artificial trees, plants, etc. over the live plants for producing a lush green landscape that will last long. While there were times when people used to combine fake plants with their live versions, now fully fake landscaping is followed for the commercial settings like massive corporate houses, multiplexes, municipal buildings, shopping malls, all types of parks, luxury hotels & restaurants, exotic resorts and even hospitals and healthcare facilities.

There are many things to consider for choosing fake landscaping items for revamping the commercial outdoors. Whatever green one may select, that should display the business theme, quality, and class. Moreover, it should be impressive and attractive for gaining customers and clients for ultimate growth of the business. Aside from these factors, the artificial greenery chosen must have durability warranty and be cost effective. PermaLeaf® manufactures a plethora of faux landscaping options, and also customize the replicated horticultural items when it is necessary for complementing certain exterior landscaping theme. There are large numbers of manufacturers who produce mimic trees and plants, but PermaLeaf® does more than that by providing the right landscaping solution.

PermaLeaf® products are a treat to the eyes

PermaLeaf® has many artificial outdoor landscaping products including trees, plants, flowers, boxwood topiaries, large varieties of foliage, privacy screens, window boxes, living walls and hanging baskets in their arsenal. All of these are made lifelike, and when those are planted with imagination, they are sure to be a treat to the eyes. Being pseudo-natural, these immediately connect with the people around and are great for impressing the visitors and energizing the employees. Moreover, being all weather options, the faux plants continue to adorn the commercial outdoors around the year with their mesmerizing charm.

The magic of PermaLeaf® products

Mesmerizing outdoor is a must-have for all commercial settings. The exterior is the first point of contact with your prospecting clients and customers and, therefore, it has to be a cut above the best for attracting crowds. No matter what type of business you are in, the first impression goes a long way for continuing business relation. Moreover, a sophisticated landscape is also sure to create a good buzz about the business that helps the business to grow. PermaLeaf® artificial landscaping products are made botanically correct for delivering a super duper near-natural landscape. With many available options, these replicated trees and plants can create a magical environment for revamping the commercial setting.

PermaLeaf® provides unique landscaping solutions

With more than three decades of experience, PermaLeaf® is not confined to producing artificial trees, plants, topiaries only. They offer a complete outdoor landscaping solution, which is not available with others. PermaLeaf® has landscape designing provisions for the customers. Whether you wish to upgrade an existing commercial setting or starting from scratches, PermaLeaf® can create a plan for such projects. Their team of graphic designers and landscape architects visit the place and discuss with the customer for making draft design for finalization.

You may have many dreams, and uniqueness of PermaLeaf® lies in bringing that to reality. The landscapes are created complementing the style, functionality, and budget of the organization. PermaLeaf® also builds up complete rooftop, terrace and balcony landscaping for transforming concrete jungles into inspiring places. Their professional landscape designers make sure that every void in the commercial setting is utilized for taking the business space to the next level. Commercial spaces are likely to have polls, cell towers and other utility boxes that create a visual nuisance. To provide a solution to this, PermaLeaf® Uses large replicated trees and other fake products, to bring symmetry to the outdoor. These also hide the eyesores and add a wow factor to your outdoor landscape.

PermaLeaf® products have long shelf life

PermaLeaf® breathtaking artificial landscaping products are made from the best quality commercial grade materials for making those durable. They do not attract bugs, and there is no chance of mold growth. Other than permanent landscaping of the commercial outdoors, these are suitable for decorating lawns and open spaces for social festivities. Even for such seasonal uses, there is no problem with PermaLeaf® faux plants, as these robust accessories can be stored for years together, for future landscaping requirements.

Requires minimum maintenance

Another great advantage of landscaping commercial outdoors with PermaLeaf® products is that these require little or no maintenance. While the live plants need constant care, their fake counterparts have no maintenance requirement. Only periodic cleaning is enough to keep them shining for long.

These do not lose their charm

A major problem with live trees and plants is that they shed leaves. Moreover, their leaves also suffer from yellowing. PermaLeaf® landscaping products are free from such worries. These are made from premium grade plastic materials that are loaded with UV resistant chemicals. PermaLeaf® never sprays but injects the UV resistant chemicals into the foliage, and these never fade, even if continuously exposed to scorching sunlight. Thus, they never lose their charm and continue to glow with their lush green appearance.

No seasonal worries

Unlike the live plants, the fake versions made by PermaLeaf® are not seasoned special. So, you need not wait for them to grow. They come in ready-for-installation state, never wilts and continue to add charm to the commercial outdoor equally throughout the year.

PermaLeaf® provides cost-effective landscaping products

When you use PermaLeaf® artificial landscaping elements for revamping the commercial outdoors, that delights the customers. These are very strong and sturdy and can tolerate all weather conditions. Thus, there is no replacement worry as those are not damaged due to inclement weather. Moreover, these are reasonably priced, easily installable and have the long shelf life. These make the fake landscaping products an inexpensive landscaping option, for outdoor landscaping.

What Makes PermaLeaf® the Perfect and Safest Faux Plants Selection?

