Seriously Stunning Dining Room Décor Ideas

This is the place where people gather to spend quality time in a signature style. So, dining room decoration is vital as it has to fit many purposes. Here are some stunning décor ideas to make the place glam.

Seriously Stunning Dining Room Décor Ideas

Artificial PlantsThe dining room is a multifunctional place for holding weekend parties and family game nights. This is the place where people gather to spend quality time in a signature style. So, dining room decoration is vital as it has to fit many purposes. Here are some stunning décor ideas to make the place glam.

1. Have an accent wall

You can paint the dining room with bold color or whatever you prefer. Adding an accent wall makes the room stunningly beautiful. Choose the furthest wall from the entrance for this purpose. It is better if there is no opening on the wall.

This must be in contrast to the other walls. You can have anything there like family photos, attractive prints & patterns, metallic accents, etc.

2. Use window treatments

Window treatments are a brilliant décor element for the dining room. A vibrant curtain adds life to the place. Use it to make the room private and cozy. There are no hard and fast rules about the use of color. You can use the sunny yellow fabric, or opt for any other color and design, that complement your décor theme.

3. The table should suit the space and the needs

The dining table is the center of attraction in the dining room. Try a colorful table that matches the size of the room. There should be enough free space for arranging chairs and for moving comfortably.

The color of the dining table should have contrast with the color of the room. Glass, marble or veneer make nice table tops and improves decoration. Better to have a dining table with timeless style within the budget.

4. Sitting should be comfortable

A comfortable sitting arrangement is a must for nice gatherings. You should have trendy chairs with cushions. Additionally, you may have plush cushions and pillows on chairs for ensuring more comfort. Although the common trend is to match chairs with the table, mismatched chairs can be used. Depending on the table design you may add a rustic bench for a different look.

5. Include statement-lighting

Lighting is a key element in the dining room. Including-statement lighting is the easiest way to brighten up the place. You may use pendants and chandeliers on the dining table. But, there should be other light sources for creating a nice ambiance in the room.

The shape of the pendants and chandeliers should complement the size of your dining table. Round fixtures go well with round dining tables. Oval or linear fixtures are great for rectangular tables. The size of your fixtures should be as per the size of the dining room.

You may also opt for artificial candle lights. These come in various styles and are great to create a romantic ambiance in the dining room. Also, arrange some spotlights for highlighting the art pieces and the display of dinnerware.

6. Consider the floor

Dining rooms are always adjacent to the kitchen living rooms. As such, there should be a smooth transition of the level between the rooms. If you are a fan of traditions, then hardwood floor is the right thing for you. These are available in many varieties with a protective finish.

Alternatively, you may use engineered wood or vinyl tiles. These are quite attractive, durable, and help you to be bold on the floors.

7. Do not ignore the ceiling

Never forget the ceiling while improving a dining room. You can create a false ceiling that matches with the design of the dining table. Getting the ceiling painted in attractive designs is also a great idea.

8. Soften with a cozy rug

Although rugs are not an essential requirement in the dining room, these help to lift up the ambiance. Rugs are great for defining spaces and warmth and texture to the place. These also improve mood delivering a soft feeling under the feet. When the floor material is prone to scratches, rugs help to protect the floor.

9. Mirrors add more light and style

Place mirrors in strategic places to make the dining room brighter. You can hang a sunburst mirror on the wall opposite the dining table. This will create a beautiful focal point and upscale the room nicely. Paring large mirrors in the dining room gives an illusion of more space.

10. Display your cellar

Storing the wine collection in easily accessible places is the current home décor trend. If you have built up a wine collection, then display it in the dining room. Build a wine store with a glass front in the dining room. Store the collection and win glasses in it for flaunting. This will make your dining room more stylish.

11. Make it special with plants

People gather in the dining room to enjoy food and spend quality times. Decorating it with trees and plants is a good option. People have a natural affinity with greeneries, and they feel more relaxed near those. But live plants are hard to maintain because of the box-load of maintenance hassles. The green artificial plants provide an excellent alternative.

You can get the faux trees and plants as Window boxes, artificial boxwood, hanging baskets, artificial foliage, etc. These are made from top-class foliage, high-grade color pigments, and plastic materials. Being stunningly realistic none can distinguish them from the real plants without touching.

The non-natural decorating elements including fake topiary plants come in standard pots and bases. They do not require any waiting period and start adorning the place from the day one. These are extremely portable. You can install these easily in the dining room.

These quality fake plants do not require any sunlight. So, you can place these even in the dimly lit corner of the dining room. Moreover, trimming is required, and they do not shed any leave. Adding these spruce up the dining room.


A dining room can turn old-fashioned as the present trend is to eat in the kitchen. But this does not lower its importance to celebrate holidays. Irrespective of the size of your dining room, you may try these ideas. These will deliver a stunningly beautiful dining room.