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How to Set Up an Awesome Home Bar on a Budget?

PlantsWhile every guy longs to hang out with friends, a night out in the town is always expensive. That is why people opt for a home bar. It helps to relax and unwind at the end of a hectic day. This also lets your guests have an idea about your choices and preferences. Creating a serviceable home bar is not easy because you have to consider many factors and it becomes extremely difficult when you are on a tight budget.

But there is nothing to panic. Setting a home bar may be tough, but it is not impossible. Here are some ways to do that. Have a sip and go through the ideas to get inspired.

Adhere to the usual bar anatomy

Usually, the bar height is 42 inches with an overhang of at least 8 inches. If you wish to have more knee room, then overhang has to be increased. The bar top should be sixteen to twenty inches wide. Although not necessary, you may have a drink rail for pouring drinks. It is better to keep 30 inches space between two stools for accommodating the big guys, and the foot rail should be 7 to 9 inches.

Make a wine store under the staircase

When you have a home bar, you would like to display your extensive wine collection. The space under the staircase is an ideal place for making a wine store. You can build a tailor-made shelf with glass door. This will be a unique wine cellar. Better place a fridge there for cooling the beer bottles.

Have win bottle wicks

The drawback of having a home bar is that you can do little with the existing lighting of the house. Transform some empty wine bottles into candles and have them placed on the bar for creating a romantic ambiance.

Consider having a penny bar

The wooden bar counters are boring. You can make the bar counter unique by installing pennies on the top. This does not cost much but when set on the wooden top makes a wonderful penny bar.

Use bottle cap backsplash

Majority of the beer-loving people like to preserve the bottle caps as a memento. The problem of keeping bottle caps is that it adds to the clutters.  Covering the wall behind the bar counter with bottle caps will make a dramatic backsplash.

Create a pub shed

If you have, by chance, a shed in the backyard, you can easily turn it into a beautiful home bar. If you have an old bookshelf, convert it into your liquor cabinet, place bar counter and chairs. Better make an ‘L' shaped counter for extra accommodation. You can also decorate the walls with the wine corks or any other sentimental piece.  It will be a great hangout area in the warmer months.

Make the home bar a part of nature

All booze has organic sources and, therefore, plants rightly fit into a home bar. Moreover, when you create a home bar, you would like it to have an amazing environment. And the green elements, lets you do have a relaxing atmosphere as people have an affinity towards the plant life. But using the live plants may not be easy because of the associated maintenance issues. Further, they have a lifecycle and die one-day needing replacement.

Faux plants and trees are the best alternatives

You can include decorative plants, artificial orchids, artificial hanging plants, and fake hanging plants, etc. for bringing a piece of nature in your home bar. These are made lifelike, and, as such, aesthetics will not hamper. The great thing about the fake landscaping products is that they are safe products and can withstand all weather conditions. These never outgrow the space, not grow out of shape. The fake plants do not attract any insect and, therefore, will deliver an insect-free home bar.

Repurpose the old piano

Utilizing an old piano into a bar is a great budget home bar idea. Remove all the keys & panels, strings & harp and cover up all the flaws. Construct wine racks using wood planks. Have some comfortable sitting arrangement around. This will be a great budget home bar for those who are inspired by music.

Consider converting an old TV

Maybe you have an old and obsolete TV in the basement or the garage. This can also be converted into a nice home bar. Construct glass racks in the cabinet for storing wine bottles and glasses. The top of the TV can be used as a unique bar counter for pouring drinks. When adorned with sofas, this will turn into an amazing home bar.

Improve lighting with beer cans

There will be some empty beer cans scattered around in the house. These can be converted into beautiful bar lights. Make a hole in the bottom of a beer can for inserting the wire and wide open the top for accommodating LED lamps. Since you can choose and pick the empty beer cans, these deliver wonderful track lighting and elevate the décor. You can also use a chandelier made out of empty beer bottles for boosting up the mood.

Have a small bar with games

If you wish to make a bar for the two of you only, a portable bar forms a unique option. This is very easy to make. If you have a small cabinet, turn it into a wine cellar. Also, fix castors to the cabinet so that it can be moved to anywhere. Connecting a chess board with the bar will make it more enjoyable.

Make a booze drawer

When you want to keep everything out of sight, a booze drawer is the best option.  You can keep it locked.  This is perfect for couples with kids.

Want a Green Roof on Your Office Complex Building? Read On

Roof topImagine this scenario. You have to work 9 to 5 daily to earn your living. Often that 5 PM stretches to 7, 8 or even 9. By the time you cut across with the heavy traffic and pollution to reach home, it's already dark. To reach by 9, you rush from home early again to beat the traffic. And on top of that, you live in apartments and work in high rise air-conditioned buildings.

You spend utmost of the waking hours in your office, in cubicles or cabins. Maybe, go up to the roof for your lunch hour. It's a drab, cemented or tiled floor. Either way, a concrete rooftop in a concrete building in a concrete urban jungle, that's what it is.

What have you lost? Where have all the greenery and nature disappeared from your life?

Now imagine this scenario.

You still work from 9 to undefined long hours in an office. But you enjoy your meals or a cup of hot or cold tea and coffee in an environment which is natural, green, pretty, stress-free, and inviting. It has lots of artificial trees, and beautiful silk flower arrangements are decorating the place and helping you to take a break from work and relax before going back to the routine.

No want to guess which scenario you would prefer.

Well, here are some ways and tips to bring back nature into your working life and onto your office rooftop.

The meaning of a Green Roof

Green Roof, also called a vegetation roof, is a roof which is covered with vegetation and plants placed over a waterproof sheet or flooring. Some of the components of a green roof are vegetation, soil, drainage system, a roof-barrier, and an irrigation system. A green roof also may have forms of green or environmentally friendly technology like cool roofs or thermal solar plants.

