The Decor Best Practices for Amusement Parks

To get the best out of an amusement park, it would have to be done up well visually and attract the visitors who have kinesthetic skills as well. To put it simply, owners of amusement parks have to do up the décor very aptly to attract the children and ad

The Decor Best Practices for Amusement Parks

The Decor Best Practices For Amusement ParksWhy would you visit an amusement park if it did not amuse you? Well, to get the best out of an amusement park, it would have to be done up well visually and attract the visitors who have kinesthetic skills as well. To put it simply, owners of amusement parks have to do up the décor very aptly to attract the children and adults alike, along with providing them great fun rides.

So, here are the decor best practices for amusement parks that you may need if you own one.

1. Christmas

Perhaps, the commonest theme would be of Christmas. The décor of this festival is mesmerizing and angelic. With a Santa and his reindeers riding on a sledge, what more could children ask for? You can place a huge Christmas tree with its colorful buntings and streamers. Decorate it with presents and lit it up with bright and colorful fairy lights. You will have children rushing to this for more. The rides will always be full.

2. Winter Season

Winter is the season of festivity and warmth. It brings in new faith with the New Year around the corner. Children and adults, alike, love to play in the snow and throw snowballs at one another. Build a large snowman and make him wear a bright red muffler around his neck. Adults too will enjoy coming into the frozen zone with warm clothes on.

3. Kids’ Cartoons

Cartoons are a sure bet to attract children to your amusement park. Go in for murals, statues, balloons, etc. with children’s favorite cartoon characters like:

  • Micky and Minnie
  • Donald Duck
  • Doremon
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Laurel and Hardy etc

4. Bedtime Stories

Especially favorite with little girls, bedtime stories are a great décor theme. You can have any of the following stories and use themes as background décor of an amusement park. The pretty little girls will love it.

  • Cinderella
  • Snow White
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Rapunzel
  • Animal stories etc

5. Favorite Rhymes

Another décor that you can use in the park is one of the Nursery Rhymes. They are universal and appealing to everyone. You can use these rhymes in Merry Go Rounds or Roller Coaster Rides. There could be these famous characters walking around the park talking with the children and amusing them. You could also have fixed caricatures and cutouts in this zone of the park.

6. Sci-fi

If you put in some bedtime fairy stories for little girls, something to amuse the boys is also a must. A décor with Star Wars and Science fiction keeps the young adults also amused. Set up rides and games for the scientific bent of mind. It will keep them occupied for a long time.

7. Space and Universe

Space and universe have always fascinated the human mind. People of all ages get mesmerized by the mysteries of the universe. You could have an area dedicated to this experience. It may be a dome with stars and galaxies in the solar system, or a three-dimensional solar system and rides build around it. You could try an open-air experience too.

8. Underwater

Deep sea mysteries are equally fascinating for all ages. Water rides could have exciting ideas like waves, tunnels, islands, boats, storms, etc. Try having some underwater rides too. Set up the décor with shades of blue and sea green. Place dummy animated whales, sharks, and other sea creatures. Put fake bushes and trees or artificial topiary plants underwater. These plants are durable and don’t lose their gleam as well. They won’t wilt or wither in the water and quite reasonable to replace if you want at some point in the future.

9. Horror and Mystery

The fascination for horror and mystery will never end. It’s easy to do up the décor for a mystery or horror theme. Mazes with artificial ivy wall or faux hedges as partitions will keep the young and old fully engaged. You could try mystery or horror situations from which the people have to get out. Place some vast green artificial plants and other fake bushes and trees to create scenes of jungles for horror and mystery.

10. Magic

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? The world of magic is one of the best decors that you can do. Even people with a scientific bent of mind will get drawn towards magic. So a vast rabbit springing out of a hat at the visitors could be at the entrance of this corner. It will delight each one entering the kingdom of magic. Have magicians peeping out from behind artificial boxwood shrubs surprising and delighting the young ones.

11. Nature

What about entertaining the elderly who come to accompany the young children? Well, the best décor to keep them happy will be the one do with nature and the environment. You could a lot of artificial outdoor plants and trees and artificial flowers for garden areas. Place some benches under these trees and create a beautiful walking path with pebbles for them. They would love to be here for hours waiting for the children and grandchildren to finish their adventure rides in the amusement park.

Some of the common things that you could keep in mind while doing up these decors are:

  • safety: take care of the safety of the rides as well as the security of the entire amusement park keeping in mind fire regulations as well
  • durability: the materials used for rides and another décor should be durable and strong
  • well trained staff: the staff attending to the visitors or running the rides should be well trained to handle all situations
  • medical backup: ensure medical backup for any emergencies and unforeseen accidents
  • variety: bring in a variety of easy, silly, funny, and adventurous rides
  • aesthetics: take care of the beauty of the park as an unkempt or untidy premise is no attraction
  • creativity: let your imagination loose as creativity has no bounds for rides and decor
  • maintenance: maintain the machinery and other facilities regularly for safety and long-term cost saving

Try these out and see your business grow as more and more people throng to your amusement park for fun times.