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8 Tips to Decorate Your Automobile Showroom

Automobile ShowroomWhen you think about an expensive automobile showroom, what comes to your mind is the sleek and stylish machines contoured with the latest of designs and shades. But this is only one dimension of it. A showroom is a link between manufacturers and potential consumers. To make it more than a display of metallic brawn and finesse, it is also essential to make the ambiance spot on.

So, let's have a quick look at some of the ways in which you can achieve the same

Create a welcoming atmosphere

Make your showroom warm and inviting for the customers. Use some amazing scent to make your space fragrant, add overhead music with appropriate volume and some lovely silk plants and flowers to add some lushness. Also, provide seating areas at frequent intervals for customers and their companions to take rest while shopping. Set up kiosks and board giving all the necessary information about delivery times and prices to make it a hassle-free experience for the customers. Incorporating beautiful window displays highlighting offers and products will them get a sneak peek of what is inside.

Illuminate your showroom

Good lighting can make or break your space. Natural light enhances the style, color, and features of every model cost-effectively. However, incorporating some dramatic lighting in your showroom can work wonders. It adds brightness, charm, and depth to space. The key is to use a spotlight effect on the vehicles as these will make them look stunning, captivate your customer's attention and give them an enriched buying experience. For the other spaces, slightly dim lights would be perfect. You can choose from various light fixtures like ceiling lights, canopy lights, high bay lights, downlights, panel lights, low bay lights and so much more.

Bring in some greenish tinge

Plants flowers and greenery can make any space look lively and fresh. The downside is that plants need a lot of maintenance. Instead, you can go for some faux varieties that look amazingly real! You can install these artificial plants and flowers for some great airy vibes. Setting up some beautiful and vibrant artificial topiaries at the entrance would be a great idea too. The best part is these plants require almost zero maintenance and remain fresh throughout the year!

Use the right colors

Every color has a distinct visual appeal and effect to the eyes. Always use colors that complement the color of the vehicles and make the entire space look cohesive and well-coordinated. Do not paint your walls with colors that divert your customer's attention from the vehicles! Remember the psychology behind colors in marketing, for example, red color triggers strong emotions, orange emanates warmth, yellow reflects happiness and green resonates with good health, pink has calming effects, blue represents tranquility and so on. Studies say that blue is one color that boosts sales as it has a soothing, comforting effect on the customers. To make your brand attractive and identifiable to the customers it is imperative to present all the elements in a unified manner. Use the color schemes wisely; any disruption in the continuity will fail to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

Go for balloon décor

Balloon décor is one of the most common yet beautiful ideas to add some vibrancy to your automobile showroom. Balloons are so versatile and visually appealing that you can put them anywhere! You may beautify the entrance with a series of arches made of colorful balloons, make signboards with balloons or even use balloon emojis to add some fun and quirk. Also, you can choose color combinations that blend well with your brand, theme, and interior of your showroom.

Make the waiting area super-comfy

The waiting area of your showroom should not be a dull and lifeless area. Make sure you install cozy and comfortable sofas and couches to make your guests feel at ease. Also put up a flat-screen TV, some tables with some artificial flowers in lovely vases and racks with newspapers, books, and magazines to keep your guests engaged. Also, set up a playing area for kids and don't forget to serve some hot tea and refreshments to your guests.

Make your showroom spacious

You would want to accommodate as many vehicles in your showroom because more vehicles mean more sales. Well, sadly that's not the case! According to studies, too many choices can make your customers perplexed. They like to feel that their decision is special and having fewer vehicles will make their choice stand out even more. Also, fewer vehicles make room for more space for your customers to walk around. Your showroom should not look congested, try to maximize the available space. Setting up large fake plants with real looking foliage will add a fresh twist to space!

Use technology

Customers these days are looking for novel products and experiences. Also, their shopping styles and needs are diverse. Some sales techniques that work for more customers may be a turn off for others. Making use of gadgets like tablets on stands in front of every vehicle can act as a catalyst in the sales process. It is a very interactive way of sharing all the essential information about the vehicles to the customers.

These were some fantastic ideas that you could choose for your automobile showroom. Of course, you may not incorporate all of them; just select a few that will go with your theme and style. In addition to these ideas, you may also use your creative flair and imagination to make it more like your signature style!

7 Tips to Make Any Hotel Room Look Spacious and Classy

7 Tips To Make Any Hotel Room Look Spacious And ClassyIts great fun to make even a small space look spacious, elegant and smart. Together with the looks and style factor, it also gives you an added feel of airiness which is of course, important.

So, let's see how you can do wonders with the small hotel space you have for yourselves.

#1 The first thing, keep it uncluttered

Minimal furniture is much better than going overboard with stuff for the room. This not only makes the room look spacious but also gives it a neat and clean look.

Just imagine, you have a huge room, but you fill it up with umpteen number of articles. We bet it's going to look tacky. The same applies to hotel rooms. There is no need to flaunt all the artifacts in a single room. Try arranging them at other places and corners.

The minimalistic approach always does the trick, and as the saying goes, less is more!

So, the idea is to keep it spacious and airy with pleasant surroundings.

#2 The Colour and lights of the room make all the difference

Have you realized how a small room can also look great and big enough if painted in light pastel shades? Yes, it's true!

If you use light shades and hues, an area can look much bigger. It creates the illusion of space.

To the contrary, even though the room is big enough and you paint in red or scarlet (with dark colors), you will feel the wall is so close to you, that it is nearly touching you!
Light colored window boxes are also great! So, make good use of them.

The effect of colors is fantastic. It's also recommended to get hotel rooms painted white or in rich pastels which looks excellent with living walls and greenery around!

Also, make use of light colors as they don't absorb much light, which makes the room look bigger and more refreshing. Dark colors, on the flip side, absorb light, giving the room a much darker, warmer and smaller look.

#3 The Mirror-Effect

One of the best, time- tested ways, is to create the mirror-effect.

By positioning and placing mirrors at the right places, you can create the illusion of some more space and area. When you look at the mirror, it gives you a mirror image, you get the feeling, that the length of the room is much bigger and spacious (backways). This makes a room look a lot bigger.

Mirrors are, of course, used as a necessity. But these days, false ceilings are made up of mirrors. There are also many mirror ceiling tiles available. These not only looks luxurious but very modern and chic.

The idea is to make the room look more prominent than usual. So, make use of ample supplements. Suspended ceiling lights also come in various designs which can be used to enhance the look of the space.

#4 Experimenting with windows

All windows at one place, together, give you the effect of a larger and bigger room. The windows can be arranged in a hotel space in such a manner that they are stuck together, taking a smaller area but giving the effect of a bigger one.

Windows can also be used for sufficient lighting and for giving the room an airy feel when opened. Windows also have a great appeal on the viewer. It gives the feeling of openness and freedom, a sense of independence from the claustrophobic world! You can create a surreal effect and great view inside by using outdoor artificial plants and trees, which give the room green and airy feel.

