UV Protected Outdoor Artificial Flowers

inherently fade resistant plants and trees

The outdoor space, be it home or business, makes an impression on everyone. It rolls out a warm and welcoming feel if done properly, otherwise it leaves your guests uninterested. We know it’s tough to keep up the interest levels of your outdoor landscape soaring throughout the year. If you are looking to bring your outdoor landscape out of dormancy and want to make sure that there is vibrant and budding color all around, then we have something for you. All Weather Products.

We have exposed our outdoor artificial plants and trees to UV rays equivalent to Miami, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona . During our tests we also exposed them to high wind currents, water, and snow conditions and they maintained a beautiful glow without any physical damage. PermaLeaf® products are inherently fade resistant and have been tested for color loss according to ASTM G155. Get in touch with us and we will show you how PermaLeaf® plants and trees stand up to the harshest weather conditions.

There are numerous players on the internet who claim that their products are suitable for outdoor use and are resistant to multiple weather elements. Let us warn you that these are mere ‘claims’ as they do not involve any testing to validate their claim. PermaLeaf® plants and trees are the best fade resistant products on the market and we happy supply UV weathering test data in order to back our promise.

We have over 30 years of experience in creating durable plant designs and quality construction which allows us to provide our customers an unsurpassed, industry leading warranty. Our all weather products won’t require maintenance or replacement and will continue to stand in your outdoor landscape for years to come.