Benefits of having a green roof

A green roof on a building is very beneficial. It:

  • beautifies the place
  • insulates the building against heat
  • reduces the use of energy
  • allows for rainwater harvesting
  • lowers air temperature
  • reduces stress in people due to its aesthetics
  • increases the durability of a roof.

Permits and Permissions

The first and foremost step towards forming a green roof on your office complex building is to seek and obtain permission from the local authorities, the municipal corporation, the owners (in case it is leased), and other concerned people.

Budgetary Planning

Fix up a budget for the entire project keeping in mind costs for permits and licenses, planning, materials, accessories, labor, fake plants, artificial grasses, monthly maintenance, etc. The main expenses lie in the installation and maintenance.

SAS (Space, Area, Safety)

Study the blueprint of the building. Does it allow for such modifications concerning safety and sustenance? Then, measure the space and area that you can modify and work on. Keep in mind that there would probably be a canteen, dining area, washrooms, etc. too on the rooftop. Blend these into your plan.

Design and Layout

Once the initial measurements are done, brainstorm and design the layout of the rooftop. Think of the look and feel of the place; it's ambiance with artificial plants and faux flower decorations.

Water: Source and Drainage

Your green roof on the building will ideally be done with more of fake plants than the real ones. The maintenance of these is easier than that of real ones. But, water would be needed to clean and wash the plants. Arrange for a regular supply of water. It's important to take into account the drainage of this water. It should not be allowed to stay stagnant on the roof as it will cause issues of seepage into the floors below. It should also drain out into a safe place where it won't damage the final destination as well as not go waste. Think of ideas of recycling this water as it will not be too dirty due to the artificial plants.


Select from the vast myriad of materials available in the markets today. Online options also offer a vast range. The materials should be fire resistant, weather resilient, and easy to clean. They should also be long lasting, easily available in case of any replacements in the future. Artificial green grass carpets are ideal for the green roof flooring. Take care of the quality and prevention of leakages during installation of these materials.


List out and look for accessories for your green roof. Floor planters, artificial flowers, fake grass carpets, hanging outdoor planters, water hose, bird feeders, artificial birds and butterflies sitting on artificial trees, artificial soil, etc. Make sure you place all the accessories in a waterproof membrane or flooring.


Look into long-term maintenance needs and costs of the green roof. Avoid flimsy accessories and materials, and plants. Go in for artificial grasses and faux plants which are very low on maintenance.


One of the primary benefits of a green roof on your office building is to beautify the place so that you enjoy your lunch hours and tea breaks. It should look aesthetic and beautiful. Place some bird feeders and water points for birds too to come there for respite. Place artificial indoor plants in artificial outdoor planters so that you get the best of both worlds. These faux plants don't lose their shine and glow over time. They can be easily washed or cleaned with a wet cloth saving water in the long run.

You can also choose the artificial flowers of your choice without having to worry about the season. Fake trees standing in the corners of the roof will create a pure natural environment. These artificial trees will also give you shade during the summer heat. Some small arrangements of silk flowers in fake silk plants will add color to the place. These can be safely used as they are chemical free and there is no fear of insects and mosquitoes disturbing your peace.

The Summer Landscape and Decor Guide for Office Managers

PlantsWhile we are still taking pleasure in the sights and chirps of spring, the time has come to consider prepping our office area for the hotter month ahead. If one hasn't reconditioned one's interior since the cold season, it is probably still cemented firmly under the winter mode of designs and needs an immediate makeover. Here we bring you, as we often do, some of the desirable designing trends that will conquer the interior decor world in the next few months so that the managers can plan and make out-and-out choices for a seasonal decoration and design revamp.

1. A Wet Soothing Indoor Environment: Elapsed are the days when the ponds and streams were just designed in the backyard or the garden area. Present day designers are prospering beyond their limits by adding stunning and tranquilizing water features to elegant makeovers.

A small fountain at the entrance hall with a glass walkway above is a cool idea. A contemporary staircase with a small pond below seems the most popular options. The vintage ‘giant fountain' in the foyer can create an elegant renovation, and the Victorian or the Scandinavian designs look ravishing and regal.

2. Watercolors and Crayons: An artist or a fashionista is quite familiar with the pastel marks over the summer or the spring collections. We can always borrow a fantastic style of art from the glamour world. With the right use of crayons most neutral or pure settings create a masculine and an influential impression. A minty green shade or a creamy white splash can beautify concepts ranging from modern to classic or even mid-century. Some watercolor paints can release a breezy charm of a beach or a brilliant makeover of spring. A trendy decoration with watercolors is catching up the pace across the universe, and the fabric prints encapsulate the accessories for the interior decor.

3. Amish Aesthetics: The style of living of the Amish people is straightforward and modest and pinpoints on functionality. Amish designs of furniture emphasize on woodworking of craftsmen to build cabinetry and other utilitarian office features. Wood furnishings often create a warm contrast to the muted color palette. An impressive arch molding with grand doors and drawers is a remarkable feature of Amish creation. Solid cherry or oak woods favor a desirable seating arrangement with typically featured armoires and sofas. Even gaslight fixtures can make mind-boggling Amish offices. Iron, copper, and steel are good to make pendants as well as wall sconces.

4. Leather Furniture served with Ombre Love: Leather is most suitable for the summer and Melbourne-based style of commercial living is a great idea. A pure and flawless variety of leather has original minimalism that enriches the contemporary design and surely has an exquisite summer vibe attached to it.  Ordinary chair frames, when embracing the nude colored leather, seem attractive and bring in a tuned texture and a crayon palette.

