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10 Ways to Organize Your Office and Desk for More Productivity

10 Ways to Organize your Office and Desk for More ProductivityIf you have the responsibility to decorate or organize your office as well as the organizational environment, then it is crucial that you can make it a top notch place to work at. Because a workplace needs to be such that everyone can work there with more dedication and less distraction. The selection of decor, as well as other accessories, need to be done carefully because you need to have decor items that can keep you or your employees feel energetic, concentrated and fresh all the working hours. Kind of working environment contributes a lot to the productivity and efficiency of the organization. It has been proven in the studies that greenery will help to increase the productivity of any organization. Here we are providing you ten perfect ways to decorate your office and work environment for enhanced productivity.

1. Adding a Perfect Landscape to Your Office

One of the greatest ideas to make your office environment best to work at is to make your space greener and close to nature. Nowadays with the tremendous amount of popularity of artificial plants and trees, it has become easy to create an indoor as well as outdoor landscape. You can find small, medium to large sized plants and greeneries to suit your office space. A greener environment can help your team stay fresh and forget stress quickly. 

2. Pick the Right Type of Artificial Plants for Your Office

There is a limitless option in artificial plants and trees that you might get confused in a while selecting. Among that countless greenery, you need to have the best one that can make your office environment more interesting place. If you are looking for indoor or small areas like a table, desk, small corners, etc. then it is better to go with planted fake plants rather than large and flourished ones. On the other hand, if you are looking greenery for your outdoor area or spacious indoor areas then large silk flower arrangements, large trees or fake boxwood mats or more.

3. Decorate Tables and Work Desks with Attractive Potted Plants

Potted plants are always the center of attentions. Especially when talking about workplace then these become much more beyond attractiveness as potted plants can fill the minds of your workforce with enthusiasm and positivity. For desks and tables, flower plants with glass vases are one of the most beautiful choices.

4. Artificial Succulent Plants for Calm and Concentrated Environment

Artificial succulent plants give you more ways to add a certain colors and calmness to your office. These plants are ideal decor to place on your desks as well as tables, and these will make your mind feel stress-free. Fresh appearance of these plants will help you make your office space alive.

5. Cover Your Spacious Office Corners with Topiaries

If you have a little bit larger corners or spaces in different cabins or entrance of your office, then artificial topiaries are the ideal solution to cover those spaces while also enhancing the architectural features of the space. Boxwood topiaries come in a wide range of designs and styles from a perfect ball and spiral to cone as well as ivy topiaries. You can choose the perfectly suited options for your space. If you want to go even more creative with these, then you can also have custom topiary options in which you can get the desired shape given to your topiary. You can also have options to choose from varying sizes of these topiaries.

6. Maximize Your Office Space

If you have small desks in your office, then you might find it difficult to add plants to those because covering desk space with silk plants will not let you work comfortably. In this case, it is the best idea to explore the different and unique ways to add planters and hanging plants on the walls. If you have successfully found the space for placing hanging plants, try hanging fancy plants to it and make your workforce feel surrounding with a perfectly joyous environment.

7. Add Colors to Your Office Desks

Adding greenery to your workplace is not sufficient, a working environment also requires a small blend of colors that can give mental pleasure to your employees and you as well. The colors can be added to your space using a wide verity of outdoor artificial flowers available in the market. Most of the flowers come for indoor decorations and thus making your employees keep stress away. Not only employees but your guests, visitors, and clients will also get fascinated with the charismatic looks of these colorful flowers. You can place the faux flowers on the waiting tables, working desks, meeting room tables and more.

8. Keep the Clutter Away from Your Desk

Along with adding decorative and positive items to your desks, it is important to eliminate unnecessary clutter from your desk as clutter can make you feel stressed and burdened. Even if you have to manage paperwork you need to organize your papers perfectly so that your desks does not look like a heap of papers. Not only your desk will look better, but your work will also get easier. With an organized desk you can easily find the desired paper or file without wasting time in getting lost in between the paper heap.

9. Let the Natural Light Come In

Along with adding beautiful plants, trees, and decors to your office space, it is also crucial to let your employees be in touch with the natural environment. You can let the natural light come into space. As per the studies, natural light helps to increase the creativity and energy of your workforce. Also if you have a business in which you need to deal with customers, a natural sunlight will make your customers take more interest in staying at your place and thus resulting in better customer relationship. If it is not possible for you to let the natural light enter the office, try to arrange indirect light like the light that can bounce off the wall or ceiling.

10. Color the Walls Keeping Productive Options in Mind

Colors have a great impact in the minds of people. Hence the selection of colors needs to be done carefully while painting your office. Appropriate colors can enhance productivity while dull colors can lessen the level of innovation and excitement in the employees. Bright and highly saturated colors help to stimulate the minds while softer and muted colors sooth the body, mind as well as thoughts. If you do not have the option to change the color of your office, then it is better to add colors to your desks and cabins by adding colorful faux flowers, colorful decor and more.

It Is Possible! Save 20 Hours Per Month at Desktop Work

It is possible! Save 20 hours per month at desktop workWe all like to be efficient and perfect at work, and we would like it to be done in the shortest period. However, how many of us practice it? We unknowingly increase out time and work span.

There are some tricks however we can adopt to save some hours by doing fast and at the same time a good job. The idea is to work smart. There are very small tips and tricks which we need to adopt to improve our productivity and cut down our hours at work.

These are some practices which help you save time.-

1. Using keyboard shortcuts - It may seem that shortcuts save only a fraction of a second, but once you have grasped the art of using the keyboard, it can save a week’s work. Everyone knows the standard keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl C, Ctrl V, and the most common Alt+ Tab, but there are other shortcuts also which are just as helpful. Pressing the Windows key and L will help you unlock your computer. F3 is for searching the file or the folder, Ctrl+ Arrow+ Spacebar where you can select multiple items in a window or your desktop. In the beginning, it may seem a little tedious, but along with the time, you will be able to master this technique of keyboard shortcuts. 

