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Redo your Corporate Exterior Landscapes With PermaLeaf®'s Top Picks

ExteriorRejuvenating exterior landscapes with innovative and latest concepts can make the corporate outlook completely ambient. PermaLeaf® has come with professional designs and great ideas to build a gorgeous exterior view of the corporate.

Importance of Understanding exterior landscape

PermaLeaf®'s exterior landscape comes with the variety of concepts, and hence one should have some understanding of how to make use of these products to suit their own needs. One can easily select the perfect exterior by doing a bit of research and creating a plan. Depending on the budget and availability of exterior space, one can use plants, trees, and flowers as well as building a dazzling exterior landscape to achieve their corporate goals. If one is rebuilding existing exterior view, then one should think of a paradigm change in the exterior design.

Make the best use of PermaLeaf®'s expertise Assistance

Corporate can always bank on PermaLeaf®'s expertise which has vastly experienced professionals to build beautiful landscape. These professionals can provide complete guidance throughout the process and make one's space look more stunning and beautiful. They can also help to make ideal utilization of every inch of available exterior space and provide solutions inexpensively as well. The PermaLeaf® team can make the task of creating a landscape, enjoyable and with fun too. Their products are exceedingly durable which helps in making long-lasting exterior landscape effects. They also ensure that every penny spent by corporate for the landscape is accountable.

Importance of Exterior Landscape Designing

Exterior landscape designing requires extensive study, research, and dedication to bring about a successful project. The landscape design should be done in such a way that it blends harmoniously with an architectural view of the exterior space and the building as well. The catalog contains an extensive range of artificial plants and trees which can support a lot in deciding the decisive design. Taking into account of technical details including plant size, materials, and finishing touches are some of the factors that contribute towards rewarding landscape design. One should take care of mixing different shapes and methods to provide astounding exterior.

Specialty of PermaLeaf®'s exterior landscapes

Some of the important features of PermaLeaf®'s exterior landscapes are –

  • They provide a variety of landscape solutions like forest landscape, playground, desert or tropical theme.
  • They produce all types of artificial plants like faux grass, the replica of bushes, branches, artificial boxwood topiaries, shrubs, and hedges.
  • They manufacture delightful and elegant artificial flowers which are sure to uplift corporate exterior landscaping.
  • They create an artificial private screen which enables to safeguard the privacy of outdoor meetings.
  • They have qualified horticulture and architects to ensure smooth and best design for corporate exterior landscape.

PermaLeaf®'s Installation Procedure Details

PermaLeaf® provides excellent installation process by making use of PermaLeaf®'s richly experienced professionals and personnel specialized in this field. PermaLeaf® has tremendous expertise in providing landscape, and there are hundreds of highly satisfied customers across the globe including the United States. They provide ingenious design and installation process, which can adorn the corporate exterior landscape. PermaLeaf® has the best team to assist the corporate to offer innovative ideas in designing the landscape. They provide all kinds of landscape installations right from small-sized trees to skyscraping palms.

Details about Varieties of PermaLeaf®'s exterior Landscape products

PermaLeaf®'s provide unique products that are exclusively different from the competitors, and some of them are described below –

  • Boxwood topiaries which come in various shapes like cones, balls, and columns, enable to instill great splendor to the corporate environment.
  • Hanging baskets made of fake azaleas, ferns, etc. are capable of producing compelling atmosphere.
  • Landscaping accessories like window boxes and privacy screens help to provide style and privacy naturally.
  • Artificial foliage facilitates in creating an enchanting impression when blended with fake flowers.
  • Artificial trees and plants mimic natural horticulture heritage.

What makes PermaLeaf® Exterior Landscape Products exceptional from Competitors?

PermaLeaf® presents the widest range of trees and plants which imitate real greenery. They are completely botanically feasible, and hence each part of the trees or plants mimics realistic foliage. They take additional care at each step of a manufacturing process and designing of the products to ensure durability. They can withstand extreme weather conditions like snow and UV rays which helps them to remain lively throughout the year. PermaLeaf®'s rich expertise of its chemists helps to provide essential sustainability of the products.

Benefits of PermaLeaf®'s exterior Landscape products

Some of the benefits of PermaLeaf®'s landscape products are –

  • They are manufactured by using special UV resistant materials to withstand color fading.
  • They come with highly durable materials to resist rough winds, heavy rains and all kinds of natural calamities.
  • They can be molded to any shape or design based on the specific requirements.
  • They can be used to create a corporate logo to look stand out from the competitors.
  • They are quite easy to relocate from one place to another.

Innovation and Expertise of PermaLeaf® Products

PermaLeaf®'s products are built with innovation and sophistication. They can deliver any artificial exterior products with vast varieties of shapes and in striking colors. They have more than thirty years of expertise in building excellent exterior landscapes especially for the corporate. They provide absolutely maintenance free products and help to curb corporate budget quite handsomely. They are exceedingly good at providing exceptionally innovative ideas to make corporate exterior landscape dazzling.

Adorning Corporate exterior Landscape with Creativity Using PermaLeaf® Products

Creative ideas like hanging baskets and cell tower trees enable to produce sizzling look for the corporate exterior landscape. Colorful privacy screens not only provide secrecy but also ensure beauty for the landscape. Artificial outdoor plants and landscaping ensure maintenance free solution for the corporate. PermaLeaf® has the best solution for all type of the needs of the corporate exterior landscaping. They also supply a draft of the design either to renovate the existing or build exterior landscaping afresh.

PermaLeaf®'s Artificial Topiaries - The Pride of Your Office's Outdoor Landscape

TopiaryThe office space is formal and simple, but if that is not your style and you wish to dress up space with visually appealing landscaping products, then artificial topiaries must be your first choice. Faux plants and trees are gaining popularity among lovers of state of the art looks which is maintenance free and is budget friendly too. The faux plants have been exclusively designed to club technology, nature, and beauty into one product. The artificial landscaping products are meant to fill in your needs to adorn the outdoor office space with hassle-free stunning beauty.

Must haves for office's outdoor landscape!