The grading colors are an all-time favorite summer past-time. Cushions or small pillows or even curtain panels with ombre paint create a calming experience.

5. Artificial Office Desk Plants: A benefit of keeping artificial plants is that they are almost pest-free. An unreal variety of Aloe Vera is the best choice for an office desk. It has an amazing ability to brighten up the environment. Replicas of Snake plants or Jade plants can sooth harsh indoor conditions. A silk Kalanchoe is an excellent idea for an office desk makeover and does not need suitable conditions as other succulents. The Lucky Bamboo is the most interesting fake plant, and it vows to keep evil spirits off. A Peace Lily is a perfect choice to brighten up the dark corners of the office plot.

6. An Amazing Office Garden: Although we all love nature immensely, we cannot gaze at it all the time. But if we built an indoor office garden, we can appreciate greenery even on our hectic schedules and gain refreshment through its pure existence. Fake trees are a great alternative to real plants and give us a better interior without any problem and can change the office design anytime.

Wooden floors, white interiors, and some amazing faux plants can create a unique office garden. Hanging terrarium pots with silk shrubs look great if we paint them with some creative designs. Wall gardening is an outstanding indoor gardening idea that preferably recreates a balcony or a lounge area. Terrarium gardening with a variety of artificial cactus plants can even beautify the shelves or the desks. A bunch of cute small plants beside a lampshade is a must to try the idea.

Two unique colored ladder shelves can hold white or blue pots of replica plants, and it is a pleasurable way to organize faux houseplants. A wall hanging stand can hold indoor herbs and looks great beside a glass window. They look refreshing under the natural and airy sunrays and cast a modern look to the garden.

We should keep artificial plants in our house as well as in the office area as they keep us breathing when we almost get sandwiched between our very own hobbies and immense workloads.

7. A Granny Pattern with a Citrus Splash: Fresh citrus style rarely appears without a tinge of color. A summer delight happens when the brightness of a citrus fruit blends with a sunny texture. Sunflower yellow or lime green or a tangy orange can spread enthusiasm all over the space. With a touch of green, an interior architecture can pop with possibilities.

Nowadays the granny patterns are making a huge comeback. The vintage floral fabrics create a spontaneous and beautiful summer interior design idea. Dyed or natural materials with knitted throws bring to mind a voyage across the ocean.

Summer is almost here, and it is time to welcome it. The tryout is a part of the fun. So let us swap out fresh styles to share the season's energy with our interior spaces. We are sure to make this summer of yours memorable with these comfortable and playful styles of designs.

Smart and Thoughtful Upgrades to Implement in Office Spaces

PlantsAn important thing to always keep in mind is that the environment in which you live can influence the mood and affect your productivity. If you are one among those people that are not convinced of this truth, then try to imagine a scenario where you are in a messy dump or a quiet and pleasant atmosphere and think of how they make you feel. Bing a human being means that the location and the setting in the location can greatly influence our mood. This does not imply that the domestic places can affect your productivity but also that workspaces must have a good environment. Having a productive environment will ensure that your work team will be happy, creative and efficient. If you are a sensible business owner, then you must invest in some upgrades that make your office space more engaging for the employees. This can increase your customer base and in the process of which make the office space look smart.

Air Fresheners

It is no doubt true that the way your office looks can play a huge role in making the office look more engaging for the employees. This being said, there is more to it than just the way it looks. For instance, how your office smell can either make or break the way your employees feel. Changing the way the office smells makes for an improvement in the atmosphere and makes a person want to be there. There was a survey done in Japan in which it was proven that productivity could be enhanced and errors reduced when smells like lemon, lavender, and jasmine were present. If you want to motivate y0ur employees, perhaps all it takes is to invest an air freshener.

Invest in Artificial Plants

Investing in some good artificial plants and other such artificial foliage can improve the aesthetic setting of the office. In fact, investing in some artificial foliage is one great way of making the office more appealing and engaging. People may not always approve of using fake plants and fake trees, but these are a great way to improve the way the office looks without the need of a lot of resources like time and energy. This is because these plants will not require a lot of attention. Artificial trees and artificial flowers can prove to be cheap and inexpensive ways to brighten the room and give a nature-oriented theme to your workplace. The biggest advantage of doing this is that it does not require a lot of investment to maintain. A good option is to buy a few artificial faux plants or even some silk plants as these look great in almost any office setting.

Corporate Art

Most office spaces have art concerning pictures of majestic eagles and cliché inspirational phrases which tend to get annoying to look at after a while. If you have this in mind when you think of corporate art, there are some better options and cheaper alternatives to investing in corporate art. Abstract art is good as it is all about how the viewer perceives it and this almost never gets tiring to look at. You can even create our posters and add words from your favorite poem to it. Even if you are not a supporter of art, do consider investing in it as a few large pieces of art in the office can make the place get its recognition.

Make it Personal

Not all office spaces look engaging just because they are clean and tidy. Normal functional offices can sometimes be boring and monotonous. Even if this means being a bit quirky, make the office space personal to incorporate the true spirit of the company. This can be very simple like painting the office logo on the wall or even buying some cheap pieces of furniture and art that make a statement about who you are as a company. After all, personality always matters. This is because personality gives a positive vibe that can be appealing to customers and clients and also in bringing a sense of loyalty among the employees.

Reception Areas

Not every office and business truly requires a reception area, and it can sometimes be a waste of space. If you truly have a huge customer or client base and they keep coming in and going out, then a receptionist is the way to go. But, if this is not the case, then you can save you a lot of money by not hiring a receptionist. One good option is to paint colored bubbles or arrows that lead the way towards the different rooms in the office. This being done, can help kill two birds with one stone.

