What Makes PermaLeaf® Green Privacy Screens Such a Great Product?

Privacy is a basic human requirement for enjoying personalized services. PermaLeaf® Green Privacy Screens can make you feel at home away from home.

What Makes PermaLeaf® Green Privacy Screens Such a Great Product?

What Makes PermaLeaf® Green Privacy Screens Such a Great ProductWhether you own a large corporate house or luxurious resort or large hotels or a sauna bath; you have to attract new customers and keep your existing customers loyal. Creating a green environment in any commercial establishment helps to achieve these. Other than looking nice, these make people environmentally conscious. Several studies conducted on the effect of nature on human behavior strongly indicate that people become more relaxed and productive when they are close to nature. 

Any commercial place; be it anything among shopping mall, big restaurant, casino, hospitals, amusement park, etc. flourishes by providing exclusive services to the clients and customers. And, in this aspect, privacy matters most as this induces a comfortable and cozy feeling in the minds of the people who visit the commercial complexes. Brightening the outdoor space with PermaLeaf® artificial boxwood hedge is a grand idea for creating a stunning look. This also helps to inject a natural look to your commercial space.  Accessorizing is a must-to-do thing for outdoor landscaping, and when you use fake moss mats and artificial grass plants for creating a privacy screen, your customers love the private space generated for making business deals and enjoying other commercial services exclusively. 

Creating a privacy screen

Creating a privacy screen in commercial complexes like Luxury hotels & restaurants, large commercial complexes, government buildings, luxury spa, water parks, etc. is a challenge that all architects and designers take most delightfully.  While the walls, wooden partitions or steel fences can divide your commercial space, there are major disadvantages. These consume the space totally, and hardly leave any scope for further maneuvering. Such constraints are not faced when creating a privacy screen with an artificial boxwood hedge. Aside from letting the sun rays in, these also add beautiful texture to the commercial space. These are available in shrubs and clipped form, and you may have anything that complements your decor theme.

Fits all landscaping requirements

The biggest advantage of choosing the artificial boxwood hedge over their live version for making privacy screen is that these fake botanical products can be customized to suit your outdoor landscaping requirement.  These are available in a wide range of shape & size and can also be trimmed to fit into your commercial space requirements.  In case your business theme complements dynamism, you can have your fence made with artificial grass plants adorning it with bright flowers; or when you wish to have a sublime ambiance, you may opt for the lush green fake moss mats for creating your privacy screen.

It is distinctly different  

Wide varieties of fake decorative plants are available in the market, and you have many options to choose from. But, PermaLeaf® mimic plants are the best among them. These are made from high-quality plastic materials following special manufacturing process. These are all weather friendly and can withstand anything from scorching sun rays to snowfalls. While most of the artificial grass plants are sprayed with chemicals for UV protection, the PermaLeaf® Products are made impregnated with UV stabilizers ensuring better protection than others.  Special care is taken to make the foliage 100% botanically correct, and prime quality of color pigments are used in manufacturing for arresting color fading off. All these make the PermaLeaf® faux botanical products durable, and these are so realistic that you can only feel the difference when touch these by hand. Thus, when you define a commercial space with a green privacy screen, your customers feel like being on their own in the lap of Nature.

Delivers mesmerizing landscape

Present day people have high aesthetic orientation. They care for the ambiance of the commercial places and like to visit places that are aesthetically pleasant.  When it comes to defining commercial space, PermaLeaf® realistic foliages deliver the most outstanding solution.  These mimic the live plants so closely that you can blend these with the live plants for giving a twist to your landscape.

There are a plethora of added advantages

When you build privacy screens for your commercial space using faux hedges or fake moss mats, you are blessed with many advantages as below:

  • No maintenance hassles: These realistic looking plants require no watering, no fertilization, no soil preparation and no pest control program. They never grow in size and, therefore, there is no chance of overgrowing the available space and no pruning is required. Thus, these are totally maintenance free. Only periodic dusting is sufficient to keep these fresh.
  • No illumination requirement: Besides defining the lawns and other open spaces of the commercial complexes, these can also be used for separating different areas in the conference hall.  As these do not require any sunlight, you can decorate the darkest corner with these fake botanical screens.
  • Free form insect attack: The life looking plants and hedges used for building privacy screens in commercial complexes do not attract insects like the live plants. Thus, your customers and guests need not be afraid of any insect sting.
  • No pet damage: Pets are not also attracted to the mimic foliage of the privacy screen and, therefore, the pets are unlikely to cause any damage to your decoration
  • No water damage: Being inert these real looking plants do not cause any mold or water damage.
  • Many options: Available in a large number of shape, size, and type; you can have almost limitless options to choose from. Moreover, these are easily portable and can be interchanged, as and when required, to make changes in landscape designing.
  • Offers visual treat: If you are blessed with creativity and imagination, you can go out of the box in decorating with real looking plants for striking a balance between subtlety and modernization.
  • One time investment: Being durable, PermaLeaf® faux plants and hedges retain their shape and tonal character throughout their life. These allow the owners of the major commercial complexes to make a one-time investment for landscaping and enjoy the benefit for long.