#5 Use Light colored Upholstery and Linen

Believe it or not, not just the color of the walls and lights, the color of the upholstery also makes a difference.

The curtains can be of light colors in neutrals and white. White is an excellent color for indoors, and can never go wrong. Not only does it signify purity, but it also creates the effect of space and airiness.

Here as well, you can make use of all-weather friendly artificial plants in elegant plant containers which can complement the color around and add to the appeal.

White and green look great together. So, along with artificial plants in corners, use a lot of whites and cremes. Neutral shades can also be used. But avoid dark colors which make the room look small and congested.

#6 Use the Actual Space

Also, an excellent idea to make a hotel space, spacious enough is by using the actual area, ‘intelligently.'

It requires you to maximize the storage space by using furniture like floor-to-ceiling cabinet units which can be used to display and keep stuff. It also makes the room look fashionable and well-designed.

This is also an exciting way of using the extra space to include drawers, chests, a display area for books and antiquities, which can be used for stacking things.

It also gives the effect of a useful-liveable area (a place for real and not just for ostentation).

Using the actual space and area makes so much of a difference. All you need to do is not to fill the room with unnecessary stuff and everything in hand.

Use your exclusive taste, be selective and use good quality, fashionable stuff, that will not only add glamour and style to your space but will make it look rich and luxurious.

#7 Last but not least, Experiment as much as you can!

Try using custom-made furniture. For example, built-in drawers, wall-mounted tables, and chairs are good options to make use of a lot of space available.

Be bold. Don't restrict yourself to only traditional styles.

These days as the rooms have become much smaller compared to earlier times; it is advisable to use unobtrusive and small items.

These days, many new designs like nature and forest inspired walls murals are available. These not only look attractive and are great decorative pieces, but also delude and deceive the onlooker's eye to make your space look significantly more prominent.

Feature walls and commercial landscape designs are also a great idea. Sometimes selected piece of decorative items can also do the trick. The idea is to make the room inviting.

Just Experiment!

There is no stopping you to be clever and intelligent.

Be creative with your given space.

So, we see there are endless options to give an enhanced new look to a small area. Not just hotel rooms, any given space can be illuminated and be provided, a grandeur appeal.



Here's How You Infuse Life in Unused Hotel Hallway Space

Done5When it comes to hotel décor, the hallways or corridors are the least thought of, just because it's one of the most unused space, as well as, an insignificant part of the hotel. However, you can add some verve and glam to your hallway too and make them look livelier and more welcoming.

Let us have a quick look at some fantastic décor ideas to infuse life in your hotel hallways:

Put up console tables and chairs:

Putting up console tables in your hotel's hallway is a great idea, as these do not take up much space and also gives a sleek and stylish look. Choose colors which would contrast and complement the color of your hallway walls.

To enhance the visual appeal, you can also place some lovely artificial flowers in some beautifully crafted vases, small antiques, and artifacts, a stack of various types of books and magazines, fragrant candles, pictures of nature, wildlife, portraits, etc., or anything of your choice! Chairs and sofas also can be left by the side to enable the guests to relax once in a while during their strolls and rounds.

Tip: Choose the items carefully so that none of them looks out of place.

Go for vibrant wallpapers:

Say goodbye to the dull and monotonous hallway walls! Wrap them up with some amazingly vibrant and colorful wallpapers. The choice of colors may depend on your general theme, i.e., something bright and shining or a soberer and classier one.

You may go for various shades and patterns that blend with the floor, ceiling and the overall look of your space. You can also put up some miniature décor pieces on the walls to add a stylish flair or hang some artificial hanging flower baskets to add a natural twist!

Tip: While selecting the wallpapers to care must be taken about the quality and texture of the material, lest, it may not give you a fabulous look you are aiming for.

Illuminate the space:

It is important to remember that your hallway must not have any dark corners, as your guests walk through with their luggage and other stuff. Do not cover the windows in your corridors with curtains or blinds. You can go for various light fixtures like ceiling lights, floor lights, lamps or even candles! Installing some gorgeous silk plants and trees entwined with fairy lights will significantly enhance the aesthetics of your hallway!

Tip: Contrast is the key; make sure space is not too dim or too bright.

Get artistic:

Adorning your hallway walls with some mesmerizing artworks will make your guests pause and look for a while! You may go for anything like modern or old paintings, rustic antiques, murals and so much more. These will add depth, character, and drama to your space.

Tip: Don't overdo it. Too much artwork on the walls would not look pleasing because of the limited space in the hallways.

Bring in some lushness:

Most people are bound to feel claustrophobic while passing through the hallway. Decorating the space with some beautiful plants and flowers would be a perfect idea to make the ambiance lively and airy. However, maintaining the same could be quite a task. What you can do instead is install some beautiful fake plants and flowers that look amazingly real and needs almost zero maintenance!

Tip: While choosing faux trees, plants or flowers, make sure you go for high-quality ones, as it will be a one-time investment and turn out to be advantageous in the long run.

Choose the right flooring:

While choosing the flooring for your hallway, you must keep a few things in mind. The material you choose must be durable, fire resistant, sound absorbent and off course easy to maintain. You may go for natural hardwood, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, and several other options. For softer flooring options you can dress the floor with rich, cushy, colorful carpets that would complement and gel with the color of the walls and the overall décor of the space.

Tip: Material selection is the key as the wrong type may even harm the acoustic quality along with the aesthetics.

Decorate the fifth wall:

As you know, ceilings are the fifth wall of your space! However, these are overlooked most of the time when it comes to décor. It is painted in regular light colors and left as it is without any artworks. Using some creative flair to decorate them can elevate the charm of your space. You may go for silver or golden leaf design, lattice design, wallpapers or even decorative ceiling tiles.

Plaster of Paris flower designs of various types and shades provided at the base of decorative fans and lights would give the ceiling a magical look. Ceiling corners, one of insignificant part comes alive and give it a distinguished look when the right design and shades are chosen.

Tip: Plaster of Paris artworks should complement the light fixtures and fans, as well as that of the ceiling corner.

Blend the traditional and the modern:

Be it artifacts, paintings, murals or sculptures, the conventional as well as the contemporary have its place among the art lovers. Adorning these timeless pieces on the walls or console tables would be a great viewing pleasure for your guests.

Tip: Getting the perfect balance between modern and traditional designs would give a stylish and contemporary look.

So, these were some amazingly unique décor ideas that you could choose for your hotel hallway. Of course, you may not incorporate all of them; just select a few that will go with your theme and style. In addition to these ideas, you may also use your creative flair and imagination to make it more like your signature style!