Neat and Tidy

You don't have to be one of those clean freaks that are always obsessed with office germs and what not. Nevertheless, it would be wise to keep the office clean. If you ensure that your employees do not eat at their desks, then there won't be crumbs and garbage will always be where it needs to be. It is a good idea to keep the dustbins near the doors rather than at every desk as people will not pile up trash as much. Ensure that the machines like Xerox machines and computers are not dusty and do not have their wires tangled and messy.

The Great Outdoors

The great outdoors has made many a man inspired and has instigated creativity and ultimately boosted productivity. Some greenery and outdoor vibes can make for an engaging atmosphere not to mention a great stress-free environment for the office. Greenery and fresh air have always proven to be a great stress reliever. As mentioned earlier in this article, some artificial foliage will always serve to be inexpensive and yet appealing.

Balancing Energy Efficiency and Decor Like a Pro

PlantsWith all the climate change going around in the world, it is high time that people should do something about it. In a study, it was observed out that out of all the greenhouse gases produced in the United States, sixteen percent of it comes from residential dwellings. As they say, ‘Charity begins at home,' one can start making a change by building energy efficient homes.

Building an energy efficient home will not only help you in lending a hand towards climate change rather it will also help in monetary terms. Less energy consumption means bills with shorter figures. It will also ensure that your house has a higher resale value in the future. Building an energy efficient home provides one with better living conditions and higher comfort levels and makes your life much better. Now the next question that may jump into your thought is that how can you make your home energy efficient? You are just in the right place to get the answer to this question. Here is a list of things which you can follow to make sure that your home becomes energy efficient.

The process of designing

Energy efficient homes start with the correct designs. Architects should sit with builders and discuss how they can make the energy efficient. Following are some of the fields in which architects and builders can work together for making your home energy efficient.

  • Climate: The climate of the place should always be considered while designing the home. Air tightness, daylighting opportunities, moisture control strategies, insulation levels are some of the things that should be looked into. In areas of extreme cold climatic conditions, special attention should be paid to insulation and similarly in areas of warm climates the house should be designed to remain cool.
  • Ceilings: Using only one type of ceiling in the home makes it more energy efficient. Change in ceiling heights will need a wall separating the high ceiling from the roof. This will result in uneven insulation.
  • Size of the house: Big does not always mean better. Small spaces can also be designed for optimum use. The smaller house also means less energy consumption, which will make the home energy efficient.
  • The shape of the house: Using simpler designs rather that complex designs result in easier air sealing and insulation, which makes the home much more energy efficient.

Using high-performance windows and doors

Windows and doors are the third most effective way to make a home energy efficient. With the correct size of doors and windows in the right places, the home may not need any artificial insulation or cooling system. Here are some suggestions on how to choose the right doors and windows to make your home more energy efficient.

  • Size: The frames have more transfer of heat going on than the glass. Therefore, you should look for windows that have a small frame profile. Also, it is better to have less large windows than many small windows. As larger windows have a higher frame to glass ratio, it will be suitable for your home.
  • Energy efficient doors: Insulate fiberglass doors are the most cost and energy efficient doors available on the market right now. Make sure that the doors have air seals and tight gaskets. Also, it is better to go for R-value glass and glass which have less glazing.

Choosing to light wisely

Lighting is a major area in which you can work to make your home more energy efficient. Before going for energy efficient artificial lights, make sure that your home gets more natural lights. This is the first step to save on lighting. For the second, identify those places in your home which needs lighting like bathroom areas, kitchen counters, etc.

Make sure that the windows are placed strategically to allow the optimum daylight to enter. It is better to go for strategic lighting rather than lighting up the whole room. Also, the kind of lights that you also use matters. Using LED lights over CFL will make sure that your electricity bill contains fewer zeroes.

Let the Sun help you

If your house is in a cold region, you can use the sunlight to heat up your house so that you do not need to install an artificial heating system. Similarly, blocking the sunlight will make sure that your house remains cool.

Reduce the cooling cost of green landscaping

When it comes to enhancing the energy efficiency level of your property and maintaining the decor appeal at the same time, introduce some greenery to the surrounding. For instance, indoor plants and trees can cool down your home surrounding and reduce the stress of energy consumption costs from your mind. It completely depends on how you leverage the greenery for making your building extremely energy efficient. Although the natural green landscape can cater to your energy saving requirements, their routine maintenance will determine the amount of cool breeze it will offer to the surrounding.

Go for energy efficient appliances

Almost sixty percent energy is used for appliances in a home. Therefore, by going for energy efficient appliances, one can truly make their homes energy efficient. One way to ensure this is by choosing the right size appliances. If you have a small family, then there is no need to go for a big freeze, dishwasher or big microwave. Estimate how much you are going to use each appliance and then buy them accordingly.

Optimize the energy efficiency with faux green

In case you are looking for decreasing the cooling cost of your property and reduce the maintenance cost of natural greenery incorporated in the surrounding, make use of faux landscaping elements. From outdoor planters, fake trees to indoor artificial plants and silk flowers, there are all kinds of artificial landscaping products available for meeting your specific decor requirements. In fact, with fake greenery, you can not only get rid of their maintenance but can also establish a green and energy efficient surrounding.

Your Office Headquarters' Garden Deserves a Makeover - Here's How To Manage

LandscapingThe interior and exterior of the company building and campus leave an impact on the business and the productivity of the company. It is a known fact that the exterior and interior design industry are introducing new and creative designs very often. Keeping the appearance of the company updated in this competitive world is essential to keep your company in the race.

