The 12 Best Practices of Designing Eco-Friendly Offices

We see incorporating smart and eco-friendly ideas can go a long way in designing an ecology and earth-friendly office space towards a much more sustainable future!

The 12 Best Practices of Designing Eco-Friendly Offices

Fake GreenIn today's world, smart, eco-friendly offices are a must!

These are testing times, and we need to be well-equipped for a sustainable future.

So, here are 12 best practices for designing eco-friendly offices.

#1 Use eco-friendly materials:

In a step towards creating greener and eco-friendly offices, its always recommended using eco-friendly recyclable materials like recyclable paper, eco-friendly stationery, paper cups, toilet ware, logos and artworks (made up of natural and non-synthetic materials).

This is a good practice as it helps in mitigating the use of harmful products which are primarily made up of harsh and synthetic materials. Such products are harmful to the mind and body as they are made of very strong and poisonous chemicals. It's very important to buy good-quality and durable items to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future. Design eco-friendly places which use more of natural and recyclable products.

#2 Create Green Zones:

One of the best practices towards a bio-friendly and eco-friendly space is by creating a green zone.

Greenery is the most natural and common way how you can create an eco-friendly zone. Plant trees and small plants in planters and boxes. They look lovely and are a delight to the eye. Apart from being very soothing to the eye, they are also a good source of oxygen in the indoor areas of the office.

#3 Go for artificial variants:

If installing real ones are an issue which is generally because of high maintenance costs and installation in the indoors, you can easily count on artificial variants like artificial outdoor plants and trees.

Artificial outdoor plants for terrace gardens and balconies in eco-friendly offices are a great option to swear by because they look good and exhibit the same soothing and relaxing feels like real plants and trees. They are also safe options because these days there are many plants available which are fire-resistant and ensure 100 % safety.

#4 Indoor and Outdoor Topiary Forms:

Both natural topiary and faux topiary in offices look really beautiful. In fact, they have the aura of changing the landscape and panorama of a place.

If you are looking to inspire the onlookers, install some stylish and innovative topiary in your office. Not only it makes your office an eco-friendly zone, but it also adds élan and makes the place look chic.

Boxwood topiary in offices is also very in these days. It also looks stylish. Topiary forms instantly enhance the décor and overall look of the office. Faux boxwood topiary for indoors and outdoors is easy to install and can be set up anywhere.

#5 Say no to plastic:

One of the best practices to be incorporated in everyday office routine is to use less of plastic. Try using more eco-friendly substitutes to plastic like jute, paper bags, cotton bags, etc. Plastic is averse to ecology as it is made up of harmful elements. It's also very hard and difficult to dispose of plastic products. So, try moving towards more eco-friendly and natural substitutes which are not harmful and virulent.

#6 In-House Farming:

One recent trend towards maintaining an eco-friendly office and stepping towards a safe and sustainable future is adopting in-house farming.

Yes! Using space on the office campus for growing own food is not only a novel and superb idea towards producing your own food items, but it also promotes an organic and healthy ecosystem. You don't have to worry about buying artificial and fake products.

Also, the food grown is natural and healthy which is also good for the environment. Offices are best places to comply as people spend a good amount of time in the offices.

#7 Install Eco-friendly less consumption lighting bulbs:

Offices need illumination. You can save electricity and also cut down on your electricity bills by using low power consuming bulbs and lights. Offices can go a long way in saving electricity by using lesser power consuming lighting options for offices.

Design the lightings smartly to make your office a power saving, earth-friendly and green zone.

#8 Use water saving designs:

Design the office by creating water saving designs. Water is used everywhere in the offices from the cafeteria to washrooms. Design water saving ways for kitchens and use water-recycling technology in washrooms for an effective and healthy eco-friendly office.

Even if you are using water fountain around a planter, or faux boxwood topiary for decoration, make sure you are using recyclable water to minimize water waste.

#9 Use modern go green designs:

A new way of giving an eco-friendly and smart touch to the office space is by using cell tower trees for outdoor office areas where large cell-towers are located. This helps in camouflaging the tower and giving it a greener and robust look.

These days many offices are installing cell tower trees for offices in the outdoors to disguise cell phone towers. Tree-like cell towers are eco-friendly in design and approach. They are green and promote a safe and sustainable environment.

#10 Use eco-friendly colors as paints:

A very practical and smart option these days is to use safe colors on walls as paints.

Today, paints are available in eco-friendly options which use less of harmful materials. They are more ozone friendly. Also, while designing the offices, make sure you make use and buy such products which do not deplete the ozone layer. A small caution and discretion can go a long way in saving the environment.

#11 Create more open oxygen-friendly zones:

A very smart and natural way of creating a desirable eco-friendly office is by creating more open and airy places to breathe and relax.

It mitigates claustrophobic situations and instils freshness and calmness in the employees present.

#12 Use earthenware:

Last but not least, use earthenware as much as possible. For example- make use of bricks while designing spaces. It's not only eco-friendly, and rustic but it also promotes local manpower. This is also significant in terms of corporate social responsibility.

So, we see incorporating smart and eco-friendly ideas can go a long way in designing an ecology and earth-friendly office space towards a much more sustainable future!