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Add Grace and Color to your Office with PermaLeaf® Artificial Outdoor Flowers

Artificial Outdoor PlantsWhether you are the owner of commercial space as the large office building, huge corporate house, luxury hotel or restaurant, shopping mall, hospitals, bars, casinos and theme parks; decorating the outdoor landscape with artificial outdoor flowers infuse a vibrant feeling in the surroundings. Guests regularly visit all such places and including fake flowers in the exterior decoration will add a blooming beauty to the commercial space and will have a mesmerizing effect on the onlookers. PermaLeaf® has a variety of colorful fake flowers offering you a wide range for finding your favorite. You can adorn the outdoor with these to show your class and quality.

When people enter any large office complex or luxury resorts anything like that, the outdoor comes into view first. Since the commercial places are visited by a large number of people every day, it is important that such places have a beautiful exterior landscape. Regardless of the nature of the commercial establishment, you can opt for artificial landscaping with fake flowers for making it stand out of the crowd. With their outstanding features, the outdoor artificial flowers will bring in a charming ambiance in the barren exterior in a jiffy. As each and everyone love flowers, your customer and clients will be in a positive frame of mind when they step into your commercial space. 

There are reasons for choosing artificial outdoor flowers   

People love the heavenly look of a landscape with natural blossoms. But, it involves massive investment for cost and maintenance and further needs much time and effort. Embellishing a large commercial outdoor with flowers becomes a difficult task, as it needs dedicated workforce for maintenance, soil preparation, fertilization, pest control and also for clearing the area from the dropped leaves and petals.  Further, some of your visitors, especially the kids, may be sensitive to pollen and scent of the flowers. Considering all these aspects, it seems that having artificial landscaping with fake flowers is the best option.  The PermaLeaf® outdoor artificial flowers look so realistic that you can never ignore those for the office outdoors. 

Beauty of the replicated flowers

Replicated flowers can make a great contribution in the outdoor landscaping of the major corporate houses, luxury resorts, shopping malls, big restaurants, amusement parks, hospitals, casinos or any other commercial establishments. Artificial landscaping with PermaLeaf® fake flowers can enhance the beauty of the otherwise dull commercial exteriors. PermaLeaf® artificial flowers are made to look like their natural versions. These are made so much botanically correct, that one has to touch it to feel the difference. These fake outdoor flowers are available in a significant number of varieties with vibrant colors and a cluster of sizes and shapes. You can get azaleas, bougainvillea, daisies, roses, sunflowers, etc. You can use these for defining space, on the privacy screens, in the outdoor gardens, porches, etc. Adorning your commercial entrance with fake flowers, you can lead the visitors to the indoor through a celestial pathway. 

Fake flowers are immortal

Adorning the commercial outdoors with fake out flowers is a good option because these are immortal. While the natural flowers meet the end after some time, no such thing happens with the faux outdoor flowers, and so, you need not worry about drying up or dropping of flowers. Once you put them in your office outdoor, they stay there for long. PermaLeaf® outdoor flowers are made from high-quality plastic materials. These are made inherently UV resistant during the manufacturing process, and additional fade resistant treatment is also given. Thus, there is no chance of fading due to exposure to sun rays enabling you to enjoy their beauty for long.

Fake flowers have many positives

Including replicated flowers in outdoor landscaping is a great option, as this let you enjoy the following benefits. 

  • Most of the natural flowers are seasonal, but the fake outdoor flowers are available in all seasons with their vibrant appearance.
  • These can withstand all weather conditions.  Whether these are exposed to scorching sun rays, heavy rains or snowfalls, they never get damaged.
  • There are almost limitless choice to make your office outdoor graceful.
  • They never outgrow the space, and no trimming is required.
  • No mold growth. So, no need of spraying.
  • Not attracted by insects and, therefore, your guests are free from insect attack.
  • Pets are also not attracted to fake outdoor flowers; no chance of pet damage.
  • Provides warmth and comfort and deliver a welcoming look with the magical beauty.
  • These are easy to maintain. Regular cleaning of dust is enough to keep the shine for long.
  • Portability and flexibility is a prime factor. The fake outdoor flowers can be rotated between places for redesigning the landscape.

These tips will make faking look natural

Fake flowers can never be better than a naturally blooming flower. The live flowers have their typical scent. But, if you follow these tips, the fake flowers can deliver the best possible realistic looking decoration.

  • Do homework: For outdoor landscaping of your commercial space, you must take the seasonal variation into consideration. Never include any artificial outdoor flowers in your landscape that do not bloom in the particular season. Also, compare the fake flowers with the photos of the natural flowers. 
  • Consider the materials: When you are doing outdoor landscaping with fake flowers, you should choose the flowers that are fade resistant. Provided with inherent UV protection, the PermaLeaf® flowers make an excellent choice.
  • Consider buying a flowering plant: When you include fake flower plants in your outdoor landscape, it looks more realistic than decorating with false flowers only. Putting the fake flowering plants in an original plot enhances the beauty. Your guests would be charmed with this.
  • Consider using fake water: you can also keep outdoor artificial flowers with fake water in transparent vases for a realistic decoration.

What Makes PermaLeaf® Artificial Landscaping Products Worthwhile?

Outdoor TopiaryThe corporate landscaping methods are quite different from the domestic or other counterparts. The landscaping for offices or public buildings requires more perfection with improved standards in aesthetic as well as it should be low on maintenance as much as possible. Some of the brilliant ideas in business landscaping include the use of plant items as they will give a rejuvenating look in the boring or monotonous concrete and steel environment. That is somewhat hectic for corporate places, and there is a need to switch to the smarter alternatives like artificial landscaping techniques. 

The advantages with the smarter artificial landscaping

Here are some advantages with the real looking artificial outdoor plants which make it worth using in commercial landscaping.