Among all the interior and exterior areas, the front of the office, especially garden places a significant role in forming an impression on the visitors. Office gardens are sometimes the way to the front doors of the office. Hence, it becomes a necessity to keep gardens updated with latest decors.

The office headquarters is the place where many higher authorities work and many important clients meet. The appearance of the headquarters speaks for the culture of the company. Therefore, the garden of the headquarters has to be taken better care. It is suggestible to do a makeover to the office headquarters often. For the significance the garden has, office headquarters garden deserves a makeover.

So, if you are considering a renovate for your office headquarters garden, then here is how to manage:

Artificial outdoor landscaping

Using the available office front space for making over a garden appropriately is important. The artificial outdoor landscaping is not new in the exterior design market but is now available in more designing ideas and concepts to suit the office front area. As artificial outdoor landscaping is trending you find many experts in the landscaping field. Bring in an expert who will help you with designing head quarter's garden beautifully and attractively.

Window boxes

The boxes or a holder kind of things installed under a window which will be held in the place by the brackets on the wall are called as window boxes. These decors will be very useful if your office headquarters garden is attached to the entrance of the office front and if entrance consists windows. Do not leave windows plain. Use them to improve the visual appeal of the building.

Boxwood topiary

To bring a contemporary look to the garden boxwood topiaries are very helpful. Artificial topiaries are perfect for the commercial spaces as they are custom made and can be fit in any part of the exterior. The garden with boxwood topiaries looks classic. Topiaries are available in various geometric shapes and designs.

Privacy screens

The company headquarters garden is sometimes placed in meetings and discussions. A place like a garden can be relaxing and calm for employees and clients. Hence to create a seating space in the garden will be a great idea. Without disturbing the appeal of the office headquarters, build a seating space using privacy screens. They are the green screens designed to build walls between spaces for privacy. They are made of faux plants and flowers. This helps in enhancing the garden look as well utilize the garden efficiently.

Plant containers

Plant containers are available in varieties. They add to the color and the beauty of the garden. Using too many different colored containers or using various plants will make the garden look messy. So, use either one color for containers and plant varieties of fake plants and flowers or install various faux plants and flowers in colorful containers.

Faux plants and flowers

Artificial plants and flowers are most recommendable for a commercial place. To maintain natural plants and flowers company has to spend on gardeners and their maintenance. As they take time to grow, it is time-consuming as well. So, synthetic plants and flowers are suitable. They are easy to install in any part of the garden, in any size and shape. Silk plants and flowers are recently trending in the landscaping market. They give a lush and rich look to the garden which is most needed for headquarters exterior.


For setting up rejuvenating and happy garden foliage are best. They are highly in depending due to their natural looks. They appear exactly like natural plants and trees. A bonsai tree, palm trees, fern plants, artificial plants and flowers all are few of the varieties of foliage. They make the garden look brighter and welcoming. If you are interested in creating a dramatic look to the garden, then use silk foliage. They are made suitable for the commercial spaces.

Hanging baskets

The hanging baskets are mostly used for flower arrangement. Flower arrangements give a beautiful and colorful look to the garden. It helps in the improvement of the creativity of employees if the garden is used by them. Hanging baskets are hanged from any holder, or if you think it is space consuming, then these baskets are available with stands to which they are mounted. Faux plants, synthetic flowers, and silk flower arrangement will increase the beauty of the garden.

Artificial bushes and shrubs

An elegant garden or a contemporary garden is not complete without bushes and shrubs. Artificial bushes and shrubs bring a lush look to the garden. Use them to build boundaries. These fake bushes and faux shrubs make the garden look welcoming. These synthetic plants are extremely realistic in looks and hence invoke a feel of nature at the garden.

Customized synthetic plants and trees

The artificial plants, trees, and flowers are very useful in creating a form, sign, symbol or logo for the company headquarters garden. A logo or a sign or some forms are possible to be designed using fake plants and trees. They can be twisted and curved to form different shapes. Hence, with little creativity that customized artificial plants and trees form a unique and beautiful garden.

The Inexpensive Guide To Building A Designer Garden Outside Your Office

LandscapingAre you planning on building a beautiful designer garden outside your office space? Then you are looking out for some tips and suggestions that will allow you to build an inexpensive yet breathtaking garden. We have put together a list of exciting tips and suggestions that will be useful to you when your building your garden. The outcome will be a designer garden that will leave your guests and visitors completely amazed and mesmerized.

Install A Beautiful Flowing Water Body In Your Garden

For any garden to look exceptional and luxurious, installing a flowing water body is essential. Whether you make a small artificial pond with ducks, or you choose to install one of those trendy new fountains, a water body can play a crucial role in giving your garden a very upscale, classy and designer vibe.

Install A Miniature Wooden Bridge In Your Garden

A wooden bridge in a garden, especially when installed over your pond, or even just as a decorative item can help enhance the character and vibe of your garden. Many people who are trying to give their garden a very oriental or Far East vibe opt for installing a beautiful, sturdy and polished wooden bridge showpiece in their garden.

Add A Few Faux Plants To Your Garden

Having a designer garden is not just about growing the best available local plants in the area. You can also opt for installing faux plants in your garden space. Installing faux plants gives you the freedom to have those plants and trees that are not compatible with the climate of your city. For instance, if you live in a very cold city that sees cool temperatures all through the year and severe snowstorms, then you won't be able to grow coconut or palm trees as these trees need warm and tropical climates to survive. In such positions, you can opt for the faux versions of the trees to add character to your garden.

