Outdoor Artificial Plants That Look Real

What PermaLeaf® Products Are?

Picture this – you are seated in the outdoor seating area in the midst of your garden with your family and friends. It’s a beautiful evening with cheerfulness and smiles all around. You look around and even in the harshest of weather conditions you look at our flowers and trees, with rich colors and perfect shades of green, spreading their rejuvenating demeanor. They are so lively, dramatic and lifelike that no one can make out if they are real or artificial. This is what PermaLeaf® products are all about.

artificial plants and trees

PermaLeaf® by Commercial Silk Int’l is a trademarked brand of artificial foliage, formulated using special material to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Our artificial plants, trees and flowers are fade resistant which will brighten up your outdoor spaces for times to come. With no color loss, you will be surrounded with graceful and fun presence season after season through our finest, most authentic faux plants and trees for outdoor use.

At PermaLeaf®, we are committed to creating and installing the most realistic looking artificial plants and trees in the industry. We have our own 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility where we craft our own plants and trees. No matter how large or small your landscaping needs are, we will help you in designing, manufacturing and installing our foliage in your space so that you get the most perfect and luxurious outdoor landscapes. To accomplish this mission, we have all the disciplines in-house with some of the most experienced designers carefully crafting products which will blend in perfectly in your setting.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we have a high reputation as an international designer/landscaping company and our plants and trees have been installed worldwide. 

We Are Known For

We are the #1 brand of artificial plants that combines UV blocking technology with strong colorfast pigments to create an inherently fade resistant foliage for outdoor use.

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