Artificial landscaping products like the faux plants, trees, flowers, and hedges have become indispensable landscaping products for creating aesthetically eye-pleasing and natural looking outdoor setting. The artificial outdoor greenery looks so life like that it works like a magic spell on the visitors and showers positive vibes, freshness, and feeling of joy as they walk in premises. Happy visitors are all you need for a flourishing business. Adorn the office's outdoor setting with exotic varieties of faux plants and create a visually stunning landscape. The best artificial plants and trees are available at in a wide variety. Pick any variety that matches the style and character of your office space.

Functional beauty of the office space!

The silk plants and trees as we better know them serve dual purposes of enhancing the grandeur of the landscape as well as adding functionality to any unused space. The company's use varieties like silk boxwood hedges to create company logos, signage, and letters. Creating designer walls, backdrops, and focal points through artificial plant varieties is a convenient way to add functionality to space without compromising on the visual appeal of the landscape. The faux plants are capable of adding character to the outdoor landscape that is in coherence with the company's personality.  You can also use them to organize private sitting areas and privacy screens in the office's corridors, balconies, and terrace or the garden area. Their never-fading charm will entice everyone who walks on the premises.

Artificial topiaries for an unusual outdoor setting!

Topiaries artificial alternative is all you need to add dramatic shapes to the otherwise dull outdoor setting. Artificial topiaries come in various striking shapes like ball, cone, spiral and column. Choose one or mix the shapes to create an outdoor setting that visually impactful and beautiful. These shapes will render a unique charm any commercial space. One can use them alongside approach road, at the entrance gates, around fountain area or adjacent to lamp posts to make the landscape of any commercial establishment bigger and brighter. As the faux plants are maintenance free, they are well suited for ornamenting big commercial spaces like malls, corporate offices,  government buildings, casinos, hospitals, big restaurants, etc.

Explore the endless variety of faux plants and trees to add magnificence to your outdoor landscape!

The best part about faux plants and trees is that they are available in wide varieties and therefore one can pick any varieties that match the landscape requirement perfectly. Almost every real plant variety has their faux alternative, so you do not have to worry about the availability of faux plants and trees of your desire. Each artificial plant serves a different purpose in enhancing the grandeur of any commercial space. For instance, topiary defines formal and symmetrical landscape whereas fake garden plants flowers add color is rendering vibrant yet classy outlook to space. One can easily pick any varieties based on their requirement from the silk plants and trees wholesale distributor like for creating a lavish yet budget-friendly outdoor setting.

Benefits that make artificial plants and trees, the first choice for any commercial setting!

  • Environment-friendly:  As they do not attract insects and pets like the real plants do and therefore ideal for the outdoor setting.
  • Fire retardant feature makes them ideal to keep anywhere in the building.
  • They stay in their shape and size for years. Therefore no trimming is needed.
  • Can be customized easily to match the outdoor setting of a place.
  • Only regular dusting is required for keeping the beautiful green color and dense leaves intact for years.
  • Very cost efficient, especially for large spaces like airports, big restaurants, casinos, water parks, theme parks,  malls, etc.
  • Readily available online as well as at local stores.
  • Portable: As they are not soil rooted, they can be located anywhere in the building.
  • Live plants need basic growth factors like soil, water, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. but faux plants have no such requirements.
  • Problems like water pollution, plant disease or pest control are not attached to fake trees and plants.
  • Combines greenery and pleasantness with the surrounding without any keeping works.
  • Silk boxwood or any other faux plant variety mesmerizes the visitors with the realism they offer regarding texture, feel and look.
  • They can be formed part of the workplace to add landscaping and freshness and bring natural beauty to the office space.
  • The base material and base tone of the silk plants can be matched to the surroundings of a place.

One can think of million ways to bring natural charm in a most sophisticated way with silk plants and trees. The artificial ferns hanging baskets are most popular when it comes to adorning the outdoor landscape with colorful blossoms. If the outdoor setting looks bring, colorful and organized, it will attract visitors effortlessly.  The more impact full the outdoor landscape is, the greater impact it will have on the visual memory of the visitors of any commercial space like malls, offices, restaurants, water and theme parks, etc. Made from highly durable material they are capable of keeping your landscape green and shiny for years to come.

Ready to Explore Innovative Landscaping Themes with PermaLeaf®? Read on

Outdoor FlowersBeing a reputed manufacturer and provider of high-end artificial plants, PermaLeaf® is committed to offering landscape lover every possible variety and solution that can meet their varying demands. You can find almost all kind of plants that are required to create various landscaping themes. The various landscaping themes can adorn your outdoor corporate landscape wonderfully giving you a mesmerizing yard that people can ignore. Such a themed landscape created for corporate landscape can fill your space with positive energy and fresh feeling. A well organized and designed landscape can keep your whole commercial area look appealing all the time. If you are discovering the right type of landscape theme for your corporate space, PermaLeaf® would be the right one-stop destination for you. Let's now explore the different landscaping themes that you can achieve using PermaLeaf® plants, trees, and foliage.

Classic Landscape with Artificial Cedar

The elegant cedar plants have their root from ancient times and are still among most popular plants in landscaping. Due to their eye-catchy looks, they are ideal to be used to form classic landscaping themes. Eliminating the needs of maintaining your cedars without compromising your landscaping looks, PermaLeaf® offers artificial cedar trees outdoor in a wide range of varieties. Hence make it possible for you to achieve classical landscaping theme without worrying about upkeep requirements of your plants. No matter how harsh the weather is, your theme will not be spoiled as these plants are weatherproof. For forming a wonderful classic theme, cedar plants can be utilized in many numbers in combination with other faux plants like cedar topiaries, certain artificial flower arrangements for outdoor and dense green leafy trees.

Asian Landscaping Theme with PermaLeaf® Bamboo

Bamboo is an important plant in Asian landscaping tradition that is considered to be a symbol of culture, elasticity and sometimes also a tropical culture. If you are a lover of Asian landscaping tradition then, PermaLeaf®'s range of bamboo plants and trees is ideal for you. Just choose the ideal size and shape of the bamboo plant, and these will help you unveil the beauty of Asian yard. Artificial bamboo trees offered by PermaLeaf® are the replica of living plants and can liven up your space and corporate composition giving a fresh and eye-catchy look. A landscaping theme created by bamboo plants is also ideal for the corporate spaces where you need to slightly privatize the space and create a partition. Like restaurants, or the meeting areas where you want to prevent other sights coming to the other section. This theme also works as the best landscape design for outdoors.

