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The Small Drawing Room Decor Guide

Artificial Outdoor PlantsSmall drawing room means less floor space. But do not think that you are finished with it. Because meeting challenges yield the best décor solution. Decorating such places always revolves around aesthetics and visual expansion. We have listed some ideas that will make your small drawing room pleasant and functional. Check it!

1. Keep it away from the door

It is tough to make the drawing room relaxing when the door opens straight into it. Create a partition to block the view. Lots of designed wooden barriers are available in the market. Get one that aligns with your space and décor. It will also work as a feature wall.

2. Come out of the upholstered sofa concept

There is no hard and fast rule that your drawing room must have a sofa. When space is short, you may have armchairs instead. Circle the armchairs around the coffee table in the center is a great layout. You can also change the design quickly. This will add more flexibility to the décor.

In fact, a couch in a small drawing can eat up much space. Backless sofas provide an ideal alternative solution. These cute seats can be used from both sides. Moreover, they can either float in the middle or may be placed against the walls. This quite a bonus for a small drawing room!

Also, try having built-in sofas and window seats and accent with throw pillows. Combine these with matching side tables. This will pop up your petite drawing room. Additionally, keep some folding cafe chairs in hidden storage. These will come handy when you have more guests.

3. Use stools to save space

The furniture should never overpower a small living room. If sofas have to be kept, they should be customized to fit the space. This will make them proportionate to the room. Stools also offer brilliant sitting solutions to a small place. They consume less space and can be easily maneuvered for changing the seating arrangement.

4. Flatter with layered lighting

Clever use of lights can make your small drawing room magical. Use them in multiple levels for ambient and task lighting. Use LED lamps from behind the furniture for indirect illumination. You can also have a pendant hanging from the ceiling on the coffee table. This will create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Also, have floor lamps and task lights. When these combine with the color of the wall and furniture, it makes the room look breezy and spacious.

5. Use mirrors to your advantage

A small drawing room interior tends to have a cramped feeling. Mirrors are great to take you out of this situation. They make your small drawing room look spacious and airy. You can include mirrors straightway or have mirror finished furniture.

Place a large mirror across the window. This will let you have the view outside and create an illusion of more space. It will also make the room bright by bouncing off lights from all direction.

6. Include invisible pieces

When you have a small drawing room, load it with Acrylic and glass furniture. While they serve their purpose, they also disappear into space due to their transparent nature. This removes visual clutter and makes the room appear light.

7. Use the walls

Cluttering is a critical problem in the small drawing rooms. Only thinking up vertically can rescue from such situations. Create floating shelves on the walls in different geometric shapes. They will keep the place tidy by increasing the storage potential and also add to the décor. You can also consider mounting the TV and media unit on the wall.

8. Use multi-purpose furniture

Short of floor space is the major problem in a small drawing room. In such situations, multifunctional furniture can be your true friend. For instance, use stools with lids and sofas with underneath storage. You can also repurpose ottomans for a coffee table or extra seating.

9. Use extra long draperies

Ceiling to floor drapes can add a feeling of height to the small drawing rooms. Hang them from a bracket a few inches below where the wall meets the ceiling. Let it touch the floor. Use fabrics that match with the overall décor of the drawing room. This will enliven the interior.

10. Add grace and color with artificial landscaping

Small drawing rooms usually lack appealing elements. Investing in fake greeneries enhance the aesthetics. Unlike the live plants, they have no maintenance demand and are not sensitive to the environment. It makes them a godsend alternative to the live plants.

These best artificial plants and trees are available in a large number of varieties. You can pick anything from artificial foliage, boxwood topiaries, hanging baskets, living walls, window boxes, etc.

They are made from top-notch quality raw materials. It makes them strong and durable. Passing through many process revolutions the quality fake plants replicate the live plants. Their stunning realism can deceive the most experienced eyes even.

Since these are infused UV blocking materials, they never fade or wilt. The fake topiary plants come in different attractive shapes. Installing them in the drawing room enliven the space.

Depending on the available space, you may have an artificial plant wall. This will make a high focal point and bring in a radical decor change.

Mosquitoes and other insects are not attracted by the faux plants. They also do cause any allergy and delivers a safe and sanitary place.

11. Consider design changes, if possible

If you have a small drawing room, you may consider opening it up to another room. If budget permits, bring down walls to make it a combined with dining or kitchen facility. Be sure, to have the right décor elements for seamlessly joining the different areas.


Trying new things is always interesting. They make one more creative and deliver surprising results. The above tips are easily implementable and are meant to make a small drawing room work. Follow those, and they will deliver a perfectly proportioned feeling to the delight of your guests.

Interior Design Trends That Will Be Huge for the Years to Come

Outdoor Faux PlantsOne of the most promising and upcoming industries of the present world market is the architecture and interior design industry. This industry has managed to keep its relevance in the modern, fast-paced world by continually adapting and changing according to the ongoing trends and demands. The ability to listen to the wants and needs of the clients and provide them with the necessary solutions has made this industry one of the fastest growing markets of the world, with latest trends and designs resulting in creation and distribution of newer and newer products and services. Since the demands of the clients are never-ending and always changing, listening to the needs of the customers has proved beneficial to the interior design industry and has helped it grow by leaps and bounds every year, instead of being stagnant with old ideas and unwanted ideas and trends.

The Always Changing Trends of Interior Designing

Just like every year, 2018 has also thrown up many new trends and styles in the interior designing world. While some of these trends have already gone out of fashion, some of these ideas have stood the test of time, and are looking to be strongly heading towards the new year too. These include everything from room decor ideas to color palettes to choices of furniture and styles of curtains and draping. Here we list a few of these latest interior design trends, that are here for the long run in the industry.

1) Minimalism

The biggest and most popular trend in the design industry, not only in the interior design industry but in the overall home and lifestyle industry, is the idea of minimal decorations and leaving things clean and tidy for a fresh look, otherwise known as minimalism. Minimalism has already made a name for itself in the art industry, where minimalist paintings have been famous in both the consumer and critic circles for quite some time now.

This idea has now gripped the interior designing industries, where everything from furniture to upholstery has taken up a minimalist design. Clean, sharp lines and straight angles in making furniture, and calm, solid colors or linear design patterns on the wall or upholstery define this style of design. This style can even be implemented in any plan for outdoors also, like having clean construction lines on the outside of the house, straight-edged windows, doors with minimalist designs and so on. Whatever be the case, it is evident that the art of minimalism has successfully infiltrated the interior design industry, and it seems to be here for the long run.