2. Clean up the computer files - All your computer files should be organized in a neat way and the relevant folders. Remember to delete those which you do not need. This will help you stay organized in your work, and you will not waste time searching for the file which you need. Just like you would want to organize and enhance your office environ with file organizers, desk plants, trays, and racks, it is important to keep your computer files organized and the computer desktop neat.

3. Quickly navigate between windows - Acquiring the art of navigating between tabs on your computer will dramatically increase your productivity. Sometimes it will so happen that your mouse may stop working altogether which is a common problem experienced by all at least once, so at such times using keys on the computer will help you switch between windows quickly. The most common are the Alt-Tab to flip between open windows. Using Alt-Esc also helps you switching to the next open window and then the next and so on.

4. Use a Password Manager - Instead of typing passwords every time to login always use a password manager. Why? Because password managers auto completes these details for you and using it is much more secure than trying to recollect all those passwords.

5. Updating your editing tools - Cut down on your editorial process by using spelling check and editing tools. You will be able to type error-free English and cut down on your work time. The most common used is the Grammar Checker where it corrects punctuation marks, apostrophe is online spelling tools which will help you to write error-free English and avoid complex vocabulary errors.

6. Write a to-do list-Having a to-do list will help you manage your work more methodically and save time. Make sure you have created a list of all tasks so that you can prioritize accordingly and know which work should be taken up first. This way you will be able to manage things more efficiently, and it will also save your time.

7. Using file type based web search - You have to start on a new project and want some references on the web so that you can get a cue about where to start from. Now going from one web page to another will not only increase your time but also it can be frustrating to keep on searching without getting the relevant information. At such a time you can use a file type based web search on the search engine. For e.g.-type in your search box the relevant topic, query or the keywords and then put in filetype.pdf. This kind of search will look for pdf files on the entire web, for words that match your query and then after finding the relevant information you can download the same.

8. Scroll faster using the space bar - Scrolling through a long web page using the mouse key or the down arrow key can certainly take much time. Instead, you can use the space bar to jump from one screen to another.Pressing shift and the space bar will help you scroll up the full screen with each press. By holding down the spacebar, you will reach the bottom of the page as fast as you can be.

9. Organize your bookmarks - Do you use the same websites every day? So sort out the bookmarks to save time. For e.g. - daily, research and personal. This way you will be able to get to your websites quickly. Instead of typing out the same web address over and over again you can bookmark the pages that are more often used by you. This way you can get to your page swiftly.

10. Don’t let emails take over your entire day-Allot a certain time reading your emails. Having your email open the entire day can decrease your productivity. Schedule a specific amount of time for reading and replying to emails. This way you can reduce the distractions and focus on work.

11. Drop the myth of multi-tasking - Multi-tasking is good. But not if you are getting confused and irritated and in the process delaying all your important work. Our brain is not wired to do two tasks at one time. Instead, you end up wasting more time. Your brain will lose its efficiency each time you keep on switching between tasks, making you exhausted. Focus on one thing at a time, complete it and then move on to the next. This will help you increase your productivity in the long run.

So you see there are so many hidden shortcuts on the computer which can save up your time and the repetitive chore of finding information. In the beginning, it may look like they save your time only for seconds but add those up over a day, week or a month and you will notice a significant difference.

Christmas Fallacies with Which We All Grew Up

Christmas fallacies with which we all grew upChristmas has always been synonymous of celebration for everybody, spending time with your near and dear ones, decorating the home inside and out, melodious carols and of course the shopping spree. We wonder how these myths came into being, then, and managed to get strong with passing years! Here are the myths you need to stop believing right now. 

Jesus was born on December 25

This is very difficult to digest that Jesus was not born on December 25. But the Bible does not specify what time of year he was born. Hence December 25 is merely the anniversary that has been chosen to celebrate the incarnation of Christ and not the actual date. The bible describes the shepherds to be “abiding in the field” and during winter months it’s very unlikely as the fields were unproductive. Some scientists concluded that Jesus was born around June but nothing concrete can be said.

Stable and the angelic announcement

The story with which we all grew up describes the birth of Jesus in a stable and then the angels singing and announcing the birth to shepherds. However, the Bible only mentions a manger and not a stable or a cave. It was more likely that Marry gave birth to Jesus in the lower level of their relatives’ house. Moreover, in those times lower level of the house was used for keeping animals safe at night. This clearly explains the presence of the manger. The Bible never explicitly mentions that angels sang to shepherds.

The three wise men

Another misconception surrounding the birth of Christ is that three kings came to visit him following his arrival. The mention of any kings visiting Jesus is not in the Bible. However, Bible does state that wise men came presented three costly gifts to the child—gold, frankincense and myrrh. We really don’t know exactly how many came, and when exactly they came to see Jesus.

Forbidden Christmas tree

All the claims stating that cutting down and decorating of trees are forbidden are false. Bible neither commands nor prohibits Christmas tree. Moreover, there has always been debate on the use of artificial or a real tree. But both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. On one hand the real trees help in maintaining the ecological balance while reusing the faux trees time and again make it also an eco-friendly option. Artificial topiaries can be recycled into a wreath or some other exciting home decorating items by simply wearing the creative cap. 

Dangerous Poinsettia

Silk flower arrangements, poinsettias are common sightings in the family room during Christmas and another thing which is common is the rumors about the toxicity of poinsettia. So let us clear that for once and all, that these red-leaved plants are only mildly toxic that to for our cats and dogs only. Although often called as poisonous and deadly plants, these are all rumors, and the poisoning part is definitely exaggerated. Studies shows that Poinsettia exposure can cause mild signs of vomiting, skin allergy, rashes and not death. Still, if one doesn't want to take risk, one can always opt for artificial flower arrangements which are certainly a safer bet.

