The Seven Undeniable Advantages of Artificial Plants over Real Plants

Decorating home and office with Artificial Plants can make you free from looking after them. Durable than real plants. Without any maintenance makes it cost effective and your home or office attractive.

The Seven Undeniable Advantages of Artificial Plants over Real Plants

77777article Number Love plants but are scared of maintaining them? Love plants but can't afford to look after them? Love plants but pollen allergies keeping you away? Love plants but do not want to use harmful pesticides? Love plants but have no clue on how to care for them? If such issues are holding you back from the pleasure of plants, its time for you to explore the world of artificial plants.

A wide range of artificial plants is available to cater to both residences as well as commercial use. Artificial plants offer an extensive spectrum of products to choose from-- plastic hanging baskets with lights, artificial bamboo plants, artificial topiary, artificial outdoor and indoor flowers in pots, large artificial outdoor trees, synthetic UV protected trees, the list is truly endless.

If you are still confused about whether to invest in artificial plants or are a business puzzled between using real or artificial plants, here are some exciting advantages of artificial plants that will leave you pleasantly surprised:

All-year Freshness:

If you are living in a place with extreme weather conditions, artificial plants are the perfect solution to decorate your natural space. No more worrying about the snow, rain, less sunlight or harsh sunlight. Seasonal factors and severe weather do not affect artificial plants.

It's a dream-come-true to enjoy the beauty of date-palms while it is snowing heavily outside. Artificial plants, especially those with exotic flowering artificial shrubs are trendy. Vibrant colored flowers help brighten up the gloomiest of environments!

Faux lawns and artificial topiary trees are ideal for front porches, backyards, indoor or outdoor sports grounds, airports, railway stations, and hospitals. Passionate golfers also use faux lawns for setting up mini-golf courses to enjoy their favorite sport around the year. What better than the joy of soothing greens all around the year!!

Geographically mobile:

Can you imagine moving a tree from one place to another? Trees and plants are not only heavy and cumbersome to run, but there is always a fear of damaging or breaking them.

Artificial plants including large artificial outdoor trees are light-weight and easy to move from one place to another. They can be assembled and dissembled in no-time.

If you want to change the look and ambiance of your hotel according to different events and seasons, artificial plants are easy to relocate. Artificial plants are also extensively by event-managers and decorators to create natural ambiances in theme parties and events.


Artificial plants are more durable than real plants. There is no worry about any damage to artificial plants. New-age artificial plants are even UV protected. They are water-proof, snow-proof and a lot of them are even dust-resilient.

Artificial plants are great for outdoor spaces, backyard patios, swimming pool decks, and verandas. Cleaning and maintenance are also effortless.

Telephone and mobile service operators now prefer using Cell tower trees or cell trees as a beautiful alternative to the otherwise ugly cell phone towers.

No gardening skills needed:

A lot of people are unwilling towards buying real plants as they may not have the know-how and equipment required to maintain them. With artificial plants, there is no need for any gardening skills. You don't need to keep a gardening kit, no need to invest in expensive scissors, no worry about storage space for shovels, cutters, gloves, and pruners!

Artificial plants are so easy to install, it's a child's play. Follow the easy to set-up instructions, and you have your tree up in no time. They are ideal for working couples, students and even absent-minded professors!! No wonder artificial Christmas trees are so popular.


People living in places of scanty rainfall always wish for the lush green foliage of tropical plants! And people living in tropical seasons long for the beauty of the thorny cactus!! After all, the grass is always greener on the other side.

So whether you desire faux grass, lush green tropical plants, thorny cactuses, or exotic flowers like orchids, birds-of-paradise, anthuriums, and all-time favorite roses, artificial plants are your best choice! Go ahead and indulge in your favorite flower without the worry of watering them!

Professionals who are frequently traveling for work also prefer artificial plants. No more depending on your neighbor to water your plants while you are on your next trip!

No health problems:

Real plants have been known to trigger allergic reactions in not just children but also adults. With seasonal changes, plants secrete pollen which is a significant health issue for people suffering from eczema and respiratory ailments like asthma. A lot of people complain about a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and cough or hay fever when plants bloom in spring.

Artificial plants are free-from allergens and made of superior-quality hypoallergenic raw-materials, and can be used by people with allergies. They are also widely preferred in clinics and hospitals as they are free from bacteria, viruses, and allergens.


Maintaining artificial plants is effortless. They need no protection from damage from birds or animals. There is no hassle of using dangerous pesticides or insecticides to protect them from problematic pests, rodents and insects.

Artificial plants are also best suited for homes with pet animals and little kids. There are no small parts that can be ingested making them a safe option. They are easy to repair in case of breakage.

Artificial plants are more comfortable to store than real plants. When not in use, their modular and stackable designs allow simple storage without eating up on precious space. Since they are termite-resistant, they may be easily stored in basements or attics.

Today, artificial plants are fast replacing real plants in offices, hospitals, airports, government organizations, schools, colleges, and even homes. With changing lifestyles and fast pace of life, artificial plants are preferred over real plants in both commercial and residential spaces. People who were bereft of this pleasure are now able to enjoy the beauty of trees, plants, and flowers. As the famous poet, Kahlil Gibran said, "Trees are poems that the earth writes upon them."