10 Decor Ideas To Make Your Child's Bedroom More Fun For Them

Done4Children work, learn, and gain energy from their room. It'd be safe to say that their rooms are their safe space. As a result, kids' rooms must be tastefully designed, as a reflection of their personalities; space where they can grow and evolve comfortably. Here are the top tips for designing the kids' room of your dreams-

The key is practicality

The underlying feature of a kid's room should always be functionality and practicality. Install the furniture at an appropriate height. Make sure that the bars in the closet are low enough so that they can reach it easily. Baby proof the room, ensure that the furniture has round edges so that it is safe for the kids. It is not logical to expect your kids to maintain the room

spot free, so don't introduce a lot of whites into the room, and don't adopt a very minimalist décor, since you'd need a lot of functional pieces. Select the best looking fake flowers if you want to add a splash of green to the room.

Encourage creativity with an art center

Make a continuous art center by maintaining a blank space in the room. Apply a coat of dry erase paint to the wall, to make your whiteboard. Kids are brimming with enthusiasm and potential, and you should hone it and display it at every possible chance.

Décor that reflects their personality

Your kid's room should be a perfect depiction of their character. As they grow older, and their interests change, the room should also accommodate it. For instance, if your kid loves the color blue, include it in ample amounts. If he/she is a curious traveler, display a world map to tick off countries as and when you visit them. Flood your kid's room with books and other resources to learn, so that they can grow to be all rounded individuals.

Incorporate quirky and geeky elements

Glow in the dark paints are inexpensive but feel like a million bucks. You can use it to paint stars and planets on the ceiling. A rustic light fixture is a more appropriate choice for an older kid. You can also develop a theme and stick to it, like oceans, or forests. An oceans theme would be complete with wave decals on the wall, and blue furniture all around, maybe even a blue bean bag/love sack for a laid-back, casual feel. For a forest theme, you can incorporate artificial plants and trees indoors, or artificial boxwood plants with a planter box.

Pro tip- An indoors clubhouse is a fantastic way to jazz things up, and make things a lot more fun for your little one. It offers a break from monotony, by creating a clear demarcation between work space and play space.

Allot ample display space

Kids love being on display. Celebrate your little achiever by shining the spotlight light on their wins and achievements. If your little one is a musician, display his/her musical instruments, and the trophies that they win as the main attraction of the room. This would motivate your kid to love themselves, value their achievements, and would provide the initiative to work harder.

Don't ignore good lighting

Research shows that plenty of natural light is essential for proper development of kids. You don't want to miss out on all that natural goodness! Use glass windows to let all that light in. Make sure that the artificial lights aren't too jarring to the kid's eyes. Real plants might branch out, blocking the light, so opt for artificial plants for the home décor.

Emphasize on effective storage

You need to store a multitude of things in your kids' room. Toys, books, clothes, maybe even a crib for the younger ‘uns. In a small space, it would be impossible to fit all this safely, if you don't plan your storage effectively. Loft space and ample wardrobe space are the two main things to keep in mind.

Pro tip- Clear plastic boxes are an excellent choice for storage. They are very cheap and are durable. More importantly, the latches are incredibly firm, serving as a child lock. Toys and even clothes can be neatly arranged in them.

Teach good values with greenery

The best gifts you could give your kids are the values you teach them. One such significant benefit is the love for nature. This would be of immense use to them in later years, giving them peace and a break from routine. That considered, isn't it essential to add some greenery to the room, so that the kid would grow up feeling love for nature? Of course, in a kid's room, real plants are not a practical choice. The soil can be a breeding ground for germs and diseases, and the maintenance itself is a huge hassle.

For children, the cutest and the best choice would be window boxes with flowers. They are available in various styles, colors, and varieties, offering a subtle and pleasing appearance. They are fade resistant, so you know they are in for the long-run. It is also effortless to include them with the room décor, and they need very little display space.

Opt for temporary fixtures

Kids grow in what seems like seconds. Their changing personalities demand a change in their rooms. It becomes difficult to invest a huge amount of time and money every few years to change up the room for your children. The solution is temporary fixtures. Temporary wall decals are inexpensive and widely available. They are also available in a wide variety of designs, to infuse some fun into the room. Similarly, wall pop-ups are also a great choice to spice up the room for next to nothing.

Surround your kid with a love

It is vital to make your kid feel loved and cherished at all times. Remind them of your love by hanging up pictures of your family and friends. As your kid grows, this collection would only grow, serving as a reminder to the beautiful life you share, and have created together.

Decorating a kid's room can be an intimidating task, what with the innumerable things to wary of. But it represents a beautiful chapter of your life, so what it should be, is a fun process. Let-loose, and enjoy it, and maybe even include your kids in the process, if they are old enough. All you will remember are the memories that you create.



6 Easy Decor Ideas To Make Your Office Look Swankier and Classier

Done3A well-designed office space impacts the productivity and mood of the employees, and as a consequence, affects the business's success. Good business space is fun, full of life, and yet remains professional. Here are six tips to help you design an office that is not just swanky, but also inspirational-

Make your brand known

Display the company's mission statement in a common area, making it the focal point of the office. This would motivate your employees to no end. It would also remind them of the company's values, ensuring that they stick to them.

On these lines, consider incorporating the company's colors while choosing the paints and decals. The logo should also be displayed in the office, always reflecting on what you and your brand stand for. Remember, the right colors can boost your employees' productivity and happiness.

Divide the space effectively

This is an often overlooked concept. Instead of opting for jarring dividers to demarcate between, for instance, the workspace and the meeting space, consider using rugs. They are subtle, sleek, and professional. The difference in textures would also offer depth to the décor, making it sophisticated.

Another way to divide space is artificial boxwood hedge with a planter box. In a large office space, they can offer a much-needed splash of greenery, while remaining formal. Instead of using boring walls to divide areas, opt for a green hedge- it will elevate the feel of the space effortlessly.

Go quirky and funky

If you feel like your office lacks an edge, quirky and fun elements might be what you're looking for. Hang large paintings to offer an artistic vibe to space. Statement furniture is also great to option to jazz up a workspace.

Similarly, play with accents to spice the space up. Accent walls when done right, garner attention. Ensure that the rest of the office is light and neutral so that the different elements can interact with one another, and balance the space out, without overwhelming your senses.

You can also go the extra mile, with accent furniture! The positioning is the key thing here. You should also ensure that you neutralize it with gentler tones and light décor in the rest of the space. Don't forget to balance different textures and colors- you can even use artificial bushes and flowers indoors to tie the look together.

Install glass and mirrors

Natural lighting is one of the best things you can do, to make your building classy. Ensure that you let plenty of sunshine into the workspace by using glass. Glass also makes the room look much bigger, and offers an exquisite, yet formal tinge to the workspace.

Using glass windows also opens the workspace up to the views that surround your office. This visual motivation might cure a weary, de-motivated employee. If your office does not have good views, fret not! You can install artificial backdrops that are really looking. You can also go old-school and paint a stunning landscape on our walls. To incorporate a natural view, you can even install plants, and trees cut into different shapes outside, creating a beautiful change in scenery for your staff.

