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Contemporary Outdoor Landscaping Like Never Before - With PermaLeaf® Faux Plants

Silk PlantPlants and trees create a positive and peaceful ambiance for any commercial or residential building. An eye-pleasing landscape is accomplished when there is a perfect balance between impeccable natural beauty and other decor elements like lights, fountains, wall paintings, etc. Implementing real plants and trees may sound a taxing and costly affair, but with faux plants and trees at your disposal, you can create a majestic outdoor setting at minimal cost and maintenance efforts.  Artificial landscaping products are capable of materializing your vision into reality through the wide variety of faux plants and trees available at

Mesmerize the visitors with a never-fading beauty of outdoor artificial flowers!

There is nothing bigger than walking into a business or residential space that is adorned with the beauty of exotic flower variety. The best part about artificial outdoor flowers is that they are available in wide variety, so you can pick any variety to fit the decor of your space. The vibrant colors and real-like flower texture will fill the visitors with positive vibes and freshness. Faux flowers add brightness to otherwise dull or boring setting. Be it house balcony, terrace, parking area, garden area, entrance gates of any commercial building, the fake outdoor flowers will blend into your landscape seamlessly, rendering it soft yet classy outlook.

Characterising the outdoor setting with faux plants!

The endless variety of faux flowers can help you create a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing and functional too. The companies are indulging in faux flora to represent the character in a unique and attractive way. They make use of artificial landscaping products for creating logos, letter, signage, and other meaningful shapes to represent company's theme. For big spaces, the fake plants, trees, hedges, and flowers are being used to set up private sitting areas, designer walls, and colorful backdrops. The more you explore the world of artificial flora the more you can experiment to create majestic outdoor settings.

Colourful blossoms for larger than life spaces!

Artificial plants are best suited for large commercial and residential buildings as they are highly durable and low maintenance landscaping products. One can use them to create photography corners or in and around resting areas of big malls. The lustrous colors and lifelike looks of faux flowers will deceive the onlookers for being real. Their beauty will attract the visitors and evoke the same feeling of freshness and joy like the real ones do. Compliment your balcony or terrace areas with the hanging basket of artificial outdoor flowers or you can also use them to fill empty spaces. For instance, you can use big decorative vases of fake outdoor flowers around swimming pool, alongside the fountain, etc. to brighten up the surrounding areas. Be it hospitals, big government buildings, water parks, theme parks etc., the charm of artificial flowers will enhance the grandeur of any space effortlessly.

Terrace garden for office or home is incomplete without faux plants!

We desire to have one space in home or offices that help us relax and unwind after a hectic day. Terrace gardens are often created to do the same, but only lights, furniture, and music won't help, to create an ambiance of pure bliss bring the spellbinding beauty of artificial plants and flowers. Some most loved variety of faux flowers includes fake Bougainvillea, Geraniums, Azalea bushes and Gardenia bushes. Almost all real flowering plants have their faux alternatives, so don't limit yourself or your imagination because you name it and they have it at

Benefits and beyond!

We insist on choosing fake outdoor plants for any commercial or residential building for these various benefits they offer:

  • Zero maintenance: Faux plants and trees are maintenance free landscaping products. They do not require care like real plants. Efforts like regular watering, soiling, pest-control, etc. aren't needed for the survival of artificial plants.
  • Great for outdoor setting: Real plants often wither in extreme exposure, heavy rains, harsh cold or low lights whereas fake plants remain intact in their appearance and texture in any condition. The fact that they are made from the high-quality material which is UV resistant keeps them shiny forever. UV artificial plants are apt for the outdoor setting.
  • Safe: As outdoor artificial plants are fire-resistant, insects and pets resistant, they are safe to keep anywhere on the premises.
  • Flexible: The best part about artificial plants and trees is that they can be tailor-made to fit your landscape requirements. They do not grow over time and will retain any shape or form rendered to them.
  • Cost-effective: As faux plants are maintenance free, they prove to be cost-effective especially for large spaces like big restaurants, casinos, theme parks, water parks, malls, etc. Once bought they will keep your landscape shiny and colorful for years to come.
  • Wide variety:  You can pick any exotic variety of silk plants and trees as almost all real plants are available in their faux alternative. The wide variety of faux plants is easily available online.
  • Highly functional: Apart from beautifying your landscape, artificial plants, and trees, hedges and flowers functional benefits too. They can be used to cover wall flaws, to create focal points, to create designer walls or as backdrops for parties, conferences, stage decoration, etc.

All these benefits make artificial plants and trees unique landscaping products that can transform your current outdoor setting into a masterpiece of floral beauty. Their never fading charm can brighten up a dull corner and add magnificence to any landscape. Create welcoming entrances, balconies, terrace gardens, galleries and by adding a splash of colors through outdoor artificial flowers. When you have the wide variety of timeless beauty at your disposal, all you need is to be creative to make a royal outdoor setting.

Majestic Beauty Of Faux Boxwoods From PermaLeaf® For Your Corporate Spaces

BoxwoodThe breathtaking faux boxwoods range is the perfect decorative item for your corporate space. These artificial plants have unbelievably realistic and lush green leaves that can convince even the most trained eyes into believing that they are real. Installing these faux landscaping products at the entrance of your corporate space, inside the parking lot of your office building, in the outdoor office garden and several other corporate spaces. Here's everything you need to know about these landscaping products:

Easy To Maintain And To Provide Care To

One excellent feature of the faux boxwood plants is that these outdoor landscaping products are very easy to maintain and provide care to. Unlike real plants that require constant watering, trimming, cutting and pruning; you will not need to hire a professional gardener to provide the necessary care and maintenance for the plants. A simple spray of water is enough to keep these artificial plants looking evergreen, fresh and new. Further, the boxwood topiaries do not require repoting, or fertilization as may be required in the case of real boxwood plants.