Most Important Christian Holiday

A very common belief we all have that Christmas is regarded as the most important Christian holiday but it comes as a surprise for many of us that this just a myth. Easter, Good Friday and Christmas all hold their own degree of importance.

While in Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and Easter marks Jesus' rising from death into eternal life, which is seen as a triumph for all of the humankind. Good Friday is celebrated traditionally as the day on which Jesus was crucified rather than remembering Christ's death on a certain day, once a year, the Bible commands us to remember his death by observing the Lord’s Supper. Hence Easter bunny and Santa Claus both equally loved.  

Xmas versus Christmas

Another grapevine that has grown over the years is abbreviating Christmas as Xmas signifies removing Christ from the culture while many have argued that X in Xmas stands for Christ so which one is actually right? But if we dig a bit, writing "Xmas" isn't a necessarily a blasphemy against Christ. The word "Christ" in Greek is written "Χριστός" (Christos). Since the first Greek letter of this title (the letter chi) looks like an x in English, so someone somewhere have used it as an abbreviation for Christ. So it’s clear if you use Xmas instead of Christmas you are certainly not committing any sin.

Peculiar connection with suicides

We fail to understand this one rumor yet every year this internet story goes viral with Christmas season. The story states to become more aware about one’s family members and friends since the tendency of suicidal thoughts increases during this season. However, the studies conducted on the same tell a whole new story that the suicide rate is more during the spring months, rather than during Christmas. This can be probably be linked with the fact that springtime deepens the void and sense of helplessness in already depressed people. Christmas has always been the symbol of happiness, love, hope, fulfillment and enjoying with family and friends. All the celebration serves as a source of diversion and breaks the vicious cycle of their suicidal thoughts and these people experience a sense of security when they are around with their friends and relatives.

Strange case of Santa Claus, St. Nicholas and Father Christmas

Everybody has their own version of Santa Claus, St. Nicholas and Father Christmas. Now let’s retrace our steps back to history to find out the truth.

St. Nicholas was a bishop who spent his life doing charity, and he would secretly leave money in people's stockings overnight. When Nicholas died on Dec. 6, people started celebrating that day as St. Nicholas Day. Children used to leave out stockings or shoes the night before so "St. Nick" could fill them with gifts. By the 16th century, Europeans morphed St. Nick into a guy named "Father Christmas." Father Christmas generally brought gifts on Christmas, not Dec. 6. When Dutch people emigrated to the U.S., they brought with them stories of St. Nicholas. Soon St. Nick became Americanized as Santa Claus.

10 Time Tested Strategies for Managing Procrastination Now

10 Time Tested Strategies For Managing Procrastination NowProcrastination is the most common cause of unfinished work. It is the most frequent reason that all of us get stuck and we do not even know it. It is a huge hindrance in tapping your real potential. Procrastination is more about battling with our emotions than about deadlines or unfinished tasks. We all procrastinate from time to time. They are very common things like cleaning the clutter in your dining room, organizing your clothes properly in your wardrobe, etc.

There are a few ways you can get yourself out of the procrastination zone:

The simple step, to begin with, is to eliminate the temptation to do something else. For e.g.- looking at your mobile, switching on the television till the work is completely done.

  • Do the most difficult task first - The harder the task is the better to do it immediately and get done with it. In this way, you will develop dynamism to complete the remaining work, and you will do it with more zest. Plus if you do your most difficult tasks first the remaining job will not be so burdensome for you. Also, it will be a great motivation booster that you have finally achieved what seemed insurmountable to you and have finally completed it.
  • Self-confidence - Having a positive approach of ‘I can do it’ is half the work done. Self-doubt is the biggest evil and can mar your confidence badly, which will eventually lead you to put off your work later. In this case, sometimes we are our enemies. We tend to develop this thinking that we cannot do it rather than positively influencing our minds. Moreover, sometimes people around us spare no effort in putting down our confidence. So the real trick is developing your confidence by convincing yourself and be your inspiration.
  • Shun out the negativity - Negativity is sometimes within us, in our mind, and in our thoughts. Sometimes people around us spare no effort in letting us down by saying negative things. Also, a messy surrounding creates negative vibes which can provide a dull atmosphere around you. However, there are very simple changes which you need to make in creating feel good vibes. For e.g.- Everyone likes cute office stationery. So keeping attractive desk organizers which serve the purpose of clearing away unnecessary clutter on your table will generate a positive space around you.
  • Set a time for your important tasks-They say you should get the most important work done in the morning since it is the best time of the day. However, this theory differs from person to person. If you are not a morning person chances are you will do the work halfheartedly or worse try to do it later. Some people like to work late into the night, so for them, that is the best time to get things done. Identify which is the best time for you to do your most important work.
  • Meditate - The biggest battle we deal is with ourselves, in our minds. Calming down one’s mind and soul before doing any work is important as it helps us focus and concentrate. A simple meditation exercise will help you achieve this. Sometimes we procrastinate just because we lose your focus on the work we want to do. Meditation helps us achieve your focus back. You need not have to do something different to help you meditate. Just sitting on your work desk by keeping your eyes closed will help you gain for the lost energy.
  • The 5-minute strategy - Plan how are you going to do the task.A haphazard approach to work can make things go awry, and you may lose interest in the work altogether. Spend at least 5 minutes in strategizing about how you are going to start your work. It will be a go-getter of sorts and have things planned beforehand will be easy for you. The secret to getting things done is work smart. Plan it out intelligently and increase your productivity.
  • Nature therapy – The color ‘green’ is known for relaxing and spreading positivity and calmness. You can keep artificial indoor palm trees and have some attractive floral arrangements in your office. Flowers and plants, in general, are responsible for uplifting our mood, and a run of the mill office décor can be boring. Placing attractive ferns in colorful pots makes the room look beautiful and aesthetic. It adds an instant beauty to your otherwise dull space. The most common known is the bonsai tree. It can be displayed on your office table, your shelf or in any space in which it can stand out and which will help create a Zen-like ambiance.  Adding a touch of green will boost productivity and provide wellness benefits.
  • Exercising - In our busy and hectic office schedules, we often forget that we should also take care of our body. Exercising will give your brain a boost, and you will be more energetic to do the given task. The workouts may not be something very rigorous. If you feel you are losing focus on your work talk a small walk for 10 minutes around your office. Laziness is one of the reasons why people procrastinate. You can do simple stretching which will help relax your muscles.
  • Change your place of work - Bored of sitting in your office cabin? Switching your workplace might inspire you to work more enthusiastically. Sitting in the office cafeteria or any other place which makes you feel refreshed and happy can help you to get things done.
  • Act it out-In the end everything boils down to just one thing; you have to get your act together. Only talking and thinking will not help it in anyway. Get a grip on the work and get going, because if you do not take action, nothing is going to happen.

