The Small Drawing Room Decor Guide

The above tips are easily implementable and are meant to make a small drawing room work. Follow those, and they will deliver a perfectly proportioned feeling to the delight of your guests.

The Small Drawing Room Decor Guide

Artificial Outdoor PlantsSmall drawing room means less floor space. But do not think that you are finished with it. Because meeting challenges yield the best décor solution. Decorating such places always revolves around aesthetics and visual expansion. We have listed some ideas that will make your small drawing room pleasant and functional. Check it!

1. Keep it away from the door

It is tough to make the drawing room relaxing when the door opens straight into it. Create a partition to block the view. Lots of designed wooden barriers are available in the market. Get one that aligns with your space and décor. It will also work as a feature wall.

2. Come out of the upholstered sofa concept

There is no hard and fast rule that your drawing room must have a sofa. When space is short, you may have armchairs instead. Circle the armchairs around the coffee table in the center is a great layout. You can also change the design quickly. This will add more flexibility to the décor.

In fact, a couch in a small drawing can eat up much space. Backless sofas provide an ideal alternative solution. These cute seats can be used from both sides. Moreover, they can either float in the middle or may be placed against the walls. This quite a bonus for a small drawing room!

Also, try having built-in sofas and window seats and accent with throw pillows. Combine these with matching side tables. This will pop up your petite drawing room. Additionally, keep some folding cafe chairs in hidden storage. These will come handy when you have more guests.

3. Use stools to save space

The furniture should never overpower a small living room. If sofas have to be kept, they should be customized to fit the space. This will make them proportionate to the room. Stools also offer brilliant sitting solutions to a small place. They consume less space and can be easily maneuvered for changing the seating arrangement.

4. Flatter with layered lighting

Clever use of lights can make your small drawing room magical. Use them in multiple levels for ambient and task lighting. Use LED lamps from behind the furniture for indirect illumination. You can also have a pendant hanging from the ceiling on the coffee table. This will create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Also, have floor lamps and task lights. When these combine with the color of the wall and furniture, it makes the room look breezy and spacious.

5. Use mirrors to your advantage

A small drawing room interior tends to have a cramped feeling. Mirrors are great to take you out of this situation. They make your small drawing room look spacious and airy. You can include mirrors straightway or have mirror finished furniture.

Place a large mirror across the window. This will let you have the view outside and create an illusion of more space. It will also make the room bright by bouncing off lights from all direction.

6. Include invisible pieces

When you have a small drawing room, load it with Acrylic and glass furniture. While they serve their purpose, they also disappear into space due to their transparent nature. This removes visual clutter and makes the room appear light.

7. Use the walls

Cluttering is a critical problem in the small drawing rooms. Only thinking up vertically can rescue from such situations. Create floating shelves on the walls in different geometric shapes. They will keep the place tidy by increasing the storage potential and also add to the décor. You can also consider mounting the TV and media unit on the wall.

8. Use multi-purpose furniture

Short of floor space is the major problem in a small drawing room. In such situations, multifunctional furniture can be your true friend. For instance, use stools with lids and sofas with underneath storage. You can also repurpose ottomans for a coffee table or extra seating.

9. Use extra long draperies

Ceiling to floor drapes can add a feeling of height to the small drawing rooms. Hang them from a bracket a few inches below where the wall meets the ceiling. Let it touch the floor. Use fabrics that match with the overall décor of the drawing room. This will enliven the interior.

10. Add grace and color with artificial landscaping

Small drawing rooms usually lack appealing elements. Investing in fake greeneries enhance the aesthetics. Unlike the live plants, they have no maintenance demand and are not sensitive to the environment. It makes them a godsend alternative to the live plants.

These best artificial plants and trees are available in a large number of varieties. You can pick anything from artificial foliage, boxwood topiaries, hanging baskets, living walls, window boxes, etc.

They are made from top-notch quality raw materials. It makes them strong and durable. Passing through many process revolutions the quality fake plants replicate the live plants. Their stunning realism can deceive the most experienced eyes even.

Since these are infused UV blocking materials, they never fade or wilt. The fake topiary plants come in different attractive shapes. Installing them in the drawing room enliven the space.

Depending on the available space, you may have an artificial plant wall. This will make a high focal point and bring in a radical decor change.

Mosquitoes and other insects are not attracted by the faux plants. They also do cause any allergy and delivers a safe and sanitary place.

11. Consider design changes, if possible

If you have a small drawing room, you may consider opening it up to another room. If budget permits, bring down walls to make it a combined with dining or kitchen facility. Be sure, to have the right décor elements for seamlessly joining the different areas.


Trying new things is always interesting. They make one more creative and deliver surprising results. The above tips are easily implementable and are meant to make a small drawing room work. Follow those, and they will deliver a perfectly proportioned feeling to the delight of your guests.