  • An endless range of products- the artificial outdoor plants and artificial landscaping items have a wide variety of products including boxwood topiaries, artificial foliage, flowering plants and even large outdoor plants which are suitable for almost all types of corporate locations. You will surely find the landscaping item which will enhance any area in office and will look as fresh as any real plants.
  • Clean and tidy office- if you need to maintain a clean and tidy office premises or don't want to clean the leaves or other plant wastes now and then, the artificial outdoor plants are ideal for your office. Imagine having a real plant in your office without the plant wastes.
  • Zero maintenance- unlike the real plants and trees, you don't need to water or prune them daily to make keep them in the best condition. The artificial outdoor plants require no maintenance and do last for years. 
  • Elegant products- artificial landscaping involves the use of some splendid items, and they are stunning. The viewers will surely be amazed to see the beautiful range of products. The privacy screens and boxwood mats are completely innovative and will be the center of attention wherever you place them. 
  • Economical- the artificial landscaping techniques are far more economical than the real ones as they don't have a normal life cycle and won't die or need replacement after a certain time. They will be in the same fresh condition for years. The materials which are used for manufacturing the artificial outdoor plants are also quite sturdy and don't fade even after continuous exposure to sunlight.

Choosing the ideal fake outdoor plants for your office

The wide range of fake outdoor plants sometimes makes it difficult to pick the right one for your office. Let's take a look at amazing of the most commonly used artificial outdoor plants and their applications.

  • Artificial flowering plants- this is the most commonly used artificial landscaping item, and it consists of the vivid, bright and colorful flowering plants which can be used to increase the general aesthetic beauty of the office. They can be used anywhere outdoors where the people will see the beautiful, colorful view and cherish the natural freshness. 
  • Artificial foliage- the artificial foliage is also quite a lot in use nowadays in outdoor landscaping as they help in giving the extra bit of spark required in outdoor landscaping. There are wide ranges of foliage from which you can pick the ideal one.
  • Boxwood topiaries- there are wide ranges of artificial boxwood topiaries to create a great atmosphere at the office outdoors. The artificial boxwood topiaries come in various shapes and sizes, and you can have your customized faux landscaping item for your office outdoors. They will look unique and splendid. 
  • Artificial green screens- you can have your customized green screens made of fake plants. They are unique, and you can also create green living walls outside your office to give it an elegant touch. You can create colorful walls also instead of green to add to the aesthetic beauty.
  • Customized outdoor landscaping- you can also go for a complete artificial landscaping outside your office which will comprise of the artificial outdoor flowers, the artificial trees, boxwood topiaries, shrubs, and foliage. It will be customized to suit your taste exactly, and you can also pick any particular spot in your office and choose to enhance it like you balcony or rooftop, etc.

Reasons for choosing PermaLeaf®

There are some distinct benefits of using the PermaLeaf® products which make thousands of people from all over the world to choose it over the other landscaping items. Let's take a look at them.

  • PermaLeaf® products are made of specially toughened materials which can withstand harsh weather conditions like the direct sun, strong winds, rainfall or snow. So, you won't mind using it outside during the unfavorable conditions. 
  • During manufacturing, the artificial landscaping items are impregnated with special materials which are UV protective to make sure that they don't fade away or lose colors when exposed to the sun for a long time. 
  • The products come with an assurance of superior quality. All the materials which are used to manufacture the products and the colors used are of premium quality, and they ensure complete customer satisfaction. The team of chemical experts takes care that the products are completely UV safe and they adhere to the quality standards.
  • The landscaping items are made with the highest level of perfection, and they are supervised by botanists to take care that the artificial plants are completely real. Once placed at the office outdoors, the viewers will not be able to distinguish them from fake plants as they will look natural and fresh.

The PermaLeaf® products have a lot of advantages, and they are better than all other landscaping items in the market. The artificial outdoor plants can be a great alternative to the plants which don't grow in some geographical regions. So, you can have the plants which don't grow or survive at your place naturally, and you can keep them fresh and natural for the whole year.

All Time Favourites – Top PermaLeaf® Artificial Outdoor Plants to Buy

Artificial Outdoor PlantsAs outdoor designing is the first step to making a first impression worthwhile, it is very necessary to choose the right designing element for your landscape which portrays the hidden beautify of your landscape in the best way possible. When it is about outdoor designing elements, nothing beats the artificial foliages which are presented by PermaLeaf®. These are creatively designed to enhance the level of beautification of your landscape, giving them a natural feel. There are different types of artificial plants which are presented by PermaLeaf® to give you a wide spectrum of designing elements. Here are some ways how PermaLeaf® provides your landscape, the ultimate well designing look.

Types of faux plants provided by PermaLeaf®

Artificial plants are the key to decorating an outdoor area with the ultimate level of sophistication. There are different types of plants available just to make sure that you choose the right one for your landscape. The main attractions are:

  • Boxwood topiaries
  • Fake Bonsais
  • Faux hedges
  • Artificial flowers
  • Artificial palm trees

How these fake yet natural looking plants binds nature with your life

Human has this general tendency to work efficiently if surrounded by nature. But when it comes to outdoor designing, natural elements are way too fragile to work with and involves high maintenance. The artificial plants are a way to maintain the natural look of your outdoor area and decorate it in a minimalistic manner. Most of these artificial plants come in different sizes, shapes, and color which allow you to select the right one according to your theme and space. Moreover, the artificial greeneries blend well with the atmosphere and help the surrounding to be calm and composed. It helps to create a bridge between your life and nature, making it easier for you to concentrate on your work.

Materials are environmental friendly

One of the most interesting facts about the artificial plants which are provided by PermaLeaf® is that these are created with substances which are nature oriented and doesn't directly harm the environment. The natural look, the long lasting fabric and other important detailing like fire resistant and UV protection help artificial plants to woo their customers in every way, giving them a better environment to live in.

Saves your time and money

In today's world, anything which takes a lot of time from your packed schedule is tough to handle. Especially when it comes to decoration, most of the decorative elements available in today ‘date involves high maintenance. Artificial plants being very steady don't allow you to waste your time in taking care of it. These are budget friendly and once installed doesn't involve costly repairing. It is surely a great way to invest your money in something which soothes your soul.