10 Timeless Home Decor Trends

10 Timeless home decor trendsHave you bought a sprawling apartment in one the most sought after locations in town? Getting the home decor done for the apartment can be a little tricky, as the home decor ideas and decor items found nowadays actually makes everybody’s head to spin. You become spoilt for choice, and a dilemma hits you hard as should you follow the latest home trends while doing up the house or should you stick to the timeless home decor trends and ideas. 

What should be the color of the walls, what upholstery should be used, which furniture items need to be added and what unique decor items can be placed?? These questions will be filled in your mind and the perfect rescue would take a call, as for whether to choose the latest fad or choose timeless decor. Hence, it is best to do a little research yourself before turning the apartment into your dream home.

Latest interior design trends vs. timeless home decor trends

Everybody wants to invest on something which will never lose its appeal or become outdated. Whether it is a dress, some accessory or even the decor of your house. Quite obviously you would always want your house interiors to have a chic and modern look, but it is not right to follow any ongoing trend blindly. As every fashion fads rise quickly and even diminish quickly. However, classically is timeless, and it never goes out of fashion. 

If you splurge on abstract decorative trees for placing in your living room, it will lose its appeal after few years, but classic floral arrangements can never look boring irrespective of where they are placed. Hence, when somebody is hard earned money is invested, a lot has to be considered so that it does not go wasted. It is wise to do up your house by following some classic, timeless home decor trends. 

What are the timeless home decor trends?

Whether you are yourself decorating your house, or have hired a smart interior designer, the most important point which should be kept in mind will be, to choose the look which will hold its appeal all the time, not cause any monotony and at the same time should also have a modern feel attached to it.

With the help of these 10 ideas and ways, you can achieve the ultimate look and create a balance with timelessness and modernity in your interior landscapes.

1. Less should always be considered more, that is the minimal and modern use of design sense.

It is always sensible to discard extras, be it furniture, decor items, various accessories or use of excessive colors on your walls. If you stop overcrowding every part of your interior landscape, then there will be more space to look and even more space for you to breathe. 

2. Put emphasis on the color scheme.

There might be some particular color in vogue, but if you paint your walls according to that, it will be foolish. As that trend might just fissile tomorrow, then what would you do? Hence, it is best to not totally discard that trend, instead of balance by using cushion covers of that color, place artificial flowers with a colorful vase base in that trendy color. This way you can create the perfect balance.

3. Choose the furniture wisely, choose comfort over everything.

While picking up the furniture, to be placed at every part of the house, you should opt for furniture which will provide you with utmost comfort. Placing a trendy stool on your kitchen counter might look good, but if that sitting arrangement does not provide you enough comfort while you have your food, then there’s no point. Place comfortable good looking chairs instead, for timeless appeal.

4. Furnishing items which would have functionality should be used.

Furniture items should be covered with a perfect choice of fabrics, which will have a timeless appeal. The curtains and other items meant for upholstery should be picked up wisely, those which can be simple and remain functional year after year will support timelessness. 

5. You should not consider the quantity of decor items instead focus on its quality.

Investment should be made on buying expensive items with the signature appeal; budgeting should never be your agenda while splurging on those. They will prove to be sure winners and will remain in everybody’s memory. Hence, do not overcrowd the landscapes with unnecessary cheap decor items just because you have space.

6. Place strong stable and tenacious items.

Invest on items which are good looking, at the same time can stand the test of time. Buying several decor items with no durability is against cost effectiveness. The perfect example would be to opt for indoor artificial tree or plants and even faux floral arrangements, which will keep looking fresh year after year and will incur zero maintenance.

7. Choose neutral shades

It is never boring to select neutral shades like gray for your furniture, floorings, the walls or any cabinets. The neutral shades never go out of fashion and are considered timeless. It is not possible to change the floors or furniture pieces very frequently, so they should be bought in neutral shades.

8. Keep the lighting feature totally natural

No matter what kind of curtains for window features you choose, always let the natural sunlight enter, as it will make your interior landscape get a natural glow.

9. You can paint your walls in warm shades

Warm shades of colors are always trendy. The warm shades on your walls will act as a perfect background, as they will give your furniture, appliances, and other decor items to pop and stand out.

10. Invest on furniture which will provide you with smart storage solution.

Shelves, wardrobes, which will help you in making storage space for your keeping your stuff in order will always stay as a timeless interior decor item.