Offer premium amenities

Little things go a long way in boosting your employees' morale. Coffee stations, stocked with a premium coffee maker, sugar and cream can be relaxing are to unwind, discuss matters of the day, and the much-needed rest will make your staff go even harder at work.

An office library can provide some intellectual stimulation, and offer a learning experience. A well-stocked library can instigate a curiosity in your employees and will make them learn skills that will make their work much better. This increases the quality of your organization's output.

Go green

Pleasing greenery in the office would go a long way in raising the office spirit. Sometimes, all your employees need, would be to sit back and relax, to avoid burn-out. One of the best ways to introduce this into the office is through rooftop gardens and balconies. A visually boring, overly concrete workspace is not very exciting. This is where greenery helps you out, by

offering an aesthetic view.

You don't have to worry about not having enough space, as you can fit a garden into the tightest of spaces. A garden can also be an excellent space for conducting business meetings. Fade-resistant artificial outdoor plants and trees will ensure that you wouldn't have to spend a lot of time and effort on the maintenance. An excellent option for you would be easy to clean fake artificial poinsettia plants that come in different colors, offering variety and color.


While decorating an office, it is essential to note that the options are endless. Your creativity and innovative spirit will decide the feel of the space. You should involve your employees in the décor process, and get their inputs on what kind of an office they would like to have. They can also make some DIY projects, thus making the workspace collaborative and distinct.

All You Need to Know About Buying Fire Retardant Artificial Plants

Done2Flame resistant or fire-retardant plants and trees come across as an enigma, especially when fire hazards around the world claim lives ranking in the millions. As one can imagine, people can't figure out how they came to be, but everyone would surely love to have one. But there's a lot which one must know about them before committing to buying one for their houses:

How are they made?

This is the question which plagues everyone's mind whenever they come across these plants. As such, there are two ways through which they are made fire resistant:

By opting for surface spraying or dipping. Here the artificial plant gets coated with a thin layer of fire-resistant material, but this is a very short application which is sure to get washed off eventually and dissipate.

FR Additives are added during the manufacturing process, and this process gives the most benefits since both the fabric as well as the plastic components of the trees get molded by fire retardant materials.

Check building code requirements

There are strict building codes in place to reduce damage caused to property and lives. So, before ordering for the plants make sure to check your building code requirements and ensure if there are regulations put on the use and storage of fire retardant plants and trees. Fire and building codes vary both nationally and internationally, so it is essential to know what your local area prescribes for.

Carry out research on fire codes and testing data

No matter where you buy your fire-resistant plants and trees from, during the process of installation fire officials will surely ask for testing data and fire codes. Make sure to be effective and efficient in your research and don't make the ignorant mistake of installing any retardant materials if your commercial project asks for the opposite.

Is it cost effective to get one?

It should be kept in mind that fire-resistant solutions sprayed on artificial plants are just meant for temporary use. The prices of these products are higher than the regularly found artificial foliage. As such it may not turn out to be that cost-effective, especially when compared to the IFR products. But the cost isn't the only issue which plagues surface treated fireproof plants. They might change appearance and look flakier and with a very dusty and flimsy feel to it due to the solution being sprayed on.

Which fireproofing technique to opt for?

Listed before were two ways of fireproofing a plant, but the best option will be to buy plants which have fire retardant chemicals injected in their leaves and branches during the injection molding process. This technique is safer, more resilient to fire and the trees have a much better appearance than those plants which get sprayed on and then gradually become discolored and spotted. Moreover, this process falls within the fire codes which protects consumers from the various risks associated with commercial grade fireproof artificial foliage.

Look for certification

The leaves and branches present in the natural flame resistant trees are made up of materials which are naturally resistant to the naked flame. So the flame retardant artificial foliage is tested to that of BS5852, which is a safety code. Make sure you get the certification related to these as well as other tests and products which guarantee the plant's fireproofing ability. Also ask for the certification or grading of the artificial plant, regarding the position it takes on the fireproof scale.

Surface treated plants don't get certification

Artificial foliage which gets treated by either being dipped into a flame resistant solution or by being sprayed, don't get the certification for being fireproof. This is because there is no way to guarantee if the resolution or spray has been even applied evenly. Moreover, the slightly greasing surface upon the spraying becomes a hotbed for attracting dust particles, which will look bad if you are buying the fire retardant plants for your establishment. That's why it is advisable to avoid these plants altogether.

The whole flame retardant tree isn't fireproof

There is a common misconception people have while buying a flame resistant artificial plant or tree- that the entire tree would be fireproofed, but that isn't the case. It should be noted that just the stem molding and the foliage is actually flame resistant. The stem of the tree doesn't get treated, and as such it will burn if it catches a naked fire. Also, it should be noted that a flame resistant tree resists flames. So if the heating temperature remains constant or rises then the foliage will eventually catch on fire or even melt.

What types of artificial foliage should one buy?

The type of artificial foliage being bought depends on the intent of use. It is also advisable to consult the fire safety officer before purchasing anything. People operating a restaurant or other eating and entertainment establishments can use fire retardant faux outdoor topiary with lights or perhaps some outdoor artificial plants and trees to make a positive impression on customers. But people buying them for their homes can undoubtedly make use or some artificial bushes, plants, and trees for indoor use. An artificial boxwood hedge with planter box would work too. But anyone can mix it up with some large artificial outdoor trees for privacy indoors or form a shade where people can rest.

The Plant Arrangement

Before buying fire retardant trees and plants, make sure to accurately survey the area you are going to put them in. After that create a proper plan on where and how to put them. Using fire resistant plants is indeed a cheap alternative, but it is also important to arrange them well especially if they are bought in bulk. This will merely increase their efficiency and effectiveness a lot.

Parting Thoughts

Fire retardant artificial plants are cost effective and also beautiful to look at. They also negate the kind of maintenance which natural and even other types of fake plants need. Having one of these will improve not just the aesthetic beauty of the place, but it will also ensure its survival.

The Seven Undeniable Advantages of Artificial Plants over Real Plants

77777article Number Love plants but are scared of maintaining them? Love plants but can't afford to look after them? Love plants but pollen allergies keeping you away? Love plants but do not want to use harmful pesticides? Love plants but have no clue on how to care for them? If such issues are holding you back from the pleasure of plants, its time for you to explore the world of artificial plants.

A wide range of artificial plants is available to cater to both residences as well as commercial use. Artificial plants offer an extensive spectrum of products to choose from-- plastic hanging baskets with lights, artificial bamboo plants, artificial topiary, artificial outdoor and indoor flowers in pots, large artificial outdoor trees, synthetic UV protected trees, the list is truly endless.

If you are still confused about whether to invest in artificial plants or are a business puzzled between using real or artificial plants, here are some exciting advantages of artificial plants that will leave you pleasantly surprised:

All-year Freshness:

If you are living in a place with extreme weather conditions, artificial plants are the perfect solution to decorate your natural space. No more worrying about the snow, rain, less sunlight or harsh sunlight. Seasonal factors and severe weather do not affect artificial plants.