Landscape Your Garden With A Boxwood Hedge Wall

A lush green and thick boxwood hedge wall is a great way to landscape your garden. These hedge walls look extremely dignified and classy and keep your garden private and hidden from unwanted onlookers. Boxwood hedge bushes and uniquely designed topiaries also look exceptionally outstanding in any garden space. You can have the boxwood topiary cut into the shape of your office or company logo to give the garden a more personalized touch.

Organise A Beautiful And Comfortable Sitting Area In Your Garden

Having a beautiful seating arrangement in your garden is useful. Not only does it make the surroundings look better, but it also allows your office employees to sit amidst nature. You can opt for sturdy wooden or vibrantly colored metal benches; you can even have small matching tables placed on either side of the benches so that people can place their coffee cups, bags and other belongings on them. Alternatively, you can opt for a round wooden table surrounded by wooden chairs too.

Make A Pebble Gravel Pathway

Pebble gravel pathways look amazing in any garden. You can have a small walkway in the garden that is filled with the pebble gravel. There are tons of different kinds of pebble gravel options available in the market. Depending on the theme of your garden you can opt for the grey pebbles, light brown pebbles, multicolored pebbles and so on.

Lights To Make The Landscape Stand Out

A beautiful designer garden seems incomplete without proper lighting that makes the area stand out after sundown. You can opt for solar lights that are evenly spaced out across your garden. Alternatively, you can even opt for spotlights in your garden area. The spotlights should be installed in a way that they highlight the foliage and flowers in your garden and make the plants and trees stand out even in the dark.

Get Adorable Garden Gnomes For Your Garden

Now garden gnomes may sound very cliched, but in reality, they are not. Everyone loves adorable and vibrantly painted garden gnomes. You can install these showpieces at different spots all over your garden to give the area a very enchanted forest vibe.

Driftwood Showpieces For Your Garden

Another great way to make your office garden look like a designer garden is by installing large driftwood showpieces in the area. There are tons of artists who make driftwood animals like horses, deer, and other animals. You can purchase a few of these breathtaking and artistic pieces for your garden and install them in the open spaces of the area.

Use Large Seashells As Decorative Items  

You can purchase large seashells to decorate your office garden. There are several décor stores that sell huge sized and real seashells. These seashells can be installed amidst the plants and short bushes to enhance the character of your garden. If you are unable to source for real seashells, you can also opt for the ceramic seashells for your garden. These decorative items can add vibrancy and life to the surroundings.

Having a designer garden outside your office space doesn't necessarily need to cost you an arm and a leg. You can make a few nips and tucks in the area with just a tiny budget and still make the garden look absolutely exception and gorgeous. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and watch your boring old and empty garden transform into something that looks like its straight out from a mystical fairy tale. Using these simple suggestions and tips to enhance your garden will leave your guests, visitors and employees utterly amazed.

Having the perfect designer garden outside your office space is neither impossible and nor does it need to cost you large amounts of money. Even a person with limited knowledge of gardening can now transform their garden space into a breathtaking and gorgeous area. These simple and easy to incorporate tips will help you!

All You Need to Do To Make Your Buildings Exude Warmth

PlantsMaintaining the temperature of a building at optimum levels is always important, regardless of the size of the building. It may be a small house for a few family members or huge corporate building housing hundreds and thousands of employees; the building needs appropriate maintenance of temperature to ensure that everybody within the building can avoid any discomfort. At the same time, proper maintenance of temperatures within buildings can also help to prolong the lifespan of the buildings as too much fluctuation in temperatures can often lead to irreparable damages to the buildings.

Now, with appropriate air conditioning, the summer months can be made comfortable with cool and airy rooms. However, it is the winter months that often pose a lot of problems for the people living inside. This dilemma can also be solved with the use of proper insulation techniques and methods. This will help the heat within the rooms to stay within and prevent them from escaping the buildings. At the same time, these insulation techniques will also prevent the outside wind and breeze from entering the buildings.

This can contribute greatly towards maintaining a warm temperature within the building during winter months, and also ensure that the building exudes a great deal of warmth. There are, however, some cost-effective and inexpensive ways to do so, which will help you save a great deal of money and yet get the job done in the best possible manner. Discussed here are some of those methods.

Interior decorations have plenty to contribute

Now, you can use domestic or commercial heaters to heat the interiors areas of the building. However, you also need to prevent the cold winds and temperatures outside from entering the building. This is where interior decoration can help a lot. With proper planning and careful designing, you can ensure that you can maintain optimum temperatures within your buildings around the year without having to spend exquisitely on cooling or heating technologies. For instance, rooms covered with velvet coverings on the walls can always help to trap the heat within the room and prevent it from escaping. At the same time, it will also act as a noise-reduction technique since the sound waves would not echo.

At the same time, the use of artificial landscaping products like faux plants and trees can also help an excellent deal in maintaining proper temperatures at all time. The use of these items in the decoration of buildings will lend them a "Green" look, which also exudes a great deal of warmth, both climatically and figuratively. A green environment around any commercial building always exudes a great deal of warmth, more so because commercial properties do not always get to enjoy the luxury of having real trees around them.

Hence, artificial landscaping products and other similar interior decoration items can offer the feel of being connected to the environment and nature. This, in turn, has a highly positive impact on the minds of the people living or working inside these buildings, causing them to improve their productivity. However, it is equally important to avoid loading up the interior decoration of buildings with excessive artificial landscaping items. At the same time, it's also essential to blend these decorative items with other decorative pieces well.

Proper insulation techniques must be implemented

Proper insulation also plays a big role in maintaining warmth and preventing the heat from within to escape during the winter months. At the same time, it also contributes a great deal towards preventing the cold temperatures from outside to enter the buildings. Such insulation techniques will also help the owners of the commercial building to save plenty on their electricity bills as they do not have to spend excessively on heating techniques to maintain a warm temperature within the buildings. At the same time, designers and decorators must also plan the designing and decoration of the building in such a manner that helps them to maintain a constant warm temperature in the entire building.