Breathtaking Landscaping Theme with Artificial Jasmine

Jasmine plants are well known for their aesthetic charm and elegance. But Most of the landscape lovers just leave the idea of adding Jasmine plant to their decor list due to their higher upkeep and maintenance requirements. But with the incorporation of artificial Jasmine plant by PermaLeaf® has made it possible for everyone to create a heartbreaking theme for their landscape. Faux Jasmine comes with bushy vines and lovely flowers that look exactly same as that of real Jasmine. This product is perfectly utilized in the form of flowers, vines as well as foliage. Jasmine plants are ideal for larger and spread landscapes in combination with detailed lawn products like bamboos, shrubs, faux trees and more. Utilization of shrubby Jasmine between these plants can help to fill the voids perfectly making the landscape look engaging.

African Wild Theme with Bonsais

Do you love that wild landscape looks and want the same for your corporate landscape? Then artificial Bonsai plants and trees from PermaLeaf® are essential to be incorporated. The faux bonsai trees replicate the real bonsais that give you a feeling of typical African wood. Some large Bonsai plants placed at regular distances along with dark green grass roll and moss rolls spread on the ground can make your landscape just like an African forest. Certain tropical plants and palms can also be used to add varieties and make the yard complete. The moss carpets added in combination somewhere will give more natural appeal to your lawn making it look realistic and lively.

Japanese Garden Theme

The Japanese garden is designed to give a relaxing and heavenly feel to the onlookers. This landscaping theme combines a wide variety of plants forming a blend of Asian as well as African landscapes to give exactly natural looks tp the landscape. The most common types of plants included in a Japanese garden are Japanese maple trees, bonsai trees, bamboo and certain types of shrubs. All these plants bring natural serenity to your corporate landscape. To let you achieve a perfect Japanese landscaping theme, PermaLeaf® offers all the required types of foliage, shrubs, moss rolls, trees and everything in the desired shape and size. With these highest standard plants, you can stay relaxed as neither you will have to worry about their maintenance, nor you need to give them special attention in harsh weather. They can withstand all weather conditions without fading away or losing their quality.

Tropical Landscaping Theme with PermaLeaf® Tropical

Tropical trees and plants form a tropical themed landscape for a landscape. A tropical yard is loved by most of the corporate as well as residential owners just because of the dense foliage that they provide any space that gives a closer to nature feeling. If you are a tropical theme lover, PermaLeaf® offers you a great range of tropical plants like Cactus and Succulents, artificial patio plants, Calathea, ivy plants and trees, Ficus, Philodendron, palms and many more that give you a cost-effective, less time consuming and easy to upkeep way to create desired landscaping theme.

Flowery Theme with Vast Flower Arrangements

A flowery theme is loved by everyone. Whether it's a corporate space, entertainment venue, restaurant, hotel or more, flower arrangements can suit any of the outdoor or indoor settings. Along with adding a blend of color to the landscape, these also enhance health, freshness, and energy in your space. PermaLeaf® offers you a large selection of elegant and mesmerizing indoor and outdoor plastic flower plants, bushes, vines and foliage that help you create the desired flowery theme for your landscape. In the catalog of PermaLeaf®, you can have faux hanging plants, lilies, orchids, roses, lotus, dahlias, daisies, sunflower, flower arrangements in the form of privacy screening plants, flowers with beautiful vases and much more that can amazingly create an appealing landscape for you. These plants look outstanding when used with perfectly combined greeneries and trees.

How to Significantly Improve Your Office's Outdoor Landscape?

Office LandscapingA well maintained office garden or lawn always helps in boosting the customer's potential confidence in the company and also serves the purpose of uplifting the moods of visitors and onlookers.

Do artificial landscaping products serve the purpose?

A lot of people think that faux plants and trees would look tacky and not serve the purpose of beautifying outdoor landscapes. While this fact cannot be completely ignored because of the experience of people with silk plants through decades but with the improvement of technology in the past few years the quality of fake plants and trees has improved a lot to make them look realistic and lifelike. Moreover, PermaLeaf® products are UV safe, and the vibrant colors of these outdoor topiary plants will last for years as they are made with fade resistant foliage. These products are made to withstand harsh outdoor climatic conditions.

Benefits of using PermaLeaf® products

These fake bushes and trees are made with premium quality foliage and color pigments that will last so long that it would be worth every penny spend on them. These products are absolutely maintenance free and require only the installation time to convert any dull office's outdoor landscape into a mesmerizing one. Moreover, natural plants and trees require a lot of care to grow and shape them perfectly for a particular space, whereas in case of fake bushes and trees, they can be easily incorporated into any setup and made to fit even in small outdoor spaces like rooftops and balconies.

Some awesome ideas to improve any office's landscape

Incorporate faux botanical beauties

PermaLeaf® artificial plants and trees are a great way to add some greenery to any office's outdoor space. An experienced team of designers at PermaLeaf® helps in choosing the appropriate landscaping option fit for a location of any size. The team also helps clients to visualize how the landscape will look after adding all the components by rendering architectural layout of every detail of the design digitally. Sample plans and materials are also shown to the clients to avoid any conflict in designs and quality of products.

Make the most out of small spaces

Plant containers are a great way to add contemporary elements to the outdoor landscapes. Versatile products like window boxes, privacy screens, plant containers, hanging baskets, etc. can add a lot of charm to any landscape without taking up much space. These are perfect if the outdoor space of the office is much smaller or for decorating balconies and rooftops. They use up the available space efficiently and also helps in covering up any unpleasant view from the visitors. There is a huge collection of different baseboards, materials, baskets, fake flowers for outside, screens, etc. that gives the clients a lot of freedom and options to customize the look for their office's outdoor landscape.

Design the landscape with professional help

PermaLeaf® products eliminate the hassle of hiring landscape artists and spending extra bucks to design the view of the outdoor space of offices. A team of professionals can help design every aspect of the landscape, no matter how large or small it is, from the very scratch with the help of conceptual drawings and digital images. The clients are also encouraged to come up with their ideas, and the products can be specifically designed according to their preference.