2) Use of artificial plant decorations

In stark contrast to the idea of minimalist decor, another rising trend seems to be the idea of using various types of plants and plant products to decorate the interior of the house. This type of interior design is becoming more and more popular, especially in bigger cities and more so in apartment buildings, since residents of these buildings do not generally have access to a lush green garden or lawn. So, maybe through the use of such artificial plants for kitchen cabinets and other spaces like the living room and even the bathroom space, the consumers are trying to recreate some of the charms of an outdoor garden in their own, small living spaces.

The best part of using such fake topiary plants is that they require very little upkeep and maintenance. Using plants and trees for indoor decoration is not a very new idea, per se, but until now, people have been a bit apprehensive about using real plants indoors for decorating. This is because these indoor plants require a lot of time and effort, including proper lighting conditions, regular watering, and care, and can also leave an unwanted smell in the entire house. Also, they keep on growing and hence need occasional trimming and maintenance.

But these artificial plants do not require and regular care, just a quick clean sometimes will again rejuvenate these. The ease of maintenance and yet the aesthetic looks these fake plants provide is what appeals to the consumers, and hence this design trend has taken the industry by storm.

3) Use of false ceilings and walls

With the growing population, living spaces have become smaller and smaller, especially in big metropolitan cities. People are moving out of huge houses and into smaller, more affordable apartment buildings. Although these flats do not have the space for multiple rooms, there is no reason that space cannot be utilized efficiently and accurately for maximum benefits.

Most new living spaces usually consist of one large living area with smaller bedrooms and bathrooms. The kitchen, dining area and living rooms are almost always part of a large common area with no distinct partitions. This can cause some privacy issues, but building a whole new brick wall can not only be very expensive but can also be illegal according to some building and construction regulations and laws. Thus, to get around this loophole, people have started installing fake walls and partitions like screen doors and artificial plant walls. Among these, artificial plant partitions are the ongoing trend as these serve two purposes. Not only do they act as a partition between two spaces and provide some much-needed privacy, but they are also a beautiful way to spice up the decor of the living area as they give a very aesthetic look to an otherwise large and dull space.


The interior design industry is never a stagnant place with new ideas and trends coming and going almost every season. But sometimes, some classic and unique ideas are presented that stand the test of time and are adapted and used by companies and consumers for years and years to come. This year also, a few ideas have been presented, which have struck a chord with the masses and are looking to be ruling the industry for the near future.

Inspirational Design Ideas for Cramped Kitchen Spaces

Artificial PlantsHaving a cramped space can be extremely discomforting if you use the area regularly. There are many ways in which you can remodel the kitchen and add some nips and tucks to the décor that will help in giving the space a more spacious and roomy feel. We have put together a list of these ideas and suggestions that you can use. Here’s everything you need to know:

Clear Out Any Unnecessary Clutter

The first step towards a more spacious kitchen requires clearing out any clutter from the space. Confusion makes any place look messy, cramped, smaller and claustrophobic. Clearing out any items that you don’t need or use, keeping the kitchen neat and clean and making sure to avoid the pipe up of plates and pots and pans can help in improving the décor of the kitchen and making the area feel roomier.

Hang Your Pots And Pans

Instead of piling your pots and pans up on the kitchen counter, or using draws to stock them in a cramped manner, an excellent option is to hang your pots and pans in the kitchen. You can purchase a pot hanger at your local décor store or on any online shopping portal. Hanging the pots reduces the amount of space used in the kitchen. Further, when you hang the pots and pans, as opposed to stacking them in drawers, you don’t need to empty an entire drawer to find one specific item that may be all the way at the bottom of the drawer.

Opt For A Wall Drop Table

If you have no space in your kitchen to install a proper table, you can always opt for a wall drop table. These tables are drop-down tables that are installed into the wall. When not in use the table can be pushed back into the wall to clear out space. You can even opt for foldable chairs to go with the drop down table. The foldable chairs can be folded and stored in one corner when the table is not being used, hence, giving the kitchen a more spacious look.

Repaint Your Kitchen Walls With A Lighter Paint Shade

Dark walls can make any space look dull, gloomy and it can also make the area seem smaller. If you want your small kitchen to feel spacious and roomy, you should opt for light paint shades on the walls. Off-white, white, beige, yellow and other such colors are ideal to make space feel larger and roomier.

Choose Drawers And Cabinets That Are Made From Light Shades Of Wood

You need to install cupboards and cabinets in your kitchen that have doors that are tan, light brown and so on. If you’re going to opt for kitchen cabinets and drawers that are dark cherry red or deep brown, you will once again make space feel smaller. You can also select white or light grey kitchen cabinets for that spacious and roomy feel.

Over The Sink Chopping Board

If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen to install a counter and you need an area for the cutting and chopping of your vegetables, you can always get an over the sink chopping board. These boards are placed over the sink when you need to use them, and they can be cleaned and stored away when not in use. You can get several different varieties and types of over the sink chopping boards on online shopping portals.

Add Shelves For Storage

If you don’t have enough cabinets and drawers in your kitchen, you can always add shelves to your kitchen walls. Shelves can give the kitchen a more spacious feel, and they can also play an important role in keeping your kitchen counter clear from clutter.

Hide Appliances Inside Cabinets

Every kitchen requires appliances like an oven, microwave, refrigerator and so on. If you have limited space in your kitchen, the best thing to do is to hide these appliances inside cabinets. Keeping these appliances out in the open will make your already cramped kitchen look even more cramped and small.

Use The Microwave And Oven As Storage

When you aren’t making use of the oven and microwave, you can use these appliances as storage bins. Stock your condiments and other bottles and spices in the oven or microwave. Stack a few plates and bowls inside the appliances. This way you will use less kitchen space and make your cramped kitchen look roomier.

Use Spice Containers For The Storage Of Spices

Spice containers that can store multiple different varieties of spices in one container are extremely useful for a small kitchen. Using containers with multiple compartments can help because you will need that many fewer individuals storage containers. The more the storage containers, the higher the space usage and wastage in the kitchen.

Get Rid Of Utensils And Crockery That Goes Unused

Very often we end up storing extra plates, glasses, spoons, and other such items even though we don’t use them. If you get rid of utensils or donate utensils that are unused, you will end up clearing out a lot of space in your kitchen. If you want to hold on to them because of some sentimental value, then you can store the unused plates and utensils in cardboard boxes in your attic. As and when you need to use them, you can always bring them down and box them up once again later.