This can be done through vents and openings that help to spread the warm air from one space of the building to the other parts universally. It is important to do all of these during the designing of the building, which makes it critically imperative to plan the construction keeping this in mind and execute it appropriately.

How to get the best designing for any building?

Every type of building, regardless of whether it is a residential house or a commercial property, there are two distinct ways of decorating it. You can either use the appropriate decorative items and techniques to give it an attractive appearance, or you can use incorrect methods and decorations to make the whole place appear repulsive. It all boils down to proper and repeated planning before the actual decoration coupled with the accurate and careful execution of the entire planning process. That is why interior decorators and designers are always believing in planning and measuring every inch of the building at least twice before actually getting to the execution process.

On the other hand, you must also utilize good quality materials and products to ensure that the entire effort and money spent behind the ordeal does not end up as waste. After all, what is the point of renovating and designing an entire building with cheap materials if you have to redo it after a few years? More than the fact that you have to spend the entire amount of money and then some more, it is the fact that the entire process can cause a great deal of inconvenience to every person involved. The use of good quality materials, although a little more costly, can save you loads of cash as they will serve you well for a great many years.

At the end of it all, it completely boils down to how well you plan the decoration and designing of your property. If you plan the entire methods well and execute the planning in details, exuding the necessary warmth should not be an issue you would have to deal with for a good many years.

Is Your Property's Landscape Safe? Here's How to Find Out

FoliageLandscaping is often associated with the beautification of buildings and offering them an aesthetic feel. Few people consider landscape creation as an environment-friendly measure. Some people feel landscaping gives a sophisticated look to homes or office buildings. From the term landscape, we visualize green meadows, pavements, textures, and shrubs. But landscaping has another very crucial aspect. Landscaping must enhance the safety of building, inhabitants, guests, vehicles and other valuable property.

The process of figuring out whether the landscape design complies with safety mandates is called a ‘landscape audit.' It is an essential aspect of safety engineering for buildings and disaster management. The parameters helping to evaluate the safety standards are the following.

1. Facility for safe pedestrian movement and traffic walkway

2. Presence of outdoor lighting accessories

3. Secure drainage systems and septic tanks

4. Trees and shrubs in abundance

5. Artificial landscaping

6. Presence of emergency fire exits

7. Dense landscaping

8. Hardscaping

9. Climatic adaptability

If your landscape meets the criterion, it is risk-free. If not, a few modifications will help to improve the safety aspect of your beautiful landscape. There are minor steps which the building owner can do for improving the safety of the landscape. Else one may take expert consultancy from a landscape designer for introducing renovations into the landscape.

Facility for Safe pedestrian movement and traffic walkway

Whether it is an apartment or a commercial office building, landscaping must ensure safety during motion. The presence of uniformly grown shrubs along the walkway provide clear lines of demarcation to ensure safety during pedestrian movement. Vehicular motion can be better controlled too. If the area is large enough, there must be points for resting and relaxation.

Shopping complexes must have well-designed parking lots. The boundary area must be free of thorny plants. The circulation routes must be so designed that people have to traverse shortest possible distances for reaching a point. Intersection points must be visible to the observer.

Presence of outdoor lighting accessories

Besides giving a luminous touch, lighting accessories facilitate night vision. So safety during night walks and driving can be assured due to the presence of lighting installations. Lighting accessories must be distributed uniformly over the landscaped area. Glaring lights must be avoided under all circumstances. It is better to select photovoltaic appliances, which get charged by solar energy and radiate in a night. These are easy to install and reduce your electricity consumption.

The orientation of lighting accessories must be such that light falls on surfaces of walkways and driving routes. There should be no blinding or destructive interference of light. Lighting arrangement must enhance the direct and side vision of the observer. Controlled lighting helps in energy efficiency.

Safe drainage systems and septic tanks

The sanitary aspect is the most relevant and challenging criterion in a landscape audit. Landscaping most often facilitates water runoff, creating a plain and flat surface for movement. But during rains, it often gets waterlogged. The path becomes muddy. Imagine driving on a slippery path. There are increased risks of accidents when you walk or drive on the path. Apart from that, accumulated water becomes a source of disease-causing pathogens. Designing good sanitation systems is an essential part of a well-designed landscape. Hence a landscape designer can refer to a sanitary engineer for professional tips or renovations. Facility for regular checking and maintenance of septic tanks must be there.

Trees and shrubs in plenty

The presence of huge canopies of trees creates a beautiful canvas. It exerts a positive influence on pedestrians. Natural trees help in air circulation or natural air conditioning. They also prevent excessive temperature increase in summers. Hence, tree plantations assure the good health of residents and passers-by. It is crucial to plant deep-rooted trees since they enhance water retention capacity. In this way, chances of earthquakes and floods are mitigated. Trees also provide visual security in CCTV camera equipped homes. Natural plantations, however, must be taken care of periodically. For large homes or complexes, a professional gardener is hired to take care of plants and foliage.

Artificial landscaping

Artificial trees or plants enhance the look of the landscaped area, creating a colorful impact. These can be planted with little effort. These do not need pruning or gardening. No regular maintenance is needed. Additionally, these make your morning walk experience a little better. Imagine walking alone in the dawn viewing the silky foliage. Pest can never harm such artificial plantations or colorful flowers.

