Your Guide to Creating a Premium Outdoor Dining Zone in Your Office Building

Modern offices count on functionality and flexibility for improving the business performance. An outside eating area adorned with artificial tree and plants help recharge the employees to be more productive.

Your Guide to Creating a Premium Outdoor Dining Zone in Your Office Building

LandscapingIt is no secret that no one likes to be inside the office for the whole day. When the weather is beautiful in the warmer months, employees want to be out of the office for their lunch rather than taking it at their desk or in the lunch room. This can be done by having a patio in the office building. This will boost up the morale of the employees, as they will be able to dine outside the formal office environment in a more relaxed way. This will also be beneficial for the organization, as the employees will be able to share their work-related problems informally for finding out the best possible solution.

Lunching at the outdoor dining zone has many perks. Although this takes 10 to 15 minutes only, it gives the employees the required break to come out of the paramount work pressure. When there is a change of environment, people feel relaxed and comfortable, and the creative juice starts flowing leading to the best ideas. When they return to their desks, they feel re-charged and become more productive. Studies also show that outside eating makes employees mentally happy. Since you cannot expect to have a beach in the office, building a patio helps increase employee happiness. Moreover, when you take your lunch outside you are exposed to the natural sunlight, which has many health benefits besides providing ample vitamin D.

There are many things to consider for creating an outside eating zone in the office. This article aims to dwell on some of the basic points. Take a look!

Consider the law stuff.

Before you start making any additions or alteration to your office building, speak to the authorities to sort out all law stuff. This will clear the patio from the legal obligations in future.

Make use of the available space.

The urban area is a concrete jungle full of commercial complexes. This makes finding open space in the urban office building very tough. You may use the roof or balcony as an outside eating place. This will let the employees have a nice view of the surrounding while the take their lunch there.

Keep the space protected.

The biggest drawback of eating outside the office building is that you are exposed to the natural elements. To make the patio comfortable for the employees, you can arrange umbrellas for protection from the harsh sun rays. Alternatively, you can also cover it with a shed for protection against sun and rain. Patio heaters are available on stands. Those can be used to keep the place warm when the weather gets cold.

Include some water features

Non-threatening sounds of running water have a soothing effect. It also helps people to think creatively. You can include artificial falls or fountain in the outside area. Other than creating a nice focal point, the tranquil sound of the water will help the employees relax, and they will enjoy their food.

Privacy must be ensured.

Taking food outside away from the desk can be a relaxing experience, if not disturbed by others. Trees and plants are great to make an area secluded. Use evergreen options to make the place exclusive so that the employees can enjoy food in privacy. Other than these, you can also install hardscapes for ensuring the privacy of the place.

Seating should be comfortable.

Then outside dining zone must have comfortable sitting arrangements so that people can relax over there. There should be chairs, table, and benches. You can also include rocking chairs for the most enjoyable sitting. Benches are very popular for patios. Make sure that these have backrests so that people feel comfortable while sitting on these. Aluminum chairs are perfect for outside dining, as these can be easily moved around the area.

Have proper illumination

It is quite likely that there could be some events in the evening. So, the patio must have illumination arrangements to use it in the shorter days of the seasons. Lighting plays a vital role in creating a magical ambiance at the outdoor. Better have zonal lighting to create a cozy and comfy environment in the evening. Illuminating the décor elements of the patios with LED lights make the place charming. Also, install outdoor LED lights at strategic points to make the area safe and secured.

There should be nice floors.

Natural stones make excellent floors for patios. Concrete slabs and artificial tiles can also be used if you are happy with the look.

Plants are the panacea.

Trees and plants are the heart of the outside eating area. Several studies indicate that people have a natural affinity for the greens, and they feel more relaxed and comfortable when nature surrounds them. That is why patios are embellished with trees and flowering plants to elevate the environment to the next level.

Use faux plants instead.

Landscaping an outside eating area with artificial trees and plants let you have mental peace without compromising the aesthetics. Given the improved technology available the present day faux trees and plants are made just like the natural ones in all respects. These are so lifelike that they can evade the most experienced eyes. These are made from high-quality silk foliage and strong, colorfast pigments for delivering a pseudo-natural lush green look. Moreover, being infused with UV blocking material, these can withstand all weather conditions. Scorching sunrays, rain, or snow will not fade them, and the color will not be washed out.

Moreover, live plants have many associated pitfalls. They require specially prepared soil, regular watering, adding fertilizers and spraying of pesticides to keep them healthy. But the artificial trees and plants have no such demands. They also do not require any trimming or pruning to keep them in shape. These start adorning the place from the day one and continue to do so equally in all seasons.