Places where you can use artificial plants as decorative elements

Because of the versatility in its genre, fake plants works well with any setup, making it universally acceptable. The different types and their ability to fit in anywhere make it very easy for the designer to design in a structured way. Though there is this misconception about artificial plants being used only for interior decorations, you'll be glad to know that faux plants are one of the largest selling outdoor designing products to work with. These can be easily used at:

  • Hospitals
  • Retail malls
  • Luxury hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate buildings 
  • Banquets 

Some ideas to use artificial plants:

Artificial plants can be used in many ways to maximize the intensity of its look. Some of the innovative ways to decorate the outdoor areas are:

Decorate the outdoor sitting area with potted boxwood: Generally, restaurants and hotels provide an outdoor sitting area which decorates their lawn in a beautiful way but what adds charm to whole set up is some potted boxwood in different color shades.

Decorate the pathways with artificial palm trees: pathways of co-operating offices and hospitals are very dull thus needs a spark to make the visitor's little campus tour worthwhile. Artificial palm trees work great in this case, giving a bit of tropical essence to the whole scene.  

Gardens of hospitals: to break the seriousness of the environment, hospitals use artificial plants decorate their lawns. From beautiful faux hedges to artificial flowers, anything which suits the set up of the surrounding can be used in an appropriate manner, helping the visitors to relax and enjoy the beautiful side of it. 

Logos and animal-shaped hedges: Using artificial plants to imprint a genuine logo or animal is the new trend to make your office look well decorated. The outer area of the corporate buildings can be used in a good way to make sure that it looks nature oriented yet trendy.

When maintenance is hassle free

When it comes to hassle free maintenance, nothing can beat artificial plants. Usually while decorating with natural plants, many things need to be kept in mind regarding the maintenance like proper watering, regular soiling and fertilizing to keep them fresh. But unlike natural plants, artificial plants retain their freshness for a very long time and don't demand high maintenance. There are some simple steps to make sure that the false plants last for a very long time which involves dusting and washing with soap water if needed. Yes, that's how easy it is.

Use artificial plants to ignore clumsiness

One of the main problems to work with natural plants for decoration is that other than being extremely clumsy to handle, these invites insects and unwanted microorganisms which make the surrounding a bit unhygienic.  Artificial plants don't demand watering and soiling or regular trimming and shaping, keeping the surrounding clean and dry, helping the designer to maintain the place aesthetically appealing in a germ-free way.

Looking for a Makeover for Your Restaurant's Exterior Space? Permaleaf® Products Are the Solution

Outdoor Artificial Landscaping BeautiesTransform your garden's exterior space with lush green faux trees, hedges, turf and plants that are guaranteed to look same all throughout the year without maintenance.  

The magic of PermaLeaf® products

Fresh green lawns are often attracting customers to relax and can instantly uplift the mood of anyone, making it a crucial part of any big restaurant. With PermaLeaf® products the same beautiful lawn can be enjoyed for years without having to mow, water, fertilize and most importantly, saving a few bucks on hiring a gardener to do all of these works. Artificial landscaping not just saves a lot of work on a daily basis but also saves a lot of water and money that goes into maintaining lush green lawns and gardens. These are very hygienic and safe for kids, pets as well as adults because they do not have any harmful materials, allergy causing pollens, fungus growth, etc. 

Building visions into reality

One of the best things about using PermaLeaf® products it that a team of professionals is always there to help the clients visualize and conceptualize their gardens, lawns or any outdoor areas that they want to decorate. These artificial landscaping beauties are fully customizable. The customers can share any abstract idea, and the expert team from PermaLeaf® will help to build their vision into reality. The client can come up with any variety of plants, trees, etc. in any size that suits their particular landscape and PermaLeaf® can deliver the exact product with every little detail to complete their vision. These products are designed with utmost care to incorporate every little detail so that the clients are satisfied any happy with how their exterior landscapes look. 

Lush green landscapes in any season

Premium quality materials are used to manufacture these artificial botanical beauties to ensure that the look natural and are indistinguishable from the original plants. These products are sure to bring the same sense of tranquility and the feeling of well-being that the greenery of natural landscapes delivers, with the added benefit of staying the same way for years without having to spend anything on maintenance. Faux landscaping products are not just maintenance free but also ensure that there is less mess to clear. Being artificial, these are pest free, and there is no hassle of consulting specialists for different plants and trees in various seasons to protect them from mealy bugs, scales, insects, fungus and everything else that are known to spoil natural plants and trees. 

Crafted with utmost care

PermaLeaf® products last very long and are fade resistant, which ensures that they look beautiful and lush green for many years. These are specially made with high-quality industrial grade materials that make them very durable even without any maintenance. These products are suited for exterior landscaping, and they are environment-friendly and can be customized to fit any environment. These artificial and yet realistic looking plants are made with advanced technology so that they can withstand harsh climatic conditions. These are fade resistant, and thus UV rays and water will not cause any detectable color loss for years. The UV stable property makes them suitable for outdoors and helps these faux beauties sustain even in very hot climatic areas. The good quality materials make these artificial landscaping products wear and tear proof for many years. 

Installation is the key

Installation plays a crucial role in making the products last long. Suppose in a windy area; these artificial plants are not installed correctly, it can make the whole setup very vulnerable to damage by the wind and can even cause plants and trees to come up with their base, which can be dangerous to the surrounding property and people. To avoid such situations, installation facilities are guided by dedicated experts from the PermaLeaf® team. Clients can also go for products that can be self-installed very easily with the help of instruction manual that comes with the product. Any problem with the installation, however small the landscape or the product might be, is taken care of by a dedicated crew of professionals. 