These innovative and useful tips and suggestions will help you transform your small kitchen. These ideas are tried and tested and have proven to be very useful in space storage. Working in a cramped kitchen can be an absolute nightmare. You can avoid this by incorporating a few of the suggestions as mentioned above and transforming the décor of your tiny kitchen. You will be utterly impressed with the outcome. Don’t waste another minute and get right to it! Give your kitchen that much-needed makeover today!

10 Surprising Bathroom Décor Ideas That Actually Work

Artificial PlantsWhether you are bored of your existing decoration or you want to make your bathroom look bigger or just plain furnishing stunt, re-doing the bathroom always works like a charm to the house. The cleaner and the prettier the bathroom, the healthier the home will be. There are many ways how you can furnish and decorate your bathroom ranging from quick fixes to a complete makeover. And, there are various options available for all kinds of budgets too. The best bathroom ideas can also come from the simplest of things possible. To help you achieve just that, we have come up with 10 bathroom décor ideas that are always a hit.

1. Suspensions- this works the best when the bathroom is smaller with huge windows and doors, and the wall space is less. In which case, we can suspend mirrors, shelves, plants and any decorative items. Suspensions help us in saving the wall space plus it also gives a unique style to the bathroom. To provide different types of décor, the suspension can be done using jute ropes for a rustic look or iron suspensions for a minimalist look. Combination of different colors of ropes, pulleys, and hooks also gives vast options according to your taste.

2. Colors- ivory walls can never fail to give your bathroom a more spacious look and feel. Bright yellow and blue on a wall also gives a lively look in contrast to the white color on other walls. Tiles, in combination or contrast, can also work wonders. If you want the cheapest overhaul of the bathroom, then redoing the tiles is the first thing to do. This includes different floor tiles with wall tiles, patterned floor tiles with plain walls or wooden floor to give the bathroom a rustic look.

3. Towels and accessories- how you arrange your towels can also make a big difference to the appearance of your bathroom. You can use different colors of towels and arrange them either in layers of folds or roll them up to make a pyramid. Similarly, you can also play around with the mirrors’ shape size and frame style. A complete mirrored wall can also be a good hack as it gives the illusion of a bigger room. Window shades can play a significant role as there is a vast variety of patterns and colors that you can choose from according to the color of walls and sanitary items. You can also give a theme based decoration to the bathroom, like a nautical look, old rustic look, glacier or meadow look by working with the colors and accessories.

4. Plants- this is the idea which can never go out of style. Plants give your bathroom a sudden zest of life and are soothing at the same time. There are various ways in which you can incorporate plants in your bathroom. You can either put the pots on shelves, flush, window sills, floor, and the sinking slab. You can also hang the pots from the roof to save on the shelf space. One of the best bathroom plants is English Ivy, Bamboo, Aloe Vera, Orchids and Peace Lily to name a few. For those without green fingers, quality fake plants and artificial plants for the garden. This saves you from maintenance hassles, and you can choose from all types of plants and trees even the exotic ones. Faux hanging plants and small faux hedges can add a twist in a little corner in the bathroom.

5. Storage and shelves- to increase the storage area use baskets instead of shelves. Glass baskets give a modern look whereas wicker wood baskets provide a rustic look. In a longer narrower bathroom, the baskets can also be arranged vertically to save on the space area. Multiple smaller shelves one on top of the other can also give a nice organized look where you can choose from the different variety of racks available in material and pattern.

6. Lights- hanging pendant and arm lamps near the mirror illuminates the whole bathroom with the minimum lighting. Yellow bulbs give a classic look and white LED lamps to provide a serene look to the bathroom. Brown woodwork works the best with subtle yellow lights and black or metallic works best with white lights. Shuttered windows are great for letting natural light in the bathroom.

7. Pictures and Paintings- a big bright picture on the wall opposite to the bathing area or a collage of smaller brighter pictures on the wall is the most economical way to give an added feature to your bathroom. A double frame of white, black and brown colored frames provide the best classic and minimalistic look.

8. Essentials- a bathtub for a small bathroom can help you keep the floor dry and clean besides giving it a luxurious look. The shower curtain for the same can be either of a single color or printed complementing the theme of the bathroom. The curtain can be hung from the roof or put with a stand around the bathtub. A longer, slender basin should be the choice for a narrow bathroom. A hand shower instead of the roof or wall shower also helps in saving space while giving the bathroom a uniquely stylish look.

9. Scents- potpourri and scented candles have become one of the essential elements for a bathroom today. It comes in a large of variety of color, fragrance, shapes, and sizes. It is a great aesthetic ornament and also works as a natural bathroom freshener. Arranging bath bombs and bath salts in glass jars on racks also serve the same purposes.

10. Furniture- for a roomy bathroom, a wooden stool or a chair or both work as the best to place flower pots, towels, candles, and other decorative items. A tiny drawer table with fancy handles can replace the entire rack system in a bathroom. It gives a nice royal touch to the bathroom. The stools and tables can be of wood, marble, metal or even plastic according to the budget.

Top 7 Workspace Decor Ideas

Artificial PlantsAll of us are well aware of the fact that a comfortable and lively atmosphere, goes a long way toward altering our mood. Be it your workplace or your home, a good décor changes the overall vibe of the place and at times keeps you motivated to work harder.

If you work from an office, there are high chances that the place represents a high-stress environment for you. This being said, it has been historically proved that a workplace which maintains a balance between work and comfort has proved to be way more productive than the other not so comfortable decors. This time around, if you have decided to give your office a fresh new look which will cheer up your employees and keep you happy all the time, here are top 7 décor ideas for your workspace or office.

1. Mission and Vision

Every company and organization no matter small or large they are as a company mission and vision. Often it is mentioned to a recruit during their interview, but like all other things, it is quickly forgotten. One of the best ways to keep your employees reminded of this to make a stunning décor out of this. For example, if your company mission is of a few lines, arrange it in rows on a colorful background and hang it at the entrance. This way no matter who comes into your office, be it a potential client or new joined they will always see, and over time it will get embedded into their mind.

2. Art and Artistry

Most offices are located at the heart of the city which is usually a hub for artists from around the city. They gather in parks and exhibition halls to showcase their work and talent. An excellent way to give back to the community and help these local artists is to connect with them. Request them to make a custom piece of art for your office, which you can showcase on any of the walls or even better ask them if they are willing to donate something for the cause. In most cases, they will be more than willing to collaborate, and this is a win-win situation for both the involved parties.

3. Brand colors

If you have been in the business for long or have just started, you already know that most brands have specific color preferences. If you have put effort into designing and fine-tuning your brand image, the chances are that you too have certain brand colors.

