Outdoor Fake Plants That Look Real

We always get the question of why our products are different from competitors? Well, PermaLeaf® products make use of specially formulated weatherable plastic that is designed and engineered to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Whether you expose our artificial trees and plants to UV rays, snow, strong winds, or water they will be fade resistant and will suffer no color loss detectable by sight. Our products are impregnated with UV protective materials during manufacturing which ensures that the material does not wear or wash off, rendering them extremely durable and ideal for all types of outdoor environments. The color pigments used in the manufacturing of our products are of the highest grade possible which makes them remain vibrant in all climates.

We offer the widest selection of realistic looking plants and trees on the market. At PermaLeaf® we are committed to exceptional quality, you can be assured that your products are crafted from premium quality material with the highest care to ensure longevity and complete satisfaction. The UV stabilizers which go into our products have been carefully selected and compounded by a team of chemists to provide the necessary sustainability to our plants in outdoor environments.

Whether you are looking for large or small trees or window boxes, visual screens or hanging baskets, our products have a stunning realism about themselves and mimic their real counterpart perfectly. Our products are 100% botanically viable so every aspect of the plant is made with extreme realism. We understand that live plants are not always feasible in many climates or and as such we have developed multiple solutions for that exact reason.

Every one of our products is made commercial grade and thus, built to last. Each step of the design process is heavily evaluated to determine the best construction method for outdoor applications. PermaLeaf® products are laboratory and field tested in intense conditions and the result of that is industry leading reliability.