PermaLeaf®'s Range of Faux Landscaping Products for Outdoor Decor - All You Need to Know

The PermaLeaf® range of artificial plants has some distinct advantages over the real as well as other landscaping items which make it essential for any office outdoors.

PermaLeaf®'s Range of Faux Landscaping Products for Outdoor Decor - All You Need to Know

Artificial Boxwood TopiariesLandscaping, as we know is a very exciting field with a lot of applications to your creativity. The use of some unique designs and ideas in landscaping make it attractive and elegant which is ideal for the offices and other public buildings. Using the vivid botanical beauty in landscaping is one of the modern landscaping techniques, and it also gives a touch of uniqueness about the landscape. But using real plants in the offices and other public buildings is a hectic idea as there are a lot of drawbacks which need to be thought about. The faux botanical landscaping items, on the other hand, has some top quality features which help in transforming any outdoor landscape into an elegant one. Let us take a look at them.

Advantages of faux botanical items over the real ones

  • Firstly, the faux plants and other botanical structures are non-living, and it is a great advantage as they don't need regular watering and other maintenance including pruning and weeding. This will help a lot in the corporate and other public buildings as one separate person for maintenance of plants will be reduced. 
  • The outdoor faux plant variety comes in a lot of shapes and sizes to set your landscape. You can pick any outdoor landscape at your office and brighten it with the beautiful artificial plants.
  • The artificial plants won't need replacement as they will live forever after installation. It will be helpful in case you choose to alter the landscape by changing the arrangement of the items. They are easy to handle.
  • The lifelike flowers and other plant parts will enrich the landscape with their vivid colors, and you will feel the refreshing atmosphere right within your office without any hassle which is associated with the living plants such as the plant litters or the insects which are attracted to it. 

The types of outdoor landscaping items

Faux boxwood topiaries

The beautiful plants which are an integral part of the British gardens are also one of the mostly used faux botanical landscaping items. The boxwood topiaries and hedges not only have a unique look; they also have a broad range of uses in outdoor landscaping. 

You can use them in any shape or size as faux hedges can be used to make letters or symbols also. They come in any sizes and can be used as sheets of greenery as well. It is very useful during the outdoor parties as they can be utilized as a screen or partition. The screens can also be installed on the walls to create magnificent green walls which will get the visitors admiration as they would look unique and unreal. Apart from these, the faux-hedges and topiaries can be placed on suitable containers on the sidewalk or on any balcony where they can attract everyone's attention.

Faux outdoor flowering plants

Colorful flowers are an absolute delight to the eye, and it also helps maintain the refreshing atmosphere at the offices and public buildings. The fresh, bright flowers contribute to creating a lively and delightful atmosphere and apart from their aesthetic beauty in the landscape they have a significant impact on the office environment. Bright and elegantly colored flowering plants can lighten up any dull setting and can also convey the pleasant nature onto the clients or the visitors. Vibrant and energetic colored flowering plants help in having a great impression on the guests.

Artificial outdoor plants

Apart from the brightly colored faux flowering plants, there are wide ranges of life like outdoor plants which may look real but are artificial. So, they have the aesthetic beauty and liveliness like the real plants along with the remarkable qualities and advantages of faux plants. 

Artificial landscaping

Instead of placing the fake plants one by one, you can choose to transform the landscape completely with the wide range of outdoor plants. There are various types of plants and shrubs which will help in creating a completely natural looking and lively setup at the public buildings to welcome its visitors. As different people have different taste, you can specify the minute details and have your very own customized faux outdoor landscape you will fall in love with. 

Artificial foliage

You can get the ideal type of foliage for your office or any public building like any shopping malls, restaurants, theme parks, etc. The faux trees are available in a wide range of trees ranging from the small Bonsai tree to the large palm tree which gives a lot of options to the customer. You can choose the colorful flowering plants, foliage, trees, etc. to create a special rejuvenating setting at the office. You can use the faux plants to create a themed setting also. The tropical setting is quite amazing as it has lush, lively greenery and brightly colored flowing plants.

Customized parts of the building

The artificial plants can transform any specific area of the building which gets more visitors during the day. It can convert the concrete jungle incorporate into green, peaceful rejuvenating landscape. The great, unique greenery in a dull corporate jungle will look mesmerizing and will get a lot of appreciation and will certainly boost the morale and work output of the employees. 

The special experience with PermaLeaf® products

The PermaLeaf® range of products gives some unique advantages over the other products. They are made of special kind of resistant materials which make them ideal for use in outdoor conditions. They are fade resistant and can resist the harsh weather conditions like winds, rains, snow or even the direct exposure to sunlight. The experts involved in designing of the products take care to make them look exactly life-like, and they can be the ideal replacement for plants which don't grow naturally in your office. You can use your creativity and convert your office outdoor landscape into a mesmerizing one.