When getting the walls of your office painted, make sure to integrate all these colors onto your walls and spaces as well. This move will go a long way in showcasing your brand image and identity. It will also reflect people, what your business is and what does it stand for.

4. A difference with rugs

We all love rugs. No matter in what shape or size they come, their softness is enough to make us feel happy and comfortable. A great way to integrate rugs into your office space is to set borders between rooms with them. For example, you can use a softer and darker shade of carpet for your conference room, while in the entertainment room, you can use something which comes in soft colors. The choice of rugs will go a long way to make your employees feel at home and increasing their productivity along the way.

5. A touch of greenery

As mentioned above, for most employees their workspace or office is a high-stress environment. Historically it has been proved that incorporating green artificial plants and artificial flowers in and around your office helps them calm down and increase their productivity. The logic behind this being, nature which usually comes in green signals the brain to calm down and relax. The same reason applies to why you feel more relaxed after a short vacation. Connecting your employees with a little bit of nature during their working hours will go a long way in keeping them happy and cheerful, all of which will lead to increased productivity.

6. Unique Furniture

These days there is no shortage of unique furniture in the market. Starting from the tables and chairs, all the way to modern cabinets, the list goes on. By dumping the old and traditional furniture at your office and replacing it with some modern and unique designs will not only add a new look to your office but will also make the entire vibe of the place happy and funky all the time. If you visit popular furniture stores online or around your city, we are sure you will find something unique that will suit your style, taste as well as budget.

7. Let them free

We have kept the best décor idea for the last. Often it so happens that organizations will outsource the entire renovation project to an external agency. Although this is an excellent option for saving money and time, this curbs the freedom of expression of your employees to a certain extent.

Let us explain how; each of your employees has a different style and preference as to how they want their office space or cubicle to look like. By letting them choose the furniture and décor style of their cabin or cubicle, you will see a lot of advantages. The first of them being their rise in happiness and productivity. The second one being, variety. Since you have let all your employees chose their design and style, each cubicle or space you walk to will have a different style and outlook, and therefore your office will have a unique look and vibe altogether.


There are a lot of great décor ideas out there for the perfect workspace. But in this article, we have handpicked the best ones for you. Therefore go ahead and choose whichever idea you like the best and go ahead with it. All the best!

Top 8 Restaurant Decor Ideas

Artificial PlantsRestaurants are always a great business idea. No matter at which age you decide to open a new restaurant, there are high chances that you will flourish in the industry. The main logic behind this being, people want good food. And for a whole of bunch of people like me, great food cheers up our mood like nothing else in the world. Therefore we always welcome a new restaurant in our neighborhoods, no matter how many are already existing because, at the end of the day, we want variety in our choices of cuisine.

This season, if you have decided to open a new restaurant or have given some thought to the idea of redoing it completely, here are the top 8 restaurant décor ideas for you. Read on to know more about what is trendy this season.

1. Typography

If you have restaurant hopping at any point in your life, you will know that this is one of the most common décor trends across all modern restaurants. Not only will this move make your walls look great, but it is also sure to increase the overall vibe and cheer of the place altogether. Some of the most well-known examples of typography on restaurant walls can be bold graphics, charts, marquee letters and of course diagrams and pictograms. One of the best examples of this décor can be found in BYLI, Bangalore.

2. Artsy

Most cities being metropolitan or urban these days houses a lot of artists. Starting from world-famous ones to the ones sitting in your neighborhood alley, artists aren’t that hard to find. A great way to showcase the art of your neighborhood or city is by hanging them on some of your walls. You can choose between a variety of types and styles such as handicraft, portraits, oil paintings, etc. Hanging artwork on your walls is as simple calling your local artist and requesting him to do a custom piece for you, or even better donate some of his existing creations for you to showcase.

3. Splash of Colors

Gone are the days when a single patch of solid colors used to be trendy across restaurants. Now the trend is to make your walls and overall décor as colorful as possible. You can start by using a splash of different colors for all your walls, or even mix and match different colors on the same wall. This move will not only make your décor look more colorful, but you will also attract a huge number of Instagram followers who will flock to your store to use your wall as a background for their Instagram posts.

4. Greenery

We all love nature. A bit of nature here and there across your restaurant has a lot of benefits. The first of them being, keeping the temperature of the place cool and also a fresh supply of oxygen at all times. Additionally having some plants in your restaurants will help keep your guests calm in case they are having a bad day. You can start this by including a couple of artificial plants outdoor at your entrance and small potted plants across all the tables. Make sure to choose plants that will suit your overall décor; otherwise, they will do more harm than good.

5. Open Kitchen

This is one of the most common trends across five-star restaurants across the world. They tend to have an open kitchen through which your guests can see what’s going on behind the scenes. The logic behind this being a popular concept with restaurants is the fact that people usually love to look at what goes into their meals. Additionally, if you have a creative chef, he or she can put up a small show in the kitchen while cooking to keep all the guests amused and entertained.

6. Themes

Once a great man said that every good design has a theme behind it. The same concept holds for restaurant decors as well. Picking an idea for your restaurant that goes well with your menu and offerings will give a great vibe to the place. But while choosing you to need to be careful as something too trendy will make your customers bored, and of course, you don’t want that to happen.

You can easily Google up and find the trendiest themes and take inspiration from them to get started on the right foot.

7. Simple and Elegant

There is a well-known concept among the elite class restaurants that less is always more. Thus keeping the overall décor simple will not only give a fresh and calm look to the place but will also make it look way more elegant. Keep in mind to get unnecessary things out and keep everything neat, organized and tidy. You will be amazed at how far this simple trick can go to do wonders and hype up the elegance of your restaurant.

8. Old is gold

This is the last décor idea on the list, but this is not the least. To follow this trend, you don’t have to turn the wheels too much. Just go with the old school and classic look. What’s even a better idea is to look at some old photos of restaurants to understand how they used to be. For inspiration, you can Google up restaurants of the World War I era. The restaurants of those golden days had a different vibe and aura altogether. Taking inspiration from these photos, try to replicate the retro look at your restaurant, and trust us on this, you can never go wrong with retro decors.


Opening a new restaurant or giving a new look to your old joint is by no means an easy task. Often you will find yourself struggling with ideas to execute. Hopefully, after reading this list, you have gotten a better sense and understanding of how to design your new place or give your old buddy a new look. So go ahead and execute your favorite idea from this list today.

How to Set Up Amazing Landscape Themes Using Artificial Trees?

Artificial Outdoor PlantsArtificial trees are a great choice to create an amazing landscape. They help in setting up a real natural looking landscape. They have a lot of advantages over real ones, so, your work is made simpler. There are many varieties of themes that could be created for landscaping using artificial trees.