Products for every exterior landscape

Be it vast spreading lawns or smaller gardens in restaurants and cafés, PermaLeaf® has something to beautify every location. Moreover, the products are fully customizable, so any variety of plants, trees, hedges, etc. can be made with client specifications about the size, color, flower, baseboard preference and other every other detail, however small that might be, for absolute customer satisfaction. The advanced technology used at PermaLeaf® allows client visualizations to be depicted through computer generated images with the help of expert consultants. PermaLeaf® allows complete client involvement in the process, and every step of adding detail is consulted, to ensure that exact product required by the customer is produced. 

Some other benefits of owning faux plants:

  • Fake plants only need only the installation time which is far lesser than that of growing a natural plant.
  • Being made from synthetic elements, these do not need have any special temperature or humidity requirements which are often essential for real plants
  • These artificial botanical beauties do not propose any problem of introducing mealy bugs, pests or other harmful things in the surrounding environment as nothing organic is present in them.
  • Faux plants are a convenient way of decorating exterior landscapes as they are completely maintenance free.
  • These last for years without any care with the added benefit of being fade resistant and UV stable which ensures that their beauty remains same for years.

How PermaLeaf® Products Help Designers Transform Office Exteriors

Artificial Plant for OutdoorTransform your office exteriors with these gorgeous and breathtaking artificial plants. Create an impact on the mind of your clients and leave them mesmerized.

Having a well-designed office exterior is essential. The entrance of the office and its surroundings must leave a good image in the mind of visitors, guests, and clients. A shabby office exterior will speak for itself and may put off new customers and create a bad impression of the organization. As a designer, you probably want to decorate the office exteriors of your clients as well as you would the interiors. PermaLeaf® products are a hot favorite amongst designers across the globe, and these amazing artificial plants play a major role in transforming the office exteriors. Here's how PermaLeaf® products help designers. 

Helps The Designer Enhance The Beauty Of Surroundings

The PermaLeaf® plants and trees play a major role in beautifying the surroundings that they are placed in. These artificial plants are manufactured with the best quality raw materials, and the finished products are realistic and lifelike. Installing these realistic looking artificial plants in the office exterior can brighten up and liven up the entrance. The lush green leaves of the faux plants leave a calming and inspiring effect on the mind of visitors, guests and staff members. Walking into an office with beautiful exteriors can motivate people to work harder and better rather than walking into an office with shabby exteriors. Designers can beautify the office exteriors at a minimal cost with the help of these faux plants. He need not make his client spend large sums of money on extravagant showpieces and expensive statues to decorate the office exterior. Thus, both clients, as well as the designers, are happy with this beautiful yet minimalistic way of office exterior decoration. 

The Designer Need Not Worry About The Product Deteriorating Over Time 

Another reason that the PermaLeaf® products are exceptionally useful to designers is that they need not worry about the products fading or losing color or even spoiling over a period. These products are not only made of the best raw materials, but the raw materials are treated with certain chemicals that prevent the artificial plants from getting damaged in extreme weather conditions. The PermaLeaf® plants are UV protected and do no get damaged or fade with exposure to excessive sunlight. Unlike other available faux plants in the market, the UV stabilizers in the PermaLeaf® products ensure that the leaves continue to look lush green and vibrant even after the plant has been placed outdoors for days and months on end. Further, the plants don't spoil when exposed to rain or snowfall. So, these artificial plants are extremely beneficial for designers as they are very long lasting and sturdy and the clients of the designers are always impressed and satisfied with the products. 

Various Places That Designers Can Install The PermaLeaf® Artificial Plants

The PermaLeaf® artificial plants can be installed in a variety of outdoor spaces. Here's a list of where these beautiful plants are commonly installed by designers:

  • Malls
  • Parking lots of hotels
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Office entrances
  • Theme parks
  • Water parks 
  • Government buildings 
  • Residential building entrances and lobbies 
  • Restaurant exteriors 
  • Theatres 
  • Boutique entrances 
  • Rooftops and balconies 

Besides the above-mentioned list, the faux plants can be installed in a variety of other spaces. These plants make excellent outdoor decorative pieces. They can be installed in any location where the designer wishes to add vibrancy and life. 

Various Available Products For Designers To Choose From

The PermaLeaf® plants come in several different kinds of varieties to choose from. Designers and customers have options of choosing outdoor trees, boxwood topiaries, colorful and vibrant flowers and flowering plants, palm trees, bonsai trees, ferns, ivy plants and various other options. Depending on the purpose of use, designers can choose from the wide range of products that PermaLeaf® has to offer. For instance, if a designer is doing up the office exteriors, he may want to use boxwood topiaries, artificial foliage, baskets of faux flowers, bonsai plants, living walls, privacy screens and ferns. On the other hand, if the designer is looking to do an outdoor landscape in a garden or theme park, he or she may want to consider the palm trees, hanging baskets and other such products. 

Easy Installation Process Is A Real Boon For Designers 

The beauty of the PermaLeaf® products is that they are extremely easy to install. Once the designer has decided what products he wishes to order for his clients, he can have a discussion with the experts on the PermaLeaf® team on how to place them. The experts will give the designer the necessary advice and can even provide a team of professionals who can install the plants accurately and appropriately on behalf of the designer. If the designer prefers to install the plants with his team, it is very much doable. The plants are so simple and easy to install that the designer and his team need not depend on the professional team provided by PermaLeaf® for installation. Anyone with basic information and knowledge on landscaping can get the installation done themselves. 

Long Shelf Life And Reusable 

Wedding decorators and designers can use these gorgeous and breathtaking artificial plants for wedding decorations and also decorate other social events. These faux plants have an extremely long shelf life and can be stored away for months on end when not in use. The designer need not worry about the plants getting spoilt when they are put away. Further, these plants can be re-used as per the requirements of the designer. Another reason that these plants are very beneficial for the designer is because of their affordable priced, and the designer can buy them in large quantities and store them for future events and parties without having to worry about unbearable expenditures and unaffordable investments. Thus as a designer, you will find it an absolute delight to use these gorgeous plants in your projects and events.

