Want To Make Your Restaurant Talk Of The Town? Fake Greens Can Do That

Want to make your restaurant talk of the town? Fake Greens can do it. Save your money by investing in long-lasting and fire resistant artificial plants.

Want To Make Your Restaurant Talk Of The Town? Fake Greens Can Do That

Fake GreenWant to make your restaurant talk of the town? Fake Greens can do it.

Plants have always been a great decoration, whatever the place may be. Homes, schools, restaurants, offices and even hospitals look more aesthetic with plants. Using plants also requires a lot of time to maintain them.

They need to be watered regularly and some might need occasional pruning, which all takes time and effort. Additionally, plants are also sensitive to the environment and weather, and you can only use plants that can survive the weather you live in.

Artificial plants and trees offer a solution to this problem, as they require almost no maintenance, except some occasional cleaning and no recurring expense.

Given below are some super cool ideas for artificial greens that can make your restaurant the talk of the town:

Fake Lawn Grass

Fake lawn grass can be the first thing you can add to your restaurant, or rather at its entrance or in the lawn.

These lawns do not need trimming or maintenance and look perfectly green at all times. This fake grass can be made of plastic and is therefore easily cleanable and requires no maintenance.

Artificial Bonsai for indoor décor

Artificial bonsai plants made of cardboard and handmade paper can give an authentic look to the plant and can give your restaurant a traditional look and feel.

The trees can be placed on the tables and on the counters or shelves. A closely resembling artificial bonsai plant can also be easily made and discarded as well as being cost effective.

Tissue paper branches

Branches of artificial trees can be easily made with tissue papers, using a thin wire as the backbone of the branches. These branches can be made to spread out as much as you like and can even be made to create an entire tree if you like.

Use them as the centerpiece and give your restaurant an interesting look and feel.

Succulents made of felt

Felt succulents can be both colorful as well as soft and can give a warm feeling indoors. Felt succulents are also easy to clean and dry.

These succulents can be kept on the tables or on the counters and can greatly enhance the look of the place. The choice of colors and quality of the felt can also give a touch of finesse to the setup.

Succulents made of paper

Paper succulents are cheaper than felt succulents and can be disposable. This allows experimentation with various types of succulents and changing them regularly to prevent monotonousness.

These succulents can also be kept anywhere except perhaps near water, which can damage the plant. Using them as artificial hanging plants is your safest option.

Paper rose plant

Making an entire rose plant with artificial roses can be an excellent idea for an artificial plant inside the restaurant.

Roses are traditionally loved by almost everyone, and the familiar structure of the rose plant can be a great decoration for the restaurant if used wisely.

A paper rose plant, complete with paper flower and paper thorns can be an intricate project to work on, but can attract the admiration of the customers. Give the visitors some boost for romance and love.

Crocheted Plants

Plants made entirely of wool and crochet can be a new approach for making various types of artificial plants and even small trees. The wool's tensile strength greatly adds to the shelf life of the plant and make it sturdier.

Making crocheted plants can be time-consuming and therefore expensive, however, these plants can greatly improve the experience of the customers and thus a great suggestion for an artificial plant.

Cacti made of fabric

Regular fabric can be used in an interesting way to create cacti or lots of them. Even used pieces of fabric can be used for this purpose, making it super cheap to make as well as super easy to clean.

Various types of cacti's plants can also be made using different types of fabric depending on the theme and rest of the décor used in the restaurant.

Paper Orchid

Orchids are by nature one of the most beautiful and rare group of plants which can only grow under a certain type of weather.

Making orchids of paper can help to add the beauty of orchid in the restaurant without actually having the orchid. Papers of various colors and textures can be used to create the structure of an orchid.

Cactus made of pincushion

Pincushions are a common and familiar item and a quite useful one at that. These pincushions can be converted into artificial cacti, with the pins actually acting as the thorns.
This can be a trickier décor for the restaurant, as it can increase the risks of needle pricks while handling the plant and therefore is suggestible to be kept in spots which are out of reach.

Burlap wrap fern:

Ferns made of burlap wrap or jute bags can be an interesting idea for an artificial plant. The texture of the burlap or jute bag can give the feeling of authenticity and class while making the plants more durable and easily washable.

These plants can be kept anywhere in the restaurant. There is no reason not to target this fake plant.

Wooden sculptures of houseplants

Artificial plants can also be made from wooden sculptures. These sculptures can be made to resemble certain plants or trees of choice, or which can be attracted to the customers or according to the theme of the restaurant.

Wooden sculptures can be a little expensive to make, depending on the type of wood used and also time intensive. However, these plants can last for a really, really long time.

Artificial plants can be used absolutely anywhere, which means you can use any form of rare or exotic plant model to decorate your restaurant tastefully. So you do not need to bother about them withering away.

No more changing of plants every season. Save your money for the other important things in your restaurants like fancy crockeries and comfy cushions.