There are certain types of artificial trees which could be used for creating a kind of landscaping. They, all by themselves, could create a beautiful landscape.

So, here are some ideas on how to set up fantastic landscape themes using artificial trees:

Use custom artificial trees

Artificial trees have an essential feature of getting customized. Every artificial tree is customized according to the market demand. If you want any type of artificial tree, it could be built according to your requirement. So, you could easily create a beautiful and creative landscape.

The custom artificial trees could be given any form. The logos and the signs of the company or the name of the house could be made using custom artificial trees. They are easy to trim and cut according to your requirement as they are made of synthetic materials. So, custom artificial trees are designed in different shapes and sizes. Geometrically shaped trees, animal shaped trees or logo based trees are created easily.

The custom artificial trees themselves could form a theme for your landscape. Add some different shapes of custom artificial trees to your landscape to give dimension. If you don’t want to try shapes, you try with animal shapes. A landscape designed with animal-shaped trees will look attractive and unique. Customized greenery is a good theme for a landscape.

Add fake palm trees

Palm trees have their attracting nature. They are large and tall compared to other trees. They cover large spaces and give an illusion of a large area. There is a vast variety of palm trees too. Thus, artificial palm trees will make a fantastic landscape theme for your place.

Fake palm trees are made of various materials to make them look real. They are created in such a way that you can easily add them beside real palm trees. One can never make out any differences between real palm trees and fake palm trees. They have many advantages over the real palm trees.

The real palm trees require resources to grow. They also need your time and money to maintain it. The artificial palm trees are easy to install and maintain. They do not cost you much and do not require your time at all. They beautify your landscape amazingly well. Add varieties of fake palm trees at a regular interval of the gap between each other. They will help you to create a palm theme for your landscape.

Install large silk trees

A landscape need not be natural looking all the time. If you love to make, your view looks brighter and shiny, add silk trees. Landscape designing is not an easy task. To save some money and time, opt for large silk trees. They make your landscape look unique and enchanting.

The silk trees are, as the name suggests, are made of synthetic silk materials. The materials used are always so fine that they one of the attractive landscape decors. They can never go unnoticed when added to the landscape. Your effort to make your landscape amazing will be much fruitful with large silk trees. Silk trees are one of the trending landscape decors in the market today. They also help you make your landscape design look updated.

The texture and the color of the large silk trees are great. Their texture and color brighten up your space. You will have a feel of large trees with fresh leaves in your landscape. Thus, helping your place look brighter and attractive. Large silk trees will help you implement a silk theme for your landscape.

Place some Japanese bonsai trees

Japanese bonsai trees are one of the cute landscape decors. They created with the bonsai method. It is a method in which the large or tall trees are grown in a small space or pots. They will look like the minimized version of the large or tall trees of the real world.

The Japanese bonsai trees are available almost in every store, at various prices. There are guides on how to grow bonsai trees. If you want to try growing them, you can take the help of those guides. It is better to bring Japanese bonsai trees instead of increasing them.

Your landscape will look cute and exciting when you implement bonsai theme. Imagine your place consisting of small sized banyan trees, palm trees or coconut trees. It just makes the landscape amazing and exciting.

Decorate with artificial flowering trees

Colorful flowers always make your landscape look lively and exciting. They bring the place to life and creates an enthusiastic atmosphere. In fact, it will fun to add colorful flowers to your landscape design. To save money and time add artificial flowering trees. They already have flowers in the trees, which do not fade away or fall off.

With artificial flowering trees, your work is easy. There is no need first to install trees and then to add flowers. They are done at once making it easy to install, saving you some money and time. They are not very costly comparatively. They are customizable according to your requirements.

With the help of artificial flowering trees, you can create a fabulous floral theme for your landscape set up. They are one of the evergreen themes for landscape designing. This theme can never go wrong in creating an enjoyable atmosphere at your place.


Above are few best ideas on how to set up fantastic landscape themes using artificial trees? Each type of artificial trees is unique in their way. You could use one type of artificial trees to create a theme. If you like to have many varieties, add them but watch out their arrangement. So, the above ideas will help you create a fantastic landscape theme.

8 Exciting Decor Ideas to Bring in Energy In Your Home

Artificial PlantsDecorating your home could be an exciting activity. Owning a home with your taste decoration helps you gain complete satisfaction. There are various designs and styles for decorating homes but choosing the one that suits you is important.

Most important part of decoration is not to make the interior and exterior of the home look messy. The decoration should not bring down the value of the place, and in fact, it should enhance the positive energy of the site.

Here are 8 exciting décor ideas to bring in energy in your home:

Wall colors

The color of the wall matters a lot in bringing in energy to your home. The sunlight is a kind of positive energy that naturally fills a home. The brighter the house is, the better it feels to live in it. Air and light are the essential requirements for a home. So, making the maximum use of the light that penetrates in your house is important.

The wall colors play a significant role in maximizing the advantage of natural light that enters the house. The light shades and colors like white, creamy, blue, yellow brighten the house. A light shade of green or blue color for walls is an added advantage as they make the place pleasant and relaxing. Thus using wall colors, you could bring in energy in your home.

Metal decors

The metals have a unique property of adding positive energy to the place. There are some believes that they drag out negative energy. It is scientifically proved that they are vibrational transformational elements. Some metals are strong absorbers of radiations and have good healing power.

There are varieties of metals like gold, silver, and platinum which are rare metals adding a lavish look to place along with reflecting the light energy. There exist some alloys and metals which are affordable and could be coated easily. They too have a shiny surface that reflects the light and positive energy at home. The metals are great decors as well as extreme environment healers. Bring home metallic decors which suit your taste and budget.

Silk flower arrangements

Silk flowers are one of the trending decors in today’s market. They add positivity and excitement to the place. They are created using synthetic silk material which makes the more attractive. The silk flowers arrangement is one of the beautiful installations you can do in your home.

Silk flower arrangements are made in various ways. The size of the house and the landscaping planning are considered for the arrangements. They add life to the place and makes the area pleasant and exciting. Thus, silk flower arrangements increase the positive energy in the house.

Wooden crafts

Wooden crafts are great artworks which add value to the place. Some antic decors are in existing in wooden materials. They are preserved with a lot of care and precautions. There is a facility to oil coating to the wooden decorations which make them attractive.

Wooden crafts add more natural and traditional look to the place. Addition of wooden decors along with the synthetic decorations will help you attain a contemporary look to the area. Bringing wooden decors to home is like bringing nature to home. So, naturally, they will energize your home with enthusiasm and positivity.