PermaLeaf®'s Range of Faux Landscaping Products for Outdoor Decor - All You Need to Know

Artificial Boxwood TopiariesLandscaping, as we know is a very exciting field with a lot of applications to your creativity. The use of some unique designs and ideas in landscaping make it attractive and elegant which is ideal for the offices and other public buildings. Using the vivid botanical beauty in landscaping is one of the modern landscaping techniques, and it also gives a touch of uniqueness about the landscape. But using real plants in the offices and other public buildings is a hectic idea as there are a lot of drawbacks which need to be thought about. The faux botanical landscaping items, on the other hand, has some top quality features which help in transforming any outdoor landscape into an elegant one. Let us take a look at them.

Advantages of faux botanical items over the real ones

  • Firstly, the faux plants and other botanical structures are non-living, and it is a great advantage as they don't need regular watering and other maintenance including pruning and weeding. This will help a lot in the corporate and other public buildings as one separate person for maintenance of plants will be reduced. 
  • The outdoor faux plant variety comes in a lot of shapes and sizes to set your landscape. You can pick any outdoor landscape at your office and brighten it with the beautiful artificial plants.
  • The artificial plants won't need replacement as they will live forever after installation. It will be helpful in case you choose to alter the landscape by changing the arrangement of the items. They are easy to handle.
  • The lifelike flowers and other plant parts will enrich the landscape with their vivid colors, and you will feel the refreshing atmosphere right within your office without any hassle which is associated with the living plants such as the plant litters or the insects which are attracted to it. 

The types of outdoor landscaping items

Faux boxwood topiaries

The beautiful plants which are an integral part of the British gardens are also one of the mostly used faux botanical landscaping items. The boxwood topiaries and hedges not only have a unique look; they also have a broad range of uses in outdoor landscaping. 

You can use them in any shape or size as faux hedges can be used to make letters or symbols also. They come in any sizes and can be used as sheets of greenery as well. It is very useful during the outdoor parties as they can be utilized as a screen or partition. The screens can also be installed on the walls to create magnificent green walls which will get the visitors admiration as they would look unique and unreal. Apart from these, the faux-hedges and topiaries can be placed on suitable containers on the sidewalk or on any balcony where they can attract everyone's attention.

Faux outdoor flowering plants

Colorful flowers are an absolute delight to the eye, and it also helps maintain the refreshing atmosphere at the offices and public buildings. The fresh, bright flowers contribute to creating a lively and delightful atmosphere and apart from their aesthetic beauty in the landscape they have a significant impact on the office environment. Bright and elegantly colored flowering plants can lighten up any dull setting and can also convey the pleasant nature onto the clients or the visitors. Vibrant and energetic colored flowering plants help in having a great impression on the guests.

Artificial outdoor plants

Apart from the brightly colored faux flowering plants, there are wide ranges of life like outdoor plants which may look real but are artificial. So, they have the aesthetic beauty and liveliness like the real plants along with the remarkable qualities and advantages of faux plants. 

Artificial landscaping

Instead of placing the fake plants one by one, you can choose to transform the landscape completely with the wide range of outdoor plants. There are various types of plants and shrubs which will help in creating a completely natural looking and lively setup at the public buildings to welcome its visitors. As different people have different taste, you can specify the minute details and have your very own customized faux outdoor landscape you will fall in love with. 

Artificial foliage

You can get the ideal type of foliage for your office or any public building like any shopping malls, restaurants, theme parks, etc. The faux trees are available in a wide range of trees ranging from the small Bonsai tree to the large palm tree which gives a lot of options to the customer. You can choose the colorful flowering plants, foliage, trees, etc. to create a special rejuvenating setting at the office. You can use the faux plants to create a themed setting also. The tropical setting is quite amazing as it has lush, lively greenery and brightly colored flowing plants.

Customized parts of the building

The artificial plants can transform any specific area of the building which gets more visitors during the day. It can convert the concrete jungle incorporate into green, peaceful rejuvenating landscape. The great, unique greenery in a dull corporate jungle will look mesmerizing and will get a lot of appreciation and will certainly boost the morale and work output of the employees. 

The special experience with PermaLeaf® products

The PermaLeaf® range of products gives some unique advantages over the other products. They are made of special kind of resistant materials which make them ideal for use in outdoor conditions. They are fade resistant and can resist the harsh weather conditions like winds, rains, snow or even the direct exposure to sunlight. The experts involved in designing of the products take care to make them look exactly life-like, and they can be the ideal replacement for plants which don't grow naturally in your office. You can use your creativity and convert your office outdoor landscape into a mesmerizing one.

What Makes PermaLeaf® Green Privacy Screens Such a Great Product?

What Makes PermaLeaf® Green Privacy Screens Such a Great ProductWhether you own a large corporate house or luxurious resort or large hotels or a sauna bath; you have to attract new customers and keep your existing customers loyal. Creating a green environment in any commercial establishment helps to achieve these. Other than looking nice, these make people environmentally conscious. Several studies conducted on the effect of nature on human behavior strongly indicate that people become more relaxed and productive when they are close to nature. 

Any commercial place; be it anything among shopping mall, big restaurant, casino, hospitals, amusement park, etc. flourishes by providing exclusive services to the clients and customers. And, in this aspect, privacy matters most as this induces a comfortable and cozy feeling in the minds of the people who visit the commercial complexes. Brightening the outdoor space with PermaLeaf® artificial boxwood hedge is a grand idea for creating a stunning look. This also helps to inject a natural look to your commercial space.  Accessorizing is a must-to-do thing for outdoor landscaping, and when you use fake moss mats and artificial grass plants for creating a privacy screen, your customers love the private space generated for making business deals and enjoying other commercial services exclusively. 