It's a dream-come-true to enjoy the beauty of date-palms while it is snowing heavily outside. Artificial plants, especially those with exotic flowering artificial shrubs are trendy. Vibrant colored flowers help brighten up the gloomiest of environments!

Faux lawns and artificial topiary trees are ideal for front porches, backyards, indoor or outdoor sports grounds, airports, railway stations, and hospitals. Passionate golfers also use faux lawns for setting up mini-golf courses to enjoy their favorite sport around the year. What better than the joy of soothing greens all around the year!!

Geographically mobile:

Can you imagine moving a tree from one place to another? Trees and plants are not only heavy and cumbersome to run, but there is always a fear of damaging or breaking them.

Artificial plants including large artificial outdoor trees are light-weight and easy to move from one place to another. They can be assembled and dissembled in no-time.

If you want to change the look and ambiance of your hotel according to different events and seasons, artificial plants are easy to relocate. Artificial plants are also extensively by event-managers and decorators to create natural ambiances in theme parties and events.


Artificial plants are more durable than real plants. There is no worry about any damage to artificial plants. New-age artificial plants are even UV protected. They are water-proof, snow-proof and a lot of them are even dust-resilient.

Artificial plants are great for outdoor spaces, backyard patios, swimming pool decks, and verandas. Cleaning and maintenance are also effortless.

Telephone and mobile service operators now prefer using Cell tower trees or cell trees as a beautiful alternative to the otherwise ugly cell phone towers.

No gardening skills needed:

A lot of people are unwilling towards buying real plants as they may not have the know-how and equipment required to maintain them. With artificial plants, there is no need for any gardening skills. You don't need to keep a gardening kit, no need to invest in expensive scissors, no worry about storage space for shovels, cutters, gloves, and pruners!

Artificial plants are so easy to install, it's a child's play. Follow the easy to set-up instructions, and you have your tree up in no time. They are ideal for working couples, students and even absent-minded professors!! No wonder artificial Christmas trees are so popular.


People living in places of scanty rainfall always wish for the lush green foliage of tropical plants! And people living in tropical seasons long for the beauty of the thorny cactus!! After all, the grass is always greener on the other side.

So whether you desire faux grass, lush green tropical plants, thorny cactuses, or exotic flowers like orchids, birds-of-paradise, anthuriums, and all-time favorite roses, artificial plants are your best choice! Go ahead and indulge in your favorite flower without the worry of watering them!

Professionals who are frequently traveling for work also prefer artificial plants. No more depending on your neighbor to water your plants while you are on your next trip!

No health problems:

Real plants have been known to trigger allergic reactions in not just children but also adults. With seasonal changes, plants secrete pollen which is a significant health issue for people suffering from eczema and respiratory ailments like asthma. A lot of people complain about a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and cough or hay fever when plants bloom in spring.

Artificial plants are free-from allergens and made of superior-quality hypoallergenic raw-materials, and can be used by people with allergies. They are also widely preferred in clinics and hospitals as they are free from bacteria, viruses, and allergens.


Maintaining artificial plants is effortless. They need no protection from damage from birds or animals. There is no hassle of using dangerous pesticides or insecticides to protect them from problematic pests, rodents and insects.

Artificial plants are also best suited for homes with pet animals and little kids. There are no small parts that can be ingested making them a safe option. They are easy to repair in case of breakage.

Artificial plants are more comfortable to store than real plants. When not in use, their modular and stackable designs allow simple storage without eating up on precious space. Since they are termite-resistant, they may be easily stored in basements or attics.

Today, artificial plants are fast replacing real plants in offices, hospitals, airports, government organizations, schools, colleges, and even homes. With changing lifestyles and fast pace of life, artificial plants are preferred over real plants in both commercial and residential spaces. People who were bereft of this pleasure are now able to enjoy the beauty of trees, plants, and flowers. As the famous poet, Kahlil Gibran said, "Trees are poems that the earth writes upon them."


7 Things to Do - To Improve Your Retail Store's Decor

Abhi Wali ImageIn a competitive retail world such as ours, where countless retailers sell the same products, one of the key features that impact customers and make them choose a particular retailer is – the store decor. The decor is what works on the customer's unconscious mind and improves their opinion of your store without realizing it. Here are seven things you can do to improve your store's interior decor –

Make an impact with your storefront

The front of your store will represent the aesthetic of your entire store and be the most critical factor in attracting customers and making them want to come in. There is no point in spending a lot making the insides of your store appealing if there aren't going to be enough customers coming in to see it. Strengthen the presence of your brand out there.

Spice up your window decor – intersperse products with window boxes with artificial flowers. Maybe adorn your door with artificial plants in hanging baskets. While it's more important that the quality of your product is what creates customer loyalty, customer acquisition should not be ignored. We say I don't judge a book by the cover, but the vast majority of consumers do exactly that!

Make sure to eliminate clutter

From print media and websites to home or store decor, confusion is a big enemy. Nobody likes to process information that is too densely supplied, and this works just as much in retail stores. Do not flood your customers with too much for them to prepare. The majority of consumers tend to ignore information that is not prominent.`

Space out your products and leave lots of space unused, just like the white space required in between paragraphs. A great way to do this is by using decor like artificial flower arrangements or indoor topiaries. Try and get customers to feel relaxed and at home, so that they may consider all your products individually, and not ignore any of them because of clutter.

Pay attention to your walls, both inside, and outsides

The walls of your store impact the customer greatly, and you want this impact to be positive. Use colors that complement your products, just like product packaging uses. For example, if you're selling bath fittings, blues and whites are a distinct theme to consider. You must also pay attention to the outside walls, especially in cases of malls where stores are lined up next to each other.

Cleanliness is key

No matter how well decorated the insides and outsides of your stores are, nothing will look attractive to a consumer if it's even the least bit dirty. All your effort behind procuring good decor becomes useless if they're not cleaned meticulously. Especially for stores that cater to the higher rungs of society, the smallest sign of dirty floors, walls, shelves, glass doors or decor is a serious no.

Everything should be spotless and shiny. Something that is often ignored during cleaning is the decor – for example, make sure decor items like artificial flowers and plants are always clean and look real. Look up on how to keep your decor clean, and make sure that nothing is ignored when it comes to cleaning.

Appeal to the senses of the consumer

If you want to get ahead of the generic everyday retail store, try and engage your customers' feelings, like sight, sound, and smell –

Get your lighting design optimized; let there be enough light for the customers to inspect your products with ease, yet not so much light that it is unpleasant to the eye.
Make use of sound, and proper ambient music is always a great way to put your customers at ease and make them prefer your store to spend money on.

Smell is a powerful sense, and a fragrant environment is just as attractive and appealing as a bad smelly one is a deterrent for consumers.

Display your products creatively

As consumers nowadays, we are only too used to shelves of products all stacked up and lined up in aisles, thanks to the format of supermarkets and malls. As a retail store that stands out, you should consider the form in which your products are displayed to the consumer.