Positive wall paintings

Having positive thoughts is essential for all of us. There is a need to be positive messages that we could read or see often to keep us charged. The positive thoughts and feels themselves will bring home good energy. So, to keep you in good influence add positive wall hangings or paintings.

The wall hangings or paintings have to bring good thoughts and memories to you. Beautiful scenery of a sunrise or nature makes you happy. They will naturally energize you and your home. A family picture of a happy moment could be framed and hanged. They make you positive and is helpful in your attitude and personality development. The energy will help you and motivate you to improve.

Silk ferns

Silk ferns are one of the most realistic looking decors. They look exactly like the real ferns and are capable of decorating all by themselves. Just a good collection of silk ferns themselves could make the place natural and beautiful. Install them with the help or hangers or containers. They are affordable and available almost anywhere.

Silk ferns are mostly available in natural green and golden brown colors to make them look real. Silk ferns will immensely support they greenery set-up at home. They relax the sore eyes and bring peace to the messed mind. Along with the place, they also energy the people in the home.

Room fresheners

Room fresheners are scents which are sprayed at different rooms of your house. Different scents are to be used for different rooms. They enhance the air in the room and influences the atmosphere of the place. There various room fresheners which fruits and flowers odor.

Room fresheners improve your mood and mindset. They help in energizing you and the place. They help in increasing your productivity and zeal. They make you feel fresh and relaxed. The odor of the house is an essential component in bringing in energy to your home.

LED Lightings

The best way of energizing your home is adding lights, especially during the evenings. It is quite natural to switch on lights during evenings and nights. The mere reason that they light up your home makes it an energy releasing component or décor. The colors and the quality of the lightings also make you happy and warm.

LED lightings are one of the trending decors. They appear like some fancy decors. The bright LED lights help in highlighting the beauty of the house. They bring a happy environment at the place, energizing the atmosphere in your home.


Above are the 8 exciting ideas to bring in energy to your home. They are easily available everywhere and affordable. They help in enhancing the positive energy in your home effectively.

How to Infuse Style into a Kid-Friendly Home

Artificial PlantsInfusing style to a home is easy but making it kid friendly requires time. It needs some thinking and being careful while decorating. The decors have to be brought keeping in mind the kids’ safety. They should not harm the kid accidentally too. It is not impossible to decorate or style your home when you have kids.

Here is how to infuse style into a kid-friendly home:

Large silk flower arrangements

The decoration has to be beautiful as well as attractive. Bring home large silk flowers to decorate your home corners. The large silk flower arrangements will make your home colorful and amuse your kids too. They will like to spend more time where it is attractive.

The large silk flower arrangement could be made quickly. As the flowers are large, they suit any interior. The large silk flower arrangements are made by professional too. If you do not have time for it, take their help. This concept will style your kid-friendly home easily.

Topiary trees

The topiary trees are the most trending interior and exterior decors. To style your kid-friendly home adds a few topiary trees. The topiary trees are well known to make designs. To add fun to your kids’ space, you could add designed topiary trees. They are available in synthetic materials which makes them affordable and adaptable.

The topiary trees are available in various sizes and materials. The fake topiary trees are easy to handle because they act like plastic decors for maintenance. They have the effect of green trees. The color green is more suitable for kids’ friendly home.

Fake ivy plants

Fake ivy plants are the plants which are made of synthetic materials and look like creepers. They are climbers or creepers which add nature to space. To a kid-friendly home, fake ivy plants suit pretty well. The view at home makes the kid happy and calm.

A relaxing space could be built with the help of green color and green colored objects. The fake ivy plants are easily available and are affordable. Add plenty of them near decorating areas of your houses. They create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere at home for kids. Not just for kids, even elders enjoy the experience.

Plastic decors

Plastic decors are essential as well as suitable for kid-friendly homes. Plastic is not breakable and does not harm kids. The plastic decorations are so cheap that you could add or replace them easily. The plastic decors are in wide varieties. They are available in almost infinite designs. You could bring home the ones which suit your home and taste.

The plastic decors also have some odor and paint problems. So, do not buy too cheap decorations for your home. They might harm you directly or indirectly over the period. It is better to keep rotating the plastic decors for as they are also weary easily.

Colorful paintings

More colorful the home is more friendly and exciting it will be for kids. Colorful paintings are also a great way to infuse style into your home. Paintings have never gone outdated in decorating homes. The demand for paintings is such that they are sold at heavy prices.

Nothing to worry, as they are available at affordable prices too. The paintings are much suitable for a contemporary look. They are like one-time investment properties if you buy costly ones. The beauty of the place will be enhanced with paintings. Kids will love it more than you, so carefully add some meaningful paintings.

Cartoon models

Kids get often attracted to cartoons. The animations, expressions of objects or animals make them happy. The innocence of the kids matters to appreciate the cuteness of the cartoons. So, adding some cartoon models at home would be a great idea.

There are some movie character models made of synthetic materials like Batman or Joker. They are liked by many older people too. They are manufactured in different sizes and are made available almost everywhere.

According to their materials, their prices vary too. Choose the ones your kids might like and enjoy having them at home. So, adding models to your home decors would be more sensible for kids’ friendly homes.

Bench seating

Bench seating is an attractive seating décor. It makes your place look beautiful. It suits even a minimalist’s house. They require very less space and time for maintenance.

The bench seating is available in various materials. They are very much affordable and most of the time portable. You could even shift them from one place to another. They make the site look friendly, and your kids will enjoy its presence.

Tables with drawers

The tables that we bring home have various purposes. Some are brought for holding things, and some are brought to add up for the value of the place. To infuse style into your home bring a home designed table with drawers. The designed table adds value to your site and forms up your place.

The drawers will help you to hide the mess your kid does. Suppose your kid was playing in your living room and suddenly somebody comes to your home. The drawers will help you a lot in throwing everything inside it.

Sliding doors for kids’ rooms

The sliding doors are very useful in homes which have kids. The sliding doors for kids’ room help you a lot in keeping an eye on them. It is much better is your kids’ rooms are beside your room. Staying in your room, you could observe your kids’ activities too.

The sliding doors not only infuses style to your home but also saves space. The regular doors require more space than the sliding doors. The sliding doors are much easy to operate by kids as well. The noises and the activities are more transparent in them. It helps you in taking care of your kids.


The above ideas are how to infuse style into a kid-friendly home. They are easy to understand and implement. These ideas are suitable for any home interiors.

