The Top 10 Artificial Trees That Corporate Landscaping Experts Love

The Top 10 Artificial Trees That Corporate Landscaping Experts Love

Shutterstock 503451412How boring can it get to sink into the office chair and stare at your laptop endlessly? Corporate lifestyle always brings work stress. One way to interrupt this stress build up is to go and spend some time in nature. As you would think that this is absurd during the working hours, but then we can still fetch nature to us. One smart way to achieve this is to deck up your cubicle or interiors and exteriors with green plants. Making flora mandatory for the artifacts will surely boost productivity and reduce tension.

A vase full of freshly bloomed flowers can instantly bring a smile on your face. But the flowers wilting and withering gradually is not very pleasing to watch any day. No one would want to sit and work beside a dried flora emitting ill-smell. This is the time you should consider switching to fake plants. With them, there is entirely no tension of watering, pruning, etc. Just dust it once a while, and you're good to go.

Suitability of artificial plants for outdoors

• Plants that you keep under massive sun exposure and extreme temperatures should have the label of commercial UV goods.

• Fade-resistant varieties should survive seasonal changes.

• The core material of fake plants should be superior quality plastic that provides premium and natural look and feel.

• Minute details like the texture, color, luster, of petals, stems and leaves should display originality.

• The list is huge when it comes to faux vegetation. You can choose from an inexhaustible category of trees, bushes, climbers, shrubs, herbs, flowers, etc. in different patterns and molds.

UV protected outdoor artificial trees have created quite a stir since they've hit the market. Exquisiteness is essential in flourishing the business. And who doesn't want to work in an office with mesmerizing interiors?

Here are the top 10 kinds of artificial plants that you can accommodate in your office setting.

1. Artificial cedar pine tree: These are one of the most common tall outdoor evergreen plants that you can spot randomly at entrances. These are an attractive variety of sturdy, dark green tree having needle-like leaves. You can install them in both indoor or outdoor and are available in different shapes. Sizes can meet up to 5ft in general.

2. Bamboo plants: Most of this collection serve as unusual artificial outdoor plants for the front door. People believe that this plant locks in luck. It is popularly known by the name of 'lucky bamboo plant.' As you know that original bamboo hates direct sunlight, you can align this small faux tree by the balcony to preserve the feel.

3. Bonsai plant: Go for the bonsai arrangement and beautifully line your stairway with little bonsai pots. These varieties look adorable when more than one grow in a container. They can be styled in a variety of ways to resemble a whole grown tree in existence.

4. Ficus plant: Add an exotic touch to your office garden with a Ficus variety grown in a pot. Usually counted in the woody species of trees and vines, the original plants grow very tall. However, the faux assemblage with its beautiful drooping twigs and shiny oval leaves will impart a unique blend of exotism and regularity in your usual office atmosphere.

5. Eucalyptus plant: Eucalyptus must have come onto your mind if you are looking for outdoor topiary in an urn. The leaves are mostly feathery soft and delicate that reflect a soothing shade of green. Place a small sized one beside your desk, for a full, lavish look. These plants are also available with pre-installed lights on them that make the ambiance heavenly at night.
Tip: Look for outdoor topiary trees with lights that add a festive touch to the plants.

6. Dracaena plant: This is mainly of the arid origin and is also known as the dragon trees. You can choose from their two prominent varieties. One having stout, plump trunks and wide based leaves and the other comparatively smaller, shrub-like outlook, with slim stems and waxy, strap-like leaves.

7. Mini orchids: They belong to one of the largest flowering plant family. They are widely approved because of the amazing grace and plenty of the colors of their flowers. The smooth finish of the petals and the vivid hues of the inflorescence are lovely for both special occasions and everyday greetings.

8. Money plant: This is the most commonly noticed plant in business set-ups owing to the popular belief of the luck it brings along. It is a kind of evergreen vine that flowers rarely. Leaves are heart-shaped, vibrant yellowish green and abundant. It can grow on other plants as climbers, but when they grow in pots, leaves appear alternately on the lagging stems.

9. Golden cane palm tree: This tree is bound to create a statement wherever you place it. Also known as the ‘butterfly palm,' as the leaves bend upwards in multiple slender branches to imitate a butterfly look. This is mainly of tropical and subtropical origin, and have many grass-like leaves that add sunshine to your surroundings.

You can place a number of these trees along the fences of your exterior and marvel at how exotic and unusual ornamentation they can bring forth. Watch how beautifully the branches full of leaves sway in the rain or when the subtropical breeze flow through them.

10. Maple tree: Both the tree as well as the shrub variant is common. The autumn leaf color transformation in winters is one fantastic feature that distinguishes this tree from the others. Hence the faux varieties of these deciduous plants are pre-colored diversely to provide an illusion of the autumn leaf effect. Some are also offered with colorful fruits in shades of yellow, red and orange.


"I want a vivid yet soothing landscape with stunning visuals," would be an immediate answer if you ask any corporate head. A space that emits elegance also radiates integrity, commitment and promises service and satisfaction.