Be creative, use your space in a way that the customer doesn't get bombarded by product after product, but instead gets to explore the area in your store. Use innovative designs for shelves; use other objects to place the products on.

For example, in a liquor store, while regular products can be displayed in shelves, premium products can be viewed on fake barrels or large replicas of bottles, etc.

Create a path of flow for your customers

From the time your customers enter your store to the time they leave, there is a flow in their actions. They come, browse your products, choose what they want and take them, buy them at the counter and then walk out with the products. It is essential for a good retailer to create a path for them, and control this flow.

Design your store in such a way that the customers follow your flow, and move as you want them to. Simple ways to do this are queue lines at the checkout, aisles, railings, etc. But these do not leave a positive impact on the customer. Using decor correctly is key to this, place your products and decor in conjunction with each other, making the customers feel at home. For example, if you want to make a specific product prominent, set up a unique display, with things like artificial topiaries or hanging flower pots, to draw attention to them.


The most important thing to keep in mind when you're choosing how to decorate your store is that you want the customer to feel at ease. Your design aesthetic must strike a balance between being faithful and loyal to your ideals and your products, and allowing the customers to feel included in that aesthetic. Follow these tips, and you'll probably have a retail store that will stand out amongst competitors in terms of decor.



The 7 Latest Corporate Office Decor Trends for 2019

Architectural Design Architecture Ceiling 380768In this ever-changing world, office spaces are no exception. Modern offices are hugely different from traditional ones. They now bear the responsibility of attracting and retaining staff and keeping them engaged and happy. What's more, research confirms that the office décor has an immense effect on the employees' physical and mental health; it ought to be taken seriously, which is why you'd want to jump on the latest trends of 2019 office décor.

Fusion of the traditional and the contemporary

Everyone loves fusion. There is something about combining two very distinct elements, and having them contrast and beautifully complement each other. Appropriately, fusion has gone big in 2019. Rustic elements from the past, paired with modern décor elements have become the way to go. Oh, this is also a great way to add a funky and playful vibe to your office - including a few pieces of street art, like edgy sculptures or abstract paintings.

The green theme is here to stay

Who doesn't want to be one with nature at all times? Plants and trees give an inviting, calming feel to the workspace. We can never get enough of greenery. The "plants and biophilic design," offers you a lot of choices - you can choose to go real and natural, and install living plants indoors.

But they require a lot of care and attention, and so it might be challenging to maintain real plants- enter artificial plants. Realistic looking artificial plants are a very convenient option. There are several artificial baskets available, which, when hung from a high ceiling on rustic baskets, bring an excellent character to space. Artificial plants, fitted with lights can spice up a room in no time!

Make way for the color of the year

Pantone releases the color of the year to set the tone and mood for the coming year, and this time, it is a warm and comforting color called "living coral." Gone are the days of sultry and dark palettes, 2019 is the year of soothing colors like coral, that encourage intimacy and conversations.

Incorporate the color in quirky ways- like installing coral colored flower vases or even realistic artificial baskets, highlighting both the color and greenery. Pay attention to the color of your carpeting and desks. Playing with color is very fun, but you must check yourself from going overboard. Always remember to balance vivid color with neutral tones, and different textures, like a metal light fixture or wooden desks.

Don't forget the outdoor space

You can never neglect the outdoors. The outdoor area of your office is the first thing a prospective client encounters, so ensure that you make a great first impression. The outdoors necessitates plants and flowers, and here, you have several options. If you are a bold company that likes to make a statement, we have three words for you- outdoor topiary trees. The best part about topiaries is that they are formal, yet courageous. You can even choose to shape the real outdoor topiary trees in the shape of your company's logo.

If you want to go subtle, worry not, for you can choose artificial outdoor plants. Artificial poinsettia plants, specifically, are a huge draw, since they are available in different colors. If you crave living plants, then you can opt for a flower garden. Some favorite garden flowers are daylilies and marigolds. They are easy to grow and last all summer.

Matching Different Textures And Finishes

Man is not just a visual animal- we also love to touch and feel. Textures are a great way to give the office more depth and character. Uncommon and slightly bizarre combinations are trending in 2019- stone, wood, metal, and even textiles. We invoke the mention of living coral here again-you can efficiently work the color into the detailing, be it the office furniture, or even the light fixtures. Pro tip: combining all the elements of the design, such as the color, different texture, materials, and the plant-based design, ties the room together and makes it much more cohesive. 

Create Together In Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative workspaces have been doing the rounds for quite some time now, and not without reason. Open office spaces encourage the staff to shed their inhibitions and create better bonds with their colleagues. If you are a company that values creativity above all else, this might be what you need.

A cohabitation space also offers a lot in a design perspective- there are lots of tall, open spaces, lending themselves to out-of-the-box designing. Make workstations fun. Incorporate the latest technology, and install activities such as mini golf or ping pong tables for the employees to let loose and distress.

Moss Walls And Living Walls Add Beauty

Living walls are filled with real, breathing plants, while moss walls are filled with artificial moss or other faux green plants. While living walls can be visually appealing, not everyone can spare the care it needs. The alternative to this is faux boxwood. Artificial boxwood with planters is the best way to install moss walls, both indoors and outdoors.

Artificial boxwood décor is in for a reason- it is virtually maintenance- free, but it brings nature into your workspace. Pretty cool, right? And if you'd like to put that cohabitation space into use, give an assignment to your staff - make a DIY boxwood wall together! Another great use of moss walls is- get this- a vertical garden. This can be a beautiful centerpiece for the office, complete with real flowering plants.


The modern man spends a significant portion of his day at the office. Having a substandard office décor can put a damper on his spirits, and reduce the company's productivity and profitability. The underlying theme of 2019 décor is greenery, quite undeniable. All it takes is an innovative, modern approach on the colors, textures and other trends, to up the desirability quotient of the workspace by several notches.


The Top 10 Artificial Trees That Corporate Landscaping Experts Love

Shutterstock 503451412How boring can it get to sink into the office chair and stare at your laptop endlessly? Corporate lifestyle always brings work stress. One way to interrupt this stress build up is to go and spend some time in nature. As you would think that this is absurd during the working hours, but then we can still fetch nature to us. One smart way to achieve this is to deck up your cubicle or interiors and exteriors with green plants. Making flora mandatory for the artifacts will surely boost productivity and reduce tension.

A vase full of freshly bloomed flowers can instantly bring a smile on your face. But the flowers wilting and withering gradually is not very pleasing to watch any day. No one would want to sit and work beside a dried flora emitting ill-smell. This is the time you should consider switching to fake plants. With them, there is entirely no tension of watering, pruning, etc. Just dust it once a while, and you're good to go.

Suitability of artificial plants for outdoors

• Plants that you keep under massive sun exposure and extreme temperatures should have the label of commercial UV goods.

• Fade-resistant varieties should survive seasonal changes.

