Best Fake Plants For Outdoors

Is fade resistant just a trend or do I need them?

If you like to display artificial trees and plants in your outdoor space, then you need fade resistant products. Our products are formulated from special weatherable plastic which makes them immune to color loss detectable by sight when exposed to damaging weather conditions. This allows you to display your favorite flowers, topiaries or trees in all type of outdoor environments.

What is UV resistant technology? How does it make a difference?

PermaLeaf® products are impregnated with UV protective materials during manufacturing which makes them fade resistant when exposed to UV rays. We have tested this technology in situations that mimic the extreme sunlight found in cities like Miami and Phoenix. It has also been tested in cold and windy environments. It has been proven that Artificial plants and trees which are not manufactured with our PermaLeaf® foliage will eventually fade away in such climates, which makes it all the more important to chooses our line of products.

Do you offer personalization?

Yes. If you are looking to place a large order, We are ready to provide you would certainly provide you with custom-made plants and trees to fit your requirements. Please contact us regarding your order and our project managers will find solutions that are specific to your application. Kindly note, we are unable to cancel orders that are personalized or once the manufacturing process begins.

How do I find a product?

We have an extensive collection of products that fall into many separate categories. If you would like a published catalog featuring our product line with PermaLeaf® foliage. Please contact us, and we will send you one within 24 hours. 

How do I buy a product?

You cannot purchase a product directly from our website. If you are interested in our artificial trees and plants, then please call a project manager, and we will provide pricing and options.

I have a project, How can PermaLeaf® help me?

We have an entire project team who will guide you from start to finish. From designing, manufacturing and installing, we have an in-house team of expert project managers and designers with professional degrees who will guide you in setting up your design and landscape architecture. Please contact us with your requirements if you would like assistance with your project.