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artificial foliage wholesale

Looking to transform your ordinary outdoor thoroughfare into something worthy of your brand? If you are looking to create a dynamic space which will continue to light up your landscape and make a statement, then you need to have a look at our exclusive catalog of artificial plants, trees and flowers. These products which will excite your senses and make your architecture more interesting and inspiring without ever being dull. PermaLeaf® collection is impregnated with UV protective materials during manufacturing. This process makes them fade resistant when exposed to UV rays. Have a look at the below comparison to see how PermaLeaf® products fare against its normal counterpart.

    • UV protective materials are impregnated into the plant material during manufacturing
    • Injection molded
    • Yes
    • Extremely realism

    • Mixed with row materials

    • Materials wont ever wash or wear off. Periodic cleaning recommended.
    • Commercial Silk International
  • Treated by spraying or dipping in UV-resistant coating or formula

  • Topically applied
  • No
  • May appear spotty or blotchy or discolored with tacky surface
  • Inconsistent, solution applied are not regulated.
  • Yes. Color and coating can wash or wear off.
  • Unknown
  • None