The splendor of artificial hedges

Faux Hedges is a great way to add greenery to the landscapes. They can efficiently cover a large area with all greens, and their perfect geometric shapes are ideal for corporate buildings. One of the awesome ways to jazz up the outdoors of any office with artificial boxwood hedges that is becoming very popular these days is to make logos and design company names, using fake hedges, which are detectable only from the top view of the landscape. Since there are no chances of these faux botanical beauties to grow over time or fall apart in tough climatic conditions, they are ideal for the purpose, as the company name or logo must look the same through all seasons for years.

Hide the unpleasant views with large fake trees

For offices located in the city, it gets tough to hide the concrete jungle outside, and thus fake large plants are the perfect solution for such cases. The can hide cell towers, transformers, light poles and other such things in the outdoor landscape of any office very easily, making the surroundings look more green, fresh and uplifting. Fake bamboo reeds are great for hiding transformers and broad setups whereas sleek artificial coconut tree, pine trees, etc. work well for hiding small poles and towers. Thus large fake trees can be incorporated very strategically to make the outdoor space of offices look greener.

Decorate beautifully with rocks and pavements

Integrating pavements and rocks are also good ideas to add some personality and a feel of the organization to the surroundings. This element works for only larger outdoor spaces like office gardens, lawns, etc. and can be used cleverly to build a pathway for strolling around and separating various parts of the space from each other with a soft blend, without creating distinguishable separate boundaries between them.

Enchanting summer houses

Building summer houses in a garden area of the office is a great way to attract attention and also serves the purpose of hosting parties and other occasions around them. Benches and lightings can also be incorporated to maximize the visual appeal and boost the beauty of the landscape. Decorating summer houses with vines not just blends them with the surroundings but also adds a mesmerizing timeless home décor like a charm in the whole setup.

These products are absolutely maintenance free and what makes them perfect is the fact that they seem indistinguishable from the real plants and trees. Due to their complete botanical viability, these quality fake plants will surely blend into any outdoor setting, even if there are natural plants and trees around. Get these amazingly popular outdoor faux topiaries to beautifully transform the external landscape of offices without any hassle.

What Makes PermaLeaf® Faux Landscaping Products So Amazing?

Faux PlantsPermaLeaf® faux landscaping products have been on the list of most preferred artificial botanical beauties for a long time. Let's see what makes them so amazing.

Why choose artificial landscaping products over natural ones?

Forget the hassle of watering, mowing, fertilizing, keeping away pests and all the other necessities that come with growing a natural plant or tree. Moreover, growing trees or plants need a lot of patience and time as they have to be cared for to make them sustain all kind of weather conditions and shape them in a perfect way to make them look presentable to the visitors. PermaLeaf® faux plants for outdoors look indistinguishable from the real plants and trees. These are made with premium quality materials to make them look natural or lifelike and long lasting at the same time.

Versatility of PermaLeaf® products

The awesome collection of the widest range of fake plants, trees, bushes, mosses and so much more makes PermaLeaf® a very versatile shopping platform for various types of clients. PermaLeaf® outdoor artificial plants and trees can be incorporated in both formal corporate settings and informal settings like office parties, casino, shopping malls, etc. Moreover, it has been found that the addition of greenery to any workspace makes it atheistically soothing and stimulates a sense of well being for everyone around. Thus it is a really good idea to use fake topiary plants around the workspace as they can sustain without any maintenance. These products are flexible and can handle damage though shifting and installation without much effort.

Top quality products of PermaLeaf®

One of the greatest reasons for PermaLeaf® products being so famous among the clients is the quality of products that are maintained by closely inspecting every manufacturing steps and practices. PermaLeaf® has earned respect by manufacturing superior quality landscaping products for over 30 years. All PermaLeaf® products are UV safe and do not loose colors when subjected to high outside temperatures. These products are made with innately fire resistant foliage, which makes them suitable for outdoor landscaping purposes. The commercial grade materials used in manufacturing these artificial yet natural looking topiaries aids in their lasting power through all seasons and withstanding even harsh climatic conditions.

Limitless customization options

The customization options available with these products are limitless. The clients are free to come up with their specifications, and the products are made to fulfill the exact needs as stated by the clients. A small, powerful team of and passionate individuals have been working for years to satisfy all kind of customer requirements and providing best quality products that are crafted with care to evaluate the intricate detailing of every artificial landscaping products. The adjustable customization options ensure that these artificial trees for outdoors can be made to fit into any location perfectly.

Shaping ideas into reality

It is not just the wide range of products that make PermaLeaf® so popular among the customers but also the fact that the clients can decide on their requirements and come up with landscape designing ideas that will be shaped into reality exactly like their imagination, with the help of botanically viable products. To understand the client requisites properly and get their vision of the perfect landscape, there is an expert team at PermaLeaf® redesigns the client's ideas from scratch in paper and also provides them with a computerized visual of the end products.  This not only ensures that there is no place for conflict on requirement specifications but also guarantees that the clients get exactly what they had in mind.

Installations made hassle free

Installation is the main aspect that makes the whole vision of the landscaping artists come together to beautify a specific landscape. Sometimes it becomes really difficult for the clients to handle large amounts of materials and install them properly to avoid any hazard that might come up due to heavy winds or other extreme climatic conditions. To avoid any such difficult situation, all PermaLeaf® products are installed by the company itself without considering how large or small the project might be. The specially designed equipment used for the same purpose ensures that the installation is fast and uses the most out of the available space.

Product Range for every need

The availability of products at all times and the wide variety of premium quality products that are even shipped internationally makes PermaLeaf® products trendy and most favored among the customers. It is not only the faux plants and trees from PermaLeaf® that has made their mark in the market, but also the huge popularity of other products like window boxes, boards, boxwood mats, screens, silk hanging baskets for outdoors, etc. that makes PermaLeaf® an overall, one-stop destination for all landscaping needs. All of these products are made with ultimate care to make them blend with the natural surroundings and provide a sense of well being among the visitors and onlookers.

Splendor of PermaLeaf® products

PermaLeaf® specializes in proving landscaping solutions to outdoor needs like lawns, gardens, rooftops and even balconies and summer houses. The space concerns of the clients are kept in mind, and custom designs can be created and incorporated according to the client preferences. The delightful and vibrant colors of the artificial flowers for outdoors, boxwood topiaries, hanging baskets and all the other products lasts for ages because of the fade proof technology used in the foliages.