Tolerant Of All Types Of Weather Conditions

The faux boxwood plants are tolerant of all kinds of weather conditions. Even when placed in outdoor spaces, one need not worry about the plants spoiling or deteriorating when exposed to the severe elements of the weather. The boxwood plants can tolerate extreme rainfall, excessive snowfall, and even bright sunlight. A special technology called the PermaLeaf® technology is used at the time of manufacturing of the plants. Through this technology, special chemicals are impregnated into the raw materials of the plants. The UV stabilizers injected in the raw materials ensure that the finished landscaping products do not fade when installing outdoors in tropical and sunny climates.

Identical To The Real Boxwood Plants

Another excellent feature of the boxwood plants is that these landscaping products have been manufactured to resemble the real boxwood plants identically. From the shape of the leaves to the stems and even the color of the leaves, every part of the artificial plant resembles the real plant in an identical way. Professional gardeners, botanists, florists, and horticulturists are often fooled into believing that these artificial landscaping products are real plants that are installed in the surroundings. It is only on very close observation and upon touching the faux boxwoods do people realize that the plants are not real.

Get Your Very Own Specially Designed Corporate Landscape

Are you looking to decorate the outdoor area of your corporate space with faux plants but are apprehensive because of your uncertainty of how to put together a proper outdoor landscape? Well, you needn't fret anymore. PermaLeaf® has a team of professional landscaping artists, project managers and installation experts that will take care of everything from design to installation. These trained and skilled experts will digitally render your outdoor area and provide you with conceptual drawings, plan designs and all kinds of suggestions and inputs. After you have selected the landscape design from the options provided to you by the landscaping artists, PermaLeaf® will send a team of professional installers to your corporate space to ensure an efficient installation that will give a bright, vibrant and captivating feel to the surroundings. You don't need to hire any professional landscaping artists of installers for large sums of money to get your outdoor corporate space decorated, just leave the job to PermaLeaf® and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Can Be Installed In Various Other Outdoors Commercial Spaces

Besides your corporate space, the faux boxwood plants can also be installed in various other outdoor and commercial spaces. Some of the places where these plants a popularly installed include the following:

  • Water parks, theme parks, amusement parks and public gardens are great spaces to install the artificial boxwoods.
  • Museum entrances, art gallery entrances and lobbies, outdoor exhibition centers and trade shows are also ideal for the installation of the faux boxwood plants.
  • Outdoor poolside areas, building entrances, office parking lots, mall parking lots and outdoor events and parties are also great spaces for the installation of the boxwood plants.

Get Custom Made Boxwood Plants For A Unique Landscape

People are often apprehensive about installing faux boxwood plants in their corporate spaces because these artificial landscaping products are available in abundance. A product that is easily available may make your landscape look like any other landscape, and you won't be able to provide your outdoor space a unique and individualistic vibe. However, in the case of the PermaLeaf® landscaping products, you don't have to worry about your outdoor landscape looking typical and common. If you have a large order quantity, PermaLeaf® can customize the product regarding size, a shape of the leaves and other aspects to suit the requirements of your surroundings and give the place a patented feel.

Affordable, Cost Effective And Long Lasting Landscaping Products

Another excellent benefit of the boxwood plants offered by PermaLeaf® is that these faux landscaping products are very affordable and cost-effective. You can order these plants in large quantities without worrying about a hole being burnt through your pocket. Further, the boxwood plants are extremely sturdy, durable and long-lasting. These plants can last for years on end without losing their color, fading or even getting spoilt. The PermaLeaf® boxwood plants make an excellent long-term investment as they last for long periods of time without deterioration and can be used and re-used without any hassles.

Don't wait another minute and place the order for your boxwood plants today. These gorgeous plants will give your corporate space that professional and multinational corporation type vibe. Investing in these products will be one of the best long-term investments you will make. We guarantee that your customers, clients, and visitors will leave your office amazed and in absolute awe. Order PermaLeaf®'s artificial landscaping products today for a classy, elegant and super stylish corporate space.

Smart, Swanky, and Stylish - Outdoor Artificial Plants

Outdoor Artificial PlantsEvery commercial building deserves a smart landscape to greet the visitors on a daily basis. You need to have the right equipment and the modern ideas for converting any boring landscape into a cool and smart one. Plants and trees are a great mode of converting any landscape into a perfect one, but the horticultural plants often are not regarded as the perfect office plant or ideal for commercial buildings due to their certain drawbacks. The common problems of using the horticultural plants in offices include:

  • Loads of mess on a daily basis due to fallen matter or dead leaves, twigs, etc. and the pests attracted by the plants or trees.
  • The daily requirement of water and pruning including basic care like the application of insecticides on a regular basis for staying in healthy and fresh condition. If proper care is not taken, the plants may dampen the landscape.
  • Fixed life cycle- the horticultural plants have a fixed life cycle, and you can't keep an amazing flowering plant for ever even if you give the best maintenance.
  • Not customizable- the living plants and trees have their pattern of growth which in many cases doesn't suit the requirement of the landscape. It damages the complete vibrancy of the landscape.

Smart landscaping with modern equipment

Smart landscapes are great for any building, and the artificial plants and trees are ideal for turning any landscape into a lively and welcoming one. It will remove the disadvantages of using real horticultural plants in landscaping and will also add on some additional benefits. The benefits of the stylish and smart landscaping include:

  • Zero maintenance- you always wanted your commercial landscape to be maintenance free. With the artificial plants, you will never have to appoint separate personnel for watering or pruning the plants.
  • Zero mess up at outdoors- you will forget the mess up caused due to fallen leaves or twigs and the insects attracted due to the plants.
  • All weather landscape- like the real plants, the landscapes will be fit for harsh weathers like rains, snow or direct exposure to the UV radiation from the sun. The landscaping items are extremely durable and made of premium material.
  • Choose any plants- till now you have faced the difficulty of growing certain plants at your building exteriors because they don't grow in that habitat. Now, you can have your favorite plant in your landscape. You can also create a tropically themed set up almost effortlessly.
  • Unmatched beauty- be prepared to have unmatched beauty at your office as the faux plants are extremely adorable and they look genuine like. You can have fresh real plants and trees greeting your visitors round the clock.

You can have these smart advantages forever as once installed; the faux landscaping items will keep beautifying the landscape, which is unlike the real plants which will die out after certain life span. So, the smart landscaping method is economical as well.

