Top 8 Products to Reinvent the Vibe of Your Bathrooms

Your bathroom is probably the most expensive room in your entire house and giving it a new look only comes second to the kitchen. Here is some option for your bathroom.

Top 8 Products to Reinvent the Vibe of Your Bathrooms

Artificial PlantsYour bathroom is probably the most expensive room in your entire house and giving it a new look only comes second to the kitchen. It is common knowledge that to reinvent the vibe of your bathroom, and you need to shell out big bucks. But don’t lose hope because you don’t need a massive renovation to make your space feel like a luxury. Although installing marble tiles, acquiring a silver mirror and a top of the line rain shower may not be possible, there are still many items you can use to reinvent your bathroom’s entire vibe. Read on to know how.

1. Some place to rest and sit

Of all the expensive bathrooms we have visited, one thing we always find in common is that all of them have a kind of seating arrangement. May it is a small and straightforward stool or an elegant armchair, these bathrooms are always equipped with seating arrangements. Instead of pedicuring your feet on the bathtub, having a small stool will help you do that more comfortably.

You can grab a small stool for your bathroom at your local convenience store or order online at Amazon. When choosing the design, it is advisable to go for a sturdy and long-lasting one as this will guarantee that you get the total worth of the money you spend.

2. Contain your needs

Another tried and tested method of adding a luxurious feel to your home is by concealing the regular materials you use. You don’t need to buy expensive cases for your toiletries. But instead of keeping your soap on a dish, keep it in a closed container. Instead of storing all your brushes and toothpaste on a worn out mug, store them neatly in a tumbler. Instead of keeping your cotton box on the edge of the sink you can use a darling box. This will reduce your effort in picking them up from here, and there will instantly add a neat look to your bathroom, and as one great man once said luxury only comes after neatness.

3. Upgrade the mat

If your mat is old and unkempt, it is a sure make to your bathroom look old and ugly. In case you have a spare carpet lying around it goes without saying that you should immediately replace it with the old one. But luxury mats around the country have taken it to a whole new level.

An excellent way to match up to their quality is by purchasing Persian and Turkish rugs. These rugs are made of tufted wool and act as an ideal alternative to bathroom rugs since they are super soft. Even better is the fact, that once these rugs get old the patterns on them add a unique sophistication and personality.

4. Change the mirror

It is sad that most of us settle for locally made mirrors for our luxury bathrooms. Not only do these look ugly, but they also steal the entire glaze of your bathroom. By becoming a little creative with how you choose your mirror and not just settling for nominal medicine storage, you can give a new look to your bathroom. This move will take the look of your space well beyond the basic. If you are on tight budget, roam the flea markets or try making yourself one.

5. Monogram it

Every state of the art bathroom we have seen has been monogrammed. Having a monogrammed towel is a not a big deal but everything under the sun monogrammed requires a bit of creativity. You can get all the upholstery, as well as the back of your chair, monogrammed. Just search for a service provider online, and you will find multiple people who will be more than happy to do it for you.

6. Hang them

Placement of products is one of the things, and designers never go wrong with. The secret of making a bathroom look clean and tidy is to keep everything at its place and not just toss it. A hand towel ring beside the sink and hooks for your towels and bathrobes are a great addition which will go a long to make your home look tidy and neat. Although these small additions might go unnoticed to an untrained eye, they play a massive part in changing the overall feel of the room.

7. Give them brass

Lately every high-end bathroom we have been visiting, we find ample use of brass. Since the finishing is of brass and not chrome which is the most common and basic in the market gives it a fresh and posh look instantly. We are not telling you to replace everything in your bathroom with brass. A simple yet small addition can be done by purchasing items like a magnifying mirror, a small jar or a new soap dish.

8. Add some greenery

The thing with some of the best designers around the world is the fact that they all want to keep in touch with greenery. So while designing and changing the décor of your bathroom, consider adding some greenery to it. You can start by including some artificial flowers for the garden. These small additions will add a little flavor to your bathroom and make it look more beautiful. Also, it has been proved that having a touch of nature not only keeps the air inside fresh but also keeps you calm and peaceful.

Reinventing the vibe of your bathroom is not an easy task. Most people get lost just by thinking how much to spend and where all to visit to give their bathroom a new look. Where is, the makeover is quite easy and requires medium creativity.

If you ask us which is our favorite idea among the list mentioned above, we will blindly go for the last one. Add some artificial flowers for garden and feel the fresh vibe. You will be amazed by the feeling you get by this new makeover. All the best!