Artificial Window Boxes Help Your Office Exteriors Class Up - Here's How

Artificial Window BoxesTo be unique one needs to think out of the box and be experimental. If you are bored of old exteriors and wish to revamp your office exteriors than indulging in artificial plants and trees may be the right move. Exterior landscape is the first thing that entices the visitors and gives them a hint of the ambiance of any place. To make the first impression everlasting, bring the surreal beauty of artificial window Boxes. These silk plants are so realistic in looks, feel and texture that they easily deceive the onlookers for being real plants.

The first impression is the last impression!

An old proverb but applicable till date. It is not easy to create impressions that are everlasting but with enchanting beauty around the office; it does help.  Artificial Window boxes are a delightful treat to eyes, and they can quickly convey your business, vision, and taste with ease. One can choose bright flowers, glossy foliage and any other plant of your choice to bring a twist to the current landscape. With silk window boxes one can run their imagination and be fun and creative to revamp the outdoor setting. They are also perfect props to create an outdoor setting that is formal yet fun.

Fits all your requirements of outdoor settings!

The best part about choosing the artificial window boxes over real plants is that they can easily be customized to suit your exterior landscape. Available in a wide variety, colors, shape, size, and height, they can further be trimmed, altered or rearranged to suit your commercial space. With real plants, the option of customizing and the plant variety available, both are limited. You can opt for bright color flowers to convey a business related to speed, energy, novelty and fun through outdoor setting. Similarly, you can opt for symmetrical, sublime and well-arranged foliage to convey formal, disciplined and structured business. One can easily buy the artificial window boxes from which has a team of experts that will turn your visualization of outdoor setting into reality in best possible manner.

All the benefits that come along artificial window boxes!

If you love plants but are afraid of the cost and manpower that is involved in incorporating real plants in great commercial setting, then artificial plants and trees shall be the right choice for you. Here is the list of enormous benefits that artificial window boxes come along with:

  • Easy to maintain: As artificial plants and trees are not soil, water or sunlight dependent, it is easy to maintain them.
  • Harshest weather conditions: Be it scorching heat, heavy rains or drop dead cold, artificial window boxes do not give up. They will remain shiny, green and beautiful in any weather condition.
  • Retain shape and size forever: Silk window boxes do not grow over time. Therefore no efforts of trimming or cutting are required over a lifetime.
  • Environment-friendly: As silk plants and trees are pets and insect resistant, they prove to be environment-friendly.
  • Completely safe: Artificial window boxes are both UV and fire resistant and therefore completely safe to be kept in any commercial setting.
  • Portable: As silk plants are not soil rooted and are not affected by any weather or sunlight conditions, they can easily be ported from place to another as and when required.
  • Greenery forever:  Artificial window boxes are best to be placed in any commercial setting because they are made of a high-quality material that does not fade over time. This makes your setting remain fresh, green and colorful forever.
  • Easy Customization: With artificial window boxes you can play with size, shape, and foliage arrangement to perfectly fit in commercial setting whereas with real plants the customization options are limited.
  • Wide variety: Artificial window boxes are available in a wide range to choose from. You can pick any flower, plant or any other exotic variety to brighten up your exterior landscape. 

One time investment!

As mentioned earlier artificial plants and trees retain their shape and size for a lifetime. Also, they do not fade over time, do not suffer any water damage and are not dependent on certain climatic conditions or light conditions. All this and more make them a profitable one-time investment, especially for large commercial outdoor settings. They do not need a manpower for watering, fertilizing or pest control, all you need is a regular dusting to keep them shiny, fresh and green for a lifetime.

Play with your imagination!

With artificial window boxes, you can dare to think out of the box, be unique and give a fun and refreshing twist to the current outdoor setting of your commercial space. Bring the beauty of bold, colorful and vibrant flowers to be placed around the sitting areas, at the entrance gates or near fountain and canteen area to instill more positive, fun and stress-free ambiance. On the other side, one can opt for symmetrical foliage, window box hedges, etc to encourage discipline. The artificial window boxes are available in a wide variety at It has the expertise in creating wonderful outdoor landscapes keeping in mind the narratives provided by the clients. The team of experts at gives you the best options of artificial plants and trees to revamp your commercial setting.

A treat to eyes!

Artificial window boxes are ages old, but if implanted with creative imagination, they can prove to be a real treat to eyes. Let the visitors, as well as employees, walk in a commercial space that strikes a perfect balance between subtlety and over the top representation. Indulging in artificial window boxes is indeed a beneficial decision as they are easy to maintain, retain shape and size forever, do not involve extra workforce for care,  do not fade and are completely unaffected by weather conditions. Last but not the least; artificial window boxes are the best way to give you current outdoor settings a new and modern look without the hassles of real plants.

Artificial Foliage Opens Up a New Vista for a Mesmerizing Outdoor Landscape

outdoor landscapingThe present day population is too much aesthetics concerned and they care for the appearance of the surrounding outside of the commercial places. Mind, people only see your impressive interior after coming through the exterior and, therefore, creating a good outdoor ambiance helps to impress your customers, clients and visitors for enquiring about your products and services.

When it comes to the beautification of the outside; you can never ignore the role of the trees and plants for creating a pleasing surrounding that attracts people to step into your office.  But, finding the right outdoor landscape calls for a lot of serious thinking as you have to decide on the foliage to be used for making your outside attractive and for delighting the visitors with a pleasing landscape. Those who have had the experience of maintaining a natural landscape know how difficult it is to maintain the plants and trees. There are many pitfalls; you have to arrange for

  • Everyday watering
  • Trimming from time to time
  • Constant care to prevent withering
  • Keeping the insects and pests away

Moreover, you may not get the variety you want at all time.