Smart exterior landscapes at commercial buildings

Smart landscapes surely require the perfect office plant, and you have a wide range of stunning landscape décor to choose from. You can pick from these commonly used superb items:

Artificial boxwood topiaries- it's being used in landscaping since the 16th century, and the modern version of the boxwood topiaries are simply amazing. You can have them in any geometrical shapes and may even choose to go for the customized variety for making the logo of your company.

Artificial feature trees- the modern landscaping ideas and the experts will surely come up with the best idea about your location and the requirements to create the most beautiful and appealing one. The artificial feature trees are an excellent example of modern technology and its application to create even large artificial trees which will look natural and merge with the landscape to make a beautiful transformation.

Artificial smart walls- Do you fancy a smart, colorful and lively privacy screen in place of the dull wall you have? Well here you get your faux privacy screen made of the fake botanical items, and they are immensely vibrant. The colorful screen will make your building unique and will set up a completely different environment which will not only please the visitors but will also improve the morale of the employees.

You can also transform any dull wall into a vibrant living one by covering it with beautiful artificial foliage and giving a completely different look to your landscape. You can go for natural green color or give some bright shades.

Complete artificial landscape- you can opt for the fully customized artificial landscape consisting of outdoor artificial plants to give the landscape a completely new look. The landscape will be customized, and it will contain the artificial bushes to all the small plants in the landscape and also the tall trees. This is a great idea if you want to greet the viewers to a completely new landscape which is fully customized according to the requirements.

Smart landscaping items- you can also choose the innovative small items like window boxes, plant containers or hanging baskets containing artificial plants, preferably any colorful artificial flowering plant. They will surely light up the environment and fill up any gaps to completely enhance your landscape.

There are a lot more artificial landscaping items for commercial landscapes waiting to be checked out. You can pick anyone for your building.

PermaLeaf®- most important feature

This is the main difference between the other landscaping items and artificial plants and trees. They are made with the finest quality materials so that they won't lose color or fade away even after repeated exposure to external adverse weather conditions like snow, rains, strong winds or UV rays from the sun.

They are also made with 100% accuracy to make them look completely real and botanically viable. The artificial plants will exactly resemble real plants to give visitors an unforgettable experience.

Why Choosing Outdoor Faux Plants is the Best Landscaping Investment You'll Ever Make

Faux PlantsWith reducing productivity and profits of the business due to non-creativity of employees, it becomes really important to take effective measures to offer an exciting, motivating and encouraging environment. Various business consultants and experts advise firms to invest in faux plants and trees, and these are supposed to be one of the much remarkable tools to raise the moods of employees and increase the productivity up to around 12%. So, if you are facing a slowdown in your productivity, it is the best idea to invest some money in building an excellent artificial landscape. Below are some amazing properties of outdoor artificial plants and trees that make them a wonderful investment for businesses.

Reducing Stress Making Minds Lighter and Productive

Scientifically, plants have been proven perfect to reduce stress in the human being greatly. As the Greener environment offered by the plants make them feel energized, entertained and interested in work thus leaving all the worries behind. With PermaLeaf® artificial horticultural plants, it has become quite easier to establish a fully flourished and healthy looking lawn in both indoor as well as outdoor office areas. The complete line of landscaping products can create a greener and energizing environment around your workplace thus making your employees feel stress-free and more productive.

Improving Overall Wellbeing of Employees

Nowadays, more than half of the population has been struggling to overcome stress because it gives rise to numerous other ailments like blood pressure, depression, etc. A landscape is a proven natural medicine for stress. So, if your employees will stay stress-free, it will automatically help them maintain their overall well-being and stay healthy and cheerful despite all the workload. This is, in turn, reduce absenteeism hence improving your business productivity effectively.

Building A Close to Nature Environment in Workplace

Everyone loves to live in a natural environment, especially the people who have to work hard all the day on desks in front of their computers. A natural environment established in their workplace will obviously be loved by them and will keep them feel happier and overcome the boredom from routine work. You will experience great enthusiasm in your team that will, of course, an asset for your organization's development. PermaLeaf®'s wonderful creation of perfect office plants can help you design your office outdoor as well indoor in such a way that you, your employees, your customers and business partners experience natural beauty and feeling in your space. This feeling will make them much involved in work in a natural environment.

Give A Workplace Satisfaction to Your Employees

Workplace satisfaction is impossible until your employees are finding their office a boring place to work at. And as PermaLeaf® artificial plants are there to keep the boredom away from your space hence with this workplace satisfaction is assured. This is because the greener and natural environment offered by faux plants to your office space will enhance well-being, comfort, interest as well as level of motivation in the employees. Whether it is artificial ficus, palms, bonsais or outdoor poinsettia decorations, all these are ideal solutions to give 100% workplace satisfaction to your employees.

Most Lively Looks to Your Landscape

All the PermaLeaf® artificial plants have been designed using the synthetic material with leaves made up of silk. Such material gives highly realistic looks to your yard without making anyone realize that your yard is artificial. All kinds of artificial outdoor landscaping products have been designed in such a way that these may look exactly like their real counterparts and can deliver you the most natural environment ever without any worries of maintenance and care, unlike real landscaping.

An Impression of Welfarism to the Employees

Employees always expect a friendly working environment from their managers and top authorities of the organization. Creating such a friendly environment using PermaLeaf® outdoor artificial trees and plants make the employees feel that their welfare and workplace requirements have been kept in mind the employers. This encourages them to be more loyal and productive for their organization as employees feel that organization cares about their interests and welfare.

Most Budget Friendly Investment for Business

Despite all the amazing and productive results of these PermaLeaf® artificial landscaping products are much more cost effective than living plants as well as other decorative items that you will ever add to your commercial space. These only need one-time investment while purchasing and after that, you would never be required to give special care or maintenance to these faux plants. Unlike real trees that need regular cutting, pruning, watering and fertilizing, these will keep enhancing the charm of your space for years. All this makes the faux landscaping solutions a pocket-friendly solution for your business.

