Ready to Explore Innovative Landscaping Themes with PermaLeaf®? Read on

Do you have any unique and special landscaping theme in mind that you want to create for your yard? Choose from PermaLeaf®'s catalog of durable and highest quality artificial landscaping products and achieve the most elegant landscape.

Ready to Explore Innovative Landscaping Themes with PermaLeaf®? Read on

Outdoor FlowersBeing a reputed manufacturer and provider of high-end artificial plants, PermaLeaf® is committed to offering landscape lover every possible variety and solution that can meet their varying demands. You can find almost all kind of plants that are required to create various landscaping themes. The various landscaping themes can adorn your outdoor corporate landscape wonderfully giving you a mesmerizing yard that people can ignore. Such a themed landscape created for corporate landscape can fill your space with positive energy and fresh feeling. A well organized and designed landscape can keep your whole commercial area look appealing all the time. If you are discovering the right type of landscape theme for your corporate space, PermaLeaf® would be the right one-stop destination for you. Let's now explore the different landscaping themes that you can achieve using PermaLeaf® plants, trees, and foliage.

Classic Landscape with Artificial Cedar

The elegant cedar plants have their root from ancient times and are still among most popular plants in landscaping. Due to their eye-catchy looks, they are ideal to be used to form classic landscaping themes. Eliminating the needs of maintaining your cedars without compromising your landscaping looks, PermaLeaf® offers artificial cedar trees outdoor in a wide range of varieties. Hence make it possible for you to achieve classical landscaping theme without worrying about upkeep requirements of your plants. No matter how harsh the weather is, your theme will not be spoiled as these plants are weatherproof. For forming a wonderful classic theme, cedar plants can be utilized in many numbers in combination with other faux plants like cedar topiaries, certain artificial flower arrangements for outdoor and dense green leafy trees.

Asian Landscaping Theme with PermaLeaf® Bamboo

Bamboo is an important plant in Asian landscaping tradition that is considered to be a symbol of culture, elasticity and sometimes also a tropical culture. If you are a lover of Asian landscaping tradition then, PermaLeaf®'s range of bamboo plants and trees is ideal for you. Just choose the ideal size and shape of the bamboo plant, and these will help you unveil the beauty of Asian yard. Artificial bamboo trees offered by PermaLeaf® are the replica of living plants and can liven up your space and corporate composition giving a fresh and eye-catchy look. A landscaping theme created by bamboo plants is also ideal for the corporate spaces where you need to slightly privatize the space and create a partition. Like restaurants, or the meeting areas where you want to prevent other sights coming to the other section. This theme also works as the best landscape design for outdoors.

Breathtaking Landscaping Theme with Artificial Jasmine

Jasmine plants are well known for their aesthetic charm and elegance. But Most of the landscape lovers just leave the idea of adding Jasmine plant to their decor list due to their higher upkeep and maintenance requirements. But with the incorporation of artificial Jasmine plant by PermaLeaf® has made it possible for everyone to create a heartbreaking theme for their landscape. Faux Jasmine comes with bushy vines and lovely flowers that look exactly same as that of real Jasmine. This product is perfectly utilized in the form of flowers, vines as well as foliage. Jasmine plants are ideal for larger and spread landscapes in combination with detailed lawn products like bamboos, shrubs, faux trees and more. Utilization of shrubby Jasmine between these plants can help to fill the voids perfectly making the landscape look engaging.

African Wild Theme with Bonsais

Do you love that wild landscape looks and want the same for your corporate landscape? Then artificial Bonsai plants and trees from PermaLeaf® are essential to be incorporated. The faux bonsai trees replicate the real bonsais that give you a feeling of typical African wood. Some large Bonsai plants placed at regular distances along with dark green grass roll and moss rolls spread on the ground can make your landscape just like an African forest. Certain tropical plants and palms can also be used to add varieties and make the yard complete. The moss carpets added in combination somewhere will give more natural appeal to your lawn making it look realistic and lively.

Japanese Garden Theme

The Japanese garden is designed to give a relaxing and heavenly feel to the onlookers. This landscaping theme combines a wide variety of plants forming a blend of Asian as well as African landscapes to give exactly natural looks tp the landscape. The most common types of plants included in a Japanese garden are Japanese maple trees, bonsai trees, bamboo and certain types of shrubs. All these plants bring natural serenity to your corporate landscape. To let you achieve a perfect Japanese landscaping theme, PermaLeaf® offers all the required types of foliage, shrubs, moss rolls, trees and everything in the desired shape and size. With these highest standard plants, you can stay relaxed as neither you will have to worry about their maintenance, nor you need to give them special attention in harsh weather. They can withstand all weather conditions without fading away or losing their quality.

Tropical Landscaping Theme with PermaLeaf® Tropical

Tropical trees and plants form a tropical themed landscape for a landscape. A tropical yard is loved by most of the corporate as well as residential owners just because of the dense foliage that they provide any space that gives a closer to nature feeling. If you are a tropical theme lover, PermaLeaf® offers you a great range of tropical plants like Cactus and Succulents, artificial patio plants, Calathea, ivy plants and trees, Ficus, Philodendron, palms and many more that give you a cost-effective, less time consuming and easy to upkeep way to create desired landscaping theme.

Flowery Theme with Vast Flower Arrangements

A flowery theme is loved by everyone. Whether it's a corporate space, entertainment venue, restaurant, hotel or more, flower arrangements can suit any of the outdoor or indoor settings. Along with adding a blend of color to the landscape, these also enhance health, freshness, and energy in your space. PermaLeaf® offers you a large selection of elegant and mesmerizing indoor and outdoor plastic flower plants, bushes, vines and foliage that help you create the desired flowery theme for your landscape. In the catalog of PermaLeaf®, you can have faux hanging plants, lilies, orchids, roses, lotus, dahlias, daisies, sunflower, flower arrangements in the form of privacy screening plants, flowers with beautiful vases and much more that can amazingly create an appealing landscape for you. These plants look outstanding when used with perfectly combined greeneries and trees.