Premier Quality Faux Boxwood Topiaries - PermaLeaf®'s Best Sellers

Need some interesting element to be added to your commercial or residential landscape? You cannot have a better option than faux boxwood topiaries. These help you define your architectural features of our space.

Premier Quality Faux Boxwood Topiaries - PermaLeaf®'s Best Sellers

TopiaryThe boxwood greenery had its roots from the 16th century when real boxwood was considered an ornamental plant in a landscape. Boxwood hedges and topiaries were not new words in those days as well. Boxwood topiaries were the outstanding tools to create a lucrative garden around the properties. Even now, boxwood has been recognized as an excellent foliage variety that is used in wide variety of ways. Now when artificial landscaping is on the top, artificial boxwood has replaced the living boxwood while also extending the way we can use it in our landscapes.

Boxwood Topiaries - Most Creative Pieces for Any Landscape

Boxwood topiaries are among the most fascinating and stunning landscaping products that are popular in all kinds of faux boxwood products. Topiaries are a kind of artful sculptures that add a unique sense of warmth and creativity to the place. No matter whether you place them indoors or outdoors, they are amongst top attention grabbers for any settings. These are defining aspects of any yard created artfully in a wide variety of shapes. Whether you place them alone as a centerpiece or in combination with a variety of plants, flowers, and trees, these can complement all kind of your landscape settings the best way.

Artificial Boxwood Topiaries from PermaLeaf®

PermaLeaf® is one of the trademarked brands by Commercial Silk Intl, known to manufacture and supply UV and weather resistant artificial plants and trees across the USA. Among a large number of faux plants and trees, they have specialized in manufacturing highest quality boxwood topiaries in a large number of shapes. PermaLeaf® assures durable and long lasting faux topiaries that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions without losing their quality and color. Their topiaries will keep blooming your garden for years.

Timeless Beauty and Classic Shapes Combined

The professional designers and manufacturers at PermaLeaf® combine the timeless beauty and wonderful variety of shapes in artificial boxwood topiaries, thus helping you define your style statement through a stunning landscape. If you have a boring yard surrounding your commercial or residential area or need to bring some symmetry to your unorganized landscape, faux topiaries boxwood can help you uplift the way of landscaping. With PermaLeaf®, you can have different types of boxwood topiaries regarding their shape. Let's have a look at different topiary types you can have for your space.

Artificial Ball Topiaries

Every kind of shape in boxwood topiary has its significance. Faux ball topiary is one of a kind of boxwood topiary that is designed in the shape of a ball of varying size. Within ball topiaries, you can have the single ball, double ball, the triple ball as well as quadruple ball topiaries. You can have any number of balls patterned in a single topiary plant thus enhancing your space to a make heavenly place. You can place these topiaries anywhere in your area, ranging from lobbies, outdoor yard, reception desk, outdoor patio, office waiting room, entrance and more. These will bring warmth to every corner you place them.

Faux Cone Topiaries

Cones are another beautiful shapes that look stunning when created in topiary form. Artificial cone topiaries from PermaLeaf® are widely used for office as well as unique occasion decorations like holiday decorations, Christmas decorations, official events and more. You can custom define the size of the cone as per availability of area where you want to place it. It may range from a small 3 feet cone to 5-6 feel large cone topiary tree. These topiaries have the caliber to add freshness and appeal to all kinds of your indoor and outdoor settings. Also, these are completely water and weatherproof. Hence you need not worry about their health in changing the weather.

Creative Artificial Spirals

Spirals are another unique and creative form of artificial boxwood topiaries, which are most fascinating pieces of art created to add glory to any space. Wherever you place these faux spiral topiaries in your landscape, these will attract countless eyeballs and offer an inviting environment for your guests. This is a kind of ornamental shape that defines architectural features of your premises. Whether you have a boring outdoor yard or dull indoor settings, adding these spiral topiaries will add appeal to your area thus making it an inviting and lucrative space to live. Just define the size and shape of your spiral topiary to PermaLeaf® experts, and they will design a most suitable sculpture for your space.

Artificial Hedge Topiaries

Boxwood hedges are most versatile, flexible and appealing landscaping products that are widely utilized and loved by most of the commercial owners. This is because hedges give you a way to keep your landscape organized elegantly. These are not only decorative pieces to your interior or exterior space rather; these are considered an excellent way to create partitions of your view in a wide variety of ways. You can divide a larger outdoor area into two or any number of parts by placing these artificial hedges in line. Many commercial areas like restaurants, hotels, and showrooms, also utilize these indoor to create a privatized area for their customers.

Custom Designed Boxwood Artificial Topiaries

Do you have special topiary needs for your landscape beside those standard shapes? PermaLeaf® has the right solution for you. They offer you custom topiary design option with which you just need to define the shape and size that you want to incorporate into your boxwood topiary. No matter you need to get your business logo topiary, any special alphabet, animal topiary, cartoon topiary or anything, PermaLeaf® can get the required shape designed for you. Limit only lies within your imagination for getting such amazing topiaries designed. Artificial boxwood makes it easier to transform your custom topiary ideas into reality.