Keep Your Place Tuned with Natural Look for Years to Come

Without any major care of these PermaLeaf® landscaping products, you will be able to enjoy their benefits for years and years. As these are engineered wonderfully with such chemicals that make them fire retardant, UV, and water resistant thus adding age to their lives. It means your faux plants will neither get faded not they get damaged due to even critical environmental conditions. You can stay assured that your natural habitat will not be destroyed due to any weather changes. These give you best value for your money invested on these.

Easy to be Transported from One Place to Other

This is one of the major advantages of these fake plants as these are highly light weighted and can be transported easily from one place to other quite conveniently. Irrespective of their size, these can be disassembled and reinstalled whenever you need. So, in case if your business location changes, you can hassle-freely make these placed from one to another place just like any other business asset like furniture, etc. All this is just impossible with real plants especially outdoor yard.

Faux Boxwood Topiaries from PermaLeaf® - Classy, Premium Quality, and Durable

Boxwood TopiaryPermaLeaf® is considered as the best. PermaLeaf® is also considered the leader in the outdoor artificial plants and trees industry. Artificial boxwood topiary is the most in demand type of all topiary styles. They come in many forms, sizes, and styles. When added to your outdoor landscape design, faux boxwood topiaries add explicit and ceremonial outlook of that space or environment.

Right from covering privacy to designing new landscapes or upgrading the existing views with more greenery, color, and grandeur, PermaLeaf® has all the artificial plants products.

PermaLeaf® has created many fake boxwood topiaries such as a ball or round, spiral, trees and in many geometric styles and designs. They use highly protective Ultra Violet (UV) materials to protect from the heat of the sun. You can use faux boxwood topiaries in the outdoor landscaping of malls, theme parks, government offices, big restaurants, amusement parks, corporate buildings, etc.

Benefits of PermaLeaf® Faux Boxwood Topiaries:

There are many benefits of adding faux boxwood topiaries, especially PermaLeaf® fake boxwood topiaries. They are of premium quality and many benefits as mentioned below.

  • The materials used for creating PermaLeaf® artificial topiaries; faux plants and fake flowers are of a valuable premium quality that they look too realistic.
  • They have infused with Ultra Violet (UV) shielding materials that they do not fade or wear off because of exposure to the sun.
  • They are suitable for all types of environments and weather, hot summer, strong winds and cold winter snow.
  • These faux boxwood topiaries can be shaped into any designs, or custom-made as per the shape and size with the help of PermaLeaf® experts.
  • PermaLeaf® uses fire retardant in their material, which makes their artificial plant fire resistant.
  • They do not need trimming as they would never grow, unlike real life trees.
  • Their materials are infused with the fire retardant chemicals during the process of their manufacture.
  • You do not need to trim these faux boxwood topiaries as they would never go out of shape or grow, unlike real life trees.
  • They can be easily carried around that you do not need a third hand to carry them around while making any changes in the landscape.
  • These artificial boxwood topiaries have smooth surfaces, which make it incapable for the dust to built-in on them.
  • With faux boxwood topiaries, you can also create your business logo that will stand out unique compared to your competitors.

PermaLeaf® Products:

PermaLeaf® produces all the artificial ingredients for various outdoor landscapes, from small outdoor to big outdoor landscapes.

  • Outdoor Landscape
  • Outdoor Artificial Flowers
  • Boxwood Topiaries
  • Artificial Outdoor Plants
  • Artificial Outdoor Landscape
  • Artificial Landscaping
  • Artificial Foliage
  • Window Boxes
  • Unique Applications
  • Rooftop and Balconies
  • Privacy Screens
  • Plant Containers
  • Living Walls
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Cell Towers and Feature Trees

All these silk plants not only look realistic but they will make your outdoor landscapes lively, beautiful, and peaceful harmony. You can use these faux plants and artificial trees on various outdoor spaces such as your balcony and rooftop gardens, driveways, outdoor seating areas, entryways, and on any of your outdoor landscape dream.

Why is PermaLeaf® the best place to buy for your outdoor landscapes?

With the expertise of PermaLeaf® products, you can create any landscape - a forest landscape, tropical theme, a playground or a desert landscape. PermaLeaf® produces enchanting, colorful artificial flowers. These flowers, when added to your outdoor landscape design, give a sparkling setting to the surrounding. Artificial boxwood topiaries from PermaLeaf® look so life-like and realistic. You can shape them in any design as per your requirement.

PermaLeaf® creates all types of artificial outdoor plants. They have classy faux grass, fake bushes, faux boxwood topiaries, artificial shrubs, fake branches, life-like twigs and artificial hedges.

PermaLeaf® artificial private screen is a masterpiece product. You can use it most suitable for privacy in commercial spaces especially if that has to do with your clients.

Instead of using steel or wooden walls and concrete fences, PermaLeaf® artificial screens, which are colorful, fresh and natural to look at, and yet they cover the privacy while still providing space.

You can send them your landscaping design, and the professional expert team of PermaLeaf® will build a possible plan. You can also customize artificial plants, faux boxwood topiaries, and fake trees as per the requirements of your outdoor landscape plan. Either you are renovating your present landscape or creating a new outdoor landscape, the expert installers of PermaLeaf® will provide you with all the help and support in every step. They add freshness and color to any outdoor environment.

Be it for designing your landscape or need artificial plants for your landscape plans as well as get help in installation to make your landscaping to come true, PermaLeaf® is roll-up all in one. That way, you do not need to reach out to individual service providers separately as everything will be taken care by PermaLeaf®, starting for the time you dream of your landscaping plan till the installation of your dream landscape.

Their team of project managers is qualified horticulture and landscape architect degree holders, and hence will guide you and give you the best answers to all your questions and queries related to your outdoor landscaping plan.

You can visit their website, and request catalog, and will get in depth of all of their products, that includes all the various features of the PermaLeaf® faux tree, flowers, plants, etc. for outdoor landscapes.

So, why delay from doing something great for your outdoor environment? Better get in touch with them right away, call them or write to them. But either way, get in touch with the right away and create a unique, beautiful, attractive, colorful, friendly and grandeur environment right outside your home, business establishment or any outdoor space that you have been longing to bring a unique change.

