The 7 Latest Corporate Office Decor Trends for 2019

Make your corporate office with trending landscaping products. Nothing comes better that these artificial trees, and artificial boxwood.

The 7 Latest Corporate Office Decor Trends for 2019

Architectural Design Architecture Ceiling 380768In this ever-changing world, office spaces are no exception. Modern offices are hugely different from traditional ones. They now bear the responsibility of attracting and retaining staff and keeping them engaged and happy. What's more, research confirms that the office décor has an immense effect on the employees' physical and mental health; it ought to be taken seriously, which is why you'd want to jump on the latest trends of 2019 office décor.

Fusion of the traditional and the contemporary

Everyone loves fusion. There is something about combining two very distinct elements, and having them contrast and beautifully complement each other. Appropriately, fusion has gone big in 2019. Rustic elements from the past, paired with modern décor elements have become the way to go. Oh, this is also a great way to add a funky and playful vibe to your office - including a few pieces of street art, like edgy sculptures or abstract paintings.

The green theme is here to stay

Who doesn't want to be one with nature at all times? Plants and trees give an inviting, calming feel to the workspace. We can never get enough of greenery. The "plants and biophilic design," offers you a lot of choices - you can choose to go real and natural, and install living plants indoors.

But they require a lot of care and attention, and so it might be challenging to maintain real plants- enter artificial plants. Realistic looking artificial plants are a very convenient option. There are several artificial baskets available, which, when hung from a high ceiling on rustic baskets, bring an excellent character to space. Artificial plants, fitted with lights can spice up a room in no time!

Make way for the color of the year

Pantone releases the color of the year to set the tone and mood for the coming year, and this time, it is a warm and comforting color called "living coral." Gone are the days of sultry and dark palettes, 2019 is the year of soothing colors like coral, that encourage intimacy and conversations.

Incorporate the color in quirky ways- like installing coral colored flower vases or even realistic artificial baskets, highlighting both the color and greenery. Pay attention to the color of your carpeting and desks. Playing with color is very fun, but you must check yourself from going overboard. Always remember to balance vivid color with neutral tones, and different textures, like a metal light fixture or wooden desks.

Don't forget the outdoor space

You can never neglect the outdoors. The outdoor area of your office is the first thing a prospective client encounters, so ensure that you make a great first impression. The outdoors necessitates plants and flowers, and here, you have several options. If you are a bold company that likes to make a statement, we have three words for you- outdoor topiary trees. The best part about topiaries is that they are formal, yet courageous. You can even choose to shape the real outdoor topiary trees in the shape of your company's logo.

If you want to go subtle, worry not, for you can choose artificial outdoor plants. Artificial poinsettia plants, specifically, are a huge draw, since they are available in different colors. If you crave living plants, then you can opt for a flower garden. Some favorite garden flowers are daylilies and marigolds. They are easy to grow and last all summer.

Matching Different Textures And Finishes

Man is not just a visual animal- we also love to touch and feel. Textures are a great way to give the office more depth and character. Uncommon and slightly bizarre combinations are trending in 2019- stone, wood, metal, and even textiles. We invoke the mention of living coral here again-you can efficiently work the color into the detailing, be it the office furniture, or even the light fixtures. Pro tip: combining all the elements of the design, such as the color, different texture, materials, and the plant-based design, ties the room together and makes it much more cohesive. 

Create Together In Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative workspaces have been doing the rounds for quite some time now, and not without reason. Open office spaces encourage the staff to shed their inhibitions and create better bonds with their colleagues. If you are a company that values creativity above all else, this might be what you need.

A cohabitation space also offers a lot in a design perspective- there are lots of tall, open spaces, lending themselves to out-of-the-box designing. Make workstations fun. Incorporate the latest technology, and install activities such as mini golf or ping pong tables for the employees to let loose and distress.

Moss Walls And Living Walls Add Beauty

Living walls are filled with real, breathing plants, while moss walls are filled with artificial moss or other faux green plants. While living walls can be visually appealing, not everyone can spare the care it needs. The alternative to this is faux boxwood. Artificial boxwood with planters is the best way to install moss walls, both indoors and outdoors.

Artificial boxwood décor is in for a reason- it is virtually maintenance- free, but it brings nature into your workspace. Pretty cool, right? And if you'd like to put that cohabitation space into use, give an assignment to your staff - make a DIY boxwood wall together! Another great use of moss walls is- get this- a vertical garden. This can be a beautiful centerpiece for the office, complete with real flowering plants.


The modern man spends a significant portion of his day at the office. Having a substandard office décor can put a damper on his spirits, and reduce the company's productivity and profitability. The underlying theme of 2019 décor is greenery, quite undeniable. All it takes is an innovative, modern approach on the colors, textures and other trends, to up the desirability quotient of the workspace by several notches.