Creating a privacy screen

Creating a privacy screen in commercial complexes like Luxury hotels & restaurants, large commercial complexes, government buildings, luxury spa, water parks, etc. is a challenge that all architects and designers take most delightfully.  While the walls, wooden partitions or steel fences can divide your commercial space, there are major disadvantages. These consume the space totally, and hardly leave any scope for further maneuvering. Such constraints are not faced when creating a privacy screen with an artificial boxwood hedge. Aside from letting the sun rays in, these also add beautiful texture to the commercial space. These are available in shrubs and clipped form, and you may have anything that complements your decor theme.

Fits all landscaping requirements

The biggest advantage of choosing the artificial boxwood hedge over their live version for making privacy screen is that these fake botanical products can be customized to suit your outdoor landscaping requirement.  These are available in a wide range of shape & size and can also be trimmed to fit into your commercial space requirements.  In case your business theme complements dynamism, you can have your fence made with artificial grass plants adorning it with bright flowers; or when you wish to have a sublime ambiance, you may opt for the lush green fake moss mats for creating your privacy screen.

It is distinctly different  

Wide varieties of fake decorative plants are available in the market, and you have many options to choose from. But, PermaLeaf® mimic plants are the best among them. These are made from high-quality plastic materials following special manufacturing process. These are all weather friendly and can withstand anything from scorching sun rays to snowfalls. While most of the artificial grass plants are sprayed with chemicals for UV protection, the PermaLeaf® Products are made impregnated with UV stabilizers ensuring better protection than others.  Special care is taken to make the foliage 100% botanically correct, and prime quality of color pigments are used in manufacturing for arresting color fading off. All these make the PermaLeaf® faux botanical products durable, and these are so realistic that you can only feel the difference when touch these by hand. Thus, when you define a commercial space with a green privacy screen, your customers feel like being on their own in the lap of Nature.

Delivers mesmerizing landscape

Present day people have high aesthetic orientation. They care for the ambiance of the commercial places and like to visit places that are aesthetically pleasant.  When it comes to defining commercial space, PermaLeaf® realistic foliages deliver the most outstanding solution.  These mimic the live plants so closely that you can blend these with the live plants for giving a twist to your landscape.

There are a plethora of added advantages

When you build privacy screens for your commercial space using faux hedges or fake moss mats, you are blessed with many advantages as below:

  • No maintenance hassles: These realistic looking plants require no watering, no fertilization, no soil preparation and no pest control program. They never grow in size and, therefore, there is no chance of overgrowing the available space and no pruning is required. Thus, these are totally maintenance free. Only periodic dusting is sufficient to keep these fresh.
  • No illumination requirement: Besides defining the lawns and other open spaces of the commercial complexes, these can also be used for separating different areas in the conference hall.  As these do not require any sunlight, you can decorate the darkest corner with these fake botanical screens.
  • Free form insect attack: The life looking plants and hedges used for building privacy screens in commercial complexes do not attract insects like the live plants. Thus, your customers and guests need not be afraid of any insect sting.
  • No pet damage: Pets are not also attracted to the mimic foliage of the privacy screen and, therefore, the pets are unlikely to cause any damage to your decoration
  • No water damage: Being inert these real looking plants do not cause any mold or water damage.
  • Many options: Available in a large number of shape, size, and type; you can have almost limitless options to choose from. Moreover, these are easily portable and can be interchanged, as and when required, to make changes in landscape designing.
  • Offers visual treat: If you are blessed with creativity and imagination, you can go out of the box in decorating with real looking plants for striking a balance between subtlety and modernization.
  • One time investment: Being durable, PermaLeaf® faux plants and hedges retain their shape and tonal character throughout their life. These allow the owners of the major commercial complexes to make a one-time investment for landscaping and enjoy the benefit for long.

10 Ways to Organize Your Office and Desk for More Productivity

10 Ways to Organize your Office and Desk for More ProductivityIf you have the responsibility to decorate or organize your office as well as the organizational environment, then it is crucial that you can make it a top notch place to work at. Because a workplace needs to be such that everyone can work there with more dedication and less distraction. The selection of decor, as well as other accessories, need to be done carefully because you need to have decor items that can keep you or your employees feel energetic, concentrated and fresh all the working hours. Kind of working environment contributes a lot to the productivity and efficiency of the organization. It has been proven in the studies that greenery will help to increase the productivity of any organization. Here we are providing you ten perfect ways to decorate your office and work environment for enhanced productivity.

1. Adding a Perfect Landscape to Your Office

One of the greatest ideas to make your office environment best to work at is to make your space greener and close to nature. Nowadays with the tremendous amount of popularity of artificial plants and trees, it has become easy to create an indoor as well as outdoor landscape. You can find small, medium to large sized plants and greeneries to suit your office space. A greener environment can help your team stay fresh and forget stress quickly. 

2. Pick the Right Type of Artificial Plants for Your Office

There is a limitless option in artificial plants and trees that you might get confused in a while selecting. Among that countless greenery, you need to have the best one that can make your office environment more interesting place. If you are looking for indoor or small areas like a table, desk, small corners, etc. then it is better to go with planted fake plants rather than large and flourished ones. On the other hand, if you are looking greenery for your outdoor area or spacious indoor areas then large silk flower arrangements, large trees or fake boxwood mats or more.

3. Decorate Tables and Work Desks with Attractive Potted Plants

Potted plants are always the center of attentions. Especially when talking about workplace then these become much more beyond attractiveness as potted plants can fill the minds of your workforce with enthusiasm and positivity. For desks and tables, flower plants with glass vases are one of the most beautiful choices.

4. Artificial Succulent Plants for Calm and Concentrated Environment

Artificial succulent plants give you more ways to add a certain colors and calmness to your office. These plants are ideal decor to place on your desks as well as tables, and these will make your mind feel stress-free. Fresh appearance of these plants will help you make your office space alive.

