Romantic Bedroom Ideas to Make You Go Wow

Imagine ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ playing in the background as you enter your bedroom. The fragrance of your partner’s scent and the well-lit candles run a wave of intoxication in your mind.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas to Make You Go Wow

Artificial Indoor PlantsImagine ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ playing in the background as you enter your bedroom. The fragrance of your partner’s scent and the well-lit candles run a wave of intoxication in your mind. Just as you reach near your bed, the silk-soft drapes are flying on the tunes of wind embrace you and the light of the chandelier perfectly set the mood. Suddenly as you read this line, you realize that it’s just a fantasy, and your bedroom is way off the expectation limits, but don’t you worry, scrolling down this page would give you all the answers to your question of bedroom redecoration. From splurge-worthy ideas to DIYs, all your requirements will be addressed. We are not going to let you carry that stress you got from day’s work into your bedroom. From now, your bedroom will be the place you would never want to leave. Your partner will thank us for this, but we want you to the credit for it because it’s you who ultimately took the effort to redecorate.

Firstly, enter your room and analyze what exactly kills the mood. Is it the color of your walls, clutter around the bed, one-colored lighting or the flat pillows? Now that you have known the areas of concern keep reading to find the escape from this monotonicity. Also, you will find some additional tips to jazz up the intimacy level (a bonus from my side). So, let’s get going.

Paint your Room

You might have read at places that red and pink are the colors of love and certainly the thought of painting your walls in those shades have crossed your mind, but unlike novels and movies, the bold shades of red are not the gateway to the Land of Romance. Warm tones like the shade of nude colors, a combination of grey and lavender, also, white with yellow tint can amp up the romance quotient of your bedroom. These colors are known to induce an idyllic sensation and transfer your mood to a peaceful state. Match the color of your walls with the bedsheet as this will not stress the brain as contrast ones do.

Time to Change the bed

If you have a canopy bed, skip this part. Evidently, the bed plays a vital role in the romantic state. The more the comfort, the more intimacy. You might have seen in romantic movies that the bed they use are mostly canopy beds. They have a relation to privacy and closeness. Surround them with beautiful white silk drapes for more privacy. Your partner will be the only thing you see, and that is what intimacy demands. Add in a bunch of pillows and layers of the sheet for that ‘extra’ part.

Lightings, the main part

This is what kills or makes the mood. You want the lighting to be dim but not too dark, just the balanced kind. Bedside lamps do their part, but a room-centric light would give a well-balanced look. In this situation, a chandelier would be the best choice to brighten the entire room without being overpowering. If that is out of your budget, mini bulb strings will work the same. Decorate them around your bed and on the vacant side of walls in a pattern and wait to see the magic.

Highlight “your” moments

Keeping photo frames with pictures of your wedding day, first date or from a romantic outing with some romantic quotes would induce a sense of closeness and comfort in your mind. Playing your favorite songs, painting the wall with your names and hanging up your favorite quotes are the best ideas.

The Mood

It’s the environment that sets up the mood, and it is the little things that take part in it. Setting up silk flowers in your bedroom could create a beautiful atmosphere, and you wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of maintaining them as they are artificial. Place some faux outdoor or green outdoor plants in your balcony or window area to create an atmosphere of a garden. When you hear of garden, greenery, and freshness come in your mind. Similarly, when you decorate your bedroom with flowers and plants, you will experience the difference in the mood. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about the plants getting damaged as they are UV artificial plants. Search for them in the market as they come with a protective coating that prevents the artificial outdoor flowers and plants from the damage caused by the harmful rays. To add a shade lighter to the room, you can also decorate your walls with an artificial garden wall and fake leaves.

Not to forget, your room must be clear of clutter.

Candles and Fragrance

No words could emphasize the importance of this part. Lightly scented candles subtly create the mood without being extra. The fragrance soothes your mind, and the light soothes your eyes. Comfort brings closeness, and that’s what we’re trying to work on in this part. If you have a signature fragrance, spray it around the room to create a familiar atmosphere. Lavender, Jasmine, and Rose are some of the romantic scents to start with. Remember the last time you were happy? It was because your mind was in a state of comfort and relaxation. This is how romance ignites with ease. Store some scented candles and fragrances for that perfect experience.


When everything stays in its desired place, half of your stress automatically reduces. It is the way you organize your room that helps you finding the required things on time. So when you get up the next morning, everything stays in its place.

Once you follow these tips to redecorate your room, you will be amazed to look at the result of the efforts you would put in. An hour’s work could lead to memories for a lifetime. So, if you haven’t already decided to change the geography of things in your bedroom, get ready to do them now.

Cheers for reading till the end! Happy decorating.