• The core material of fake plants should be superior quality plastic that provides premium and natural look and feel.

• Minute details like the texture, color, luster, of petals, stems and leaves should display originality.

• The list is huge when it comes to faux vegetation. You can choose from an inexhaustible category of trees, bushes, climbers, shrubs, herbs, flowers, etc. in different patterns and molds.

UV protected outdoor artificial trees have created quite a stir since they've hit the market. Exquisiteness is essential in flourishing the business. And who doesn't want to work in an office with mesmerizing interiors?

Here are the top 10 kinds of artificial plants that you can accommodate in your office setting.

1. Artificial cedar pine tree: These are one of the most common tall outdoor evergreen plants that you can spot randomly at entrances. These are an attractive variety of sturdy, dark green tree having needle-like leaves. You can install them in both indoor or outdoor and are available in different shapes. Sizes can meet up to 5ft in general.

2. Bamboo plants: Most of this collection serve as unusual artificial outdoor plants for the front door. People believe that this plant locks in luck. It is popularly known by the name of 'lucky bamboo plant.' As you know that original bamboo hates direct sunlight, you can align this small faux tree by the balcony to preserve the feel.

3. Bonsai plant: Go for the bonsai arrangement and beautifully line your stairway with little bonsai pots. These varieties look adorable when more than one grow in a container. They can be styled in a variety of ways to resemble a whole grown tree in existence.

4. Ficus plant: Add an exotic touch to your office garden with a Ficus variety grown in a pot. Usually counted in the woody species of trees and vines, the original plants grow very tall. However, the faux assemblage with its beautiful drooping twigs and shiny oval leaves will impart a unique blend of exotism and regularity in your usual office atmosphere.

5. Eucalyptus plant: Eucalyptus must have come onto your mind if you are looking for outdoor topiary in an urn. The leaves are mostly feathery soft and delicate that reflect a soothing shade of green. Place a small sized one beside your desk, for a full, lavish look. These plants are also available with pre-installed lights on them that make the ambiance heavenly at night.
Tip: Look for outdoor topiary trees with lights that add a festive touch to the plants.

6. Dracaena plant: This is mainly of the arid origin and is also known as the dragon trees. You can choose from their two prominent varieties. One having stout, plump trunks and wide based leaves and the other comparatively smaller, shrub-like outlook, with slim stems and waxy, strap-like leaves.

7. Mini orchids: They belong to one of the largest flowering plant family. They are widely approved because of the amazing grace and plenty of the colors of their flowers. The smooth finish of the petals and the vivid hues of the inflorescence are lovely for both special occasions and everyday greetings.

8. Money plant: This is the most commonly noticed plant in business set-ups owing to the popular belief of the luck it brings along. It is a kind of evergreen vine that flowers rarely. Leaves are heart-shaped, vibrant yellowish green and abundant. It can grow on other plants as climbers, but when they grow in pots, leaves appear alternately on the lagging stems.

9. Golden cane palm tree: This tree is bound to create a statement wherever you place it. Also known as the ‘butterfly palm,' as the leaves bend upwards in multiple slender branches to imitate a butterfly look. This is mainly of tropical and subtropical origin, and have many grass-like leaves that add sunshine to your surroundings.

You can place a number of these trees along the fences of your exterior and marvel at how exotic and unusual ornamentation they can bring forth. Watch how beautifully the branches full of leaves sway in the rain or when the subtropical breeze flow through them.

10. Maple tree: Both the tree as well as the shrub variant is common. The autumn leaf color transformation in winters is one fantastic feature that distinguishes this tree from the others. Hence the faux varieties of these deciduous plants are pre-colored diversely to provide an illusion of the autumn leaf effect. Some are also offered with colorful fruits in shades of yellow, red and orange.


"I want a vivid yet soothing landscape with stunning visuals," would be an immediate answer if you ask any corporate head. A space that emits elegance also radiates integrity, commitment and promises service and satisfaction.

10 Tips To Set Up A Meditation Space In Your House

Palm LeavesMeditation comprises of such activities that suffice the need of your mind for peace and positivity. You could get that outside, in the lap of nature at some far-away place, but that idea has become redundant now, and we are trying to recover the sanctity of a small space for this purpose. So here are some ideas. 

Clean and clutter-free

Always keep your room clean and clutter-free because that will help preserve the sanctity of the place you are going to use for the specific purpose of getting a peace of mind in this hustle-bustle lifestyle. Be careful of unknowingly filling the space with extra items such as furniture like chairs, extra pillows on chairs and sofas, much wall-adornments, etc. Keep the arrangement simple by restricting accessories to only those few objects that give you a sense of tranquillity and serenity. Things you are going to use such as floor cushions, a comfortable and gentle-looking rug or mat, must find their place in your meditation room.


Focus on only decorative objects such as the things that you like to see on the walls and floor or the furniture. Our approach should remain minimal so as to prevent myriad distractions to creep in. To be specific about decorative objects, it can be said that it varies according to the taste of people. Art lovers can have certain simplistic paintings or sculptures on the wall or on the showcase, color lovers can have one or more than one wall painted in their favorite color or bring in a few attractive color objects to adore focal points of the room. While ultra-modern people love a taste of technicality in décor, classic people find it easy to go with vintage décor themes.

Meditative music

Music is an essential ingredient of meditation. Although a few people opt for a music-less meditation session, it is preferred by most due to its mood-boosting and calming nature that accelerates the effects of your effort. Those who live in a busy neighborhood with everyday sounds of sirens, horns, loud music, vehicle noise, trains, know the effectiveness of soothing music in a meditation class.

While choosing music, go for instrumental music that is calming in nature. It need not be classical, but it must fulfill the purpose of the work at hand. A sound such as natural sounds of the ocean, jungle calm with birds chirping or single equipment music like flute and violin music etc. can make an impact. And also make sure the track is long enough to cover the entire session. Talking about the music system, there is no need for a sophisticated set-up as everything is ok to be simple in this room. Whatever system you have, fix it such that you will get a surrounding effect which is amazing in effect.


It is a part of décor. Personalizing the precious space can be immense in impact and reach out to the untouched part of your memories while you dwell in peace for a limited time of your day contemplating your next move. Options are multiple here. A personal touch can be any element like sound, art, smell, some object, anything that calms your personality. Clear glass vases, crystal chandeliers, natural paintings, statues of Buddha, beads or shells handicrafts are such things to consider. While decorating with these, you have to remember not to overcrowd the place and place the items perfectly so that you can focus on meditation in a clear environment.

Fresh air

Make sure you have ample fresh air inside your meditation room. The feeling of freshness brought in by fresh air is mesmerizing, especially in a place where you have only a few occasion to enjoy such calmness or your place is situated within a crowded juncture. Take care of the ventilation arrangement. If you have a window to the outside, keep it open for sufficient time and in case of multiple windows, try to open them in sync to maintain a healthy flow of air. If your room does not have any windows, try bringing in a standing fan or air purifier. But whatever you get, choose the quiet pieces of the machine.

