Contemporary Landscape Design

Outdoor Plants That Don't Need Sun

collection of artificial outdoor plants

PermaLeaf® offers the widest selection of luxurious, sophisticated, and lifelike looking plants and trees in the market. Our product range is wide in various ways. First, it’s wide in varieties. You will find all types of plants, trees and flowers in our catalog. No matter what size, shape, or color you need to decorate your outdoor space with, we have it all. Whether you want to introduce a large collection of flowers in your space or want to keep it minimalistic, we have something for everyone. Second, it’s wide in application. Whether you have to furnish the windows or walls of your space, fence, or reception area we have the products to fit any design.

We have spent more than 30 years in creating beautiful outdoor landscapes for businesses across the country and internationally. Our own 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility allows us to craft our own plants and trees, which helps us to make premium quality products at an affordable price. It also allows us to put our creativity and imagination at work in turn developing methods for producing products that are innovative and highly efficient.

At PermaLeaf® we combine great design with functionality, high quality, and affordability to ensure that your outdoor landscape turns out to be extremely pleasing on a budget and last for many years. No matter what you’re looking for, we know that you will find it in our catalog. And if not, we will create it for you.

UV Protected Outdoor Artificial Flowers

inherently fade resistant plants and trees

The outdoor space, be it home or business, makes an impression on everyone. It rolls out a warm and welcoming feel if done properly, otherwise it leaves your guests uninterested. We know it’s tough to keep up the interest levels of your outdoor landscape soaring throughout the year. If you are looking to bring your outdoor landscape out of dormancy and want to make sure that there is vibrant and budding color all around, then we have something for you. All Weather Products.

We have exposed our outdoor artificial plants and trees to UV rays equivalent to Miami, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona . During our tests we also exposed them to high wind currents, water, and snow conditions and they maintained a beautiful glow without any physical damage. PermaLeaf® products are inherently fade resistant and have been tested for color loss according to ASTM G155. Get in touch with us and we will show you how PermaLeaf® plants and trees stand up to the harshest weather conditions.

There are numerous players on the internet who claim that their products are suitable for outdoor use and are resistant to multiple weather elements. Let us warn you that these are mere ‘claims’ as they do not involve any testing to validate their claim. PermaLeaf® plants and trees are the best fade resistant products on the market and we happy supply UV weathering test data in order to back our promise.

We have over 30 years of experience in creating durable plant designs and quality construction which allows us to provide our customers an unsurpassed, industry leading warranty. Our all weather products won’t require maintenance or replacement and will continue to stand in your outdoor landscape for years to come.

Landscaping and Maintenance - Low Maintenance Landscaping Plants

outdoor artificial plants and trees

One of the best features of our outdoor artificial plants and trees is that they are 100% maintenance free. At PermaLeaf®, we understand how valuable your time is and you might want to put efforts in expanding your business rather than expanding your landscape. This feature helps our clients save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars per month.

Apart from requiring no pruning and cleaning efforts, PermaLeaf® products require no water which is crucial as most states now restrict water consumption. They will remain in the perfect ornamental shape season after season without any pruning and will show off their vibrant and joyful colors in any harsh weather condition without any fertilization. Our products are key to a lively, graceful, and colorful outdoor landscape throughout the year with minimal cost.

As a great aesthetic choice, our outdoor artificial plants and trees are practical and highly efficient. No matter if you opt for our products due to their no maintenance feature or as an alternative to real plants where they cannot grow, our plants and trees are ideal for creating your own outdoor masterpiece. They are some of the best decorative accents available and with little of your own imagination and creativity, you can create endless landscape design opportunities. We can create your favorite plants and trees in a vast array of materials, colors, sizes, and styles to give you a heart-warming and personalized outdoor landscape with the highest efficiency and no maintenance.



Artificial Outdoor Evergreen Trees

lifelike plants

We have been in the horticulture business since 1974 and have been working with live material ever since. Plants and trees are our passion and our drive for constant innovation and creativity in our products fuels the development of the most realistic looking and botanically correct artificial plants and trees in the market. We manufacture each and every product at our own facility with extreme attention to details ensuring that when you purchase from PermaLeaf®, you are get a product which is made from the best materials and are built to last. 

PermaLeaf® brand of outdoor artificial plants and trees are commercial grade and extremely high quality. We make sure that every detail of the plant construction is evaluated to determine the best construction method ensuring you quality, lifelike plants, with longevity. 

Plant Color - We use the highest grade possible color pigments during manufacturing to ensure that you get the best foliage and flower colors. This is extremely vital as it gives a lifelike appearance to our products even after long continued exposure to outdoor conditions. Hence, color retention is of utmost importance when crafting products for outdoor use and we have mastered the art perfectly. To make sure that UV stabilization and color retention are mutually inclusive, they have been carefully selected and compounded by a team of chemists to provide the necessary sustainability to our plants in outdoor environments. 

Commercial Grade – To make sure that our foliage stands up to heavy wind, we have worked extensively on leaf connections involving heavy duty arrow tips and recessed channel locks along with the use of heavy gauge steel wire. We also limit the number of connections in our plants and trees, wherever possible, to make a single foliage with no secondary leaf connections. Apart from giving our plants a sturdy look and maintaining a tidy layout, they make the products extremely durable. 

Imagine a Rose installation in your outdoor landscape which was bright and red once upon a time but gradually turned pale and white due to exposure to harsh weather conditions. Or imagine a Bamboo or Palm tree as high as your commercial building blown away after exposure to high winds. You don’t want to face that embarrassment and hassle, do you? If you are looking to create an outdoor landscape which is strong and durable, looks extremely beautiful and mimics the real thing, then we have the right solutions for you.