PermaLeaf® Faux Boxwood Topiaries – The Most Majestic Landscaping Product

It's time to get your hands on super classy and vibrant faux boxwood topiaries that have redefined the outdoor landscaping. They ensure greener surroundings for you and your clients in ultra stylish and hassle-free ways.

PermaLeaf® Faux Boxwood Topiaries – The Most Majestic Landscaping Product

Artificial Outdoor Boxwood TopiaryPopularly known as "man's oldest garden ornamental" Boxwood plants have been used for sculpting and decorating the outdoors since 16th Century. These lustrous plants are also famous for being fussy. However, the faux boxwood topiaries by PermaLeaf® have turned the picture entirely. These are unbelievably natural looking with unmatched realism and are way too economical in comparison to the real ones. Adding greenery to your office outdoors has become so easy, and at the same time, one does not need to worry about its maintenance.

Wide range of options

The best part of these lush green topiaries is that they come in wide range of variety. The faux boxwood topiaries are available in all kinds of geometric shapes and styles. PermaLeaf® offers its customers different form variants so that they get exactly what they are looking for. We deliver right from triangular to cone to rectangular topiary for outdoor landscaping of your business space. With these elegant topiaries lined up at your office or restaurant entrance creates a long lasting impression on your clients.

Negligible Maintenance

One sole reason of opting for faux boxwood topiaries than the real ones is that the boxwood plants require constant care. One has to be careful about regular watering, the temperature conditions and even the pH of the soil should be right. But one does not need to worry even if their business space is not an ideal atmosphere for keeping living plants alive and well. This leathery textured faux Boxwood topiary settles all our maintenance woes. They seem exactly like the real ones but minus all the maintenance. They can be easily kept in low light areas and no need for watering, soil, and pesticides. The smooth surface reduces dust build-up. Moreover, we use the technology that contains special UV stabilizers which help in preventing color fading.

Pocket Helpful

Unlike it is real counterparts, they are a lot more pocket-friendly, and they require negligible maintenance. These fake boxwood plants are the one-time expense and do not need expensive pesticides, fertilizers or soil replacements. All one requirement is regular dusting and voila these silk topiary trees always manage new appearance. Your consumers will praise your expensive taste, but these topiaries won't be expensive in your wallet. They are reasonable, and the long list of advantages offered by them makes them value for money deal. Moreover, your clients are surely going to appreciate your classy and sophisticated taste.

No seasonal woes

Faux boxwood topiaries are not season bound, and thus one need not wait for long to see it grow. Furthermore, they won't wilt if not given proper sunlight or subjected to harsh climatic situations. One can continue to enjoy the alluring beauty of these plants at any time of year. Moreover, they are fade retardant as UV protective material is introduced during its manufacturing. Hence, it makes them fade retardant when exposed to harsh weather conditions.


The artificial Boxwood topiaries trees are constructed of high-quality material and workmanship. The foliage is made from silk polyester which creates an appealing, tender, smooth shine and gives them such a lifelike appearance which is tough to differentiate between artificial and real ones. Another benefit of the polyester used is it makes these plants pet safe. Unlike their real counterparts that are poisonous to people, pets -- including dogs and cats -- and children. But with faux topiaries, one does not need to worry about any of these.


It scores full marks in the durability department. These artificial plants have a long life and do not attract insects or molds. With these plants in your office garden or at your restaurant entrance, you do not have to worry about sunlight or water. They not only make the vogue statement but also take care of all hygiene issues. Moreover, they are made of synthetic hence; they do not attract insects and pests. Thereby, easing the whole maintenance process and enhancing the overall life of these plants. These robust topiaries manage to stay the same for years. They lend natural beauty and freshness to your office outdoors without the hassle of live plant care.


We at the PermaLeaf® value the requirement of our clients and understand all the clients can't be served with the same product. We give our customers the pliability to customize the boxwood topiaries the way they want. All one need to do is to communicate their requirements for landscaping and our team designs these topiaries accordingly. These vibrant topiaries lend a chic and evergreen look to your restaurant or hotel or business space.

Mood Enhancers

Nobody can doubt the aesthetic value the flowering plants add to the office space. Certainly, the faux boxwood topiaries are no less than flowers. They are not only realistic looking but also have the ability to enhance and brighten up the dull entrance of your office. Many studies have indicated the connection of greenery in changing the vibe and ambiance. The mere presence of these topiaries is enough to bring things to life and to cheer up moods. Since they are fuss free and want minimal keeping, hence they offer an ideal option for enhancing office or hotel gardens and in creating soothing visuals.

Wide Range of Application

These realistic looking faux boxwood topiaries are ideal for the outdoor setting. The material used in its construction is equipped to withstand harsh conditions. In any weather condition, one can be sure that these won't have color loss as they are fade resistant. The mere presence of these topiaries creates a rejuvenating ambiance in the settings of your place. They are ideal for your commercial building outdoors or restaurant and hotel entrances. One can decorate their walkways using these beautiful silk plants and impart a refreshing vibe to your commercial space.