Explore Mesmerizing Exterior Landscape Themes Using PermaLeaf® Faux Plants

Artificial Landscaping Products for OutdoorAre you looking to create a themed landscape for your porch, hotel entrance or even your office building's parking lot? Then what you need is the breathtaking range of faux plants and trees offered by PermaLeaf®. These green artificial plants and other landscaping products can help you create the kind of surroundings you have always dreamt of. From a beautiful summery vibe to a mountain feel, there are several varieties of plants and trees available here to enable you to install any theme that you may desire.

Add A Bright Vibrant Spring Like Theme To Your Surroundings

Who doesn't love a beautiful spring day? With the flowers blooming and the lush green leaves of the beautiful plants and trees, a spring day can brighten up almost anyone's dull mood. Now imagine being able to create a permanent spring theme in your surroundings? Wouldn't that be wonderful? That's now possible with the help of these breathtaking and realistic looking faux flowering plants and outdoor artificial flowers. From bright yellow and vibrant sunflowers to pretty daisies, gorgeous roses, wild lilac flowers, tulips and various other kinds of exotic and mesmerizing flowers, you can add color, life, and a spring-like feel to your outdoor landscape. So, it doesn't matter if you live in desert-like conditions or even in the chilly weather of Alaska, you will have a permanent burst of spring in your landscape with the installation of these artificial flowers and flowering plants.

Add A Tropical, Beach Like And Summery Vibe To Your Landscape

Do you live in a city where it rains almost nine months a year? Do you crave to be in a bright summery and tropical place with beautiful beaches and lush green palm trees and other tropical outdoor foliage plants? PermaLeaf® has to offer a wide range of gorgeous tropical plants and fake outdoor trees to give you the feel of summer in a wet, dull and gloomy atmosphere. From beautiful palm trees to boxwoods, artificial bushes to green and captivating shrubs, there is a wide range of lifelike and realistic looking faux plants for you to choose from. You can create a beautiful sub-tropical or tropical landscape in your outdoor space with the installation of these green outdoor plants.

Hanging Baskets For That Mystical And Captivating Vibe

Hanging baskets with creepers always have a mystical Amazon like a charm to them. The beautiful and captivating hanging baskets offered by PermaLeaf® can make heads turn. Now you can give your landscape and outdoor areas that beautiful forest like vibe with the installation of these amazing hanging baskets. While some of the baskets have pretty little flowers hidden amongst the lush green leaves, some baskets are filled with cascading creepers. The hanging baskets are available in a variety of different sizes. From massive sized hanging baskets that can be installed in public gardens and other commercial spaces, to small sized hanging baskets that can be installed on your porch, backyard or building parking lot, there is something available here for every need and requirement.

Give Your Balconies And Rooftops A Green Feel

If you have a large terrace area or rooftop sitting area, installing the faux plants can give the surroundings a beautiful charm. A balcony without plants, trees, and flowers can look very dull, drab and boring. From tall palm trees to beautiful flower bouquets, from beautiful plants containers filled with lush green foliage to hanging baskets, you can change the face of your terrace or rooftop with the installation of these artificial plants. You can even go one step ahead and add beautiful seating arrangements with small tables in your balcony and install small sized plants as centerpieces on these tables. The best part about the artificial landscaping products is that you need not worry about them fading or losing their color when installed in outdoor spaces that are constantly exposed to the sun. The raw materials of these plants are injected with special UV chemicals that ensure the finished product doesn't fade or lose its color when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun.

Living Walls For Your Commercial Or Residential Space

Are you utterly bored of being boxed inside concrete walls in your residential or commercial space? Now you no longer need to feel like you're living in a concrete jungle even though you are. With the installation of the living walls, you can add color, life, and texture to your surroundings. These beautiful metal walls have gorgeous flowering plants and creepers cascading out of them. From juniper wall mats to various types of grasses, ivies and flowering plants, there's a wide selection of landscaping products for you to choose from for your living wall. The living walls can be installed in outdoor spaces such as building entrances, mall entrances, museum, and art gallery entrances and various other such commercial and residential spaces.

Now You Can Install A Themed Landscape Irrespective Of The Weather Conditions You Live In

It doesn't decay whether you live in the Sahara desert, chilly weather of Alaska or the rainy climate of Seattle. The artificial landscaping products offered by PermaLeaf® are completely climate tolerant and weatherproof. They allow you to create a themed landscape in outdoor spaces irrespective of the weather conditions. These plants and trees can withstand torrential rainfall, heavy snowfall, excessive heat, and sunlight but will still not deteriorate, spoil or fade.

Now you no longer need to contemplate whether or not to install an artificial themed landscape in your outdoor spaces. With the available products from PermaLeaf®, you can install a worry-free landscape in any outdoor area. So, place your order for the faux plants, trees, and flowers and become a landscape artist. We guarantee that these artificial landscaping products will be one of the best long-term décor investments you will ever make.

The All-New Range of PermaLeaf® Outdoor Landscaping Products

Outdoor Landscaping ProductsPlants and trees are the most important parts required to define a space. These not only define your space but also cover various architectural flaws of your settings. But whether you talk about corporate spaces or residential, no one has much time to invest efforts and hours in maintaining the living landscape. Understanding today's busy life while also the importance of plants and trees, PermaLeaf® offers a vast selection of artificial foliage worldwide.

All the foliage is manufactured by PermaLeaf® itself infusing various UV resistant, water resistance and all weatherproof properties making these long-lasting and durable. Not only manufacturing, but PermaLeaf® also offers landscape design services to help people get a personalized and pleasing design that suits their aesthetical properties. The foliage offered by PermaLeaf® is an ideal solution to complement your lifestyle. So, let's explore what kind of products PermaLeaf® has to offer for your landscape.

Artificial PermaLeaf® Landscape

Your outdoor landscape is the first thing that any visitor will see first as one enters to your space. This makes it one of the essential areas they need to be design giving attention to detail. PermaLeaf® makes sure that your landscape is designed in such a way that it can reflect your style statement while also making your space an outstanding yard. Whether you use large artificial trees, foliage, grass, faux plants or more, PermaLeaf®'s design specialists will take care to make the yard the unique landscape. The designed landscape will not only complement your settings but will also match your exact budget.