The easy and only alternative remains is to use the artificial plants and trees for decorating your gazebos, patios, and porches for giving a facelift to the outside landscapes of your commercial establishment.

Why opt for?

The artificial plants and trees resemble a natural environment. These provide you the liveliest and extremely dramatic outside landscape to revamp the beauty of your office and business houses and also help in defining different areas of your commercial building.  Of course, this not natural, but it delivers such a classic appearance mimicking the natural foliage that it is hard to distinguish. All of your landscaping dreams can be fulfilled with these artificial products for giving the business house a pleasant and attractive appearance to all those who come.  

Need for fade and UV resistant foliage  

When you use artificial plants and trees for designing your outdoor landscape, you naturally want that it should deliver a live appearance even after years. As these are placed outside, you surely need a product that would not fade with time and having UV exposure. Only plants and trees made from weather resistant plastic with UV resistant agents can deliver you the best outside landscape in all weather conditions.

The inherent advantages

Using artificial plants and trees for outdoor landscaping of commercial places you can derive a large number of benefits.

  • Substituting natural foliage: Regular nurturing is a must for natural foliage and those take time bloom.  When you choose the artificial plants and trees for uplifting the outdoor landscape of your office building, you are free from all maintenance headaches. Being realistic looking this is the best alternative.
  • Weather friendly: The artificially made trees and plants are manufactured to be weather friendly. Whether these are exposed to scorching sunrays, continuous snow fall, heavy rain or strong winds they resist all without any fading or degradation.
  • Mimics nature: The artificial plants and trees are botanically correct in all respects. These are meticulously manufactured maintaining every detail of branches, flowers, leaves and stems of the natural plants and trees.
  • Extremely durable: Besides using weatherable plastic materials these are also impregnated with UV protective substances and tinted with the highest quality color pigments. This made the artificial plants and trees almost inert to any type of outdoor environment and they stay live and green throughout the year.
  • Easy installation: Installation is the main element of success whether you are renovating the existing landscapes or starting from scraps. The plants and trees are beautifully installed by the experts so that they blend with the nature for a glamorous ambiance.
  • Tailoring to your needs: These plants and trees can match any of your space constraint and in case you have some special designing concepts in your mind that can also be translated into reality.  The designers and landscape engineers provide with a draft view of the landscape so that you can visualize the outside landscape and have your dreams fulfilled.
  • Maintenance free: These realistic artificial plants and trees require no pruning and watering. They bloom in every season with the same vibrant color without any maintenance making those extremely useful for commercial space.
  • Freedom of choice: The natural plants are trees are not easy to assemble at all times. But, the artificial plants are available in wide varieties and there is no dearth of size, color, style and type of these artificial products. So, you have unlimited options to design your outside. What is more you can also have a matching landscape in every season.
  • Define your business & brand: Having a well decorated outside landscape is essential for a place of business. This helps to display your preference and band value of your business through a befitting outside landscape organized by using artificial plants and trees.

The product variety

All office and business houses are, more or less, a simple jungle of concrete. For converting it to attractive premises many artificial plants and trees are available for landscape organizing. These include outdoor artificial flowers, artificial outdoor plants, artificial flowers for rooftop and balconies, cell towers and feature trees that help to illuminate the outdoor. Moreover, boxwood topiaries, artificial foliage, window boxes, privacy screens, living walls and hanging baskets are there, in different colors and varieties, to deliver you a perfectly pleasing landscape.

How to choose artificial plants and trees?

The journey of outside landscaping needs several points to consider. For choosing the right one you should consider the outdoor activities, whether those fit your outdoor landscaping goals, adds to the design of the landscape, durability and the most important of all its affordability.

Delight Your Visitors with Classy Artificial Outdoor Plants, Every Day

Delight your visitors with classy artificial outdoor plantsEvery beautiful thing needs accessorizing, whether it is a human being or a fine structure. That is why, it can become challenging for landscape designers and architects while designing the exterior of a mall, a luxury resort, a corporate office or some bungalow of a business tycoon. As they have to use the perfect landscaping items for creating a good impression on its visitors.  The most attractive and safe option is incorporating nature in the exterior landscapes, through plants and trees, because they can connect with the visitors immediately. 

Placing various species of plants and trees, topiaries, tiles and also hedges can bring in a special look in the outdoor landscapes of any luxurious property. However, having more manpower appointed in these properties for taking care of these live plants owing to maintenance can be a problem. Hence, installing faux outdoor plants in the form of boxwood hedges and other trees in the patios, porches or around the gazebos of your five-star hotel can be the best solution. No visitor can make out through its appearance as these are complete replicas of the original plants.

Why is it necessary to replace live plants or trees with foliated faux decor items?

While planning the designing of the exteriors landscapes of huge hospitals, resorts or shopping malls, the landscape architects or designers look for some unique decor items which requires less maintenance and thus becomes cost effective, so as to please their clients. The artificial outdoor plants score over their live counterparts due to the above reason. The other reasons are listed below:

  • The live or real plants always need trimming, cutting and shaping for retaining their look, while the faux botanical products placed in the exterior landscapes does not require any of these.
  • The real plants always require special weather conditions in every season, for its survival. The artificial plant foliages are extremely durable and can withstand any given conditions.
  • The live plants require you to water it everyday and also requires sunlight for its health, while the replica of the original plants do not need any special care.
  • Pesticides and fertilizers will be required for the live plants, and bacteria formation and insect attraction may also happen with them. The faux beauties do not have these problems attached.
  • The real plants can die or decay with the lack of care, but the artificial plant will keep looking the same, that is as fresh as ever.

For executing your perfect outdoor landscaping ideas, where can you find these faux boxwood hedges or tiles?

