What Makes PermaLeaf® the Perfect and Safest Faux Plants Selection?

With wide varieties of artificial foliage, PermaLeaf® can add grace and color to your commercial outdoor turning it into a mesmerizing landscape for impressing customers in a jiffy.

What Makes PermaLeaf® the Perfect and Safest Faux Plants Selection?

PlantsLooking to find the best landscaping solution for your commercial outdoor to stand apart from the crowd and getting confused about how to take the right decision? One thing is sure that you have to be creative, and for that, you have to think out of the box. Those days are gone when people used to adorn their commercial settings with lush lawns or gardens. Maintaining landscape with live plants involves extra cost, and no one will risk incurring that in this tough competitive market. That is why people have now inclined towards artificial trees and plants for giving a facelift to their commercial setting.

Being a pioneer organization, PermaLeaf® is holding a prime position among all the artificial outdoor landscaping options available. PermaLeaf® products have many varieties, and no matter if you are thinking to rejuvenate the outdoors of large corporate houses, government & municipal buildings, luxury hotels & restaurants, amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, classy resorts, shopping malls, exotic bars & casinos, hospitals and healthcare facilities; PermaLeaf® faux plants are there to meet your every landscaping requirement.

PermaLeaf® lets you choose from many variants

Commercial outdoor landscaping is all about successful nonverbal communication with customers, clients, guests, and the onlookers as well. Your outdoor is the first meeting point with customers for forming a lasting impression about the quality and class of your business. An impressive outdoor is sure to entice the prospecting customers to step in and creates a nice buzz. For delighting the customers, you can choose any of the following artificial landscaping elements.

  • Outdoor flowers: Available in many types, colors, and sizes, these blooms round the year for delighting the customers.
  • Boxwood topiaries: Coming in balls, cones, columns, and spirals these make a commercial outdoor gorgeous.
  • Plants and trees: Delivering a near nature feeling in the minds of the onlookers, these are great to create a positive vibe and impress customers.
  • Foliage: With their splash of lush green hue, these make a commercial space look bright and welcoming.
  • Window boxes: Available in wide range of varieties, these can enrich your commercial outdoors for making those complete and pleasant.
  • Privacy screens: These are great for confining outdoor spaces like swimming pool areas for ensuring privacy to the guests.
  • Plant containers: With their unique designs, the plant containers are sure to add texture and depth to your outdoor landscaping.
  • Living walls: These create a beautiful focal point in the commercial outdoor for delivering a soothing landscaping experience.
  • Hanging walls: These are available with realistic azalea, bougainvillea, and fern, and can make your commercial outdoor sensational with their minimalist approach.

PermaLeaf® products are distinctly different

For catering to the varied needs of the clients, PermaLeaf® offers a wide range of realistic looking artificial trees, plants, and other landscaping elements. These are meticulously crafted from a special weather-able plastic material and are strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, strong wind and snow. They also use a highest quality color pigment that retains the hue in all weather conditions. Moreover, special UV protective chemicals are infused into the foliage during manufacturing, and for that these never discolor or fade even when continuously exposed to the scorching heat of the sun. PermaLeaf® also uses the best construction process, and the products are tested in extreme field conditions for ensuring reliability.

PermaLeaf® produces mirror image of live plants

However rigorously you make the artificial trees and plants, No landscape shines if those do not look natural. Backed by a team of experts containing engineers, botanists, designers, and landscapers, PermaLeaf® fake landscaping is made botanically correct for rendering a pleasing effect for revamping the commercial outdoors. These are so lifelike that none can feel the difference without touching hands. Mimicking their live cousins, these fill the commercial space with radiating charm for delighting customers and making employees energetic.

PermaLeaf® offers unique services

PermaLeaf® is a passionate landscaping organization. To ensure smooth landscaping of commercial outdoors, they provide unique services covering design, manufacture, and installation of artificial landscaping elements. For new landscaping projects, they first provide a draft design for visualizing the landscaping effect. Once that is finalized, the rest become absolute easy. Their experts can help you with the installation of the fake trees and plants.

Customization is possible

Although PermaLeaf® has wide varieties of replicated botanical items for landscaping to fulfill the varied needs, some commercial settings may have some special requirements for complementing the business theme or may be due to landscaping constraints. PermaLeaf® has unique personalization facilities to offer the best solution for such situations by supplying tailor-made products for revamping the landscape.

PermaLeaf® products have many other benefits

You can enjoy many benefits using PermaLeaf® artificial plants and other landscaping accessories. Here are some that tell why they are extremely popular.

  • Zero maintenance: Unlike live plants, these do not require any special soil, watering, fertilizing, pesticides spraying, and regular pruning or trimming to keep them healthy. Only, periodic cleaning is sufficient to keep the fake plants shining for years.
  • Spick and span office: No shedding of leaves is there with replicated foliage. No water spillage is also possible. Thus, you get a clean and tidy commercial setting.
  • Nuisance masking: Visual nuisances like cell towers and utility boxes are the result of technological advancement that we cannot avoid. Customized landscaping products can make that blend into the surroundings.
  • Easy installation: Coming in standard bases, these are easy to install. No handling equipment is a need for the same.
  • Easy portability: Being the light in weight, the fake horticultural items are easy to carry. These can be interchanged between places for making changes.
  • Wallet-friendly: The fake plants have no life cycle and, therefore, there is no replacement requirement. Once you install faux landscaping elements in your commercial outdoor, they stay there glowing for years together.