5. Cover Your Spacious Office Corners with Topiaries

If you have a little bit larger corners or spaces in different cabins or entrance of your office, then artificial topiaries are the ideal solution to cover those spaces while also enhancing the architectural features of the space. Boxwood topiaries come in a wide range of designs and styles from a perfect ball and spiral to cone as well as ivy topiaries. You can choose the perfectly suited options for your space. If you want to go even more creative with these, then you can also have custom topiary options in which you can get the desired shape given to your topiary. You can also have options to choose from varying sizes of these topiaries.

6. Maximize Your Office Space

If you have small desks in your office, then you might find it difficult to add plants to those because covering desk space with silk plants will not let you work comfortably. In this case, it is the best idea to explore the different and unique ways to add planters and hanging plants on the walls. If you have successfully found the space for placing hanging plants, try hanging fancy plants to it and make your workforce feel surrounding with a perfectly joyous environment.

7. Add Colors to Your Office Desks

Adding greenery to your workplace is not sufficient, a working environment also requires a small blend of colors that can give mental pleasure to your employees and you as well. The colors can be added to your space using a wide verity of outdoor artificial flowers available in the market. Most of the flowers come for indoor decorations and thus making your employees keep stress away. Not only employees but your guests, visitors, and clients will also get fascinated with the charismatic looks of these colorful flowers. You can place the faux flowers on the waiting tables, working desks, meeting room tables and more.

8. Keep the Clutter Away from Your Desk

Along with adding decorative and positive items to your desks, it is important to eliminate unnecessary clutter from your desk as clutter can make you feel stressed and burdened. Even if you have to manage paperwork you need to organize your papers perfectly so that your desks does not look like a heap of papers. Not only your desk will look better, but your work will also get easier. With an organized desk you can easily find the desired paper or file without wasting time in getting lost in between the paper heap.

9. Let the Natural Light Come In

Along with adding beautiful plants, trees, and decors to your office space, it is also crucial to let your employees be in touch with the natural environment. You can let the natural light come into space. As per the studies, natural light helps to increase the creativity and energy of your workforce. Also if you have a business in which you need to deal with customers, a natural sunlight will make your customers take more interest in staying at your place and thus resulting in better customer relationship. If it is not possible for you to let the natural light enter the office, try to arrange indirect light like the light that can bounce off the wall or ceiling.

10. Color the Walls Keeping Productive Options in Mind

Colors have a great impact in the minds of people. Hence the selection of colors needs to be done carefully while painting your office. Appropriate colors can enhance productivity while dull colors can lessen the level of innovation and excitement in the employees. Bright and highly saturated colors help to stimulate the minds while softer and muted colors sooth the body, mind as well as thoughts. If you do not have the option to change the color of your office, then it is better to add colors to your desks and cabins by adding colorful faux flowers, colorful decor and more.

It Is Possible! Save 20 Hours Per Month at Desktop Work

It is possible! Save 20 hours per month at desktop workWe all like to be efficient and perfect at work, and we would like it to be done in the shortest period. However, how many of us practice it? We unknowingly increase out time and work span.

There are some tricks however we can adopt to save some hours by doing fast and at the same time a good job. The idea is to work smart. There are very small tips and tricks which we need to adopt to improve our productivity and cut down our hours at work.

These are some practices which help you save time.-

1. Using keyboard shortcuts - It may seem that shortcuts save only a fraction of a second, but once you have grasped the art of using the keyboard, it can save a week’s work. Everyone knows the standard keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl C, Ctrl V, and the most common Alt+ Tab, but there are other shortcuts also which are just as helpful. Pressing the Windows key and L will help you unlock your computer. F3 is for searching the file or the folder, Ctrl+ Arrow+ Spacebar where you can select multiple items in a window or your desktop. In the beginning, it may seem a little tedious, but along with the time, you will be able to master this technique of keyboard shortcuts. 

2. Clean up the computer files - All your computer files should be organized in a neat way and the relevant folders. Remember to delete those which you do not need. This will help you stay organized in your work, and you will not waste time searching for the file which you need. Just like you would want to organize and enhance your office environ with file organizers, desk plants, trays, and racks, it is important to keep your computer files organized and the computer desktop neat.

3. Quickly navigate between windows - Acquiring the art of navigating between tabs on your computer will dramatically increase your productivity. Sometimes it will so happen that your mouse may stop working altogether which is a common problem experienced by all at least once, so at such times using keys on the computer will help you switch between windows quickly. The most common are the Alt-Tab to flip between open windows. Using Alt-Esc also helps you switching to the next open window and then the next and so on.

4. Use a Password Manager - Instead of typing passwords every time to login always use a password manager. Why? Because password managers auto completes these details for you and using it is much more secure than trying to recollect all those passwords.

5. Updating your editing tools - Cut down on your editorial process by using spelling check and editing tools. You will be able to type error-free English and cut down on your work time. The most common used is the Grammar Checker where it corrects punctuation marks, apostrophe is online spelling tools which will help you to write error-free English and avoid complex vocabulary errors.

6. Write a to-do list-Having a to-do list will help you manage your work more methodically and save time. Make sure you have created a list of all tasks so that you can prioritize accordingly and know which work should be taken up first. This way you will be able to manage things more efficiently, and it will also save your time.

7. Using file type based web search - You have to start on a new project and want some references on the web so that you can get a cue about where to start from. Now going from one web page to another will not only increase your time but also it can be frustrating to keep on searching without getting the relevant information. At such a time you can use a file type based web search on the search engine. For e.g.-type in your search box the relevant topic, query or the keywords and then put in filetype.pdf. This kind of search will look for pdf files on the entire web, for words that match your query and then after finding the relevant information you can download the same.

8. Scroll faster using the space bar - Scrolling through a long web page using the mouse key or the down arrow key can certainly take much time. Instead, you can use the space bar to jump from one screen to another.Pressing shift and the space bar will help you scroll up the full screen with each press. By holding down the spacebar, you will reach the bottom of the page as fast as you can be.

9. Organize your bookmarks - Do you use the same websites every day? So sort out the bookmarks to save time. For e.g. - daily, research and personal. This way you will be able to get to your websites quickly. Instead of typing out the same web address over and over again you can bookmark the pages that are more often used by you. This way you can get to your page swiftly.

