Porch Decor with the Fall Season in Mind - a Guide

You can use these ideas as they are or amp them up with some of your patterns.

Porch Decor with the Fall Season in Mind - a Guide

Artificial Outdoor PlantsThe change in the season is a signal for you to change your surroundings. Just as winter flowers don’t bloom in spring, a summer decoration would not last till fall. With relatives and guests coming into your house in this season of Thanksgiving and Halloween, you need to make sure your decorations stand out. We understand that the hassle of bringing in things, thinking of how to arrange them and researching over ideas is just too much to take in. This is why I have shortlisted some of the best and attractive ideas to decorate your porch in the easiest possible way. No pain of maintaining them and no hassle of carving the pumpkins. Sounds relaxing, right? But if you’re the kind of person that loves decorating and making things, we have got something for you too. Keep scrolling to find out what idea suits the best for you.


This decor gives a pleasant, welcoming feel to your entrance. The greenery around the pumpkins is a plus to the liveliness of the season. You can decorate the porch with fake leaves around the door and some artificial climbers covering the top. This will create a complete look, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the drying of plants as they are artificial. On each of the steps, you can place a combination of white and orange pumpkins to add some color. As an addition to the decoration, you can add artificial fern hanging basket on the sides of the door and complete it by arranging outdoor plastic flowers in a circular pattern on your door. The greenery will signify the nature and the pumpkins would add to the flavor of fall.

If you love carving on pumpkins, you can carve an outer layer in small leaf shapes and light a candle inside on the evenings for a visually appealing look. Remember, if you carve one, carve all as the similarity in the pattern would please the sight.


Decorate your porch with outdoor artificial silk flowers of different kinds, and if you wish to take the level a notch up, you could place high-end artificial plants on the sides of your door. These flowers are available in UV protected artificial flower variant so that the harmful rays of the sun do not damage your plants and flowers when they are kept outdoors. For additional tint of color, you can color your pumpkins and gourds in bright colors and place them near the entrance. Decorate your door with your initials surrounded by artificial flowers for outdoor usage, and you’re done with your porch decoration for the fall.


If you wish to keep things simple, get some outdoor artificial boxwood plants and place them near your front porch. This will look pleasing without being overwhelming, and as boxwoods grow all year long, they would match the season vibes. Also, to remind you again, it is recommended to buy the plants that are UV protected so that you would be free from the hassle of changing the damaged plants every once in a while.


Another simple way of decorating your porch is by placing small pumpkins on the steps or around your door. This simple yet attractive fall décor will make your guests go “Aww.” For a brighter appeal, add some flowers on the walls around your door and color the pumpkins in matching shades. You can also draw patterns over them or carve little shapes inside them. If you place two pumpkins one above the other and repeat the same pattern around the steps, it can look quite attractive too. It’s your choice at the end.

For a more put together look, you can color the pumpkins in the color of the flowers you choose so that the entire porch looks decorated with one color. Easy and satisfying.


With this look, you would have to arrange for a small wooden table that gives a natural look. For a personalized effect, you could paint your name and house number on the visible front side of the table. Stack some hay bales on the sides of the table and utilize them by placing some colored gourds over them. You could arrange them in a pattern if you feel artistic. Carve those gourds and place candles inside them to light up your porch without any electrical lighting. Place some artificial outdoor plants and decorate the remaining part of the table with some fake leaves. Add some corn stalks on the sides of the table to give a decorated feel to the porch.


Decorate your porch with artificial fall leaves by making them into a garland and hanging them on the walls. Leave some leaves randomly on the floor for the added fall effect. Bring in a wooden basket or crate to keep on the sides of your door and color them in orange or off-white for an added effect. It is completely alright if you keep the wooden furniture as it is. Place some small pumpkins around the wood furniture, surrounding the lantern. This depends on the size of the lantern and space available to place them. Do the same for the second side of your door, and your decoration for fall is ready. If you don’t have lanterns at your home, you can place decorative light bulbs around the pumpkins to give the same effect to the porch.

You can use these ideas as they are or amp them up with some of your patterns. Try replacing gourds with colored ones and buy only artificial flowers and plants. This is because the effort and cost of maintaining them are way more than placing the artificial ones. Also, you get the same feel at that cost. Isn’t this much more beneficial and useful? Plan wisely and decorate that porch in a way that makes all your guests appreciate your efforts.