The Magic of Mesmerizing Landscaping with PermaLeaf® Products

PoinsettiaHaving a mesmerizing landscape is fundamental to the business of all types and styles. No difficulty what business you are in, if you want to impress the visitors, you must have an extraordinary commercial landscape for making a solid impact on their minds. Mind, your exterior is the first point of meeting with all those who pass by the place. In every business, the first impression goes a long way in having a permanent bondage with customers and clients. In case you are responsible for organizing a commercial outdoor, you should make it top-notch so that it creates enough buzz for rounding up more clients. This is vital as you can only grow your business by client satisfaction and allegiance.

A decoration of the gateways, lawns and other outdoor spaces of any commercial setting is important for attracting crowds. Studies show that people feel most comfortable when they are near nature. Landscaping the commercial areas like large corporate houses, shopping malls, exotic bars & casinos, amusement parks are sure to make those more live and sophisticated. But, decorating with live plants is loaded with many hassles. You have to arrange for soil, water, fertilizer and must have the dedicated manpower for their maintenance. When you use PermaLeaf® artificial trees and plants, you are free from such hassles and also need not worry about their replacement because they will never die or fade.

PermaLeaf® artificial landscaping elements offer a practical landscaping solution. Using these you can have a vibrant landscape with minimum cost and almost limitless freedom of selection. Here are some points about the magical performance of PermaLeaf® products.

Avail the unique PermaLeaf® services

Being a passionate landscaping team, PermaLeaf® offers many outdoor landscaping services including outdoor poinsettia decorations during Christmas. Many times people think about organizing the commercial outdoor landscape with a horticultural plant, but they back out from this due to the maintenance hassles that come along. PermaLeaf® has uniquely solved this issue with the introduction of their artificial trees and plants. Their service has three board divisions: designing, manufacturing, and installation. Whether you want to start landscaping of a new project or looking to revamp an existing landscape, PermaLeaf® has solutions for all. With a stint of more than three decades, and having a team backed by architects, designers and project controllers, they can easily find a grand design for all your needs. They will first offer you a draft design to visualize what you will be getting, and the rest becomes easier. Buying fake trees and plants from PermaLeaf® means that you are producing a product that will adorn your outdoor for long. They also help you in installation for bringing your dream to reality.

You can choose from many variants

Commercial landscaping is all about communicating your business theme and principles. All businesses target the visitors to have a look at their decked outdoor. PermaLeaf® collection of artificial trees and plants are the replica of the horticultural plant.  You can choose from the following variants of their outdoor landscaping products.

  • Outdoor Artificial Flowers: Blooms provide the best visual experience for impressing visitors. Available in wide range colors, sizes and types, these can do the talking about your business. These are ideal for including in outdoor poinsettia decorations.
  • Boxwood Topiaries: When you want to infuse grandeur into a formal business environment, the topiaries can let you have the best decoration. You can get this as balls, cones, columns, and spirals for embellishing your outdoor. These can be used for creating business logos as well.
  • Artificial Outdoor Trees & Plants: Nothing can make your guests more relaxed than bringing them near nature. When you do outdoor decoration with fake landscaping products, these help to create a positive vibe for all.
  • Artificial Foliage: This help to add some sparkling creativity in the commercial landscape. Using these in combination with fake flowers you can create a paradise in your commercial setting with their splendid hues and styles.
  • Window Boxes: All businesses do not have the same theme and style and, therefore, these need different landscaping accessories for popping up the place. Businesses that want to discourse fun and vibrancy may use these for their windowsills.
  • Privacy Screens: These are popular with luxury hotels, resorts, etc. for boosting up the place with greenery and also for dividing the swimming pool areas or spas from others so that the guest can enjoy privacy.
  • Hanging Baskets: Only including artificial plants and trees in any landscape does not make it sensational. With their minimalist approach and amazing beauty, the hanging baskets of fake azaleas, bougainvilleas, and ferns can make your outdoor mesmerizing.

These are distinctly different from other landscaping products

PermaLeaf® score over others by creating artificial plants that mimic the horticultural plant in all respects. Every landscaping accessory is made from premium quality plastic material and using high-grade color pigments for replicating nature. Moreover, special UV resistant chemicals are added into these by injection molding during the manufacturing process. So, there is no chance of washing those away. These weather independent landscaping products are durable and can withstand scorching sun rays, torrential rain, and strong winds. In case you have a mundane outdoor and want to make a paradigm shift to color and variety, with their brilliance and grandeur, they give your unimpressive landscape a magical appearance.

You can go for customization

Other than the standard landscaping products available, PermaLeaf® also offers personalization of the decorating elements. They provide guidance on special needs and make tailored fake trees and plants to suit that. You can also communicate them if you have any landscaping constraint. Their project team will help you out from start to finish. In case you have some poles or utility boxes that are becoming eyesores, PermaLeaf® has designed cell towers and feature trees to turn those to pleasant landscaping complements.

It's Beautiful! The Range of Landscaping Products from PermaLeaf®

Hanging BasketArtificial plants and trees have become the latest trend in the landscaping industry. Whether you are a homeowner or business, if you find it difficult to upkeep the live plants and trees in your yard then artificial landscaping is a realistic solution. PermaLeaf® is among best landscaping companies Minneapolis that has been offering high quality and reliable artificial landscaping products for years. Their range of faux trees, plants, flowers and more foliage engineered specially to withstand all the harsh outdoor environmental conditions. They also possess exactly same look as those of their real counterparts. Infused with preserving chemicals and properties, these don't lose their shine and graceful looks even in critical outdoor conditions.

Kinds of Landscaping Products You Can Find with PermaLeaf®

Excellent Boxwood Topiaries

Boxwood is a standout amongst the most well-known topiary assortment and is regularly associated with customs and magnificence. The PermaLeaf® designers have connected this immortal excellence with mesmerizing styles to specialty topiaries which offer your modern spaces a blend of classic, contemporary and seamless greenery. Regardless of what shape or style you are searching for, with PermaLeaf®, you can have a boxwood topiary which will meet all your necessities. All kinds of boxwood topiaries can bring symmetry and perfect structure to your space as well as a bold style to your dull yard. You can find different kinds of geometric designs in boxwood topiaries ranging from the spiral, ball, cone to custom designed topiaries. With a custom designed topiary, you can get any shape created like your business logo, any special shape, your favorite cartoon character or more.