Faux Outdoor Flowers by PermaLeaf®

With PermaLeaf®, you can find flowers of different varieties, sizes, colors, and textures, by adding to your landscape, you can showcase your style. The edges of your hardscape can be softened up by these wonderful flowers. Flowers from PermaLeaf® are not only present in the form of flower plants, shrubs or vines, but you can also create a flowery privacy screen for your space with sprays that will make your area look stunning. You can find almost every variety of flowers with PermaLeaf® ranging from dahlias, daisies, roses, lilies, and orchids to sunflowers, ficus plants, lotus and all. The wonderful colors and realistic looking fake leaf of these flowers will offer a welcoming impression for your corporate settings.

PermaLeaf® Faux Boxwood Topiaries

Boxwood has been in recognition since the 16th century and until this time; it is among top foliage varieties that are most popular even when there is a trend of artificial landscaping. The dark green leaves of boxwood mark their presence on any of the landscape. Boxwood is popular in artificial topiary outdoor and faux hedges as they act as ornamental foliage for any of landscape settings. Topiaries suit all types of landscaping theme, whether you have classic landscaping theme or the contemporary one. You can choose from wide variety of topiaries like spirals, cones, balls, hedges and a lot more. You can even have a topiary custom designed as per the shape you need. PermaLeaf® makes sure that you get exactly what you required by offering your custom artificial outdoor topiary plants. Whether you need to showcase your logo, any letter, animal topiary or anything, everything has been made achievable by PermaLeaf®.

Durable Outdoor Artificial Plants

Plants are the main components of any outdoor landscape that along with greenery cover the voids and showcase your style statement. PermaLeaf® has a great range of artificial plants outdoor use that lets you establish a landscape that you can't even achieve with living plants. No matter if you are looking for rarest foliage varieties or come up with unique boxwood shrubs landscaping ideas, PermaLeaf® can make everything available to you. You can have almost all varieties of artificial plants that exist in real world ranging from small fruit plants to ficus plants, bonsai plants, banana plant, any flowering plant or anything. All these products will offer you an exceptional and realistic looking garden without any upkeep requirements.

Wide Variety of Artificial Foliage by PermaLeaf®

Do you want to make your space livelier? Then PermaLeaf®'s selection of exciting and interesting artificial foliage is crucial for your landscape. The range of foliage is ideal to brighten the space and adding more appeal to it. Ranging from flowering plants, fruit trees, boxwood foliage, artificial ivy wall, faux palms, bonsais, ferns, vines, shrubs and more, PermaLeaf® has everything that is required to make your space an adorable space to live and sit. All the foliage varieties can rejuvenate your setting by adding a splash of colors. The silk foliage is the replica of living foliage without any maintenance requirements. These are ideal for both commercial as well as residential spaces.

Artificial Window Boxes for Vibrant Landscape

Do you want to create visual narratives of your business through your landscape? Then PermaLeaf®'s artificial window boxes are the ideal solution for you. The window boxes are one of the defining outdoor landscaping products that add visual elements to your outdoor landscape. Artificial window boxes are the unique and wonderful creation consisting of attractive foliage and colorful blooms that give you an enriching experience. All kinds of window boxes consist of fade resistant and weatherproof flowers that will keep blooming in all kinds of seasons. These give you an innovative way to decorate your landscape and make it look outstanding.

Artificial Green privacy Screens

Privatizing the space is the crucial requirement of any corporate or commercial space. Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, corporate office, retail store, showroom or more, at any point of time you will need to divide the space to create partitions or add a privacy element for outdoors and for indoor as well. PermaLeaf® has a vibrant and elegant solution for you in that case which is in the form of green or flowery privacy screens. With these you can design your commercial space creatively, adding privacy to your space without any compromise on appearance. These unique privacy screens consist of fade and UV resistant flowers and greenery that add architectural grace to your space.

How to Make Your Corporate Spaces Outdoor Landscape the Talk of the Town!

Corporate LandscapeNo matter if it is a massive corporate house, or government office complex, shopping mall, amusement park, theme park, water park, luxury hotel & restaurant lounge, poolside of a holiday resort or even a private hospital, an outdoor landscape is of immense importance for sustenance and growth of the business. Every commercial place has its own story to tell, and outdoor landscape of the commercial spaces convey the theme of the business. It is the first place that your customers come in contact with, and therefore, needs to be one-of-a-kind to arouse the interest of the passersby.

Present landscaping theme is all about going green. Studies indicate that green can impress anyone psychologically to have a cozy and comfy feeling and also impart a positive attitude. This is what all modern businesses are trying to make their customers, and for this, there is a green rush all over. Going green is alright; but, how to do that? Live plants though look nice; using those for outdoor landscaping has many pitfalls. And, here the fake outdoor plants can be your ‘Man Friday.' The imitation greenery has developed so much that you can never spot their difference from the real plants visually. But, only dumping a commercial landscape with outdoor silk plants will not make your commercial space talk of the town. Here are some ideas how you can do that.

Avail expert guidance

PermaLeaf® has myriads of artificial outdoor trees and other fake botanical products. Such a vast variety is sure to confuse most of the owners. You may find it difficult to find the right choice color, type, and style of landscaping elements that are the best for your commercial outdoor. PermaLeaf® experts can help you in a drive through an amazing landscape. They visit the place for inspection and design consultation. Based on this, a draft plan is formed for visualization by the customer and subsequently finalized. If necessary, they provide the customized product. Other than choosing the right product, installation of the same is also very vital, and to let you have stunning commercial outdoor, PermaLeaf® assists customers in installation of artificial outdoor plants

Reinvent with outdoor plants & flowers

Artificial outdoor plants can make your commercial place resonating with vibrant energies. Whether it is a new or established business, PermaLeaf® has many varieties to suit the need. This will not involve huge amount or up-keeping hassles, but they will make the corporate outdoor attractive. Combining outdoor flowers with outdoor plants can flame up a dull and dark commercial area. PermaLeaf® flowers are available in many colors, varieties, and sizes. Including faux flowers in the commercial outdoor will fill the place with their magical aura and build up an eye-catching landscape.

