The 7 Rules of Doing Interior Decor for New Houses

Interior decoration is all about elevating a space by adorning with fashionable items. As you have to start embellishing the house from scratches, proper planning is essential. Following these rules and using fake greens, will make your decorating proje

The 7 Rules of Doing Interior Decor for New Houses

2 The 7 Rules Of Doing Interior Decor For New HousesOne should know the rules first, to break them for creating new horizons

Your house needs to be a place where you can relax after a hard day’s work. As such, it is imperative that your new home should match your likings. It is also essential to create a balance between aesthetics and functionalities. Here are seven basic interior decoration rules that will transform your new house.

1. Measure the space first

The space available is the essential element of interior decoration. You may think of a hundred and one decoration plans, but all of them centers on the area. It could be of two types; floor space and the living space. Before you add anything to the room, measure these spaces to get the best fit in.

Also, measure all big pieces before you purchase those. This will let you have an idea of their size about the space available. When you do this, there will be no overcrowding and achieved equilibrium will jazz up the room.

2. Consider the color carefully

Colors need no introduction. These have a unique psychological effect on human minds and also play a significant role in setting the mood. Different colors have different effects and, therefore, you should choose colors based on the utility of the room. The thumb rule is that red promotes appetite and is excellent for dining rooms. Blue has a nice calming effect and, therefore, may be used in a bedroom.

Once the color is selected, follow the 60-30-10 rules for balancing the colors in the rooms. Your main color should be used in 60% of the places to create a beautiful backdrop. Use the secondary color to 30% of the spaces like furniture, draperies, etc. The balance 10% can be used to make accent walls.

3. Mix different textures

Sometimes you may feel like something is missing in certain rooms. This can be avoided by adding different textures to the room. By adding textures, you can increase the depth and interest in the interior. This could be in the form of drapes, pillow covers, paint on the walls, etc.

Textures are great for drawing attention and increase the visual weight of the space. Better place rough and smooth textures side by side to create a good contrast. Alternatively, you can have similar things for creating a balance. Use architectural elements, decor items, furniture, etc. for adding texture to the room.

4. Layer with light

Being the most visible element of interior decoration, lighting can never be set aside. You may have included everything in the space, but it becomes dull and drab without lighting. Just layer the room correctly with lighting, and it will improve the ambiance aplomb to the next level.

While lighting a room, consider harvesting of the natural light to the maximum. This will make the place bright and energy efficient. Also, consider task lighting, accent lighting, and mood lighting while using artificial illumination in the room.

Be sure that many sources contribute to the total illumination in the room. Use diffused lighting from hidden lamps to create a romantic environment in the room.

5. Make bold statements with accessories

Accessories have the power to ties all décor elements together. Your room is your personal space, and the accessories help to personalize the space. When you accessorize a room, it reveals your preference and choices.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. You may add anything from decorative vases, clocks, candle holders, kitchen accessories, local arts or anything of that sort. Adding vintage accessories is also an excellent option for interior decoration. These forgotten pieces have great nostalgic value. You can use these for improving the home interiors.

6. Balancing is the key

Balancing is distributing an equal amount of visual interest in the room. This is a vital element for improving the interior decoration. You may opt for symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial balance for enhancing the vibe of the house.

Symmetrical balance lets you have spaces that are like mirror images. Asymmetrical balance is achieved by organizing a contrasting object and depicts movement and liveliness. When everything is arranged around a center, it forms a radial balance. This can also provide an inspiring interior when appropriately implemented.

7. Never ignore the function

While interior decoration is by far improving a room with fashionable items, it never means to forgo functionalities. Whatever items of visual interest you may use in enhancing the décor, it has to be functional. Only in this way you can have a creative interior without clutter, especially in small urban houses.

What you can do more

You can create timeless home décor using the non-botanical greens. These are available in varieties like boxwood topiaries, window boxes, hanging baskets, privacy screens, etc. You can use these anywhere starting from patios to porches and gazebos.

Maybe you have bought a beautiful villa. You can use large artificial outdoor plants for creating a green peripheral boundary. These come in standard bases and require no maintenance. Once installed, you can forget about them as these do not need any trimming, fertilizing or clearing mess from underneath.

Using artificial landscaping elements for interior decoration has many advantages. These are available in customized sizes to adorn the place from the first day. These never outgrow the space, nor grow out of shape.

These are made from top-notch quality foliage and strong, colorfast pigments. They can withstand extreme weather conditions. These do not have any sunlight requirement. You can have the faux hanging plants even in the darkest corner.

Since these fake greens are infused with UV blocking material, these never fade. The great thing about these products is that they do not grow molds, or attracts insects. Using these you can get a safe environment.


Interior decoration is all about elevating a space by adorning with fashionable items. As you have to start embellishing the house from scratches, proper planning is essential. Following these rules and using fake greens, will make your decorating project easier and deliver an inspiring home.