9 Stylish Tricks to Make Coffee Tables Mind Blowing

Artificial Indoor TreesCoffee tables are the most relaxing and calming space for everybody. The design and decoration of the coffee table affect your mood. Well designed or well-decorated coffee tables are any day better than simple and plain tables. There are simple, stylish tips to create a beautiful coffee table space.

Here are 9 stylish tricks to make coffee tables mind-blowing:

Designer table and chairs

The table and chairs are the essential fixtures for the coffee table set up. The design of the table and chair play a significant role. Simple table and chair will create a coffee time space. Designer or decorated table and chairs help in beautifying the area.

Coffee could be better enjoyed if the seating is well designed. There some designer sets available for these purpose with less cost. Bring contemporary design seating fixtures which suit your place. Too much detailed designs might not suit all places so choose carefully.

Coffee cups

The coffee cups are an important part of the coffee time. At commercial places like office, restaurants, and cafeterias coffee mugs with company symbol are suitable. It helps in making the coffee mugs personalized. Place coffee cups or mugs on the table that suit the table design.

To make the coffee table mind-blowing, it’s required to take care of coffee cups or mugs too. Even at residences, it is appreciable to have personalized mugs or cups to enjoy your cup of coffee. Every sip of coffee tastes better with good seating and equipment.

Table mats

The table mats are best table decors for decorating an object like a table. Similarly, even chairs have mats to suit the table. There are various types of designed or designer mats to suit all kinds of places. Even embroider table mats are available to bring a contemporary look to the coffee tables.

You could make table mats with old clothes. Bright colored mats make the table look colorful and exciting. Mono-colored table mats give a classic look to the table. So, it is possible to create table mats all by yourself. If you do not have time to make them by yourself, they are available at lower costs.

Glass Vases

The glass vases are beautiful and delicate looking table decors. They give one kind of look to the table during the day and a different look at the evening. Glass material has a unique property of outshining in the light. During daytime, if the coffee table is set up in open space, they shine. During evenings, evening lightings make the shine.

Thus, the glass vases appear attractive to everybody at all times. They are available in various sizes and designs at affordable prices. The glass vase with some flowers is an old golden idea to decorate a coffee table. This idea never fails to make your coffee table mind-blowing.

Silk flower arrangement

The silk flowers are one of the beautiful decors on the market. They look so real, sometimes better than real, that everybody loves them. As they are flowers, they suit any place. Silk flower arrangement is an art of decorating the place with flower designs.

Adding silk flower arrangement to a coffee table will be a great idea. They enhance the beauty of the coffee table. They make the table more attractive and enchanting. Silk flower arrangement could be made by you; otherwise, you could take the help of designers. Many unique designs could be done with silk flowers.

Metal table decors

The metallic decors are beautiful decors. They never go unnoticed by the visitors. They have their importance among the interior or exterior decors. They enhance the beauty as well as the value of the place. They are known to bring the royal and classic look to the area.

There are various metals in which metal decors could be created. They are designed and styled according to multiple purposes. You choose the ones which suit your purpose and add them to your coffee table.

Pink silk tulips

Pink is a very tender and adorable color. Every shade of pink is pretty and beautiful. For decoration purpose, all types of flowers are available in synthetic materials with different colors. Pink silk tulips are one among those artificial flowers. They add more class and decorum to the place.

Pink silk tulips are best for making the coffee table look classic and enchanting. The pretty pink silk tulips look real and as they are made of silk do not need any caring. They are an excellent way to style your coffee table effectively. They enhance the space beauty even more at evenings.

Swanky holders

Swanky holders are new trending decors. They are luxurious and stylish looking decors which will add value to the table. The expensive holders look better when they hold something in them. Add some artificial flowers or ferns to the holders.

The purpose of any holder is to hold another décor so don’t keep them empty. If you own a mounted coffee table to the wall, these holders help you to hold coffee equipment. So, expensive holders are multiple uses.


During the evening times, the coffee table has to be noticeable. To make your coffee table look mind-blowing, decorating it during the evening is also essential. During the evening, lightings brighten up the coffee table space. Proper lightings make the coffee table more attractive and admirable.

Add stand lamps near the table if they are in open space. If they are placed in the interior of the building then LED lightings on the ceiling will enhance the look. If the coffee table is set up in the garden, fairy lightings will make it look enchanting. So, lightings help in making coffee table mind-blowing in evenings.


The above are 9 stylish tricks to make coffee tables mind-blowing. They suit coffee tablespaces at both, home and office. They are useful and significant ideas to change the appeal of any coffee table. These are simple changes that have a significant impact on the table users.

Dorm Room Decor Ideas to Make Cramped Spaces Look Better

Artificial Plants and TreesDecorating a small bedroom is certainly a challenging task especially when you are studying, sleeping, relaxing and entertaining there. Dorm rooms are usually small in size, and the limited space makes it hard to get adequate storage and to have an inviting and comfortable ambiance. However, there are some simple ways available by which you can make the cramped-looking dorm room look better and that too within the budget.

Decorate with photos and pictures

You can decorate the walls with images and create an appealing way to display them. For instance, you can use a string and make a statistical photo holder with an uneven shape. Fix the pictures with small file clips to give it a unique look. On the other hand, if you want to try something unconventional you can try picture frames. Also, you can also use string or rope to hang your favorite photos on the wall.

Play with the layout

You can place things such as shelves on the wall or play around with the design and make a new floor plan. You can also purchase something which is light in weight and versatile, such as wall ladder, which would add a functional touch to any room.

Upgrade the lighting

Most of the students are not allowed to make any changes with the overhead light. However, there is a simple way available which can help to create a better lit room by adding a desk or floor lamp. A rightly chosen desk lamp can not only light up the area but can also add an exciting touch to space.

Bring in some greenery inside

Being a student, it can be a difficult task to do any chores such as watering the plants, taking care of them, etc. but this does not mean that your dorm room will remain devoid of greens. There is an option available by which you can enjoy green without the need of taking care of them. For example, artificial outdoor plants, fake outdoor flowers, outdoor silk plants, and large artificial trees can be placed in the dorm room as they bring in greenery and at the same time give a warm and cozy feel. As these are artificial plants and flowers, they do not need any care and maintenance and thus are best for students. You can also decorate the flower pots to make them more eye-catching. You can use acrylic paint and tape and use a different color for each pot and pick bold and bright colors so that they can stand out.

Create space by lofting your bed

Usually, the dorm rooms have the facility for loft beds. You should, therefore; take benefit of high ceilings by raising the bed loft style and this will give you a sizable amount of space underneath your bed. However, if you are not able to loft your bed to gain some additional space, you can try using bed risers to lift it. Those extra inches of storage space can make a vast difference when you are living in one room.