PlantsLooking to find the best landscaping solution for your commercial outdoor to stand apart from the crowd and getting confused about how to take the right decision? One thing is sure that you have to be creative, and for that, you have to think out of the box. Those days are gone when people used to adorn their commercial settings with lush lawns or gardens. Maintaining landscape with live plants involves extra cost, and no one will risk incurring that in this tough competitive market. That is why people have now inclined towards artificial trees and plants for giving a facelift to their commercial setting.

Being a pioneer organization, PermaLeaf® is holding a prime position among all the artificial outdoor landscaping options available. PermaLeaf® products have many varieties, and no matter if you are thinking to rejuvenate the outdoors of large corporate houses, government & municipal buildings, luxury hotels & restaurants, amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, classy resorts, shopping malls, exotic bars & casinos, hospitals and healthcare facilities; PermaLeaf® faux plants are there to meet your every landscaping requirement.

PermaLeaf® lets you choose from many variants

Commercial outdoor landscaping is all about successful nonverbal communication with customers, clients, guests, and the onlookers as well. Your outdoor is the first meeting point with customers for forming a lasting impression about the quality and class of your business. An impressive outdoor is sure to entice the prospecting customers to step in and creates a nice buzz. For delighting the customers, you can choose any of the following artificial landscaping elements.

  • Outdoor flowers: Available in many types, colors, and sizes, these blooms round the year for delighting the customers.
  • Boxwood topiaries: Coming in balls, cones, columns, and spirals these make a commercial outdoor gorgeous.
  • Plants and trees: Delivering a near nature feeling in the minds of the onlookers, these are great to create a positive vibe and impress customers.
  • Foliage: With their splash of lush green hue, these make a commercial space look bright and welcoming.
  • Window boxes: Available in wide range of varieties, these can enrich your commercial outdoors for making those complete and pleasant.
  • Privacy screens: These are great for confining outdoor spaces like swimming pool areas for ensuring privacy to the guests.
  • Plant containers: With their unique designs, the plant containers are sure to add texture and depth to your outdoor landscaping.
  • Living walls: These create a beautiful focal point in the commercial outdoor for delivering a soothing landscaping experience.
  • Hanging walls: These are available with realistic azalea, bougainvillea, and fern, and can make your commercial outdoor sensational with their minimalist approach.

PermaLeaf® products are distinctly different

For catering to the varied needs of the clients, PermaLeaf® offers a wide range of realistic looking artificial trees, plants, and other landscaping elements. These are meticulously crafted from a special weather-able plastic material and are strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, strong wind and snow. They also use a highest quality color pigment that retains the hue in all weather conditions. Moreover, special UV protective chemicals are infused into the foliage during manufacturing, and for that these never discolor or fade even when continuously exposed to the scorching heat of the sun. PermaLeaf® also uses the best construction process, and the products are tested in extreme field conditions for ensuring reliability.

PermaLeaf® produces mirror image of live plants

However rigorously you make the artificial trees and plants, No landscape shines if those do not look natural. Backed by a team of experts containing engineers, botanists, designers, and landscapers, PermaLeaf® fake landscaping is made botanically correct for rendering a pleasing effect for revamping the commercial outdoors. These are so lifelike that none can feel the difference without touching hands. Mimicking their live cousins, these fill the commercial space with radiating charm for delighting customers and making employees energetic.

PermaLeaf® offers unique services

PermaLeaf® is a passionate landscaping organization. To ensure smooth landscaping of commercial outdoors, they provide unique services covering design, manufacture, and installation of artificial landscaping elements. For new landscaping projects, they first provide a draft design for visualizing the landscaping effect. Once that is finalized, the rest become absolute easy. Their experts can help you with the installation of the fake trees and plants.

Customization is possible

Although PermaLeaf® has wide varieties of replicated botanical items for landscaping to fulfill the varied needs, some commercial settings may have some special requirements for complementing the business theme or may be due to landscaping constraints. PermaLeaf® has unique personalization facilities to offer the best solution for such situations by supplying tailor-made products for revamping the landscape.

PermaLeaf® products have many other benefits

You can enjoy many benefits using PermaLeaf® artificial plants and other landscaping accessories. Here are some that tell why they are extremely popular.

  • Zero maintenance: Unlike live plants, these do not require any special soil, watering, fertilizing, pesticides spraying, and regular pruning or trimming to keep them healthy. Only, periodic cleaning is sufficient to keep the fake plants shining for years.
  • Spick and span office: No shedding of leaves is there with replicated foliage. No water spillage is also possible. Thus, you get a clean and tidy commercial setting.
  • Nuisance masking: Visual nuisances like cell towers and utility boxes are the result of technological advancement that we cannot avoid. Customized landscaping products can make that blend into the surroundings.
  • Easy installation: Coming in standard bases, these are easy to install. No handling equipment is a need for the same.
  • Easy portability: Being the light in weight, the fake horticultural items are easy to carry. These can be interchanged between places for making changes.
  • Wallet-friendly: The fake plants have no life cycle and, therefore, there is no replacement requirement. Once you install faux landscaping elements in your commercial outdoor, they stay there glowing for years together.