Realistic Looking Artificial Outdoor Plants

A landscape can never be complete with all sized of plants. PermaLeaf® has a wide range of artificial plants available that help you build a wonderful outdoor landscape. These plants give you a perfect way to showcase your brand, personality, and class to your customers as well as business partners. Moreover, these trees look so realistic that no one can ever think that these are artificial. The wonderful effect provided by these plants to your office will surely help you enhance your productivity by keeping your employees fresh and energetic. With these outdoor pants, you can build inviting and interesting entrance at your commercial space.

Outdoor Artificial Plants- Adding Colors to Your Space

Flowers are ideal for adding multiple colors to your landscape in combination with other plants, trees, and green foliage. Flowers can offer exciting effect to your outdoor area. Along with giving an element of style and size to your landscape, PermaLeaf® artificial flowers can also create lively and graceful settings for your outdoor space. PermaLeaf® flowers are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that you can choose as per your specific landscaping requirements. The flowers can be used in multiple ways, like as foliage for your greener plants, as potted plants, hanging baskets as well as in combination with privacy screens to give a blend of color to your privacy screens.

Unique Privacy Screen

A privacy screen is the most popular way that commercial buildings utilize faux foliage. Green screens give commercial areas an elegant, playful as well as a formal way to surround their areas or create a privatized space excitingly. These are ideal for dividing creatively the office spaces, hotel sections, pool areas, restaurants and more without a need of a brick and cemented walls. Steel fences, metal or brick walls can't give that creativity or impressive look to your outdoor area that PermaLeaf® outdoor privacy walls can give. The innovative and privacy screens are created as per the architectural requirements of your outdoor view and can give the onlookers pleasing visual feels.

Decorative Window Boxes

If you want to define the luxurious outdoor landscape that can define your business lifestyle and class, window boxes are the ideal accessories for you. PermaLeaf® window boxes are available in various colors, sizes, colors, and varieties. These can make your landscape look complete and pleasing. The windows boxes carry fade, resistance, fire resistance as well as UV resistance properties that prevent these plants from fading away and getting damaged due to various environmental conditions. So, add these window boxes to your commercial space and bring a charming element to your outdoor settings without any worries of their regular care or maintenance.

Eye-Catchy Outdoor Artificial Hanging Baskets

It is quite easy to create a landscape with plants and trees is easier but making your landscape define your business style is tricky. But it is possible with highly outstanding artificial hanging baskets. The hanging baskets offer a bright and enriching space to your commercial outdoor area. Hanging baskets can be made available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, plant and flower types as per your personal preferences. These are minimalistic along with being mesmerizing that makes them be the center of attention of your outdoor area. Your employees, customers as well as visitors will find your outdoor space a wonderful place to relax, walk and spend free time because of the grace of these baskets. As these come backed up with all environmentally withstanding properties, so these will stay flourishing for years bearing all kinds of weather conditions.

Large Outdoor Artificial Trees for Exciting Landscape

PermaLeaf® offers a long range of artificial trees for outdoor areas of your office, residence or commercial space that can help you build the most realistic natural habitat around your space. The range of artificial trees of PermaLeaf® includes wonderful palms, bonsais, pine trees, large custom trees as well as tropical tree plants. All these faux tree types look exactly like their real counterparts. These have been designed with superior technology so that can stay for years in your outdoor landscape. These trees can be combined with the colors of faux foliage as well as flowers to form a complete outdoor landscape.

Artificial Topiaries from PermaLeaf® - Premier Landscaping Made a Reality

TopiariesWrecking your brain to find the best landscaping solution for your outdoor commercial area? Or, if you are confused with rules and guidelines of the landscaping, mind that creativity starts with breaking the traditional themes and perceptions. Those days are gone when people used to have a lush lawn in the commercial entrances. Because who will like dried flowers and leaves in the garden or passage? Moreover, there is the issue of fading; the leaves that were once vibrant green turns yellow, and the once blooming flowers become pale. All these have been finally resolved with the advent of the fake landscaping elements. These have made landscaping an amazing reality. With many evolutions of the artificial trees for outdoors, landscaping with artificial trees and plants has now become very popular.

Landscaping is an out-and-out a mind blowing job. It does not matter whether you are the owner, of have the responsibility of revamping any commercial landscape.  If you have the power of visualization, you can break the so-called designing ideas for creating a visual that delights the eyes of the onlookers. In the highly competitive business scenario of the present, none can dare to skip outdoor landscaping of any commercial space. Every business area has to present a magical environment for the customers and having an outdoor decorated with artificial tropical tree plants helps it to keep them permanently.

As nothing can be achieved by the next dawn, to be successful, every business must have a landscape that can create a permanent delightful environment. You must have something that will start buzzing around about the firm and entice people to visit the place. Among all the landscaping elements, the artificial topiaries from PermaLeaf® deliver the best landscaping solution. With their majestic appearance and stylish disposition, these trimmed landscaping elements turn out to be the perfect addition to the entrance, passages, welcoming areas and lawns of luxury hotels & restaurants, exotic spas & sauna baths, charming corporate house, etc. These are made so lifelike that none can differentiate it from the live bushes.

Allows choosing from many varieties

Aside from many types of artificial trees for outdoors, PermaLeaf® also has a wide variety of artificial topiaries that can be used in different professional outdoors. You can get these in many designs and styles including regular geometrical shapes to cute spiral balls, columns, and many other types. Designing the business logo can also be done using the fake topiaries. Whether you want to add boldness to the ambiance or prefer to have some structural symmetry, there is something for every requirement. In case you require something different, that can also be done to reveal the beauty of the place. Moreover, made of the high-quality fade resistant material, these stay there for long with their evergreen look and luster.