Since artificial landscape stays same forever, they act as distinct points of vision upon a vast landscape. In this way, they act as safety enhancers. Artificial trees with UV resistant flowers create a lovely outdoor look. Their ability to protect building walls and people from disastrous Ultraviolet radiation of the sun makes them even more important. Hedge style Ficus trees are faux plants which increase the inflow of light to enhance privacy.

Presence of emergency fire exits

A landscape designer must ensure that no inflammable substance is used in landscape making. But still, no one can be sure that there won't be a fire day ever. In the event of a fire, there must be safe outlets for people as well as traffic. There must be a priority on saving people first. There must be space for firefighting squad to carry on the rescue operations.

Dense landscaping

To maintain a safe distance between people and items like electrical poles or telecom boxes, dense landscaping must be done. It also helps ensure the security of outdoor property like pumps or pipelines. Artificial grasses can be used for dense carpeting. Green artificial shrubs can be used for enhancing landscape density.


It must be done with good quality building material. Hardscaping includes well-paved areas and boundary walls. These enhance security to interiors from undesirable intrusion. Facility for rainwater diversion to sumps will be an added advantage. Pavements must be made of porous stones, so that surface water flows underground.

Climatic adaptability

The landscape must-have features that safeguard it against effects of climatic adversities like storms, excessive rainfall, excessive heat or snowfall. Ice management design is required for snow-laden areas.

Inexpensive and Practical Tips to Impress First Time Visitors at Your Holiday Resort

ResortsGoing on a vacation is good for mind, body, and soul. People go on holidays for unwinding themselves from the hectic schedule, to relieve stress, and also for spending quality time with their families. Spending time with the kids also helps to enhance the bond.

Although tourism has gone through vast expansions in recent times, people have their preferences for spending vacations. Some like to stay at the luxury hotels in the holiday destinations, and there are some who prefer to spend their holidays at a resort away from the hustles bustle of the urban life. Holiday resorts are self-sufficient establishments that provide their guests a home away from home in the midst of nature with provisions of all entertainment and recreational amenities.

Being a commercial organization, the holiday resorts owners always want to impress the first time visitors for establishing their brand. Understanding what motivates people is important for the holiday resorts to create increasing demand about the resort. Other than revamping the decoration of the holiday resort to make it a standalone type and making it multi-functional, giving surprises also help the visitors.

As long as it is not a fly in the soup or a bed sheet with stains, people love surprises. This lets them have a feeling that they are getting something extra and naturally get impressed. Surprises also make the visitors think that they are being cared for. Here are amazing suggestions that you may consider for delighting your first-time visitors to re-visit the resort.

Warm and welcoming front desk is the key to everything

For making their stay memorable, it is necessary for the resort to make them excited. A warm and cordial front desk can do havoc in creating a strong first impression on the guest upon arrival. Rather than offering a mechanical welcome, it is better to depart from the script as that makes the guests happy. Mind, lip services do not help. The front desk should be responsive and attend to their needs immediately.

Make it personal

Customers are bored with the formal business approach. The guests can be made to feel special in some ways. Form the way they are greeted, the service provided, and interaction with the staff determine the satisfaction level. To surprise the guest, a chocolate can be left on the bed for impressing the guest. You can personalize the wrapper by printing the name of the guests and some welcoming message on it using the available apps. When the guests find this waiting for them, they get highly impressed.

Call the guest

A welcome call also creates a big impact. Call the guests personally to check if the room meets their expectation. Also offer them further assistance like a briefing on the local places of interest, wakeup calls and offering to arrange local travel, if they are interested.

Offer something complimentary

People are greatly moved when they are offered something free. It need not be a costly item. A welcoming soft drink or a bottle of water upon arrival can do the trick. Such moves create a great impact on the customers.

Waive extra charges

Waiving extra charges go a long way in impressing the visitors and make them loyal customers. This may not always be a high amount. Even waiving fees for using the resort safe or delivery charges are sure to delight the guests.

Greet them on special occasions

Never forget to call your visitors on their birthdays for sending birthday wishes. In case, a guest happens to be in the holiday resort on their birthday, make it special for him. By doing so, they will feel that you care for them. You can also surprise the moms by sending e-cards on the Mother's Day.

Connect them to the outside world

Creating free Wi-Fi zone and providing Skype interface in the room is a great way to delight the guests. Having these facilities, they will be able to connect with their friends and will speak volumes about how they are amazingly spending time at the holiday resort.

Look after the kids

Travel has turned into a family affair. So, Taking care of the needs of the children is a great way to impress the visitors. Creating a kid's play zone and Welcome Park where the children can spend time enjoying some kid-friendly local programs with a small treat will definitely wow the guests.

Go green

Greens help to make a great impression. People have an affinity towards nature. The greens create a stress-free ambiance that is liked by the visitors. Building a green periphery and creating private zones with natural element makes the holiday resort serene and elegant.

Faux plants are the best alternative

Including live trees and plants have many maintenance issues that involve cost and manpower. The faux plants do not have any such demands and, therefore, easy to maintain. These are made using high-quality plastic materials, strong, colorfast pigments and are also infused with special UV blocking chemicals so that they maintain their color and shine when exposed to the outdoors. These are also made to replicate their live cousins in all respects. You can never feel the difference visually. Moreover, these are available in wide varieties including boxwood topiaries, window boxes, privacy screens, living walls, flowers, hanging baskets, outdoor plants, and many more.  Landscaping holiday resorts with these faux products take the place aplomb to the next level. Using fake greens have many advantages. These are easily installable and can be customized to specific requirements. Unlike the natural greens, these do not require any waiting period and continue to adorn the place from the day one. These also do not shed leaves and, therefore, create no mess. Being independent of seasonal variations, they can be installed anywhere regardless of the location of the holiday resorts and continue to embellish the place equally in all seasons.