Your Office Headquarters' Garden Deserves a Makeover - Here's How To Manage

Keeping interior and exterior of the company building updated, especially headquarters of the company is essential. The appearance of the company matters a lot in creating an impression on the clients. It reflects the culture of the company.

Your Office Headquarters' Garden Deserves a Makeover - Here's How To Manage

LandscapingThe interior and exterior of the company building and campus leave an impact on the business and the productivity of the company. It is a known fact that the exterior and interior design industry are introducing new and creative designs very often. Keeping the appearance of the company updated in this competitive world is essential to keep your company in the race.

Among all the interior and exterior areas, the front of the office, especially garden places a significant role in forming an impression on the visitors. Office gardens are sometimes the way to the front doors of the office. Hence, it becomes a necessity to keep gardens updated with latest decors.

The office headquarters is the place where many higher authorities work and many important clients meet. The appearance of the headquarters speaks for the culture of the company. Therefore, the garden of the headquarters has to be taken better care. It is suggestible to do a makeover to the office headquarters often. For the significance the garden has, office headquarters garden deserves a makeover.

So, if you are considering a renovate for your office headquarters garden, then here is how to manage:

Artificial outdoor landscaping

Using the available office front space for making over a garden appropriately is important. The artificial outdoor landscaping is not new in the exterior design market but is now available in more designing ideas and concepts to suit the office front area. As artificial outdoor landscaping is trending you find many experts in the landscaping field. Bring in an expert who will help you with designing head quarter's garden beautifully and attractively.

Window boxes

The boxes or a holder kind of things installed under a window which will be held in the place by the brackets on the wall are called as window boxes. These decors will be very useful if your office headquarters garden is attached to the entrance of the office front and if entrance consists windows. Do not leave windows plain. Use them to improve the visual appeal of the building.

Boxwood topiary

To bring a contemporary look to the garden boxwood topiaries are very helpful. Artificial topiaries are perfect for the commercial spaces as they are custom made and can be fit in any part of the exterior. The garden with boxwood topiaries looks classic. Topiaries are available in various geometric shapes and designs.

Privacy screens

The company headquarters garden is sometimes placed in meetings and discussions. A place like a garden can be relaxing and calm for employees and clients. Hence to create a seating space in the garden will be a great idea. Without disturbing the appeal of the office headquarters, build a seating space using privacy screens. They are the green screens designed to build walls between spaces for privacy. They are made of faux plants and flowers. This helps in enhancing the garden look as well utilize the garden efficiently.

Plant containers

Plant containers are available in varieties. They add to the color and the beauty of the garden. Using too many different colored containers or using various plants will make the garden look messy. So, use either one color for containers and plant varieties of fake plants and flowers or install various faux plants and flowers in colorful containers.

Faux plants and flowers

Artificial plants and flowers are most recommendable for a commercial place. To maintain natural plants and flowers company has to spend on gardeners and their maintenance. As they take time to grow, it is time-consuming as well. So, synthetic plants and flowers are suitable. They are easy to install in any part of the garden, in any size and shape. Silk plants and flowers are recently trending in the landscaping market. They give a lush and rich look to the garden which is most needed for headquarters exterior.


For setting up rejuvenating and happy garden foliage are best. They are highly in depending due to their natural looks. They appear exactly like natural plants and trees. A bonsai tree, palm trees, fern plants, artificial plants and flowers all are few of the varieties of foliage. They make the garden look brighter and welcoming. If you are interested in creating a dramatic look to the garden, then use silk foliage. They are made suitable for the commercial spaces.

Hanging baskets

The hanging baskets are mostly used for flower arrangement. Flower arrangements give a beautiful and colorful look to the garden. It helps in the improvement of the creativity of employees if the garden is used by them. Hanging baskets are hanged from any holder, or if you think it is space consuming, then these baskets are available with stands to which they are mounted. Faux plants, synthetic flowers, and silk flower arrangement will increase the beauty of the garden.

Artificial bushes and shrubs

An elegant garden or a contemporary garden is not complete without bushes and shrubs. Artificial bushes and shrubs bring a lush look to the garden. Use them to build boundaries. These fake bushes and faux shrubs make the garden look welcoming. These synthetic plants are extremely realistic in looks and hence invoke a feel of nature at the garden.

Customized synthetic plants and trees

The artificial plants, trees, and flowers are very useful in creating a form, sign, symbol or logo for the company headquarters garden. A logo or a sign or some forms are possible to be designed using fake plants and trees. They can be twisted and curved to form different shapes. Hence, with little creativity that customized artificial plants and trees form a unique and beautiful garden.