Customize the dorm room

You can do this by rearranging the furniture pieces or by covering the wall with removable wallpaper. On the other hand, you can hang mirrors as they are great options to give your room a sense of space and light.

Create an aesthetically appealing memo card

A memo can be handy in a dorm room. You can utilize it to keep an eye on things to do and most especially the exams. This is a kind of wall art and is usually hanged on the top of the table.

Make accessories for you study desk

You can customize your dorm room desk with a small number of accessories such as you can make accessories using incompatible containers of different sizes. To change their look, you can use color and add a few add-ons which you can make out of fabric scraps, embroidery thread, twine, leather and all kinds of other things.

Use multi-functional furniture

As most of the dorm rooms are usually smaller in size, it is important to use furniture pieces that are multi-functional. For instance, ottomans are great options as they usually come with hidden storage and can serve more than one function.

Include a colorful doormat

A small dorm room with a standard sized rug will make space look all the more cramped. Instead of placing a colorful doormat is a better option as this will add style and fun to an area.

Get rid of clutter

Nothing reduces the size of a space more than confusion. Placing your items in the right area will make your room look bigger. You can use trays, baskets, boxes or bins for storing things. Make sure that these storage containers are not only attractive but also functional. To keep the accessories organized and contained, take benefit of vacant spaces by hanging shoe organizers in the closet and hooks over the closet doors. Do not forget to use the space under the bed as well as under the desk.

Improve the look of the bed

At most dorms, extra-long twin mattresses are provided for the standard bed size. You can buy cheaper comfy sheets and comforter as well. In case your bed is also a seating area, you can think of adding a fashionable throw to help safeguard your bedding. Talking about protection, a wholly enclosed mattress pad also is a good idea. You can also add pillows to beautify the space.


When it comes to decorating your dorm room, you can certainly follow these ideas as mentioned above, but the most important factors to consider are personality and function. You have a tiny space, so your design choices need to be neat and at the same time a little welcoming and fun. As your dorm room is your new home, you should make sure your personality reflects through in your choices.

Stunning Ways to Redecorate Your Dining Room Like a Pro

Artificial Hanging BasketsThe dining room is a vital part of a home. This is the place where friends and family get together on special occasions to enjoy meals. For several families, enjoying a meal together is the highlight of holidays and festivals. To make the occasion a pleasurable and memorable one, ensure that your dining room is stylish as well as comfortable. Mentioned below are some of the attractive ways to redecorate the dining room like a professional.

The dining room should represent the personal style

In case you like the contemporary look then you can opt for a glass top dining table with chairs in fabric or leather. On the other hand, if you prefer the conventional look, choose a wooden carved dining table, with upholstered dining chairs or wooden chairs. In contrast, if your liking is in-between, then you can select a linear style dining table and match it up with linear style upholstered chairs. If the table itself is attractive enough and does not need anything else to look beautiful, then you can draw attention to the table by surrounding it with simple dining chairs.

Change the lighting of the dining room

To give your dining room a unique look, you can update it with industrial-style lighting. You can harmonize their sleek look by combining the lighting with original fittings such as wooden tables and chairs. The shape of the light fixture is also vital. Select a form that matches with your dining table. For instance, you can hang a curved fixture above a sphere shaped table and select a linear or oval fixture to suspend above longer and rectangular tables. In addition to this, you should consider the size of your space. In case your dining room large enough you can go big and bold with an overstated chandelier. On the other hand, in case the area of your dining room is smaller, then you can think of hanging smaller pendants which will attain a similar effect without taking up extra space.

Think of mixing and matching table linens

If the table linens are mixed and matched in the best way possible, then it can offer plenty of flexibility in the dining room. You can pick and select your linen sets so that the table runner, tablecloth, napkins, and placemats synchronize with one another perfectly.

Add some natural look and beauty

You can place some artificial outdoor flowers on the dining table which will act as a centerpiece. In addition, you can spruce up the overall look of the dining room by adding outdoor silk plants, artificial outdoor shrubs, and trees as well as artificial ferns hanging baskets. All these will not only enhance the beauty of the dining space but will give a warm and cozy feeling to the residents and guests.

Include slipcovers

If you think that the dining chairs look boring, but right now you do not even want to shell out extra money to buy new dining chairs, then do not worry there is a cheaper option available. You can think of using slipcovers on the chair as they are an easy solution to change the look of an upholstered chair. You can even get personalized slipcovers from store to add your style statement.

Decorate the walls of the dining room

To revamp your dining room in the best way possible, you can think of decorating the walls of the dining room. You can begin by finding a piece of wall art that represents your style. You can also hang some wall arts that resemble the food items which your love or the veggies that are good for health. These are some interesting ways of adding a personal touch to the wall décor of the dining room. In addition, you can also display your favorite collection of glassware, dishes crockery and cutleries on the wall cabinet to give it an awesome look.

Add Vibrant looking curtains

Even though in a dining room, the main focus is always on the dining tables and chairs, but the right selection of curtains and draperies can also bring the space to life and make it aesthetically appealing. Depending on the color of the wall you can choose curtains that will complement the look of the area. For instance, you can choose a lighter colored curtain for darker color walls or vice versa.

Decorate with fruits

You can use fresh fruit to add color to the dining table. For example, you can place oranges, apples, pears and any other fruits you prefer in see-through glass containers and make them centerpieces for the dining table. The best thing about this decoration is that you can eat the fruit when you want and thus they are not just simple decorations.

Decorate with candles

You can also beautify the dining room with candles. You can choose some really attractive pillar candles as they are versatile and long-lasting. You can also select scented candles if you want to give a refreshing smell to the place.

Create an eye-catching ceiling

Do not forget the ceiling. You can add architectural details, paint an exclusive design decorate it with rustic beams and custom artwork in subdued primary colors.

Be a little more creative

You can make a style statement in your dining room with complimentary, bold colors such as green and pink. For example, the bright, patterned draperies, contrasted with beautiful lamps and stunning fixtures can create an impressive style.

Add Coziness

To add coziness and bring elegance to the dining room, you can think of including an elaborate rug. This will also add an extra luxurious touch to space.


These are some of the simple ways to redecorate your dining room. Remember that dining room plays a significant role in the house and so it is important to design it carefully and tastefully. Celebrating occasions such as festivals, birthdays and events with family and friends is always a wonderful thing especially when it is celebrated in your own house. So, think of your dining room as more than a place to eat it is a place to a get-together and having fun.