The Inexpensive Guide To Building A Designer Garden Outside Your Office

If You want to modify your dull office outdoor garden area into modern one, then these simple and easy incorporate tips will help you to form the perfect designer outdoor office garden.

The Inexpensive Guide To Building A Designer Garden Outside Your Office

LandscapingAre you planning on building a beautiful designer garden outside your office space? Then you are looking out for some tips and suggestions that will allow you to build an inexpensive yet breathtaking garden. We have put together a list of exciting tips and suggestions that will be useful to you when your building your garden. The outcome will be a designer garden that will leave your guests and visitors completely amazed and mesmerized.

Install A Beautiful Flowing Water Body In Your Garden

For any garden to look exceptional and luxurious, installing a flowing water body is essential. Whether you make a small artificial pond with ducks, or you choose to install one of those trendy new fountains, a water body can play a crucial role in giving your garden a very upscale, classy and designer vibe.

Install A Miniature Wooden Bridge In Your Garden

A wooden bridge in a garden, especially when installed over your pond, or even just as a decorative item can help enhance the character and vibe of your garden. Many people who are trying to give their garden a very oriental or Far East vibe opt for installing a beautiful, sturdy and polished wooden bridge showpiece in their garden.

Add A Few Faux Plants To Your Garden

Having a designer garden is not just about growing the best available local plants in the area. You can also opt for installing faux plants in your garden space. Installing faux plants gives you the freedom to have those plants and trees that are not compatible with the climate of your city. For instance, if you live in a very cold city that sees cool temperatures all through the year and severe snowstorms, then you won't be able to grow coconut or palm trees as these trees need warm and tropical climates to survive. In such positions, you can opt for the faux versions of the trees to add character to your garden.

Landscape Your Garden With A Boxwood Hedge Wall

A lush green and thick boxwood hedge wall is a great way to landscape your garden. These hedge walls look extremely dignified and classy and keep your garden private and hidden from unwanted onlookers. Boxwood hedge bushes and uniquely designed topiaries also look exceptionally outstanding in any garden space. You can have the boxwood topiary cut into the shape of your office or company logo to give the garden a more personalized touch.

Organise A Beautiful And Comfortable Sitting Area In Your Garden

Having a beautiful seating arrangement in your garden is useful. Not only does it make the surroundings look better, but it also allows your office employees to sit amidst nature. You can opt for sturdy wooden or vibrantly colored metal benches; you can even have small matching tables placed on either side of the benches so that people can place their coffee cups, bags and other belongings on them. Alternatively, you can opt for a round wooden table surrounded by wooden chairs too.

Make A Pebble Gravel Pathway

Pebble gravel pathways look amazing in any garden. You can have a small walkway in the garden that is filled with the pebble gravel. There are tons of different kinds of pebble gravel options available in the market. Depending on the theme of your garden you can opt for the grey pebbles, light brown pebbles, multicolored pebbles and so on.

Lights To Make The Landscape Stand Out

A beautiful designer garden seems incomplete without proper lighting that makes the area stand out after sundown. You can opt for solar lights that are evenly spaced out across your garden. Alternatively, you can even opt for spotlights in your garden area. The spotlights should be installed in a way that they highlight the foliage and flowers in your garden and make the plants and trees stand out even in the dark.

Get Adorable Garden Gnomes For Your Garden

Now garden gnomes may sound very cliched, but in reality, they are not. Everyone loves adorable and vibrantly painted garden gnomes. You can install these showpieces at different spots all over your garden to give the area a very enchanted forest vibe.

Driftwood Showpieces For Your Garden

Another great way to make your office garden look like a designer garden is by installing large driftwood showpieces in the area. There are tons of artists who make driftwood animals like horses, deer, and other animals. You can purchase a few of these breathtaking and artistic pieces for your garden and install them in the open spaces of the area.

Use Large Seashells As Decorative Items  

You can purchase large seashells to decorate your office garden. There are several décor stores that sell huge sized and real seashells. These seashells can be installed amidst the plants and short bushes to enhance the character of your garden. If you are unable to source for real seashells, you can also opt for the ceramic seashells for your garden. These decorative items can add vibrancy and life to the surroundings.

Having a designer garden outside your office space doesn't necessarily need to cost you an arm and a leg. You can make a few nips and tucks in the area with just a tiny budget and still make the garden look absolutely exception and gorgeous. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and watch your boring old and empty garden transform into something that looks like its straight out from a mystical fairy tale. Using these simple suggestions and tips to enhance your garden will leave your guests, visitors and employees utterly amazed.

Having the perfect designer garden outside your office space is neither impossible and nor does it need to cost you large amounts of money. Even a person with limited knowledge of gardening can now transform their garden space into a breathtaking and gorgeous area. These simple and easy to incorporate tips will help you!