Want the Ultimate Kitchen? Follow These Tips

The kitchen is something more than a cooking and eating place. As such, it has to be nicely decorated. You may explore these ideas to build an adorable kitchen.

Want the Ultimate Kitchen? Follow These Tips

Artificial LandscapeA kitchen is an integral part of your home. Many actions from weekend family gathering to guest entertainment take place here. It should, therefore, be well-planned for inspiring excellent meals, memories, and enjoyment. No matter what the kitchen size is, both functionality and aesthetics are to be considered while styling the kitchen.

Here are 16 tips for planning an ultimate kitchen.

1. Divide into Zones

Divide the kitchen into prep, cooking, and cleaning zones to maximize the space.

The prep zone is where you start meal preparation, and it involves washing, chopping, and mixing. Cooking zone handles hot stuff. Arrange the cook-top, oven, and microwave close for easy movement between appliances. Cleaning zone is the final zone and contains the sink and dishwasher.

2. Build a kitchen island

Building a kitchen island lets you have more prep space and also helps socializing. While creating the island, make sure that there is enough space for moving freely. Make it attractive with an overhang at the edges. You may also add a sink if it is large enough. You can have drawers and shelves here for storing the accessories.

3. Consider the countertop

The countertop gives a finishing touch to kitchen design. While choosing the kitchen countertop both aesthetics and durability have to be considered. If budget permits, you should opt for quartz countertops. Although expensive, this is a stain-resistant and durable. Alternatively, you can use solid acrylic that involves less cost.

4. Take care of the floor

While considering the kitchen floor, opt for a material that is durable, slip-resistant and easy-to-clean. Other than this, it should look great and complement the appliances. Laminated and vinyl flooring are the best options for kitchens.

5. Style with a backsplash

A backsplash delivers an ultimate look to the kitchen. It further prevents wall-damage from the accidental messy splashes. You can have backsplashes over the oven or may go for the entire countertop. Use anything from marbles, sparkling glass tiles, and metal that matches with your décor theme.

6. Create a working corner

Create a nook in the kitchen and arrange a matching desk and chair there. This will be a perfect spot for turning into a makeshift home office. Additionally, your kid can also use this place for homework.

7. Have smart storage solutions

A sleek and minimalist approach is the basis of modern kitchen design. So, avoid the traditional heavy cabinetry and have small concealed drawers under the counter. There should be drawers for storing the cooking utensils and other accessories near the stove.

Also, divide some drawers for storing different things separately. You can limit the size of the drawers based on the space available.

8. Built-In Refrigerator

Built-in refrigerators are the landmark of an ultimate kitchen. It delivers an upscale look to the kitchen. This is also quite compact and can be placed next to the ovens. The door of the refrigerator can be clad with the kitchen panels to hide from the views.

9. Pro-style cooking range

Professional kitchen accessories have gained places in the home kitchen design. Made of stainless steel, these look like the commercial ranges but meant for home uses only. These revamp the kitchen beautifully.

10. A range hood makes it different

Kitchen range hoods have passed through many evolutions. These essential elements have now turned eye-catchy from an eyesore. You can get these in myriads of shape, size, and color. Metallic and crown molding kitchen hoods are elegant.

11. Have drawer dishwashers

Drawer dishwashers blend seamlessly with modern kitchen décor. Being ergonomically designed, it involves minimum bending of the back for operation. These compact appliances are ideal for cleaning a few dishes. Have two drawer washers for combating the full washing load.

12. Use strategic lighting

Lighting is a vital kitchen element. This is great for decoration as well. Use a combination of pendant lights, wall mount lamps, and spotlights in different zones for making the kitchen ambiance dramatic.

13. Banquette sitting boosts up the place

This is a unique way of turning an unutilized corner space into an eating zone. You can organize extra storage under the bench for stashing dinnerware and linens.

14. Window treatments ensure privacy and enhance aesthetics

Window treatments have many benefits. These provide additional privacy and also add depth and dimension to the decoration. Treat the kitchen windows with easily washable materials. Fabrics form an excellent option for this.

15. Create a focal point

Concentrating on function alone does not express your styles. Adding architectural details in an unexpected area of the kitchen reveals your choices and preferences. This also creates a beautiful focal point in the kitchen and lift up the ambiance.

16. Plants make the kitchen fresh

Decorating a kitchen with live plants has some associated pitfalls. Because of the increased fume, humidity, and heat, it is tough to maintain live plants there. That is why modern kitchens are decorated with green artificial plants.

These are great to fill the voids and corners in the kitchen. Since these artificial landscape plants are manufactured 100% botanically correct, they do not compromise with aesthetics. These are available in many varieties like trees, topiaries, artificial plants for kitchen cabinets, etc.

You can use any of the varieties that complement your kitchen décor theme. Coming in standard pots these artificial landscaping elements can be installed easily. They do not require any sunlight and never fades. These are all-season products. Once established, they maintain the same shine throughout the year.

The faux hanging plants provide a brilliant decorating option for the dining area in the kitchen. These are easy to maintain. Periodic dusting is enough to keep them glowing. Unlike the live plants, these do not attract and pests. They do not support mold growth as well. Thus, you get a safe environment in the kitchen.


The kitchen is something more than a cooking and eating place. As such, it has to be nicely decorated. Upgrading a kitchen becomes necessary for changes in the lifestyle and décor themes. You may explore these ideas to build an adorable kitchen.