Top-Rated PermaLeaf® Faux Plants for Corporate Exterior Landscapes

Liked the idea of such long living and mesmerizing artificial plants? Choose from the wide selection of PermaLeaf®'s fake plants and trees and establish an outstanding and appealing lawn in your corporate outdoor area.

Top-Rated PermaLeaf® Faux Plants for Corporate Exterior Landscapes

Artificial Outdoor Plants and TreesA perfectly build landscape crucial for Corporate environments as they have to deal with customers, visitants, and employees on a daily basis and offering them an interesting environment is required. Especially for exterior landscape, you need to consider the most reliable option that doesn't lose quality and charm easily. PermaLeaf® is one of the renowned trademarked foliage brands by Commercial Silk Int'l that is dedicated to manufacturing indoor and outdoor plants and trees formulated using the special material. The special manufacturing process followed by PermaLeaf® makes their plants withstand all kinds of weather conditions without affecting their quality. So, let's explore the various options PermaLeaf® has for your corporate outdoor landscaping needs.

Outdoor Lush Green Landscape

Your corporate outdoor area is a most important part that lets you define the style and class of your business. This is the area that is first seen by any visitor or customer when one will enter your premises. Hence it needs to be decorated in such a way that it can give a soothing feeling to the eyes of onlookers. No matter what variety of landscaping theme you want to incorporate to your outdoor space, the range of PermaLeaf®'s outdoor landscaping products lets you achieve everything that is in your vision. The wide variety of plants, trees, flowers, grass, and foliage by PermaLeaf® lets you attain desired landscape theme easily. Whether you want tropical theme landscape, forest canopy, African landscape or an urban landscape, PermaLeaf® has made everything achievable.

Artificial PermaLeaf® Flowers for Colorful Outdoor

Flowers contribute a lot in establishing a colorful and delightful landscape around your space. Especially for corporate areas where you have large sized outdoor area present to add different varieties, flowers can make the space look outstanding. To make your corporate outdoor landscape, mesmerizing PermaLeaf® offers a huge range of high quality realistic looking artificial outside flowers that can add a creative and lively element to your outdoor settings. The range of PermaLeaf® artificial flowers for outdoors include lilies, daisies, dahlias, Sunflowers, roses, orchids and much more. For outdoor decorations, you can also have large sized flower plants that in combination with other greenery can embellish your corporate landscape of any style as well as size.

Artificial PermaLeaf® Boxwood Topiaries

The boxwood has been supposed to have its roots from the 16th century. And now when artificial landscaping is so popular, still it has been recognized as one of the best variety for artificial topiaries. PermaLeaf® offers you a wide selection of artificial boxwood topiaries crafted artfully in the form and size that suit your space the best. If you want to add a feel of sophisticated sculptures to your outdoor corporate space, then faux topiaries are the ideal solution for you. You can choose from the ball, cone, spiral and even more topiaries for your outdoor area in the desired size. The size of these topiaries may range from 3 feet small shape to 6 or 7 feet tall topiary. All the types can work as perfect ornaments for your lawn. You can comfortably keep them outside as these can withstand even harsh weather conditions.

Faux Boxwood Hedges for Varying Applications

Hedges are also one of the crucial landscaping elements for corporate environments. Especially for outdoor landscaping, hedges work multiple jobs elegantly that is enhancing the look of your space while also giving you perfectly surrounded premises. For commercial environments, it is crucial to boundary line the area. With PermaLeaf® boxwood hedges, you can create a complete and catchy eye boundary around your space that wonderfully acts as the artificial green wall for your premises. In this way, you can also prevent the unwanted sights coming to your area. Also, you if you want to divide the outdoor area into two sections, hedges work the best. You can place hedges in line, and these will create a wonderful looking and solid artificial plant wall partitioning your outdoor area beautifully.

PermaLeaf® Artificial Outdoor Plants

PermaLeaf® comes with a broad collection of artificial outdoor plants that can add a wonderful visual impact to your outdoor area thus making it look lifelike and realistic. All the plant varieties have been manufactured and crafted with utmost care to give most natural and exact replication of living plants. Whether you are a retail store, a corporate environment, a startup, entertainment center, hotel, restaurant or more, PermaLeaf®'s selection of silk plants can get a defining landscape created for you that will reflect your business vision. In their range of faux plants, you can have all the varieties that exist in the real world, for example, bonsai plant, ficus plant, palms, bananas and countless more. You can get desired shape and size in all these plants as per your requirements. PermaLeaf® installation experts can meet all your plant requirements conveniently.

Artificial Outdoor Trees from PermaLeaf®

Can you consider your corporate outdoor landscape without the presence of elegant outdoor artificial trees? This is the aura of trees that make them a crucial element of outdoor landscaping. To make your commercial landscape complete PermaLeaf® offers a great collection of durable, safe and highest quality artificial trees for outdoor use that look realistic and lifelike. The variety of artificial trees that you can have with PermaLeaf® include pine trees, coconut trees, bonsais, tropical trees, palms, different types of fruit trees, cactus and much more. You can have almost all kinds of trees for your landscape that you see in real world. You can define the size and shape of these trees and get a custom designed as per your outdoor yard settings. Outdoor artificial trees are best to create a wide variety of landscaping themes in combination with other plants, foliage, flowers, and grasses. For example, you can achieve a perfect African theme using Bonsai plants and an elegant tropical theme using various tropical faux trees.