Ideal for doorways and open spaces

Topiaries have been used for decoration since long for its magical beauty and appeal. These are preferred by all business for their capacity to add a dash of elegance.  Be it a private hospital, large shopping complex, luxury holiday resort or any other professional space, decorating the pathway and the open space is very vital for drawing people in. This is not to give less importance to the indoor. Your outdoor is what meets the eyes of the people first and, as such, needs to be a chick and classy. While embellishing the open space with artificial trees for outdoors and fake tropical tree plants render a live ambiance, the addition of artificial topiaries takes beyond the horizon of decoration. When topiaries of different forms are used in theme parks, they liven up space to the delight of the visitors.

PermaLeaf® products make landscaping designers delight

While decorating with mimic tropical tree plants, people always think about how to install them and where to place them for the best view. The major advantage of the PermaLeaf® artificial topiaries is that these come in standard pots. As such, these landscaping elements can be added to any commercial environment in the easiest and simple manner by anyone with basic landscaping knowledge and a flair for excellence.  The thumb rule is to place them where they will blend with overall setting. Once you are sure about the topiary types, you can buy and add them. Do not worry, if you cannot decide. You can have the PermaLeaf® expert guidance for rejuvenating your business decoration.

There are endless possibilities

Being available as boxwood, columns, cones, and spirals, it is possible to use fake topiaries in many ways. These can be used in creating an enticing pathway for any commercial organization and also for defining an exclusive space in a luxury resort, posh hotels or an open air exhibition. Having lifelike appearance, these can be easily blended with live landscaping trees and plants for revamping the area. If the spiral topiaries are used around a water source in the lawn of a large commercial complex, it brings in a relaxed and playful feeling in the premises. Illuminating the fake topiaries with LED lights during Christmas and other festive occasions help to create a heavenly ambiance. Other than these, placing these in decorated pots also make the place dignified and glamorous.

Why go for PermaLeaf® products?

PermaLeaf® faux topiaries are packed with a load of protective measures for keeping them green for a long time. Unlike the others available in the market these are not sprayed but impregnated with special UV resistant chemical during the manufacturing process. This specialty makes them weatherproof. Installing them, you can forget about as they will stay there impressing everyone in extremely hot, cold and breezy conditions equally. These are made from high-quality foliage and being life-like, these are preferred by the owners, designers, and architects. Why wait? Order them to know for revamping your business landscape.

10 Reasons That Make PermaLeaf® Artificial Plants The Best In The Market

Artificial Landscaping PlantsIf you're looking to install an outdoor artificial landscape on your porch, patio, or gazebo, you need to have artificial plants and flowers that are of top quality and extremely realistic looking. Although there are scores of brands that manufacture and market different types of outdoor plants and trees, often these landscaping products last for only a short time due to the poor quality of raw materials. In the case of PermaLeaf®, you don't need to worry about the artificial plants and trees spoiling or deteriorating in quality. PermaLeaf® has gained popularity across the globe and has come to be known as one of the best manufacturers of artificial plants in the market. Here are ten reasons why the PermaLeaf® plants have achieved this status:

Top Quality Products That Will Last For Years On End

One of the reasons that PermaLeaf®'s artificial plants have come to be known amongst the best in the market is due to their best quality. Unlike synthetic landscaping products offered by competitors, the PermaLeaf® plants and trees do not spoil or deteriorate in quality when installed in outdoor landscapes. The PermaLeaf® plants will last for years on end without withering or fading due to the high-quality raw materials that are used in the manufacturing process. Thus, these plants are worth the investment and will last for years on end.

Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant Landscaping Products

At the time of manufacturing, the raw materials of the PermaLeaf® plants are impregnated with chemicals that make the final products weather proof and climate tolerant. It doesn't matter whether the artificial landscaping products are installed in cities that have excessive rainfall, snowfall or sunlight, these products can tolerate all kinds of weather conditions and still last for decades without spoiling. The UV stabilizers that are injected in the raw materials at the time of manufacturing ensure that the plants don't fade or lose their color when exposed to harsh sunlight in tropical areas.

Simple to maintain And Look After

Unlike real plants that require regular watering, sunlight, pruning, trimming and fertilizing, the faux landscaping products require zero or no maintenance. You don't need to hire an expert gardener to take care of your outdoor landscape. The artificial trees for outdoors landscapes can be made to look fresh and new by a simple spray of water. The minimal maintenance feature of these tropical tree plants makes them very convenient for individuals who have hectic schedules and no time to take care of their plants.

Easy Installation Process For Your Convenience

Another reason that the PermaLeaf® plants are considered amongst the best in the market is that of their easy installation process and the installation services provided by the company. PermaLeaf® has a team of skilled professionals who will provide you with rendered images, conceptual drawings and plan designs of your outdoor area. From creating the prospective landscape design to completing the installation, PermaLeaf® will do the entire job for you. So, you don't need to pay large sums of money on hiring a landscaping artist who will create an outdoor landscape on your patio or porch; you can pretty much depend on PermaLeaf® for everything.

Provide Custom Made Plants For Unique Landscapes

If you want your outdoor landscape to view unique and distinctive in comparison to your neighbor's garden, PermaLeaf® offers the option of personalized plants and trees. If you have a large outdoor space and are looking to give PermaLeaf® a huge order of plants, trees, and flowers, PermaLeaf® can customize the flowers and plants to suit your requirements and needs. The customized plants will be specific to your application and will give make your landscape a cut above the rest.

Can Be Installed In Countless Different Types Of Projects

One more reason that these plants beat competitor's products is that they can be installed in countless different types of projects. Here's a list of outdoor projects that the PermaLeaf® plants are commonly installed in:

  • Hotel entrances, parking lots, mall entrances, movie theater entrances and parking lots, museum entrances and art gallery entrances are places that the artificial outdoor plants are commonly installed in.
  • Office buildings, hospital buildings, psychiatric facility gardens, public gardens, water parks, theme parks, amusement parks and residential buildings are also spaces where the plants can be installed.

Cost Effective And Affordable Landscaping Products

The ThermaLeaf plants and trees are extremely affordable and cost effective. It doesn't matter what the size of your project is, these trees and plants can be ordered in large quantities without burning a hole in your pocket. The affordable prices of the landscaping products make these artificial plants and trees very cost effective. Unlike other artificial landscaping products that are exorbitantly priced, the PermaLeaf® range is easy in the pocket.

