Smart, Swanky, and Stylish - Outdoor Artificial Plants

The PermaLeaf® range of artificial outdoor plants is extremely smart, stylish, durable and ideal for commercial landscaping as they are of top quality and have unmatched beauty.

Smart, Swanky, and Stylish - Outdoor Artificial Plants

Outdoor Artificial PlantsEvery commercial building deserves a smart landscape to greet the visitors on a daily basis. You need to have the right equipment and the modern ideas for converting any boring landscape into a cool and smart one. Plants and trees are a great mode of converting any landscape into a perfect one, but the horticultural plants often are not regarded as the perfect office plant or ideal for commercial buildings due to their certain drawbacks. The common problems of using the horticultural plants in offices include:

  • Loads of mess on a daily basis due to fallen matter or dead leaves, twigs, etc. and the pests attracted by the plants or trees.
  • The daily requirement of water and pruning including basic care like the application of insecticides on a regular basis for staying in healthy and fresh condition. If proper care is not taken, the plants may dampen the landscape.
  • Fixed life cycle- the horticultural plants have a fixed life cycle, and you can't keep an amazing flowering plant for ever even if you give the best maintenance.
  • Not customizable- the living plants and trees have their pattern of growth which in many cases doesn't suit the requirement of the landscape. It damages the complete vibrancy of the landscape.

Smart landscaping with modern equipment

Smart landscapes are great for any building, and the artificial plants and trees are ideal for turning any landscape into a lively and welcoming one. It will remove the disadvantages of using real horticultural plants in landscaping and will also add on some additional benefits. The benefits of the stylish and smart landscaping include:

  • Zero maintenance- you always wanted your commercial landscape to be maintenance free. With the artificial plants, you will never have to appoint separate personnel for watering or pruning the plants.
  • Zero mess up at outdoors- you will forget the mess up caused due to fallen leaves or twigs and the insects attracted due to the plants.
  • All weather landscape- like the real plants, the landscapes will be fit for harsh weathers like rains, snow or direct exposure to the UV radiation from the sun. The landscaping items are extremely durable and made of premium material.
  • Choose any plants- till now you have faced the difficulty of growing certain plants at your building exteriors because they don't grow in that habitat. Now, you can have your favorite plant in your landscape. You can also create a tropically themed set up almost effortlessly.
  • Unmatched beauty- be prepared to have unmatched beauty at your office as the faux plants are extremely adorable and they look genuine like. You can have fresh real plants and trees greeting your visitors round the clock.

You can have these smart advantages forever as once installed; the faux landscaping items will keep beautifying the landscape, which is unlike the real plants which will die out after certain life span. So, the smart landscaping method is economical as well.

Smart exterior landscapes at commercial buildings

Smart landscapes surely require the perfect office plant, and you have a wide range of stunning landscape décor to choose from. You can pick from these commonly used superb items:

Artificial boxwood topiaries- it's being used in landscaping since the 16th century, and the modern version of the boxwood topiaries are simply amazing. You can have them in any geometrical shapes and may even choose to go for the customized variety for making the logo of your company.

Artificial feature trees- the modern landscaping ideas and the experts will surely come up with the best idea about your location and the requirements to create the most beautiful and appealing one. The artificial feature trees are an excellent example of modern technology and its application to create even large artificial trees which will look natural and merge with the landscape to make a beautiful transformation.

Artificial smart walls- Do you fancy a smart, colorful and lively privacy screen in place of the dull wall you have? Well here you get your faux privacy screen made of the fake botanical items, and they are immensely vibrant. The colorful screen will make your building unique and will set up a completely different environment which will not only please the visitors but will also improve the morale of the employees.

You can also transform any dull wall into a vibrant living one by covering it with beautiful artificial foliage and giving a completely different look to your landscape. You can go for natural green color or give some bright shades.

Complete artificial landscape- you can opt for the fully customized artificial landscape consisting of outdoor artificial plants to give the landscape a completely new look. The landscape will be customized, and it will contain the artificial bushes to all the small plants in the landscape and also the tall trees. This is a great idea if you want to greet the viewers to a completely new landscape which is fully customized according to the requirements.

Smart landscaping items- you can also choose the innovative small items like window boxes, plant containers or hanging baskets containing artificial plants, preferably any colorful artificial flowering plant. They will surely light up the environment and fill up any gaps to completely enhance your landscape.

There are a lot more artificial landscaping items for commercial landscapes waiting to be checked out. You can pick anyone for your building.

PermaLeaf®- most important feature

This is the main difference between the other landscaping items and artificial plants and trees. They are made with the finest quality materials so that they won't lose color or fade away even after repeated exposure to external adverse weather conditions like snow, rains, strong winds or UV rays from the sun.

They are also made with 100% accuracy to make them look completely real and botanically viable. The artificial plants will exactly resemble real plants to give visitors an unforgettable experience.