Top 8 Restaurant Decor Ideas

Hopefully, after reading this list, you have gotten a better sense and understanding of how to design your new place or give your old buddy a new look. So go ahead and execute your favorite idea from this list today.

Top 8 Restaurant Decor Ideas

Artificial PlantsRestaurants are always a great business idea. No matter at which age you decide to open a new restaurant, there are high chances that you will flourish in the industry. The main logic behind this being, people want good food. And for a whole of bunch of people like me, great food cheers up our mood like nothing else in the world. Therefore we always welcome a new restaurant in our neighborhoods, no matter how many are already existing because, at the end of the day, we want variety in our choices of cuisine.

This season, if you have decided to open a new restaurant or have given some thought to the idea of redoing it completely, here are the top 8 restaurant décor ideas for you. Read on to know more about what is trendy this season.

1. Typography

If you have restaurant hopping at any point in your life, you will know that this is one of the most common décor trends across all modern restaurants. Not only will this move make your walls look great, but it is also sure to increase the overall vibe and cheer of the place altogether. Some of the most well-known examples of typography on restaurant walls can be bold graphics, charts, marquee letters and of course diagrams and pictograms. One of the best examples of this décor can be found in BYLI, Bangalore.

2. Artsy

Most cities being metropolitan or urban these days houses a lot of artists. Starting from world-famous ones to the ones sitting in your neighborhood alley, artists aren’t that hard to find. A great way to showcase the art of your neighborhood or city is by hanging them on some of your walls. You can choose between a variety of types and styles such as handicraft, portraits, oil paintings, etc. Hanging artwork on your walls is as simple calling your local artist and requesting him to do a custom piece for you, or even better donate some of his existing creations for you to showcase.

3. Splash of Colors

Gone are the days when a single patch of solid colors used to be trendy across restaurants. Now the trend is to make your walls and overall décor as colorful as possible. You can start by using a splash of different colors for all your walls, or even mix and match different colors on the same wall. This move will not only make your décor look more colorful, but you will also attract a huge number of Instagram followers who will flock to your store to use your wall as a background for their Instagram posts.

4. Greenery

We all love nature. A bit of nature here and there across your restaurant has a lot of benefits. The first of them being, keeping the temperature of the place cool and also a fresh supply of oxygen at all times. Additionally having some plants in your restaurants will help keep your guests calm in case they are having a bad day. You can start this by including a couple of artificial plants outdoor at your entrance and small potted plants across all the tables. Make sure to choose plants that will suit your overall décor; otherwise, they will do more harm than good.

5. Open Kitchen

This is one of the most common trends across five-star restaurants across the world. They tend to have an open kitchen through which your guests can see what’s going on behind the scenes. The logic behind this being a popular concept with restaurants is the fact that people usually love to look at what goes into their meals. Additionally, if you have a creative chef, he or she can put up a small show in the kitchen while cooking to keep all the guests amused and entertained.

6. Themes

Once a great man said that every good design has a theme behind it. The same concept holds for restaurant decors as well. Picking an idea for your restaurant that goes well with your menu and offerings will give a great vibe to the place. But while choosing you to need to be careful as something too trendy will make your customers bored, and of course, you don’t want that to happen.

You can easily Google up and find the trendiest themes and take inspiration from them to get started on the right foot.

7. Simple and Elegant

There is a well-known concept among the elite class restaurants that less is always more. Thus keeping the overall décor simple will not only give a fresh and calm look to the place but will also make it look way more elegant. Keep in mind to get unnecessary things out and keep everything neat, organized and tidy. You will be amazed at how far this simple trick can go to do wonders and hype up the elegance of your restaurant.

8. Old is gold

This is the last décor idea on the list, but this is not the least. To follow this trend, you don’t have to turn the wheels too much. Just go with the old school and classic look. What’s even a better idea is to look at some old photos of restaurants to understand how they used to be. For inspiration, you can Google up restaurants of the World War I era. The restaurants of those golden days had a different vibe and aura altogether. Taking inspiration from these photos, try to replicate the retro look at your restaurant, and trust us on this, you can never go wrong with retro decors.


Opening a new restaurant or giving a new look to your old joint is by no means an easy task. Often you will find yourself struggling with ideas to execute. Hopefully, after reading this list, you have gotten a better sense and understanding of how to design your new place or give your old buddy a new look. So go ahead and execute your favorite idea from this list today.