Walls Don't Need to Be Boring - Trust These Wall Decor Ideas

When you are planning for an interior or exterior design on walls. Then here are some most effective ways to decorate your wall.

Walls Don't Need to Be Boring - Trust These Wall Decor Ideas

LandscapingNowadays, the construction of an office building or a house is just constructing walls and roofs. There are a lot of people going for interior and exterior designs for their valuable properties.  They complete or make the constructions ready for use.

Earlier, houses or offices no decoration, there were concrete walls and plain ceilings. Sometimes, few designs would be made at the ceiling of the building. Walls were all painted one color because it was believed that plain walls brought a professional look to the workplaces whereas houses looked tidy.

Now, it is not so. Interior and exterior industry have a lot to offer for decorations inside and outside the building. It is proved by experiments that decorated walls improve productivity in a company and at homes, decorated walls made rooms more beautiful. As decoration have numerous benefits, don’t you think walls don’t need to be boring?

Here are few ideas about wall décor those which you can trust:

Metallic frames

If you love to hang your family photos are any photos on the walls use metallic structures. They create a luxurious look to the wall. Metals have a property of shining. They easily attract the attention of the people. Metallic decorative things are always durable and cost-effective. Metallic frames are available in different designs and colors.

Stencils designs

Stencils are new wall decors. They exist for a long time. They are an easy way of decorating a wall without much mess and grease. Stencils are of different colors and designs which are made to suit your wall theme. Choose the stencils which suit your style, and when used they reflect your taste.

Artificial indoor plants

Synthetic interior plants are made of mostly plastic material making your life easy. They have to be washed or dusted, and nothing else is necessary. Plastic plants do not require any minerals, sunlight, and water. They are easily installable anywhere in the room. Use artificial indoor plants in hanging containers or use them in green walls. If there are any window boxes, even there use fake indoor plants.

Synthetic topiary trees

Topiary trees are those which suit any place. They are plants with different geometric shapes like round, cone, spherical and many more. They are also available in different sizes. They usually suite very well at the entrance. Install artificial topiaries like bonsai trees in the hanging containers or hanging baskets.

Artificial potted plants

As real or old pots are space consuming, hanging pots will replace them. They are made out of synthetic material. They are easy to hang and use artificial potted plants inside them. They will make your walls look pretty. There are also artificial flowers those which add color to the wall. Hence using fake potted plants for wall designing with hanging baskets are not a bad idea if you like to see your wall either green or colorful.

Faux outdoor plants

Fake outdoor plants are available in different sizes of late. Artificial tall trees or plants are available in smaller sizes. Use those smaller sized artificial outdoor trees in decorating your wall. If you feel outdoor plants suit better than the indoor plants, then use the smaller sized outdoor plants to decorate. As fake plants are customizable easily, use your creativity to decorate with them. Even fake houseplants are also available according to the clients’ requirement.

Tall fake plants

Tall fake plants are usually installed outdoor. They are faux outdoor plants. They are originally so tall that they require an ample space to grow, but due to the advanced technology, the imagination of having smaller artificial tall plants inside the home has come true. There are varieties of tall fake plants. Artificial palm trees are popular ones. There are artificial palm trees like areca palm trees, coconut palm trees, date palm trees, fan palm trees and many more.


Foliage is made of the synthetic material to create a mat like a green patch. They are used as mats screens. They are altered according to the various designs that suit your walls. Foliage adds more dramatic appearance to space. They are easy to maintain and install them anywhere on the wall. They make the walls look lush. They increase the brightness of the wall when sunlight falls on them.

Green walls

Green walls are very popular among wall décors. Wall paintings, wall posters are all old and boring ideas for decorating a wall. They are very commonly used these days. To try something new, use green walls idea. They attract very instantly. They are made of artificial plants and artificial flowers. They are customized according to your creativity. They make place rejuvenating and peaceful. Whether you love contemporary look or modern look green walls, suit the walls very well.

Silk plants and flowers arrangement

Silk plants and flowers are very interesting decorative things gaining popularity. They are beautiful and stunning. They are several advantages of using silk flowers and plants. They are very affordable. Almost half the price of real flowers and plants those which are grown, cut and arranged. They are also durable. They look lively and fresh in any season, or climate so need not worry about their maintenance. They are portable. They make a fantastic gift for your dear ones if they are nature lovers. Silk flowers or plants makes the place look beautiful.

Window boxes

If you are planning to decorate the external walls, then utilize windows. They help in using the most attractive window boxes. They hang from the frame of the windows and contains artificial plants and faux flowers. They represent the culture of the place and are capable of making the walls attractive and notable. They are just like hanging baskets or hanging containers, but window boxes are made for windows and suit the exterior walls better.


When you plan for an interior or exterior design use walls too. Walls don’t need to be boring. Above are the most uncomplicated ways of decorating your walls. Trust these wall decor ideas and implement them. You will see a well-transformed wall.