Extremely Realistic And Lifelike Plants, Flowers And Trees

Another reason that the PermaLeaf® plants are so popular is that of their realistic and lifelike features. The plants and flowers are manufactured to resemble the real ones identically. The PermaLeaf® plants are so vert realistic looking that they can fool even the most trained eye into believing that they are real. 

Several Varieties For You To Choose From

PermaLeaf® has an extensive range of landscaping products to offer its patrons. Whether you're looking out for artificial flowers, faux plants or fake trees, there is something here for every need and requirement. From lush green palm trees to thick shrubs, beautiful roses, bright sunflowers, breathtaking daisies and various other options, you're bound to find a landscaping product to fit your requirement.

Long Shelf Life Of The Landscaping Products

If you're looking to create a seasonal landscape, you may want to store away the landscaping products when not in use. In the case of the PermaLeaf® landscaping products, you can store them away for months on end without worrying about them spoiling. The PermaLeaf® plants and flowers have an extremely long shelf life and can be stored away for months on end without any hassles.

The Breathtaking Range Of PermaLeaf® Artificial Landscaping Options

Outdoor Landscaping DesignPermaLeaf® has stylish, classy and extremely lifelike outdoor landscaping options to offer. These options include different types of plants, trees, flowers and other products. Manufactured with the sturdiest of raw materials, these artificial trees for outdoors landscapes are just what you need for a visually pleasing and perfect landscape. Artificial outdoor landscapes are gaining popularity across the globe. Today we will provide you with all the information about PermaLeaf®'s artificial landscaping options.

Wide Range Of Outdoor Landscaping Products For You To Choose From

PermaLeaf® has a plethora of outdoor landscaping products for you to choose from. These products include vibrant and blooming faux flowers, lush green and captivating plants and thick and visually pleasing trees. The artificial flowers include bright yellow sunflowers, daisies, exquisite roses, pretty tulips, hibiscuses and various others. The plants and trees include shrubs, outdoor hedges, palm trees, artificial varieties of grasses, topiaries of different plants and various others. You can create a gorgeous outdoor landscape by mixing and matching the trees and plants and flowers. These landscaping products are unbelievably lifelike and realistic looking.

Various Outdoors Spaces Where These Landscaping Products Can Be Installed

The landscaping products offered by PermaLeaf® can be installed in all types of outdoor landscape projects. Here are a few thoughts of where you can install these flowers and plants:

  • Hotel entrances, hotel gardens, resort garden, outdoor swimming pool spaces and mall parking lots are some of the places where these plants and flowers can be installed. 
  • Water parks, amusement parks, theme parks, patios, public gardens, gazebos, porches are also spaces where these tropical trees, plants, and flowers are popularly installed. 
  • Office buildings, residential buildings, museum entrances, art gallery entrances and parking areas, church compounds, hospital entrances, gardens in old age homes and other such places are ideal for the installation of the artificial landscaping products.

Weather Proof And Climate Tolerant Artificial Landscaping Products

An excellent benefit of the range of PermaLeaf® artificial landscaping products is that these plants, trees, and flowers are absolutely weather proof and can tolerate all kinds of harsh climates. The PermaLeaf® landscaping products are manufactured with plastics that can tolerate all the harsh elements of the weather. It doesn't matter whether these plants are exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, or whether they are put out in a landscape that is getting showered down upon with snowfall or cold rain, these products will not deteriorate, fade or spoil irrespective of the surroundings that they are installed in. Further, the UV stabilizers that are impregnated into the raw materials of the PermaLeaf® products ensure that the faux plants, trees, and flowers do not fade or lose their color when installed in landscaping projects that are exposed to constant sunlight.

Offers Personalized Landscaping Products

If you're installing artificial landscaping products in your outdoor landscape you probably want your landscape to look unique, stylish and a cut above you neighbor's landscape. For you landscape to look unique, you will need artificial plants, flowers, and trees that also look unique and exquisite. For such cases, PermaLeaf® offers the option of customized or personalized landscaping products. These products will be manufactured to fit your project's requirements and will be very specific to your application. However, you need to have a large order quantity for PermaLeaf® to customize the outdoor plants and trees for you. The customized plants and trees will give your project a very distinctive and unique vibe and will leave onlookers in awe and amazement.

Rely On PermaLeaf®'s Team Of Professionals For The Perfect Outdoors Landscape

Installing the perfect outdoor landscape can be an uphill task, especially if you don't have the prior experience of doing so. Another hassle with outdoor landscapes is that although a lot of people out there are very keen on getting one installed in their outdoor spaces, they can't seem to take out the time from their busy schedules to get the work done. With PermaLeaf®'s team of skilled professionals, you no longer need to worry about getting the perfect outdoor landscape installed in your space. Once you have contacted a project manager at PermaLeaf® and briefed him about your vision, the team of skillful specialists will take care of the rest. From designing the landscape to installation, PermaLeaf® will take care of everything for you. Not only will the team give you with rendered images, conceptual drawings and plan designs of your outdoor area, but they will also ensure identical installation upon taking up the project. You can now finally have the outdoor landscape you have always dreamt of without even lifting a finger.

Minimal Maintenance Landscaping Products

Another excellent feature of the landscaping products offered by PermaLeaf® is that these products require minimal or no maintenance. Unlike real plants and flowers that are installed in any landscape, the artificial ones do not require regular watering, pruning, trimming, cutting or fertilizing. Further, you don't need to spend additional sums of money on a monthly basis to hire a professional gardener who will take care of your landscape project. Once installed these plants are pretty much maintenance free. However, if your landscape project is located in a space that tends to attract dust, a simple spray of water is good enough to get the plants looking fresh and new.  The artificial landscape products are ideal for working executives, business owners, and professionals who have long working hours and limited time to dedicate towards their landscape.

So, don't wait another minute and get in touch with a project manager from PermaLeaf® today. From purchase to installation and after sales services, PermaLeaf® will provide you assistance with all the services that you could require. We guarantee that investing the PermaLeaf® products will be one of the best long-term investments you will ever make.