Natural touch

Organically, nature provides the quietest peace and most beautiful serenity. While it is ideal to meditate in a natural place, that luxury is hard to find in nowadays urbanized infrastructure. So we choose to bring in natural elements that will infuse harmony with balance in our own personal space. Fresh flowers in vase, seashells and sand in a clear glass jar, ornamentation plants in specific places can be of true help. Silk tulips, palm leaves, ficus tree or other silk flower arrangements come in the plant's option. Another thrilling choice is to add one water fountain to your meditation room décor. The soothing sound of the waterfall will define the difference between the bustle of running the city and the tranquil state of mind.


As a basic constituent of a peaceful environment, lights play a vital role in transforming your so-called meditation room into a serene destination. Natural light takes pride in being the best for such time. The windows of your meditation room must have clear glass doors and a simple and comfortable curtain, which will allow the lights to pass and also to give you some privacy when the curtains are closed. Getting some transparent curtains is also a good idea. Except for the availability of natural light, you can have artificial lights arrangements that suffice the need of the hour. Maintain the warmth of the lights by opting for secondary lighting arrangements such as mood lighting and candles. Although white light is best, you can use yellow and reddish yellow light depending on the suitability.


From burning candles to incense, every such aromatic thing becomes the harbinger of peace of mind. Apart from those abstract sense of benefits, it also gives other tangible benefits. Sweet smell helps you breathe comfortably and eliminate the stress on the respiratory system, boost the immune system, reduce muscle pain. You can use scented oil or incense sticks or go for aromatic packs for direct use.

Be less technical

Keep your machinery out of your room. Mobiles, laptops and other electronics should stay out except the music player. Less complicated infrastructure will help you achieve the relaxation that you desire.

Choose your best place

Last but not least, chose the feel-good space for this set-up. This is the vital aspect people often overlook. Take consideration of lighting, air ventilation, and noise cancellation while choosing this part of your living quarters. Keep the household limited to and around that space limited.

Meditation is all about connecting the mind with the body and concentrating on the innermost positivity. To do that you have to create an atmosphere of positivity around you and in our view, being simple is always the best.

Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets – Explained

Best Outdoor Artificial FlowersAlmost all our kitchens have a space between the ceiling and top of the cabinets. Such awkward places gain a neat appearance by planning for a pleasant decor idea. Instead of wasting space or accumulating dust, new creative ideas can be followed. Decorating above kitchen cabinets is interesting and challenging too. Let’s glimpse through a few ideas that help you decorate your kitchen interiors.

1. Use as storage space

The more space above the cabinet and ceiling is for storage purpose. Unused items are placed in baskets or set in the empty area. It is vital to maintaining closed baskets so that the things are dust free.

2. Green look

To fill your space, you can opt for artificial plants for kitchen cabinets. These plants offer an extraordinary look to your kitchen. They provide refreshing feel as you enter the kitchen. These fake plants are durable, efficient, and safe. These plants can be purchased online. Your kitchen would look neat and trendy by placing such green artificial plants.

3. Adding a shelf

The extra space is attached to a shelf for more storage is an elegant way. This place is meant to store wine bottles and crockery items. Also canning jars of vintage blue, etc. are saved to add a chic look. As you decorate your interiors, remember to arrange same colored items. The storage you make can also be placed in the form of display items for a great look.

4. Hanging items

Another way to decor the above kitchen cabinet is by hanging certain items. Your kitchen is made to look artistic in many ways. You can hang mirrors, vintage items, family pictures and more. This makes your kitchen look unique too. You can also think of hanging art of your taste and represent your interest.

5. Placing baskets

Unique décor that makes your kitchen cabinet stand out of the rest is by putting natural weave baskets. Such baskets of variable size are placed at regular intervals above kitchen cabinet to grab attention. When few but large items are placed above kitchen cabinet, it looks neat and tidy.

6. Adding letters

The kitchen cabinets above space can be decorated with letters. Alphabets can be used to make vibrant and cool messages that fit above the cabinet space. Visit your local craft store for such unique letters and form messages in the area. Bring out messages with the letters that are inspiring to read. You can also add your creativity by painting those letters or adding colored papers to them.

7. Flower décor

Bring in a garden effect by placing artificial garden plant flowers or USA silk flowers above your kitchen cabinets. Remember to pick similar colored flowers. For a fresh look, mixed colored flowers can also opt. Colorful flowers bring in a good mood as you see them.

8. Add a brick wall

To add an industrial and cooling effect a brick wall pattern can be added above the cabinet area. This pattern also makes your kitchen look sleek and trendy. Instead of a true brick pattern, you can also add wallpaper.

9. Adding cabinets

Instead of overthinking above décor ideas, the space above the cabinets can be fixed with offices. By this way, you gain extra storage space and can make your kitchen look neat with closed offices.

10. Glass cabinets

Make an elegant presentation in your kitchen by installing glass cabinets. These cabinets can are for displaying purpose to highlight your display item by adding a glowing light to the cabinet. Plates, vases, others items can be placed and represented with an illuminated effect.

11. Color theme

You may have decided to put a few items in the space above the cabinet. Remember to add pops of color. You can add bright colors such as red, green, blue to the things that are placed in the cabinetry. The vases or bowls can be green, the stools set next to the cabinet can be green, and the countertop can have a bowl of green apples. All these add a chic look to your kitchen environment. This plays excellent when your kitchen is entirely white.

12. Add all items

Accessories that are tall is placed to the kitchen cabinet above. They can be arranged according to height order, colors, etc. This makes the look neat and also the space above the cabinet look filled neatly.

13. Wallpaper installation

To offer a new look to your kitchen, the area above your kitchen cabinet can be installed with wallpapers. Wall appears of various patterns are available, and the right pattern for your kitchen can be opted to offer a unique look.

14. Decorative collection

There are many decorative objects collection available. Get started and buy such decorative items. They can be of similar contrast colors or mixed colored items. When such items are placed above the cabinet, it provides a rich and attention-grabbing look.

15. Wall art

Instead of filling the space, you can paint the wall above the cabinet with good colors. You can also think and draw pictures on the wall and give a new look to the kitchen. With painting, many creative things can be done.

Apart from all these ideas, going green and placing green plants and flowers can be an ethnic and natural look. Instead of putting natural plants, artificial plants, trees, flowers, and leaves are available. They need less maintenance and do not require sunlight being indoors. The installation and cost are also simple. Hence people belonging to the present trend can opt for such items as they are easy to maintain.


There are many online sources that offer you plenty of decorative items, especially for the kitchen. They also offer you many tips and tricks to décor the area above the kitchen cabinet. Run through such tips, gather the points as mentioned above and plan for your kitchen décor. Make your kitchen look outstanding and trendy with new and innovative ideas. Add your creativity to such ideas and bring out a new output.