Change landscape following seasonal change

Using PermaLeaf® artificial flowering plants, you have the freedom to play with many varieties and colors. It does not mean that you have the same replicated botanical items in the fake garden all around the year. If you do this, your commercial space will lose grace, and the customers will be bored with seeing the same thing whenever they visit your place. When you change the artificial boxwood plants outdoors and flowers according to the season, this will make the place more attractive.

You can be endlessly creative with topiary

Topiary holds the key to magnify any commercial landscape. PermaLeaf® topiaries are available as balls, cones, and spirals and they create a focal point in the commercial outdoors. No matter where those are installed, none can miss the bold appearance of the outdoor artificial boxwood topiaries. These can be organized to define space. Another beautiful way of using topiaries is to shape them to write the name of the brand and display company logo. Available in varieties of realistic foliage, these can create an elegant and sophisticated environment.

Create exclusive enclosures with privacy screen

For commercial complexes like luxury hotels, resorts, theme parks, sauna bath, etc., some your guests would need an exclusive area for them. Dividing space with walls means creating another thing that is sore to the eyes. PermaLeaf® privacy screens can make your commercial outdoors like poolside, lounge, etc. beautiful while defining space. These are made using a variety of plants and foliage to make amazing space and for controlling peeps. Be creative with boxwood privacy screen for delighting your guests adding a nice lush green texture to the commercial setting.

Focus on the windows

Whether it is a massive corporate house, or government office, luxury hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, etc., outer windows are the most prominent places and, therefore, should not be ignored while doing outdoor landscaping.  When you decorate the windows with PermaLeaf® window boxes, they create a vertical garden and greatly improve the looks. Other than gracing the windows, these also create beautiful visual narratives.

Add depth and dimension with plant containers

You should not forget to use plant containers in landscaping the commercial outdoors. While plants make a place beautiful, the unique plant containers can add depth and texture to space. When combined with the artificial boxwoods outdoors collection, these impart a bold getup to the outdoor.

Create a rooftop garden

Nothing adds more charm and elegance to a commercial place like building a rooftop garden. Decorate this with artificial trees, plants, and other landscaping products to make your corporate house distinctly different from others. You will have additional outdoor space where the clients will be able to unwind themselves and relax while doing business negotiations. As PermaLeaf® products can withstand all weather conditions, this place will remain green for many years and serve as a focal point.

Mask the eyesores

There may be electric poles, utility boxes and cell towers in your outdoor. Of course, these are essential things but, they damage the overall outdoor view. Using artificial hanging baskets and fake foliage you can cover these up for blending into the surrounding.

Faux Plants with Unmatched Quality and Design - The PermaLeaf® Advantage

PlantsEverybody likes to have beautiful outdoor adorned with tree and plants. These have been the foremost landscaping consideration for different types of commercial spaces. When you embellish your outdoor with greenery, it becomes aesthetically pleasant. This is vital for every corporate space. Having a lush green outdoor landscape, you are sure to create a nice buzz about your business and be flooded with more people resulting business growth.

Maintaining a landscape created with live plants takes much time and effort and becomes a hell of a job for large corporate complexes. This is why fake outdoor plants and trees have replaced the natural elements. Many varieties of artificial trees and plants are available. Place them anywhere, and they will blend with surrounding to deliver you a magical environment. Among the artificial landscape plants available in the market, PermaLeaf® products are well-known for its unmatched quality and a wide array of collection. Here are some of the PermaLeaf® features for knowing why they are distinctly different from others.

Lifelike outdoor artificial foliage

PermaLeaf® has a stint spanning for more than three decades and has a creative team for continuously developing their artificial landscaping products. Every item is made at their facility with utmost care. This is why these are the most realistic and botanically correct imitation greenery available in the market. Made from commercial grade foliage, steel wire and being set with heavy-duty locks, the silk flowers outdoors collection is very strong and sturdy and can withstand heavy wind. They also use high-grade color pigments to make the foliage indistinguishable from the natural plants.

Made to withstand all weather conditions

Nothing can match the outdoor landscape of a commercial setting for impressing the people. When done right, this delivers warmth and makes people interested in the business. Making a landscape charming and attractive for keeping the people hooked throughout the year is tough. To make this happen your outdoor landscape should glow equally all around the year. This is only possible with true all-weather faux outdoor plants. The artificial outdoor plants UV protected made by PermaLeaf® use weather-able plastic and are fade resistant. These also pass standard tests for color loss. As such, these can stand up in any weather. While the other manufacturers only make claims, PermaLeaf® supply test data in support of their claim.

PermaLeaf® provides unique services

No matter if you are landscaping a new commercial setting or reorganizing an old setting and looking for some out-of-a-kind concept, PermaLeaf® team of experts can assist you. Their graphic designers and landscaping experts will visit your setting for creating a stylish outdoor landscape. PermaLeaf® artificial trees and plants can be installed easily following DIY methods. On request from the customer, PermaLeaf® also provides installation service besides helping in landscape design. They can depute professional installers so that the large artificial outdoor plants match the surroundings of the professional outdoor.

You can choose from a unique product line

PermaLeaf® makes artificial landscaping elements for all commercial outdoors. Using these products you have the option to choose from a product line that has the following major attractions.

Outdoor Landscape: Your commercial outdoor tells about your business theme and the quality you maintain. No matter, if you like to have a desert landscape or a tropical theme, PermaLeaf® experts can create all, matching your budget.

Outdoor Artificial flowers: With their blooms and fresh appearance outdoor faux flowers can add depth and drama to any commercial outdoor. Available in myriads of types and vibrant colors, they can create a stunning backdrop to the lawns, patios, and portico.

Boxwood Topiaries: These are available in various shapes like balls, cones, and spirals with a wide variety of realistic foliage. If needed, these can also be shaped for creating business logos. Whether you want to incorporate a contemporary or traditional ambiance in your commercial outdoor, these can meet your every need.

Artificial Outdoor Plants: These deliver an appealing charm in the outdoor space. They are available in a variety of styles, types, and shapes, to meet the demands of the varied commercial outdoors.  The fake outdoor plants are cost-effective and excellent to transmit the energy behind.

Artificial Foliage: These are excellent to impart a lush green effect to the commercial exteriors. You can use anything from large to a bonsai tree, fern to Ivy, replicated grass to fake bushes for landscaping, etc. for making the space warm and welcoming.