The company which has been in this business for more than 30 years, and is considered the best in the industry for manufacturing artificial plants and other replica botanical beauties is undoubtedly PermaLeaf®.  They create the best quality replica of the original foliage in many varieties, like topiaries in different shapes, faux boxwood tiles, hedges, boxwood mats and other outdoor attractive fake outdoor plants.

The company comprises of extremely professional and efficient team, who can help you out with any of your indoor or outdoor landscaping designing needs, with faux botanical foliages. The team has the best graphic designers, landscape architects, and botanists to serve you with any landscaping needs. 

By visiting their official website, you will have to contact them for helping out with your design needs. Their team of professionals can even handle the installation of these faux botanical products, all you have to is, to discuss your design plan with the experts.

How can these faux botanical beauties from PermaLeaf® benefit you?

You can surprise everyone and create an appealing atmosphere in the luxurious properties of your outdoor exteriors with these magical replicas of the original botanical products from PermaLeaf®. The several features and benefits are listed below:

  • During its manufacturing process, these faux foliages are brushed with chemicals, so as to avoid any color fading.
  • The surface of these artificial botanical beauties is impregnated with special fire retardant chemicals so that they remain safe from any fire break-out.
  • These faux plants and shrubs require almost zero maintenance, only dusting their surface is enough. This quality makes them very much cost effective,
  • Only now- toxic chemicals are used on the surface of these fake plants and trees. That is why, cafes or other restaurants by the pool can use these faux foliages without any worry. 

The range of products available from PermaLeaf®

The designing of the exterior properties of any exotic resort, corporate business houses or any luxurious house can be done with the products available in the vast collection of PermaLeaf®. Made from 100% high-quality silk, you will be spoilt with choice from the variety they offer.

The product range and variety available are trees of different variant, creepers, flowery plants, artificial hedge privacy screens, boxwood mats and tiles, window boxes, hanging baskets, plant containers and even living walls. All the products are crafted to perfection and are extremely light weight. The experts from company can even install them at your convenience. 

Why should you order the products from PermaLeaf®?

Trusted by leading outdoor landscape architects and designers, PermaLeaf® is a brand which is extremely popular amongst all. For creating an instant liking in the exterior beautification from the visitors point of view, it is really a daunting task to create an appealing exterior landscape. All the products available in PermaLeaf® collection will help you get there and impress every visitor.

These lifeless botanical foliage beauties can sure cover up any surface which might look misplaced in your outdoor landscape with its collection of faux hedge screenings. They are UV resistant and safe in every aspect. Hence, you should place your order now!

Look No Further than Artificial Boxwood Topiaries for Revamping your Office's Exterior Landscape

Artificial Boxwood Topiaries for Revamping your OfficeWalking into a beautiful landscape itself ushers a feeling of positivity and creativity. Revamping any office‘s exterior landscape with beautiful Boxwood topiaries will steal the heart of anyone with their charm and freshness.  Boxwood topiaries are ages old, but their charm still makes the audience spellbound with their beauty. From the British times, Boxwood topiaries are indicative of style, elegance, and beauty. They have been used as hedges and topiaries to enhance the beauty and greenery around any premises. Artificial Boxwood topiaries provide greenery and beauty with minimal investment.

Wide variety to choose from!

Boxwood topiaries are available in wide variety of ornamental shapes and sizes to suit exterior landscaping of office premises. Be it approach road of office, garden area or entrance gate, Boxwood can be placed anywhere to bring beauty and grandeur to space. The best part about using these artificial plants in any commercial space is that they involve one-time investment and become lifetime partners of the office premises. These artificial boxwood topiaries are available in various sizes, styles, and shapes and they can also be customized to match your office décor perfectly. Placing these silk plants around the office area will evoke the feeling of freshness, will define your style and will mesmerize the visitors.

One should choose artificial Boxwood topiaries over the real plant variety?

The artificial Boxwood topiaries are highly being used to decorate exterior landscape of commercial or office space because of their unmatched utility. Here is the list of facts that will make you realize why choosing artificial plants is indeed a better decision than using the real plants:

  • Artificial plants retain their shape and size as they do no grow over time. Thus no trimming or any aftercare required.
  • Fake plants do not attract pests, insects or pets and therefore they are a safe alternative to using around office space.
  • No pest control, fertilization or water needed as artificial plants just need regular dusting to keep them lustrous.
  • Available in wide range of style, size, and shape, they can be customized to suit your office space exterior. This option is not available with the real plants.
  • Made from high-quality material, these plants are UV and fire resistant therefore completely safe to be used as exterior landscaping products.
  • Can tolerate extreme weather conditions. These silk boxwood topiaries will not fade over time even under scorching heat or heavy rains.
  • As artificial Boxwood topiaries are not soil rooted, they are portable and can be moved around office space.

Create everlasting impression!

The fact that artificial plants have been so popular over time is that they create an everlasting impression in the minds of the visitors. The unusual shape and glossy leaves bring aesthetic beauty to any premises of which they are part of. The silk plants have the ability to mesmerize the onlookers and make them appreciate your style and choice of exterior landscaping products.  The wide range of geometrical shapes, endless size options and beautiful leaf assortments will combine your requirement of sophistication, grandeur and greenery in one.

Best exterior landscaping products to charm the onlookers!

On can use silk exterior landscaping products in combination with real plant varieties or use them individually to highlight a dull corner or bring change to the current exterior setting of the exterior landscape of the office.  A healthy surrounding leads to more productivity, creativity and evokes positivity. Therefore when the employees, clients or visitors walk in the premise that is beautifully decorated with silk plants, the impression will be everlasting. As the artificial Boxwood topiaries can be customized to meet your requirements, one can use them in the garden area, at the entrance gates, around the waiting areas, etc. You can pick from spiral, box and column topiaries to brighten up your exterior landscape.  Bring them in different sizes, unusual shapes, assortments to add uniqueness to the office exteriors.