10. Don’t let emails take over your entire day-Allot a certain time reading your emails. Having your email open the entire day can decrease your productivity. Schedule a specific amount of time for reading and replying to emails. This way you can reduce the distractions and focus on work.

11. Drop the myth of multi-tasking - Multi-tasking is good. But not if you are getting confused and irritated and in the process delaying all your important work. Our brain is not wired to do two tasks at one time. Instead, you end up wasting more time. Your brain will lose its efficiency each time you keep on switching between tasks, making you exhausted. Focus on one thing at a time, complete it and then move on to the next. This will help you increase your productivity in the long run.

So you see there are so many hidden shortcuts on the computer which can save up your time and the repetitive chore of finding information. In the beginning, it may look like they save your time only for seconds but add those up over a day, week or a month and you will notice a significant difference.

Christmas Fallacies with Which We All Grew Up

Christmas fallacies with which we all grew upChristmas has always been synonymous of celebration for everybody, spending time with your near and dear ones, decorating the home inside and out, melodious carols and of course the shopping spree. We wonder how these myths came into being, then, and managed to get strong with passing years! Here are the myths you need to stop believing right now. 

Jesus was born on December 25

This is very difficult to digest that Jesus was not born on December 25. But the Bible does not specify what time of year he was born. Hence December 25 is merely the anniversary that has been chosen to celebrate the incarnation of Christ and not the actual date. The bible describes the shepherds to be “abiding in the field” and during winter months it’s very unlikely as the fields were unproductive. Some scientists concluded that Jesus was born around June but nothing concrete can be said.

Stable and the angelic announcement

The story with which we all grew up describes the birth of Jesus in a stable and then the angels singing and announcing the birth to shepherds. However, the Bible only mentions a manger and not a stable or a cave. It was more likely that Marry gave birth to Jesus in the lower level of their relatives’ house. Moreover, in those times lower level of the house was used for keeping animals safe at night. This clearly explains the presence of the manger. The Bible never explicitly mentions that angels sang to shepherds.

The three wise men

Another misconception surrounding the birth of Christ is that three kings came to visit him following his arrival. The mention of any kings visiting Jesus is not in the Bible. However, Bible does state that wise men came presented three costly gifts to the child—gold, frankincense and myrrh. We really don’t know exactly how many came, and when exactly they came to see Jesus.

Forbidden Christmas tree

All the claims stating that cutting down and decorating of trees are forbidden are false. Bible neither commands nor prohibits Christmas tree. Moreover, there has always been debate on the use of artificial or a real tree. But both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. On one hand the real trees help in maintaining the ecological balance while reusing the faux trees time and again make it also an eco-friendly option. Artificial topiaries can be recycled into a wreath or some other exciting home decorating items by simply wearing the creative cap. 

Dangerous Poinsettia

Silk flower arrangements, poinsettias are common sightings in the family room during Christmas and another thing which is common is the rumors about the toxicity of poinsettia. So let us clear that for once and all, that these red-leaved plants are only mildly toxic that to for our cats and dogs only. Although often called as poisonous and deadly plants, these are all rumors, and the poisoning part is definitely exaggerated. Studies shows that Poinsettia exposure can cause mild signs of vomiting, skin allergy, rashes and not death. Still, if one doesn't want to take risk, one can always opt for artificial flower arrangements which are certainly a safer bet.

Most Important Christian Holiday

A very common belief we all have that Christmas is regarded as the most important Christian holiday but it comes as a surprise for many of us that this just a myth. Easter, Good Friday and Christmas all hold their own degree of importance.

While in Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and Easter marks Jesus' rising from death into eternal life, which is seen as a triumph for all of the humankind. Good Friday is celebrated traditionally as the day on which Jesus was crucified rather than remembering Christ's death on a certain day, once a year, the Bible commands us to remember his death by observing the Lord’s Supper. Hence Easter bunny and Santa Claus both equally loved.  

Xmas versus Christmas

Another grapevine that has grown over the years is abbreviating Christmas as Xmas signifies removing Christ from the culture while many have argued that X in Xmas stands for Christ so which one is actually right? But if we dig a bit, writing "Xmas" isn't a necessarily a blasphemy against Christ. The word "Christ" in Greek is written "Χριστός" (Christos). Since the first Greek letter of this title (the letter chi) looks like an x in English, so someone somewhere have used it as an abbreviation for Christ. So it’s clear if you use Xmas instead of Christmas you are certainly not committing any sin.

Peculiar connection with suicides

We fail to understand this one rumor yet every year this internet story goes viral with Christmas season. The story states to become more aware about one’s family members and friends since the tendency of suicidal thoughts increases during this season. However, the studies conducted on the same tell a whole new story that the suicide rate is more during the spring months, rather than during Christmas. This can be probably be linked with the fact that springtime deepens the void and sense of helplessness in already depressed people. Christmas has always been the symbol of happiness, love, hope, fulfillment and enjoying with family and friends. All the celebration serves as a source of diversion and breaks the vicious cycle of their suicidal thoughts and these people experience a sense of security when they are around with their friends and relatives.

Strange case of Santa Claus, St. Nicholas and Father Christmas

Everybody has their own version of Santa Claus, St. Nicholas and Father Christmas. Now let’s retrace our steps back to history to find out the truth.

St. Nicholas was a bishop who spent his life doing charity, and he would secretly leave money in people's stockings overnight. When Nicholas died on Dec. 6, people started celebrating that day as St. Nicholas Day. Children used to leave out stockings or shoes the night before so "St. Nick" could fill them with gifts. By the 16th century, Europeans morphed St. Nick into a guy named "Father Christmas." Father Christmas generally brought gifts on Christmas, not Dec. 6. When Dutch people emigrated to the U.S., they brought with them stories of St. Nicholas. Soon St. Nick became Americanized as Santa Claus.