Window Boxes: These can deliver you an amazing commercial outdoor. Available in different varieties, these can create a stunning visual narrative with oozing blooms.  Using these you can also revamp a mundane setting to a glam one.

Privacy Screens: Available with realistic foliage these are excellent to define space creatively, and at the same time ensuring privacy. These have great visual appeal and most suitable for pool areas, hotel lawns, luxury resorts, etc.

Living Walls: These are excellent for breaking the monotony of a dull commercial place. Adding lush green foliage on the walls makes the place vibrant and energetic. PermaLeaf® living walls can match modern and traditional styles.

Hanging baskets: These are great to create an opulent outdoor. Available in many types like fake azaleas, bougainvilleas, ferns, etc. these deliver a friendly but formal look.

Cell Towers and Feature Trees: While cell towers and electric poles are matters of necessity, these can destroy any commercial landscape. PermaLeaf® has solutions for this. They have specially made foliage for cell towers and feature trees to make the outdoor pleasant.

PermaLeaf® advantages

Personalized product and service is the greatest advantage of PermaLeaf®. Made from silk polyester and other prime quality materials these fake botanical products have a long life and do not need any maintenance except cleaning. These do not attract any insect, nor cause any allergy; safe for the kids.

Top-Rated PermaLeaf® Faux Plants for Corporate Exterior Landscapes

Artificial Outdoor Plants and TreesA perfectly build landscape crucial for Corporate environments as they have to deal with customers, visitants, and employees on a daily basis and offering them an interesting environment is required. Especially for exterior landscape, you need to consider the most reliable option that doesn't lose quality and charm easily. PermaLeaf® is one of the renowned trademarked foliage brands by Commercial Silk Int'l that is dedicated to manufacturing indoor and outdoor plants and trees formulated using the special material. The special manufacturing process followed by PermaLeaf® makes their plants withstand all kinds of weather conditions without affecting their quality. So, let's explore the various options PermaLeaf® has for your corporate outdoor landscaping needs.

Outdoor Lush Green Landscape

Your corporate outdoor area is a most important part that lets you define the style and class of your business. This is the area that is first seen by any visitor or customer when one will enter your premises. Hence it needs to be decorated in such a way that it can give a soothing feeling to the eyes of onlookers. No matter what variety of landscaping theme you want to incorporate to your outdoor space, the range of PermaLeaf®'s outdoor landscaping products lets you achieve everything that is in your vision. The wide variety of plants, trees, flowers, grass, and foliage by PermaLeaf® lets you attain desired landscape theme easily. Whether you want tropical theme landscape, forest canopy, African landscape or an urban landscape, PermaLeaf® has made everything achievable.

Artificial PermaLeaf® Flowers for Colorful Outdoor

Flowers contribute a lot in establishing a colorful and delightful landscape around your space. Especially for corporate areas where you have large sized outdoor area present to add different varieties, flowers can make the space look outstanding. To make your corporate outdoor landscape, mesmerizing PermaLeaf® offers a huge range of high quality realistic looking artificial outside flowers that can add a creative and lively element to your outdoor settings. The range of PermaLeaf® artificial flowers for outdoors include lilies, daisies, dahlias, Sunflowers, roses, orchids and much more. For outdoor decorations, you can also have large sized flower plants that in combination with other greenery can embellish your corporate landscape of any style as well as size.

Artificial PermaLeaf® Boxwood Topiaries

The boxwood has been supposed to have its roots from the 16th century. And now when artificial landscaping is so popular, still it has been recognized as one of the best variety for artificial topiaries. PermaLeaf® offers you a wide selection of artificial boxwood topiaries crafted artfully in the form and size that suit your space the best. If you want to add a feel of sophisticated sculptures to your outdoor corporate space, then faux topiaries are the ideal solution for you. You can choose from the ball, cone, spiral and even more topiaries for your outdoor area in the desired size. The size of these topiaries may range from 3 feet small shape to 6 or 7 feet tall topiary. All the types can work as perfect ornaments for your lawn. You can comfortably keep them outside as these can withstand even harsh weather conditions.

Faux Boxwood Hedges for Varying Applications

Hedges are also one of the crucial landscaping elements for corporate environments. Especially for outdoor landscaping, hedges work multiple jobs elegantly that is enhancing the look of your space while also giving you perfectly surrounded premises. For commercial environments, it is crucial to boundary line the area. With PermaLeaf® boxwood hedges, you can create a complete and catchy eye boundary around your space that wonderfully acts as the artificial green wall for your premises. In this way, you can also prevent the unwanted sights coming to your area. Also, you if you want to divide the outdoor area into two sections, hedges work the best. You can place hedges in line, and these will create a wonderful looking and solid artificial plant wall partitioning your outdoor area beautifully.

PermaLeaf® Artificial Outdoor Plants

PermaLeaf® comes with a broad collection of artificial outdoor plants that can add a wonderful visual impact to your outdoor area thus making it look lifelike and realistic. All the plant varieties have been manufactured and crafted with utmost care to give most natural and exact replication of living plants. Whether you are a retail store, a corporate environment, a startup, entertainment center, hotel, restaurant or more, PermaLeaf®'s selection of silk plants can get a defining landscape created for you that will reflect your business vision. In their range of faux plants, you can have all the varieties that exist in the real world, for example, bonsai plant, ficus plant, palms, bananas and countless more. You can get desired shape and size in all these plants as per your requirements. PermaLeaf® installation experts can meet all your plant requirements conveniently.

Artificial Outdoor Trees from PermaLeaf®

Can you consider your corporate outdoor landscape without the presence of elegant outdoor artificial trees? This is the aura of trees that make them a crucial element of outdoor landscaping. To make your commercial landscape complete PermaLeaf® offers a great collection of durable, safe and highest quality artificial trees for outdoor use that look realistic and lifelike. The variety of artificial trees that you can have with PermaLeaf® include pine trees, coconut trees, bonsais, tropical trees, palms, different types of fruit trees, cactus and much more. You can have almost all kinds of trees for your landscape that you see in real world. You can define the size and shape of these trees and get a custom designed as per your outdoor yard settings. Outdoor artificial trees are best to create a wide variety of landscaping themes in combination with other plants, foliage, flowers, and grasses. For example, you can achieve a perfect African theme using Bonsai plants and an elegant tropical theme using various tropical faux trees.