A Perfect Blend of Safe and Stylish Faux Landscaping - PermaLeaf®'s Products

PlantsBright and colorful exteriors make a professional space amazingly beautiful. Among all methods of rejuvenating commercial outdoors, using green elements is the most sought after landscaping process in the recent times; because only greeneries have the power of transforming an urban concrete jungle to a lush green mesmerizing place. There is no denying that people have an affinity towards nature, and they get immediately connected to live trees and plants and feel more comfortable and relaxed when natural elements engulf them. This lets us opt for live plants and other products of nature for revamping any commercial space.

No matter what is the type of the commercial house, it needs to entice people every day for survival and growth of the business. Landscaping makes any commercial outdoor sparkling and creates a good buzz to draw crowds. Although the logic of landscaping with live plants seems to be sound, there is more to it in reality. Maintaining live plants needs regular caring, which calls for a dedicated workforce and extra cost. In the present competitive business scenario, none can afford to absorb such extra cost. PermaLeaf® offers solutions to all landscaping projects, big or small, with fake landscaping products. These alternative solutions are safe and deliver a stylish exterior.

Plethora of products for varied needs

Commercial settings vary in nature and sizes, and their exterior decoration requirements are also different. PermaLeaf® produces the broad range of fake landscaping items for different commercial outdoors, from small to large.

  • Outdoor Landscape
  • Outdoor Artificial Flowers
  • Boxwood Topiaries
  • Artificial Outdoor Plants
  • Artificial Outdoor Landscape
  • Artificial Landscaping
  • Faux Foliage
  • Window Boxes
  • Unique Applications
  • Rooftop and Balconies
  • Privacy Screens
  • Plant Containers
  • Living Walls
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Cell Towers and Feature Trees

These realistic silk plants are sure to make the commercial outdoors harmonious and charming. You can install those anywhere in the outdoor or may opt for the complete solution for revamping your commercial place.

These can adorn all commercial outdoors

Talking about delightful outdoor environments, the first thing that comes to our mind is the amusement parks, theme parks, and water parks. These places have vast outdoor spaces and can be decorated with artificial trees, plants, and topiaries for adding more aesthetics. Moreover, the fake privacy screens can ensure absolute privacy to the distinguished visitors. Window boxes can be placed on the upper-level windows of massive commercial houses, government offices, municipal buildings, luxury hotels for creating an eye-catching vertical garden effect. And the list does not end with this. Surrounding a commercial place like hospital complex with fake plants and other mercantile buildings delivers a refreshing and welcoming appearance. Even the exotic resorts, shopping malls, and casinos can be embellished with the fake botanical products for making those impressive.

PermaLeaf® products are unbelievably realistic

The exterior, especially the entrance, of any commercial setting is exceptionally vital for its existence, and the exterior landscaping is never complete without varieties of foliage. PermaLeaf® has a wide range of artificial plants and other fake botanical products. These are manufactured to mimic their live cousins in size, shape, color, and texture and are so durable that people will not be able to distinguish those from the real ones without feeling by hand. Thus, you get a magical green environment that displays your quality and class. Other than alluring the prospecting customers to step into your place, this energizes the employees for providing excellent services.

PermaLeaf® products do not deteriorate over time

The enormous advantage of using PermaLeaf® artificial landscaping elements is that these are weatherproof, and can tolerate extreme climatic conditions making these safe for commercial outdoors. PermaLeaf® replicated botanical products are made from premium quality plastic materials, and that is why these are never affected by rain and snow. Even if you have a windy outdoor, the PermaLeaf® products have a stable structure and can stand erect in such condition. Moreover, specific UV resistant chemicals are also impregnated into the fake foliage through injection molding process. Thus, the PermaLeaf® landscaping products never lose their lush green color when exposed to sunlight in tropical outdoors.

Styling commercial outdoors with PermaLeaf® products

Not a single size fits all, and this is a hard reality when it comes to landscaping commercial outdoors. Every commercial space has its own story to tell, and the standard forms can not narrate that. To resolve this issue, PermaLeaf® has a series of the unique application of fake foliage including form topiaries and personalized products. PermaLeaf® can build up the logo of your business with form topiaries to display your brand. The sculptural plant containers make excellent focal points in the commercial outdoors highlighting key areas and let the fake plants do the talking for impressing the customers, clients, and guests.

PermaLeaf® products are designers delight

Right installation of fake landscaping products is vital for upgrading any commercial exterior. While landscaping with artificial trees and plants, these have to be blended with other accessories and the overall setting for obtaining the best visual experience. Coming in standard pots, the PermaLeaf® mimic trees, plants, topiaries, etc. can be placed anywhere in the outdoors. Moreover, these do not require any handling equipment for installation. These are also light in weight and, therefore, can be shifted from one spot to another quite quickly making landscaping a simple task. You may also avail PermaLeaf® professional services for turnkey landscaping.

You can also enjoy these added benefits

  • No maintenance requirement
  • Durable material, no replacement is required
  • No seasonal worries; shines equally all around the year
  • Do not shed leaves and, therefore, creates no mess
  • Do not attract pests and bugs keeping the commercial space free from insect attack
  • Can be kept in store for future requirements
  • Provides less expensive landscaping solution
  • One time investment