The All-New Range of PermaLeaf® Outdoor Landscaping Products

Are you looking for such reliable and out of the box landscaping products for getting an innovative landscape design? Explore the various varieties available with PermaLeaf® and create an architecturally sound and unique lawn at pocket-friendly prices.

The All-New Range of PermaLeaf® Outdoor Landscaping Products

Outdoor Landscaping ProductsPlants and trees are the most important parts required to define a space. These not only define your space but also cover various architectural flaws of your settings. But whether you talk about corporate spaces or residential, no one has much time to invest efforts and hours in maintaining the living landscape. Understanding today's busy life while also the importance of plants and trees, PermaLeaf® offers a vast selection of artificial foliage worldwide.

All the foliage is manufactured by PermaLeaf® itself infusing various UV resistant, water resistance and all weatherproof properties making these long-lasting and durable. Not only manufacturing, but PermaLeaf® also offers landscape design services to help people get a personalized and pleasing design that suits their aesthetical properties. The foliage offered by PermaLeaf® is an ideal solution to complement your lifestyle. So, let's explore what kind of products PermaLeaf® has to offer for your landscape.

Artificial PermaLeaf® Landscape

Your outdoor landscape is the first thing that any visitor will see first as one enters to your space. This makes it one of the essential areas they need to be design giving attention to detail. PermaLeaf® makes sure that your landscape is designed in such a way that it can reflect your style statement while also making your space an outstanding yard. Whether you use large artificial trees, foliage, grass, faux plants or more, PermaLeaf®'s design specialists will take care to make the yard the unique landscape. The designed landscape will not only complement your settings but will also match your exact budget.

Faux Outdoor Flowers by PermaLeaf®

With PermaLeaf®, you can find flowers of different varieties, sizes, colors, and textures, by adding to your landscape, you can showcase your style. The edges of your hardscape can be softened up by these wonderful flowers. Flowers from PermaLeaf® are not only present in the form of flower plants, shrubs or vines, but you can also create a flowery privacy screen for your space with sprays that will make your area look stunning. You can find almost every variety of flowers with PermaLeaf® ranging from dahlias, daisies, roses, lilies, and orchids to sunflowers, ficus plants, lotus and all. The wonderful colors and realistic looking fake leaf of these flowers will offer a welcoming impression for your corporate settings.

PermaLeaf® Faux Boxwood Topiaries

Boxwood has been in recognition since the 16th century and until this time; it is among top foliage varieties that are most popular even when there is a trend of artificial landscaping. The dark green leaves of boxwood mark their presence on any of the landscape. Boxwood is popular in artificial topiary outdoor and faux hedges as they act as ornamental foliage for any of landscape settings. Topiaries suit all types of landscaping theme, whether you have classic landscaping theme or the contemporary one. You can choose from wide variety of topiaries like spirals, cones, balls, hedges and a lot more. You can even have a topiary custom designed as per the shape you need. PermaLeaf® makes sure that you get exactly what you required by offering your custom artificial outdoor topiary plants. Whether you need to showcase your logo, any letter, animal topiary or anything, everything has been made achievable by PermaLeaf®.

Durable Outdoor Artificial Plants

Plants are the main components of any outdoor landscape that along with greenery cover the voids and showcase your style statement. PermaLeaf® has a great range of artificial plants outdoor use that lets you establish a landscape that you can't even achieve with living plants. No matter if you are looking for rarest foliage varieties or come up with unique boxwood shrubs landscaping ideas, PermaLeaf® can make everything available to you. You can have almost all varieties of artificial plants that exist in real world ranging from small fruit plants to ficus plants, bonsai plants, banana plant, any flowering plant or anything. All these products will offer you an exceptional and realistic looking garden without any upkeep requirements.

Wide Variety of Artificial Foliage by PermaLeaf®

Do you want to make your space livelier? Then PermaLeaf®'s selection of exciting and interesting artificial foliage is crucial for your landscape. The range of foliage is ideal to brighten the space and adding more appeal to it. Ranging from flowering plants, fruit trees, boxwood foliage, artificial ivy wall, faux palms, bonsais, ferns, vines, shrubs and more, PermaLeaf® has everything that is required to make your space an adorable space to live and sit. All the foliage varieties can rejuvenate your setting by adding a splash of colors. The silk foliage is the replica of living foliage without any maintenance requirements. These are ideal for both commercial as well as residential spaces.

Artificial Window Boxes for Vibrant Landscape

Do you want to create visual narratives of your business through your landscape? Then PermaLeaf®'s artificial window boxes are the ideal solution for you. The window boxes are one of the defining outdoor landscaping products that add visual elements to your outdoor landscape. Artificial window boxes are the unique and wonderful creation consisting of attractive foliage and colorful blooms that give you an enriching experience. All kinds of window boxes consist of fade resistant and weatherproof flowers that will keep blooming in all kinds of seasons. These give you an innovative way to decorate your landscape and make it look outstanding.

Artificial Green privacy Screens

Privatizing the space is the crucial requirement of any corporate or commercial space. Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, corporate office, retail store, showroom or more, at any point of time you will need to divide the space to create partitions or add a privacy element for outdoors and for indoor as well. PermaLeaf® has a vibrant and elegant solution for you in that case which is in the form of green or flowery privacy screens. With these you can design your commercial space creatively, adding privacy to your space without any compromise on appearance. These unique privacy screens consist of fade and UV resistant flowers and greenery that add architectural grace to your space.