One time investment!

The artificial plants are best for exterior landscaping of office or commercial space as they involve only one-time investment. Bringing real plants in large premises can be hefty on the office budget as they involve manpower for regular pest control, trimming, watering, etc. However, with the artificial plants, no such care is needed. Artificial retain their shape and size forever. Regular dusting is enough to keep them shining. As silk variety plants are made from a high-quality material which is fire resistant as well as UV tolerant, they prove to be healthy and safe to make them a part of your exterior landscape. With artificial plants, there is no fear of water damage or damage from weather changes as fake plants remain unaffected with even extreme weather conditions.

Endlessly creativity wit Boxwood topiaries!

As these topiaries are available in the box, column or spiral shapes, one can use they magnify their creative talent. Craft them to make your company logo, brand name or a welcome note to entice visitors or use them along the approach road to provide symmetry, style, and classiness. The silk plants are best suited to revamp the exteriors of water parks, commercial buildings, hotel gardens or any other large premises to save on investment. One can create a silent private space in the garden using spiral topiaries or place round topiaries around the fountain in the garden or make them a part of canteen area to bring greenery and the playful environment around the premises.

You can also mix and match the artificial plants with your already rooted real plants to bring some drama and uniqueness in the otherwise boring exteriors. During festivities or special celebrations, you can also decorate the artificial Boxwood topiaries with bright lights. Artificial plants do not suffer any damage even if you use lights to decorate them.

Artificial Flowers to Color Up Your Office Exterior Landscape in a Jiffy

Artificial Flowers to color up your office exterior landscape in a jiffyYou may have believed that silk flowers are exclusively for indoors as the harsh weather and harmful UV rays would snatch away their delicate beauty. However, the newly launched premium quality artificial flowers are here to prove you wrong; they are so natural in their appearance that any passer-by would hardly doubt they are natural and they are so tough from within that none can dare to ruin them.

As an owner of a commercial property where a huge number of people come and go every day, it is no surprise that you are especially concerned about the grandeur and charm of your exterior landscape. These faux flowers would be a perfect match to stand along with other components of the exterior of your property. Regardless of whether it is a theme park, amusement park or a posh hotel, these fake flowers can be installed with the drop of a hat. Moreover, with their impressive features and excellent benefits, there is no reason why you should not invest in them.

Here’s why you should go for artificial flowers

It goes without saying that having a garden full of natural blossoms requires much effort, time and investments to maintain their heavenly look. Moreover, when it comes to adorning a huge commercial landscape with natural flowers, you may have to employ specialized gardeners to water, trim, prune and prepare the soil for the flowers. What’s more, these flowers would also drop their dried leaves and flowers which may spoil the appearance of the entire area.

The natural plants would also contribute in altering the balance of chemicals in the area. Moreover, you should also consider the fact that you will have some visitors, especially kids and pets who could be sensitive to the pollens and smell of natural flowers. Considering all these factors natural flowers are full of downsides.

On the other hand, the human-made flowers can swipe off these disadvantages with their long list of pros, and they are so appealing that you could scarcely afford to neglect them.

Faux flowers to change the look of your exterior ground

The greatest advantage of the fake flowers is that they are immortal and don’t require any maintenance or upkeep. You can use them the way you want without needing to worry whether the delicate flowers would be able to survive sun rays or whether they would be able to thrive in a low-light area. Be it along the sides of the walkways or the edge of the swimming pool or the border of the pavement, the fake blooms would look equally graceful no matter where you place them.

However, that does not mean the flowers are going to harm the environment in any way. They are not just made from high-quality raw materials that can endure merciless weather but also safe for mother earth. They do not emit any toxic gas, and there is no chance they will start giving out carbon dioxide after sunset. These flowers are chemically constant as a result of which they can contribute towards making the environment a lot healthier for people with varying clinical conditions.

An expert to guide you adorn your outdoors

It becomes really difficult to select the best fit from different types of flowers, and with PermaLeaf®, the choice seems to be endless regarding flowers, their varieties, and colors. If you are not quite experienced, it is easy to get perplexed and overwhelmed with virtually an endless array of blossoms. This is because if you are to choose from natural flowers, you would have been compelled to choose between a few options that would thrive and grow within a specified climatic condition. However, with artificial flowers, this factor is struck off, and it adds to the endless assortment of flowers that typically grow in various climate.

If you are still confused and get a feeling to grab all, it is best to rely upon an expert who will help you choose the blossoms that will usher your outdoors with divine perfection. It can be so that the existing array of artificial foliage does not appeal to you at all, but there’s nothing to worry. You can get custom-designed blossoms which are purposely designed to fit into your exterior landscape. So whether you are looking to decorate your area or redesign the existing decoration, nothing can deter the efficacy of artificial flowers and blossoms.

Artificial flowers that are strong yet delicate

When you first see the flowers, it is natural to feel that they are fragile and delicate due to their unique naturalness. However, you have no idea of how these amazing delicacies can dupe you; they are made from a material which makes them durable enough to bear everything from sun rays to hailstorm making them fade resistant as well. These technically-crafted flowers are made to pass through different kinds of tests, evaluations, and conditions which guarantee their strength and vivacity.

It would not be great if you install bright roses along the seats and they gradually turn pale day by day and reach a point at which they lose their luster and ruin the appeal of the place. To prevent this from happening, you must consider installing faux flowers from PermaLeaf® that are constructed with top quality materials and crafted with world class techniques. The outdoor artificial flowers that are created as a result a beautiful coalesce of functionality, quality and affordability so that you can beautify your outdoors without digging a hole in your pocket. As said earlier, they are not just amazing in their looks but also give a luxurious warm appeal to the outdoor.